Monday, January 31, 2011

The People Did It - Gracedale Is Back On The Ballot ;-) is official, and as Dee Rumsey, head of the Voter Registration Department said during the meeting this afternoon, it is absolute.

The number required, 19,631 - the absolute number, 19,651. As we understand it, there are still names to be checked which can only increase the absolute number.

We anticipate the CC will finally do what The People have been asking for, and what is morally right, and then a court will decide in The Peoples favor. More to come.

Click link for latest 69 news report:

Latest Patch Report:

Latest Express Times Report:

Incompetent Solicitor?

Spadoni clearly states in this news report that the referendum question is valid, so what happened? Did the ex-chair get to him, or is he incompetent?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

It's Over When It's Over, And It's Not Over Yet

The Peoples petition effort to give all NorCo voters an opportunity to decide the fate of Gracedale has been an effort of epic proportion. Aside from the dedicated COAF members, not many really believed that the required numbers would be obtained. Surely not the EX-CHAIR.

Last Tuesday, January 25th, 2011, during the NorCo Election Commission meeting in the CC Chambers, the ex-chair put on a display of seeming anger, threatening the commission to force a vote, one that the commission did not see within their authority to take. Obviously shaken by the threats, the commission took the vote, regretfully denying The People the right to have the question on the ballot, disallowing The People their inalienable right to vote on the Gracedale issue.

The ex-chair also brought a case against two members of COAF, believing somehow that the Coalition would tuck tail and run...the opposite was his reality, we stood firm on our conviction to be the voice of The People, especially those that cannot speak for themselves at Gracedale. We have in fact done what any red blooded American would do, we hired reputable representation whom we anticipate will correct this injustice.

We were recently asked why would any competent politician want to do such a thing? As reasonable people we have been pondering that thought, however, we have failed to come up with a reasonable answer to that question. We cannot explain why any politician would fear the vote of The People, when it was the vote of The People that place them in office.

We do not hold the commission responsible because we believe that they voted by way of coercion, not by their own free will. We hope that given another opportunity they will do what is morally and constitutionally right. And then when it gets to the County Council, we anticipate that as leaders of a democracy, they will do the same.

The Day Before

Good morning Norco. It is the day before the day of disclosure. Tomorrow at 3:30 pm in the NorCo courthouse, 3rd floor cc chambers, there will be a meeting where the verified and validated number of petition signatures will be disclosed.

We ask all of you who have believed in us throughout this race to please pray for us today, so that in representation of The People tomorrow, we will prevail.

We must make every effort to keep ourselves united in spirit, so that as one resounding voice we can promote peace and justice in Northampton County, and then the nation, and then the world. Pray in unity for what we need most, peace on Earth.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bill White Throws A Few Himself ;-)

Must read - What do you think?,0,3819607.column

Monday Meeting

There is a scheduled 3:30 pm meeting in the county courthouse, on Monday 01/31/11.

The meeting will be conducted by the Election Commission, held in the CC Chambers on the third floor.

As we understand it, the purpose of the meeting is to disclose the number of verified signatures on The Peoples petition relating to the sale of Gracedale. It is an open meeting to all NorCo residents...please attend if you would like to see your government at work. We encourage all who decide to attend to please be civil. Let us "The People" set the example for all to see.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Boscola: County wrong to block vote on Gracedale

Lisa M. Boscola, State Senator, 18th dist. Bethlehem, stated her opinion in today's ET.

Follow this link, scroll down to the title: Boscola: County wrong to block vote on Gracedale

Gracedale has made millions for county

It's truly disgraceful to say the least, that so many fabrications are told relating to raising taxes to keep Gracedale in County hands. Heres an article of TRUTH.
Follow link:

We Live , We Learn

Most of us learn by way of our life experiences, and as we learn we begin to mold into who we are. We start out just laying on our back, and then learn to turn, then to crawl, we stand to walk, and finaly we run.

Today the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families is growing up. We are learning who we are, and it is thrilling to be part of the fabric called COAF. Like Kevlar, we continue to withstand Angle's attacks designed to weaken and dissolve our resolve...and as the attacker has discovered, his attacks, no matter how fierce, are stopped by the weave of the COAF fabric, manufactured by TRUTH.

Mr. Angle is from the school that teaches that the best defense is a great offense, so he is always on the prowl like a preditor seeking his prey, attacking especially the meak, and the weak.

