Saturday, July 20, 2013

Dan Spangler Is Right...

Who's going to stop me?
...During last Thursdays County Council meeting Mr. Spangler made the statement: "The SKUNK is gone, but the STINK remains". He was boldly referring to Ron Angle, who truly did hurt our county with his antics.

However, we feel the need to boldly identify the "STINK", who does remain - To us, the stink without a doubt is: John Stoffa, who also has hurt our county with his foolish misuse of tax resources.

He sued the taxpayers with the taxpayers own money to satisfy his "I can do whatever I feel like doing, no one can stop me" ego.

Who thought I would get caught?
Not me!
We of course feel that he should be in a cell alongside of Justice Joan Orie Melvin who also misused tax resources in the same fashion that Stoffa has. She however, is currently convicted and paying for her misdeeds.

But not Stoffa! He seems to believe he can do whatever he wants to do in Northampton county with no fear that he will have to pay a price for his wrongful behavior. We have to ask: why is he afforded the opportunity to believe that?

We The People patiently continue to wait for justice!

Will JUSTICE ever come? Or will those responsible for dispensing and enforcing the laws of our great county fail us too?

Will they prove by their inaction that John Stoffa can in-fact do whatever he pleases without fear of consequence?

Only time will tell!!!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Take That To The Bank?

It appears that Mr. Jim Deegan is trying out for a comedy act.

He say's: "If you're considering a home improvement loan or need a cash infusion for an island getaway or to satisfy a bookie, avoid the traditional route. Spare yourself any bank red tape or splintered kneecaps. Go to Northampton County Council."

Wow! Who's bookie? Would it be a bookie he knows? And, doesn't he know that bookies are illegal? If so, why is he referring us to County Council to satisfy an illegal transaction? And, what's with the splintered kneecaps?

What we find rather amusing is that Mr. Deegan discovered fault in the current County Council for doing something that they are fully authorized to do, but never found fault with what County Executive John Stoffa did, which he was not authorized to do.

Stoffa plans his misuse of tax resources against the taxpayers.
You all remember Stoffa-Gift don't you? That's when john Stoffa misused tax dollars to serve his own partisan purposes. Well, we have to ask: Why didn't Mr. Deegan and the Express Times do a piece on that un-authorized use of our tax dollars.

He goes on to say: "Council cavalierly brushed aside the prospect of saving county residents nearly $87,000 a year by refusing to award a new contract for non-emergency ambulance transportation at Gracedale, the county nursing home. When County Executive John Stoffa did an end-run and approved the money-saving deal unilaterally, council sued him. Now two sets of county lawyers are racking up billable hours on your dime."

Jim Deegan TRUTH distortion Award.
What Mr. Deegan conveniently failed to mention is: Council for various reasons, decided not once, but twice...not to grant the Gracedale contract to John Stoffa's preference. As we understand it, Stoffa's choice could cost the taxpayers more in the long-run than any promised saving in the short-run. So, out of spite, John Stoffa belligerently decided he would do what he felt like doing anyway...Folks - That's why Council agreed as a whole to sue Mr. Stoffa.

How many more days?
Yes, it's true that there are two "County Solicitors" racking up billable hours on our (taxpayers) dime...but don't be bamboozled, it is a direct result of John Stoffa's doing, not Council. Council is merely informing (by way of their litigation) Stoffa that they (Council) as elected officials serve a purpose. And he (Stoffa) cannot simply and unjustly dismiss their decisions.

Mr. Deegan can rest assured that in the end - JUSICE will prevail...
...he can take that to the bank!

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