Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Gibert Resigns - Finance Committee

Makes sense? Absolutly.

Did Stoffa Have A Choice In The Gilbert Mistake?

It is safe to say that we all have choices in almost every instance - Stoffa had a choice initially, but he is about as smart as an imbecile. How on earth can you appoint someone without crossing the "t"s and dotting the "i"s? Stoffa exposed himself to be a clodpoll. It is Stoffas fault that Mr. Gilbert and his family have endured this embarrassment, not to excuse Gilberts inability to comprehend that pursuing such a position within the county would open him to scrutiny beyond the norm. The person to take on the position in question has to be one of impeccable character and brilliant integrity, not just someone who has gone along with the program in the past.

We definitely need much change in our local government. This episode has allowed the taxpayers to see clearly that some of our current elected officials simply put - do not want to work, beginning of course with Mr. Stoffa. To be quoted in the media as saying that he googled Gilbert and then was tired of going through the thousands of Gilberts is purely absurd. What happen to using the real resources you have within your reach Mr. Stoffa, such as the court system which would have immediately exposed the legal issues.

Mr. Gilbert on the other hand has opened his mouth and inserted foot! The Coalition knows Mr. Gilbert to be less than truthful because he has been less than truthful with us relating to the Gracedale issue. But what fool does he think is going to believe that his car was broken into and his checks stolen? Especially when his outline of events do not make sense, and as Judge Judy would say – if it does not make sense, it isn’t true. Let’s explore this a bit…your car gets broken into and you don’t notify the police? Hmmm, why not? Broken into usually means that at least one of the windows had to be broken, hence, you will notify your insurance company for repairs and what will you need…yes, right, correctamundo - a police report. No police report = no repair payout.

What about the checks? Any reasonable person would contact their bank and report the checks stolen…makes sense? Of course it makes sense. That is something that Mr. Gilbert himself would advise all of his bank customers to do, so then why didn’t he do so? Well there are many possibilities to this question, but in short, if he had done so this would not be an issue for him today. And not for nothing, but why would anyone pay for something that they did not do? Don’t get us wrong now, we have discussed this among ourselves and not one of us would agree to pay for something that we were not in fact responsible for. It just does not make sense.

And Angle does not get away on this one…he is quoted as saying that he was knowledgeable about Mr. Gilberts issues three months ago, that means that he was well informed and aware of these blemishes, which he also understood would rule Gilbert out as a candidate for the position of Director of Finances’. Well then, why didn't he put and end to the appointment sooner? We can tell you why…because that’s how any puppeteer works, he ties the strings and then he pulls them. If he and Stoffa could have squeaked Gilbert in, they would have enough on him to keep him manipulated forever.

Politics at its worst…ugly, dirty and despicable…time for a real change - Scott Parsons, the hopeful honest answer, as well as the trustworthy response to the man of many shady Angles!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Get to Know Scott Parsons

Good day Folks!  Please take note of the Letter to the Editor of The Express-Times in today's edition from Scott Parsons

Scott has a long history of service to the Slate Belt.  He has been Councilman in Pen Argyl for about nine years and is well known and respected by the residents of that community.

Scott is now running for Northampton County Council.  We believe he would give to his constituents and to Northampton County as a whole the best representation possible.

We urge you to learn more about him personally and his candidacy.  Every vote counts!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Angle Does Not Get It!

He (Angle) is in the papers virtually every day singing the same song, and dancing the same dance. Why? because he really does not understand that COAF has accomplished our mission, now it's up to CC and the executive administration to accomplish theirs.

Despite what has been rumored about COAF, our desire was never to do CC's job, but to exercise our right to vote on the Gracedale Initiative, and we succeeded to that end.

Mr. Angle needs to comprehend that he is no longer president. It is not his place to establish committee's or attempt to muster involvement from anyone without direct permission from the President and CC. If an advisory committee is in fact established by CC President - Mr Cusick, and he request our involvement in such a committee, we will be honored to partake in such an effort, but we will not be part of a rogue councilperson schemes.

If Mr. Angle really wants to work with the Coalition to resolve the Gracedale dilemma, he should convince the sitting President to appoint him chair of such a committee, and then following proper protocol request our involvement, perhaps then another miracle will occur. Good luck with such an appointment, and remember that over the last year we have demonstrated that The People are not fools - we know exactly what you're up to.