COAF on the other hand, comes from a school that indoctrinates the best offense is a tremendous defense, which when supported by TRUTH cannot be penetrated.

Two certain points of views, but only one true reality...COAF will not be destroyed by Angle, or by any of his thugs.

Yes Mr. Angle, COAF can be knocked down, but we have each other - ONE FOR ALL AND ALL FOR ONE - to pick us up, so we will not stay down. Every time you knock us down, we learn something new about you, and that makes us stronger.

We, unlike you, are not vicious people seeking to devour, but to assist those that need protection from predators like you.

COAF stands on the rock of TRUTH, something you know little about Mr. Angle. You tell of 20% tax increases - not true, if Gracedale is in the black, why would a 20% increase be necessary? Perhaps it is necessary to continue to grow the slush fund that once again is over $60 million. You tell - we don't have the money! Isn't the truth that we have not had a tax increase in recent times because we are actually being over-taxed? Which is why the slush fund continues to grow year after year.

Isn't it true that we in fact have the money to pay for the erronious swaption, the real reason you want to sell Gracedale, and still keep Gracedale in County hands?

Try telling the TRUTH Mr. Angle, you will discover how refreshing it is.

In the meantime, COAF will continue to grow, learning exactly who our real friends are, and are not. And we will defend against that too.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

They Tell Less Than The Truth can we believe and trust in a government body like the current Northampton County Council when they continue to allow Mr. Angle to intimidate and threaten everyone around him? Including them.

His last threat was made openly to the Voter Registration Commission, threatening - Vote against the petition now or I'll sue you too, frightening the commission into voting 3-2 against placing the referendum question on the ballot.

Mr. Angle has claimed to be a pioneer of democracy in NorCo...Really. The ET reported the following "County Councilman Ron Angle and local blogger Bernie O'Hare filed a legal challenge Tuesday afternoon over the validity of signatures and petition circulators. A hearing on their challenge is scheduled for Friday afternoon in county court." Why would anyone who believes in democracy challenge democracy? Isn't that the true meaning of hypocrisy?

He then tried to intimidate two members of COAF, but they stood firmly, and fearlessly on the rock they believe in. And so guess what happened? The hearing has been canceled.

COAF is not done yet, the voice of the 23,391 who signed our petitions will be heard...whether Angle likes it or not. It will be a tremendous roar come elections in May, or November. That's no threat Mr. blogger, it's a promise. And the likelihood is that the Sheriff will vote along side of COAF, as we recall it, during the last CC Meeting your buddy Angle chastised the Sheriff, refusing to give him the resources he needs to do his very difficult job. We on the other hand, respect and support all law enforcement agencies, and take our hat off to the men and women in blue. Perhaps we will see the day that Angle and his disbarred lawyer trips into the waiting hands of the law.

Time To Take The Gloves Off

The Tyrant got tired of all the lefts so he took off his gloves, he's now begging for a right...and he will get it, along with some other combinations. Unfortunately for him, we will take our gloves off too, and we are more effective without the them.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Men And Women of Honor

Bipartisan-5, or 6, or 7, it is now time for you to demonstrate that you in fact work for The People whom by their vote, entrusted you to serve their interest.

In compliance with the Home Rule Charter, The People chose to exercise their rights. We went into the county to collect 19,636 signatures, the requirement to place a referendum question on the May ballot, which allows the voters of the county to decide the fate of Gracedale.

At that point in time, We The People were ridiculed because not many believed we could succeed. Well, not only did we obtain the required number, we went above and beyond by 19%, obtaining 23,391 signatures in 90 days. Ironically, those that ridiculed us, now appear weary, and worried.

The time has come to listen to The People of Northampton County, do today what we ask of you…Leave Gracedale in County hands.

We The People believe that properly operated, Gracedale will go into the black, and then stay in the black. It will in fact sustain itself at zero cost to the taxpayers…MAKE IT SO.

Note that we want to support you. However, you must listen in order to hear, and then do as The People have willed you. Search your hearts, and then do what is morally right. Prove by walking instead of talking, that you are truly men and women of virtuous character, and solid substance.

We ask you to demonstrate to the County, and the Nation, that you are truly honorable men and women who can be trusted to serve The People. Help us see that We The People made the correct decision by choosing you to represent us.

