Sunday, March 31, 2013

He Is Risen!

Thank God for Jesus!

jesus has risen photo: Jesus has Risen! Happy Easter! JesusTombGlowing_zps3bc22832.jpg
His resurrection is our salvation - Praise the Lord...
jesus has risen photo: Jesus has risen resurrection.jpg
By the Grace of God through faith in Jesus we are saved...
...Believe, and accept the gift!
Pray also for the resurrection of Gracedale...
Jesus will deliver, as he did with the referendum.
God Bless America.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Is Upon Us...

...Scripture tells us in that Jesus was crucified at about 9 a.m., and around noon the skies darkened. At 3 p.m. Jesus said: it is finished...and his human persecution was over.
Yesterday (Good Friday), the cross made it's way to Easton's downtown circle...

Today Jesus is preparing for his resurrection.

Please remember John 3:16 - for God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that all who believe in Him shall not perish but have eternal life. 
May God continue to bless Gracedale as we wait for the resurrection...

Friday, March 29, 2013

We Will Continue...

...To protect Gracedale as we approach the greatest hour in the history of the world...

...The Crucifixion of Jesus.

I write this article with a sincere heart, and no intention to offend.

I understand and I know that many in the world today would rather hear nothing about Jesus, and desire less to read about Him.

To those I say: I'm sorry you feel that way. But I must do the will of He who set me free when I was bound...Jesus, my Lord and Savior.

On a daily occasion I share Jesus with all who do not know Him, hoping that they too will get to know him as I have. And that they too may establish the greatest relationship known to the world. 

Yes, it's true the world is a very difficult place today! Evidence of such is the persecution that Gracedale was forced to endure while doing its best to aid in the healing of the ill.

But trust me when I was much worst for Jesus in His day. He however, showed up for His appointment.

Humanity on the other hand would rather not deal with that reality, so they turn their backs on Jesus.

Does it matters to Jesus? Of course it does! For a day of reckoning will certainly come.
It's not a reckoning of this world, but that of the spiritual realm.

The time of judgment will come regardless what we believe!

For believers it will be a day of reward.

For non-believers...well, it will give the word judgment it's meaning!

During the 9th hour today Jesus will be in Him!
Jesus Resurrected

Gracedale Resurrected


Thursday, March 28, 2013

In Our Opinion...

...Callahan is a WUSSY!

During Mr. Rendell's endorsement of John Callahan Yesterday, he had this to say: "We need someone who isn't a wuss. Too many elected officials don't have the courage of their own convictions. If you run for office and you don't believe that there's some things you want to get done, some things you want to protect against, that are important enough to risk your job, then save us the trouble. Don't run. Don't run."

While we respectfully disagree with Mr. Rendell's assessment relating to Mr. Callahan's strength and courage (not a wuss), we do agree with him that Mr. Callahan should save us the trouble and not even run! Not Even run!!!

Mr. Rendell also said: "I do believe that government has a job to do in promoting growth, but also in protecting our most vulnerable citizens. Our very youngest, our very oldest, our disabled, our challenged. We have to be there for them. No ifs, ands or buts about it. And we have to create opportunities for people who've never had opportunities. I think government can do that if it's led by someone with a great heart."

Again, we say this respectfully. Mr. Callahan had the opportunity to do just what Rendell suggested "protect", but he chose instead to ignore. That is an established fact. There is no great heart in ignoring Gracedale, the home of those in true need of our care.

He also said: "You have to have the courage. Do you know what the most difficult thing to do in politics is? When public opinion is against something and you know you gotta' do that because, in the long run, it's gonna' come out well for the public. You gotta' have the courage to do it."

Yes, we do agree with these three statements. However, we just don't agree that they speak to Mr. Callahan's character, who for political reasons chose not to engage in the fight to save Gracedale, nor did he even stand up for the sale...He just sat on the fence to see what would happen.

Ask the defeated Ron Angle how he feels about that! Even he had the courage to take a stand (even if it was on the wrong side!).