Know that this Gracedale issue is not about you vs. us, or about winning or losing, but simply doing what is morally right for the people you are supposed to be serving, which also includes the residents of Gracedale.

We The People consider most of you, highly intelligent minds that begin difficult task by asking the question "how can we?" instead of using Angle’s term "we cannot". We expect you to comprehend that solutions that yield the greatest of benefits for all, are those that are diligently sought after.

Finally, please know that We The People desire nothing more than to TRUST in you. We ask that you ignore us no more…do the morally right thing, and we will support the wrong thing, then know that we will replace you.
God Bless America.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Final Number

          The Finale number 23,155 turned in.
                          God Bless America

Bernie O'Hare who claims to believe in democracy, checking names for Angle to possibly contest the petition names. Why would anyone who believes in democracy want to stop democracy? Hypocracy...Yes.

Didn't Angle say that he would consider changing his position on the Gracedale issue last meeting? Then why was he on 69 news tonight saying that he still favors the sale? Didn't he also reach out to Jack Dalessandro and union rep Justice James to broker a deal to save Gracedale. Flip-Flop, can't make up your mind, huh.

Next County Council meeting 01/20/11 6:30pm

Epic Feat - Never Done Before

As we conclude this monumental, and magnificent feat, we would like to applaud the grand effort put forth by all who shared their time,  and sacrificed part of their lives to be partake in this extremely important episode in the history of Northampton County.

Consider that ninety days ago, The People were given not even a prayer to succeed. Angle, BO, and some others of course, lost much money as they bet against the Coalition, and their followers.

NorCo voters/taxpayers have surprised all. The will of those scorned was greater than their fear of oppression.

Northampton County Council Bipartisan-5, hear the voice of The People, and do the right thing. Put this matter to rest in a manner that will earn you our support. It's been a long, long time since you have had our support, it's yours for the taking if you do the right thing.

Petition Drive Almost Over

We have but a few hours left...please drop off any remaining petitions at Gracedale.

We thank all who participated. Know that you can proudly but humbly say that you were part of this historic event weather permitting.

Regardless of what happens...THE PEOPLE Prevailed.

Careful on the roads today.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Over 23K

Our count as of this writing, is 23,155.

We still have -24 hrs left and counting. We will go to the last minute possible.

Domocracy? Primitive Thinkers? - What Does That Mean?

Primitive thinkers have never understood the true meaning of the word democracy. They seem to believe that you pick a side such as democrat or republican, and then you stay on your side. That simply put, is the farthest thing from the truth.

Any reasonable American understands that you pick a side to be able to vote in all party elections, or you register independent. Independents however, are limited to vote in certain elections only. But let us all comprehend that just because you picked a side does not mean that you must always stand with your party. No no no, that is primitive thinking.

Our Founding Fathers intended for all true Americans to look at the issue at hand, and then search their hearts for the answers to resolve the issues. Consider just how sad it would be for an elected official to have to go along with their party, for the sake of doing so, even if they don't agree with it. Would that be right? Absolutely not. That would be primitive thinking.

We must also consider all sides of an issue, and then take a stand based on what we know to be morally right. Not what we believe to be right, but what is in fact morally right. You see, just because we believe that something is right or wrong does not make is so. We must grasp the significance of moral correctness.

Lets look at Mr. Angle for example, it was reported in the media that in a fit of rage he broke his fathers wheelchair, and then he refused to pay for the repair, or a new one. Now raise your hand if you believe he was right in his action. I would suggest that if you are sane, and understand the difference between right and wrong, spearheaded by morality, you did not raise you hand. Morality is written into our hearts, and nothing can ever overwrite it.

Now let's look at what Mr. Angle did to Ms. Ferraro, who just because she voted in the direction of what she believed was morally right on Jan 3rd, she was subjected to name calling by Mr. Angle, who called her according to the media a filthy prostitute (there is a rumor circulating that the word filthy was actually the other F word). Did he say it to her face? No. Did he say it behind closed doors? No. He chose purposely to say it publicly in the media to cause her distress and embarrassment. Is it true? Absolutely not. All of us who know the councilwoman know that she is a woman of substance. And if it were true, who cares? We only care that she did the right thing. How many of you feel Angles action was morally right?