We believe the honorable Governor (former) would agree with us...the easiest thing to do is just sit on the fence and wait - Anyone can do degree necessary!

We feel these three statements best apply instead to: Lamont McClure...

...who displayed the courage of ten lions when forced to stand alone for the well being of Gracedale!

And whom by his actions provided the very protection required by our very oldest, our disabled, and our challenged.

When it mattered most, who was it that demonstrated the courage of his own convictions? And who was it who acted in accordance to his own beliefs, especially in spite of the constant ridicule and criticism from the majority of County Council at the time, as well as the sitting Executive John Stoffa?

And who was it that heard the cries of the taxpayers - Was it John Callahan??? NO, absolutely not!!!
Lamont McClure
It was...Lamont McClure
The PEOPLES choice for County Executive

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Great News!

We received this welcomed news this afternoon and thought you would all be gleaming from ear to ear to hear it too.

AFSCME District Council 88

Endorses Lamont McClure for County Executive


Dear Friends:

I was thrilled earlier this week to get word that I received the endorsement of AFSCME District Council 88. This organization has a membership of 15,000 here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Over 2,000 of those members live in Northampton County. Many of them are the dedicated and hardworking employees of the Northampton County government.
AFSCME and their leadership have acknowledged what the local media and community activists have come to know about me. I was and remain the leader in the ongoing fight to keep Gracedale under the watchful eye of the county. We have seen the threats to Gracedale are still ever present and this endorsement further validates that I am the best candidate to lead Northampton County forward.
I promise to continue to work and fight for what is right and in the best interests of the citizens of Northampton County. I will not let you down and will continue to fight for you and for Gracedale.
I need your vote on May 21st, and need you to tell your friends about my campaign. We have some great momentum and there are more exciting announcements coming as we move toward this primary election.
I appreciate AFSCME's endorsement and all the support I have received from citizens like you as we move towards the primary election May 21st.
Lamont McClure
Copyright © 2013 Citizens for McClure, All rights reserved.

Why Do We Elect Representatives?

The simple answer - To represent our interest!

What happens in America as a direct result of our selections in the voting booth will in all cases affect and impact our lives in either a positive or negative way. Understanding this fact is essential to any borough, town, city, or county, within any state of our proud Country.

As registered voters, COAF seeks the best candidates to represent our Gracedale. And who exactly is "our"? It is all of the folks within the county who understand the dynamic and vital value of Gracedale.

Our (COAF) involvement is in your interest. We understand just how busy we all are in our daily lives, and so we have chosen to stay involved in a matter of great interest and importance to 23,391 citizens/electors who signed our petitions to keep Gracedale where she belongs - In County hands.

Our experience during our involvement is what we share with the county as a whole, so that the county can make an informed decision at the polls.

We're not telling anyone who to vote for! We're expressing to you who we support and why. What we state here is not an attack of any is the truth!

Bethlehem Mayor Callahan is being lifted high at this very moment, as if he is so great. However, there are some questions that need to be asked relating to his character, which when asked and answered will surely bring Mr. Callahan back down to earth, where we can see him for what, and for who, he really is.

On May 17, 2011 the Easton Patch reported that "With 100 percent of the returns in, voters approved a referendum Tuesday that bars the county from selling the home for five years by a margin of 19,384 to 7,302. " See: Voters Reject Gracedale Sale! 

Yes, approximately 74 % of the vote said: "we want Gracedale in county hands". And what did Mr. Callahan say? He said: It's not my problem!

Mr. Callahan discovered it was in-fact his problem too! As Mayor of the City Bethlehem his responsibilities were to the people who reside within the boundaries of our great Northampton County. Many folks in Bethlehem have loved ones in the care of our Gracedale. Many folks of Bethlehem will some day require the care of our Gracedale. But to Mr. Callahan (a resident of Northampton County himself), it just wasn't his problem, until recently...for political reasons it became his problem. And when the smoke cleared, Mr. Callahan placed a podium on a Gracedale path and said: I love Gracedale. The folks present for the announcement asked: Where were you when it mattered? The response was: It was not my problem!