As humans, we can dismiss morality based on our learned values and principles...if we learn true values and principals rooted in morality, we will never have a desire to dismiss morality, but will stand firmly on it.

Our Forefathers believed greatly in morality. And when it came to what side they were on, they all chose the side of morality. I know this to be true because they established our great Constitution, which is what makes America what it is today, a great nation that all abroad seek. Unfortunately, misguided tyrants like Mr. Angle have been chipping away at the foundation that hold our walls of truth upright. They intend to slowly tear us apart so that they can rule with an iron fist, divide and conquer. But, We The People will not stand for it...not then, not now, and not in the future. The People of NorCo will dismiss Angle before we ever dismiss morality.

Voters of NorCo, what we witnessed on January 3, 2011, a historic day in NorCo's history, was a sure display of the same courage our founding fathers had, both sides saying, we will do what is morally right. And they did so when they dismissed Mr. Angle from the Chair. Two sides, working brilliantly together as intended, for the better good of the whole - The People. This is something that primitive thinkers like Angle, and BO will never understand. So be it.

What is the true definition of democracy? It is morality, used as intended by the Creator, to further his kingdom, and the world to come.

Lastly, I say to Mr. Angle, you once questioned my leadership abilities, well, a close friend explained to me at the outset of this journey, that one knows that one is a true leader when one looks behind them and see followers. On January 3rd, 2011 you looked back and what did you see? Today, a day of remembrance and celebration for a truly great leader, Martin Luther King Jr. I look behind me and see tens of thousands following me, not because they like me Mr. Angle, but because they believe in me, and in the actions I have taken. They see morality in me, and they know that I serve my God, and unlike you, I serve the residents of Gracedale, and The People of the county without expectation of benefit.

MLKjr. once said "A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus, but a molder of consensus". GOD BLESS AMERICA

Rev. Mario Martinez

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Thank You - Come Rejoice With Us Today

It has been a long Road, and while we can see the finish line, there is still some work to do before crossing the line.

Join us today from 12:30 - 3:30 in the Gracedale snack-shop, BRING IN ALL PETITIONS, and/or just come and rejoice with us.


Saturday, January 15, 2011



To Gracedale snack bar from 12:30 to 3:30 Sunday 01/16/11.

We will have a notary at no cost. THIS IS OUR LAST OPPORTUNITY at Gracedale.

Rejoice with us and lets make our last push GREAT.


Check out today's Express Times article, link below:

Who is Bernie O'Hare

Don't worry Bernie, this article is not about who you were, but more importantly who you are.

You are seen as some one who is blind following unbeknown to you, a blind man. Well guess what? You both will fall, as you are falling now for you are both blind. Allow those who are willing to help you, help you by taking the scales from your eyes so that you may see the blind man...then reach out and take the scales from the eyes of the blind man, so that he too can see.

There's a better way then the way you know Bernie, all you have to do is accept and recieve it. By doing so, you will inherit life beyond this one, reach out and grab it before it's too's free.

Who is COAF?

We Are The People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain this constitution for the United States of America...

That's who we humbly are.

Who do we represent?...

...According to the Express Times, 91.22 % of NorCo taxpayers.

In a democracy, isn't the majority supposed to rule? So then why is the 8.78% trying to force thier will on the 91.22%? Please explain this to us Mr. Angle, we can't understand this logic.

Who Is Michael Dowd?

Mr. Dowd is up for re-election this year, and we must ask, what has he done for the Widows and the Orphans of Gracedale, both present and future, other than throw them under a bus?

We have been patient with Mr. Dowd because as a man of God, we anticipated that eventually he would side with the Widows and Orphans. However, as the Gracedale issue has progressed, we have discovered that he is not a man of peace, but a man of Angle. Sad...very sad.

We wonder, does his congregation have a clue as to what he is doing on CC against the very people he is supposed to protect. Since when Rev. Dowd, has money been more important than the poor souls of the world that God entrusted to you. 

A true Pharisee Mr. Dowd, by any other name is a true Pharisee. Look in the mirror sir, do you see a true Pharisee? Please prove us wrong, and perhaps we can support you too, or...force us as Angle did, and WE THE PEOPLE will find someone to run against you. Please don't put us to the test... 
...for The People will prevail because as Rev. Martinez continues to remind us, with God on your side, who can stand against you? Tell us who Rev. Dowd, who?

Please Don't point to Angle because he just represents the nonsensical Pharaoh, who refused to listen to Moses, and history has certainly taught us what happened to Pharaoh and all of his foolish followers.

Friday, January 14, 2011

We Are Over The Hill ;-)

Having 18,340 submitted names at the voter registration office, and requiring 19,600, COAF turned in today an additional 3,182 for a total of 21,522. Rejoice People...we did it. No matter what they say or do to take us under...we did it.

Yes we are over the desired number, however, we MUST continue to collect signatures through Tuesday, January 18th. The more we collect, the more significant it is. Please NorCo, keep going to the end. Sunday, we will have a collection drive at Gracedale from 12:30p until 3:30p with a notary or two at no cost to you.

In the mean time --- Can you guess what Bernie O'Hare, who claims to believe in democracy, was doing when Rev. Mario Martinez entered the voter registration office today? Picking his nose? Scratching his butt? No, he was sifting through our submitted petitions and was shocked to see our spokesperson only come in with more for him, or whomever to sift through.

We don't get it so can someone please explain it to us, if you believe in democracy, why would you be looking to contest this referendum question? That's like Angle saying during the last CC meeting that he believes in giving all The People, all the time they want at the podium, but yet, he has never afforded COAF that opportunity.

With the BIPARTISAN-5 that will changed.

It’s ironic though, just weeks ago BO actually posted on our blog that Ron was untouchable, but it seems today that every time BO turns around Ron has been touched. First the detention center, then the will, then the appeal, then the this. Yes People it is true, Ron is getting use to losing...and here comes May.

Angle has all the angles covered, and today his angle was "guest columnist" for the Express wee, and what did he say...absolutely nothing that we haven't already heard over and over again. "Only I can do the job, nobody can do it better, I want my job back, you guys play dirtier that I do "...whaaa Whaaaa Whaaaaa  momieee - What a tough cry baby. Give it a rest already.

You have to wonder how much did he pay for that job, and who wrote the article for him, BO? We all know that Ron writes as bad as he speaks, and if you read his Ferraro remark, you know it's pretty bad. If he keeps going the way he's going, he will run out of money before COAF goes away. Oh no! Did no one tell him that THE PEOPLE ARE NOT GOING AWAY.

Rejoice * PEOPLE - We did it * Rejoice
Click on the link to read expresse times report:

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Who is Bruce Gilbert?

Mr. Gilbert was elected because he deceived people, and groups of people like COAF into believing that he would work for the people. Has he? No, we don't believe so. In retrospect, if we had to do it all over again, we would not support this fast talking wanna be politician.

Gilbert has done nothing since becoming a member of CC, except what ever Ron wants. Watch him closely and you will see what we are talking about. it seems that he starts out in one direction, and when Ron says, heal, he runs to Angles side and sits like a good little puppet. It's pathetic.

Mr. Gilbert, know that a good politician follows, a great politician leads. Notice how Angle thought so little of Mr. Dietrich, calling him in so many words an idiot. But what did Dietrich do you ask? He stood alone, then sprang into action, and then guess what happened, Mr. Angle was the idiot January 3rd.

The biggest problem that COAF has with you today Mr. Gilbert is that you talk until heads spin, but you say absolutely nothing.

If you are truly smart, you will watch TD and learn. If not, you will serve your term and be removed like Angle will be in May, or Nov. Preferably May.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Angle Should Apologize Publicly

It has been said that without law and order, society would quickly devolve into a state of animalism.

In Mr. Angle's "real world", he believes there is no law and order, in fact, he believed he is the law and order. Evidence of his lunacy demeanor was apparent in his recent animalistic attack on Ms. Ferraro, calling her a name that we would rather not repeat.  How would he feel if someone called his mother that name, or his wife, or his daughter, etc.

Ironically, Mayor Sal Panto of Easton was on 69 news this evening, guess what he said...that it is up to both political parties to bring civility back to politics. Imagine that. Well, where is the civility in Angle? We don't believe he even knows how to spell the word.

Mr. Angle, take note, you are a poor excuse of a man to do and say the things that you do. Your are a poor excuse of a politician and that is why We The People will remove you this coming May. You can bank on it...and you can bet on it. You will leave office in May. Everyone is sick and tired of your antics, especially nine out of ten Norco voters. Remember the poll?