When We The People of the county were struggling in a process which eventually made history, we conclude Mr. Callahan was merely sitting on a fence considering his future!

He understood that he could not run for Mayor of Bethlehem again, and so he considered the private sector, who (as we understand it) pointed him to the exit door (because for various reasons there was no interest in him). So he looked at the political positions available at the end of his term, and then set his sights on County Executive. A fairly good paying job, which soon he will be in need of.

Mr. Callahan may have done some positive things for Bethlehem, but he is also said to have done some less than honest or honorable things, such as: Callahan cover-up!

Our involvement has led us to recognize that at this point in time there is but one candidate worthy of our vote - Lamont McClure. He is the right choice to serve us as County Executive because he exposes the truth for all to see.

He promises to continue to protect Gracedale! And we have witnessed him in action, at times "the lone Councilman" fighting to keep Gracedale where she belongs, in the loving hands of the County.

Remember come election day that Mr. Callahan said: It's not my problem! While Mr. McClure rolled up his sleeves and said: I will fight for what is right! And I will fight for what is in the best interest of We The People!!!

That's exactly what he did!

And yes...he is one of the reasons that Gracedale has been (for the moment) protected.

The County electors cannot put Gracedale at risk by electing someone other than...
Lamont McClure
For County Executive

Monday, March 25, 2013

In The Wake of....

...Stoffa-Gift - Should a Board of Ethics in Nor-Co be weighed?

Yes, we think so. There is no mechanism or device in place at this point in time to assist the taxpayers deal with government unethical questions.

When COAF addressed County Council and asked them to look into the Stoffa-Gift matter, they (CC) suggested that they would deal with the matter only if there was evidence of wrong doing on the part of County Executive John Stoffa, and or his administration.

In December of 2012, the independent office of the County Controller produced two hours of misused tax-resources which has been substantiated. In our humble opinion, this should have been the evidence that Council required to (at minimum) ask the proper authorities to launch a formal investigation into the matter. After all, the taxpayers are asking for it, and they deserve a legitimate response. Don't they? Especially when the taxpayers believe that the actual number of hours misused are more like 30-60 hours.

The intent of any investigation should be to substantiate or disprove wrongdoing within our local government.

Interestingly, after receiving the information from Controller Barron himself, County Council sat silent!

When COAF sought to understand the direction they were planning, they again sat silent!

When COAF asked County Council to censure Mr. Stoffa as a means of demonstrating to the taxpayers that they (CC) did not condone such behavior (in light of the evidence), they sat silent!

Their silence has made it quite apparent that County Council would prefer not to deal with these types of matters.

The local media (taking its cue from County Councils' silence) decides not to report on the very serious matter of misused tax resources in Northampton County. They too chose to sit silent.

We view all of these realities as clear indicators that County Council is not capable (for various reasons), or not willing (for obvious reasons) to handle such matters.

Perhaps local government shouldn't be expected to police itself!

Perhaps an independent body should be established specifically to handle and investigate allegations of improper and unethical government behavior, removing the need to bring such matters before County Council.

Yes, in light of recent events and the evidence which has gone unnoticed, it does appear the time has come to consider establishing an ethics board that would be responsible for reviewing ethical matters relating to our local government. The question is however, who in government would establish such a review board?

Friday, March 22, 2013


...There you go again! ;-) Who said that?

The nonsensical ignoramus is now calling the Gracedale Advisory Board GOONS. Can you believe that?

Look at what he says on his blog:

"The Goons have done an about face. After supporting Lifestar at the Gracedale Advisory Board, they've suddenly switched."
Why would he say that?

He can't be talking about COAF because we supported the first vote to keep Nazareth Ambulance (everybody knows that), so why would we go back on our word now???

Oh, no...he must think we're like his fiend (whoops - we meant friend) Mayor Callahan. Who is known to go back on his word.