Mr. Angle, regardless of the outcome of the petition, you are history. We are certain that the Republican party is quietly praying that we succeed in removing you, because while they want to stand by their party, they do not want to stand by you any longer. The coup as you may call it that took place on January 3, 2011 is evidence of that fact.

We are certain that if the other Republicans on Council, aside from Mr. Theiry, would have been told of the plans, they too would have joined the effort. We challenge any Republicans that feel that Angle was justified in his remarks about Ms. Ferraro, to stand up publicly and say so. We seriously doubt  that any will.

Recently, someone pointed out to us the Angle resembles a very well known tyrant by the name of Hitler...Who today would want to be associated with Hitler? And who today would want to be associated with Angle?

Soon you will meet the Donald Trump of NorCo "The People", and they will say: Ronald, YOUR FIRED. But before that happens, be a man and apologize to Ms. Ferraro for your brutal, insensitive and unnecessary remark.

Click the link: Look for - Will the real Ron Angle please stand up,0,7166499.story?page=2

What Ever Happens

As we get closer to the conclusion of the petition drive, COAF would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have found it their hearts to support us, with the understanding of course, that it was all for the Widows and Orphans of Gracedale.

Gracedale to some like Mr. Angle, is nothing more than a man made structure, a business transaction. But to the residents that call it home, well, it's a warm place where they feel safe. To the family members, it's a place they trust to comfort and care for their loved ones.

Gracedale is not perfect, but what in life is? The greatest problem with Gracedale is Mr. Angle. It is now evident that Gracedale was set up to fail by Angle, and by those who want to sell it. History tells us that Gracedale made enough money over the last ten years to keep it going for ten years in the red. But, as we are all aware, the County took the money to satisfy other desires.

If Gracedale is kept in County hands, and we are hopeful that it will be, to succeed it must operated as a separate authority of the County. As such, all funds above expenses should not be seen as profit, but as repair and operating funds. Protected, the funds will allow Gracedale to sustain itself in the hardest of times, costing the tax payers absolutely nothing.

Angle knows this, and that is why he is now trying to work on salvaging Gracedale. He actually called a COAF member, circumventing our spokesperson, to have that member broker a sit down with union Rep Justice James. When the member did not get back to Angle, he called Mr. James directly. But, as we understand it, Mr. James refused to return Angles call, because he is looking forward to sitting down with the new and improved, civil and fair bipartisan-5.

With six days left, if you have any petitions, regardless of how many names are on the petitions, please bring them into Gracedale no later than this coming Sunday. We will have a notary available at no cost.

You can also call Maryann Schmoyer to arrange drop off of petitions at: (610) 509 / 3709.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We have the Numbers

We did it - today we received petitions that put us over the required number.

We have until Tuesday, January 18, 2011, and so we will continue until the very end to compound the numbers we have.

If you want to read just how Andgle's derailment took place click on this link:,0,650887.story

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Disgruntle Angle - Disgruntle Friends

In a democratic society such as ours, people are voted into office, and of course out of office routinely. Last Monday, January 3, Mr. John Cusick was nominated to fill the position of President opposing Angle, and he won. Now it seems that Angle cannot accept the defeat.

During Mr. Cusick's first meeting as president on Thursday 01/06/11, he was first praised and commended by our spokesperson for humbly promising to be fair and civil in his handling of all meetings he presides over. Rev. Mario Martinez prayed to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ openly, asking his Lord to bless all on CC with the wisdom of Solomon.

Mr. Dietrich was then bashed by Chris Miller of Bushkill Township for suggesting in a newspaper article that Mr. Cusick has a nice "fair" personality, which allows people to offer ideas without being ridiculed or attacked. And he continued his attack then on Cusick for suggesting in the same article that he plans to hear everyone's opinions. Miller went on to say that he concluded that the reason that Angle was not re-elected was because he was NASTY. Yes Mr. Miller, We The People agree with you, and we believe that was part of the reason too. But, we say part because any reasonable person, including yourself sir, who has ever attended or viewed any meetings over the past year, will concur that Angle had to go, precisely due to his NASTY tyrant behavior. You may disagree with us because as a friend to Angle, speaking to further Angle's agenda, you have always received more than enough time, in some cases speaking for well over 15 min, while others who disagree with Angle were told to sit down and shut up...well, the time has come Mr. Miller and friends, for Mr. Angle to sit down and be quite.