Folks, when a large company like Lifestar desires to swallow up it's competition, low-balling is almost always the method of operation used.

We figure that unless he believes that COAF runs the GAB, or that GAB is COAF in disguise (which is not the case), he is disrespectfully calling GAB GOONS!

Let us be crystal clear - COAF never ever supported replacing Nazareth Ambulance Corps with any other ambulance service provider. Somehow the nonsensical ignoramus believes that if GAB goes in one direction that COAF will too...why does he believe that?

Who knows??? He just makes the garbage up as he goes along.

Callahan said...OH NO!
In 2007/8 didn't he throw Mr. Callahan under a bus, and then a truck, and then a train. He hated Mayor Callahan with a passion, because he had a passion for another politician. 

Well what about today, does he still feel the same way? No, of course not.

Today Bernie is trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.

Angle says: Bernie, I don't need you anymore...
Stoffa says: Unfortunately, soon neither will I!
Bernie asks: So what am I supposed to do?
COAF says: Talk to Mr. McClure...
...Bernie yells - OH NO, here comes the bus!
And what about Mayor Callahan?  Is he a  fool?

No, of course not! He's planning on using the nonsensical ignoramus as long as it serves his purpose, and as long as he can.

And the then he will discard him like Ron Angle did, and like Mr. Stoffa soon will.

BREAKING NEWS - this just in: The nonsensical ignoramus runs-amuck and attacks the Rev. with his foolish mustache rants, and the fake this and that...
...Who CARES???
Not us!
Get a life!!!

Nazareth Ambulance...

...Will continue to serve Gracedale.

For the second time in five months County Council has voted (6-3) in favor of keeping Nazareth Ambulance in place over Lifestar.

First, we'd like to highlight Councilman Ken Kraft for doing the math (on the spot). Too often we look at the bottom line and think that the best decision will involve a low-ball proposal. The problem with that mentality (and we see far it often enough) is that the low-ball price usually has an underlying motivation (whatever that may be). Mr. Kraft, understanding what makes the world go round in today's economic environment, first analyzed, and then deduced that a family could not live on the low-ball being thrown at Council. And, he also stood firm on his promise to bring (or help keep) jobs to Nor-Co. So contrary to low-ball logic, he made the right decision. Great Job Mr. Kraft.

And then there is Councilwoman Barbara Thierry, whom took us all by surprise. And whom we can say for the first time in our involvement demonstrated that she could think for her self. She displayed character never seen in her before (at least not by us). Her question:  "But what about three years from now, when Lifestar has no competitors and it is free to charge what it wants?" made so much sense, that we couldn't believe who asked it. She went on to ask: "What about the personal relationships that have been fostered by members of Nazareth Ambulance and residents of Gracedale?" and, "How can we sever those ties without affecting the quality of service to residents?". This certainly was a rare moment, but Mrs. Thierry asked the right questions...and then made the right decision. Great job Mrs. Thierry...GREAT JOB.

And then, Peg Ferraro (who is the only incumbent running) made it clear that her decision had nothing to do with seeking the Nazareth voters votes, but everything to do with doing what she believed was right! And we would like to note that she also said something that we feel was probably her most important statement last night - I serve ALL of Northampton County. We believe her.

While there are some on Council that feel that we  (COAF) have been attacking, as you can see here, we are not! What some call attacking, we call "holding accountable".

COAF did not elect four to County Council members last year to tell them what to do, but to allow them to do what they promised they would. If they fail us by breaking their promises, we will hold them accountable. That ladies and gentlemen of Nor-Co is not the definition of attacking, but of amenability.

Speaking to the hopefuls, specifically those seeking our support: if you make us promises...we expect you to keep them. If you can't keep them, then please don't make them.