The B-P-5 then were then chastised some more by a few more of Angle's supporter friends before he got up to the podium himself and presented what we would call a shameless cry baby performance. We were amazed at how well the B-P-5 maintain their cool, calm and collective composure, demonstrating just how CC is actually supposed to act and behave, even while under undue attack.

We The People would like to say to Mr. failed to listen to the people, you were rude, and yes NASTY, but best of all, you were foolish enough to believe that all on council were as shrewed, and self-serving as you are, only to discover that you were horribly wrong once again. YOU LOST Mr. Angle, get over it, but also get use to it...for more defeats are on the way.

Angle has lost several battles over the last several months, and with help from 20k plus voters that now follow COAF, we are hopeful that as early as May, Angle will lose the war.

It seems that not many thought that COAF could get 20k voters to sign our petition, well they too were wrong. A recent report has us at 18,340 names at voter registration. And please know that we also have about another 917 on hand, and we expect to go over the 20k mark this coming Sunday. And with ten days left, and many planned signing events, we anticipate going well over the required number of about 19,600, or so.

We would like to say to the few remaining Angle supporters, that the main reason that Angle lost his presidency is because he failed miserably when it came to listening to the people (during Thursdays meeting he was observed ducked in his seat on his cell), and also failed in courtesy, and also failed in fairness, and also failed in compassion, and also civility, etc. The People failed him in all categories. So, The intelligent republicans on CC realized that Angle is not a leader, and simply replaced him with someone that they feel will be. They are now belittled because they did the smart thing, and more importantly, the right thing. We The People welcome the change, and we feel that this new refreshing talk of civility and fairness deserves at minimum, a chance to prove itself. GOD BLESS AMERICA

To view Thursday's meeting click the link below:

Friday, January 7, 2011

Petition Signing Schedule

During the following dates and times, COAF will have reps at the following locations:
Sat Jan. 8th from 8am to 2pm  Flea Market @ Tatamy Fire House in Tatamy

Sunday Jan. 9th 7:30 am to 12noon  outside of Sacred  Heart Church in Bath

Sunday Jan. 9th 9:am to 12 noon outside of Our Lady of Mercy Church in Easton

Monday Jan 10th @  1:30pm AARP Meeting @ Slate Belt Senior Center Bangor

Tues. Jan. 11th  1pm to 7:30pm @ Meadows Restaurant in Hellertown

Please come out to sign the petition if you haven't had an opportunity yet.

Thanks for caring.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Great Job Bipartisan 5

After viewing the the online video, we feel that the new NorCo CC this past Monday demonstrated exactly how government is supposed to work for The People.

We take our hats off to both Mr. McClure and Mr. Cusick for not allowing Mr. Angle to lure them into an argument after restructuring was completed. Mr. Angle who appeared stunned, as if he had just been struck by a one-two combination followed by vicious left hook, and an uppercut, took his new seat in the corner and then tried to lure Mr. Mclure into a trap, who humbly responded by saying "Thank you for your observation Mr. Angle" and left it at that. Angle then set his sights on Mr. Cusick, who also humbly deflated Angle with his final response, "I will take that under advisement".

Brilliant work by a bipartisan group of 5 that The People will stand behind if they continue to work for The People as they did during this political event...Again, we congratulate the five, and highlight Mr. Cusick for using the word CIVILITY. Government has different parties because we all have different opinions on different things, however, the different parties are supposed to be able to work together for the greater good of the People they serve. This was a significant act of taking government away from a tyrant, and giving it back to The People.

Thank you Bipartisan-5 for giving us a sign of true life, and a ray of real hope. And thank you too David for taking down Goliath. Just please be careful...Angle is plotting, and by the power of the vote, we can't rid you of him until at least May. GOD BLESS AMERICA

To view the video of the historic political the link:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Where Almost There

10,569 names at the voter registration prior to Monday 1/3/11, 8,115 delivered Monday brings us to a  current total of 18,684.

Coalition members will be out for the next two weeks collecting signatures. We are asking all petitions currently circulating to be returned if possible this coming Sunday (11/09/11) to Gracedale's 1st floor snack-shop where we will have a notary available to at no charge from 1-3 pm. ANYONE WHO HAS NOT SIGN A PETITION AND WOULD LIKE TO, WE'LL SEE YOU SUNDAY AT GRACEDALE.

We are confident that we will get the required number, but we are asking, especially Gracedale employees who have not taken part in the drive to please do so now. There is still time for you to help us make a difference. Pick up a petition and take it to your friends and family members that have not had an opportunity to sign. Any amount of names you collect is welcomed. Become part of the solution instead of the problem. You too can help make a difference. Be proudly part of this historic event which has already made a difference, as we have seen in the recent actions of Bipartisan-5. COAF promised to deliver, and so far we have. Please help us complete this God given mission.

This whole issue has never been about winning or losing as some may see it, it has always been about doing what is morally right...come what may.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Always Arrogant

Even on his way out he is arrogant - Anyone who has not seen the 69 the link ;-)

He thinks he looks cool, but he is just a silly little man :-)

Monday, January 3, 2011

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Well Mr. Angle, what do you think now. Do you still believe that the voice of The People does not matter? How wrong you are.

We can only imagine just how apparent it became to you today, that the sweet melody of The People as echoed by the circulating petition, has been heard loud and clear by what we consider to be the future true leaders of Northampton County.

True leaders Mr. Angle, have followers standing behind them by virtue of respect and trust, not fear. Unlike you sir, who turned around today to discover you have no followers, abandoned like the scoundrel you are. And you have the indecency to call CC liars because they chose to listen to the People, rather than continue to follow you. Mr. Angle, your the one in LALA LAND. Welcome to the real world - open the dictionary and you will discover your picture next to the word hypocrite, and we say that kindly sir, because the way The People see it, you are the liar. You have lied to CC, to the executive office, and most importantly, to The People who elected and trusted you...for the very last time by the way.

COAF extends a warm welcome, and offers sincere congratulations to Mr. President, John Cusick, and Ms. Vice President, Peg Ferraro. And most of all to the ranger who had the courage to stand made a difference.

County Council, WE THE PEOPLE want to believe in you. But now the tough task begins...seeking solutions is much harder than giving up, whcih is what your Marine was asking you to do. But our Marine reminds us everyday that when the going gets tough, the tough get going...

Please, lets put this disgraceful event regarding the Gracedale matter behind us. Let us work together to bring about the positive results The People have been asking you for.

Keep in mind however, that Mr. Angle will try and set you up for failure, just as he did with Gracedale. But your action today has inspired us and renewed our faith in this new governing body...make us proud to be NorCo residents again.

Lastly, we don't want to rain on Angles parade, but hey, May is on the way ;-)

The Tyrant Has Been Removed From The Head

What happened Morning Call...your ridiculous story on how great Angle is as president of NorCo CC didn't work. The Tyrant Angle has been removed from the helm.

Congratulations to the new and inproved CC. Thanks for finally standing up. Now Lead by President Cusick.

Click on the link for further details:

Hellertown - COAF Is Coming

For those NORCO residents who live in the Hellertown area and have not yet signed the Gracedale petition, There will be a member(s) of the Coalition  Of Alz. Families at the Meadows starting at 11:30 am on Tuesday, 1/4/11. See you there.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We The People Are Not Going Away

On the way...added over three 3k to the existing 5k, presently just over 8k on hand with a reported 10k at voter registration, these will be turned in soon.

With just over two weeks to go we need all petitions to come back. We need all who can to continue to assist us in this endeavor, to help us push until the very end.

Angle says that it does not matter if we get 50k, he and his wicked ways will find a corrupt way to reduce it to just one under the needed value.

That's okay because truth be told, we will make the needed number, and that is what truly matters. if he and his misguided council members choose to take us under the required number instead of doing the will of The People, he will certainly pay for it during the upcoming elections. If not in May, then in November. If not in November, then the power of a new petition to remove him after the November election.

It is time for you Mr. Angle to understand that "We The People" are not going away. Push The People and you will be made to pay.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's Time To Bring Them In


Please bring any, and all petitions...

When: Sunday, January 2, 2011
Where: Gracedale Snack-Shop
Time: 1:00 to 4:00 PM

A notary will be available at no charge - also bring proper ID, preferably a drivers license.

Also, anyone who has not yet signed the petition and would like to, this is another opportunity to do so.