And please understand that in the same way we praise good performance, we will also illuminate poor execution for the County to see. It's not personal on any level. This blog is dedicated to shining a light wherever a light is needed to expose the truth...and that's what we'll continue to do!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

News Update

County Controller Stephen J Barron, Jr. Endorses
Lamont McClure

For Northampton County Executive

March 19, 2013 – Today Northampton County Controller Stephen J. Barron, Jr. announces his endorsement of Lamont McClure for Northampton County Executive.

“Mr. McClure is the only candidate who is ready to do the job of Northampton County Executive. His involvement in every major county policy matter over the last 7 years means he can hit the ground running as executive.”

Barron and McClure were allies in the fight to save Gracedale. McClure’s leadership prevented the sale of the home to a private company.

McClure also backed Barron’s plan to prevent a tax increase proposed in the 2011 budget. Through tough fiscal choices a tax increase was not needed.

“Lamont understands the mission and purpose of county government,” Barron said, “he is the best candidate to move Northampton County forward and keep Gracedale moving in a positive direction.”

We will get the job done...Together!
Lamont McClure
For County Executive

Should Politics Be Everyones Advocation?

We believe the answer is yes!

Why - Because politics affect everyone. There is no getting around that fact. Most people don't realize that their lack of involvement sometimes lead to community failures.

How so - Well, let us consider Gracedale. If we do not elect the right politicians, then it is very possible the wrong politicians will try to sell Gracedale soon. Forcing us to go through another initiative to keep Gracedale in County hands, where we feel she belongs.

We must be aware. Hence, we are making Nor-Co aware. That any person seeking a term in any political office, and who says they are not a politician, does not deserve our vote.

Why not - Because every great statesman is (of necessity) a great politician.

Is there a problem in todays political world? Yes, many folks who enter the political arena do so with a private agenda in place. Every political hopeful should have an agenda, no doubt about that. However, it shouldn't be a private agenda, it should be a public agenda. This simply means that the service of the politician is to the public as opposed to self.

A good politician should also have devotion to a cause. This cause may be humanitarian, national, social, religious, or cultural. He/She can look at realities calmly and with concentration.

Since politics is the "art of possible," the politician must always decide what is possible and what is not.

A good politician in a democracy should also have a sense of responsibility. He should not hold power for his own sake but for the good of the community.

Lastly - To be a politician a person must frequently "take a stand. In many cases he/she will have to stand alone."
And who do we know has done just that?

Lamont McClure
That's why we support him For County Executive 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Gracedale News

Gracedale was featured as a success story in a March 1, 2013 analysis article saying:

"The county-owned Gracedale Nursing Home in Nazareth, PA, also can be seen as a success story, although not without having taken some wrong turns.
In 2011, the facility was put up for sale and had a potential bidder. A group of residents' family members not only objected but also rallied together against the sale.

Ross P. Marcus, director of human services in Northampton County, PA, is the first to admit the county leaders had not anticipated the pushback.

“They made a convincing case and, to be perfectly frank, we did not,” he says. “If you believe in democracy, this is democracy at its finest.”

Eventually, the question of keeping Gracedale went to a referendum, and citizens voted more than 70% in favor of keeping Gracedale publicly owned.

We badly underestimated the determination of those who wanted to keep the facility public,” Marcus says.

Led by County Executive John Stoffa, the county directors regrouped and hired Premier Healthcare Resources to manage Gracedale.

What's more notable, however, is the negotiations over the nursing home union contract led to the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees District Council 88 agreeing to a $2.2 million cut.

That group was one of two unions in the facility, and the agreement was achieved only because the county made it clear that a future administration would likely have to privatize.

“Even if you sell the facility, most of the employees will keep their jobs, but clearly if Gracedale had gone private, there was no way of keeping the fringe benefit package the way it was,” Marcus says. That $2.2 million a year is a “huge amount of money,” and Marcus credits the union for putting “their money where their mouth was” by agreeing to the cut. They reduced salaries rather than benefits, he explains.

“In Pennsylvania, the state Department of Industry will often sit in on labor negotiations, and he said he had never seen a public union and public entity in such a tough negotiations maintain their professionalism and reach this degree of givebacks,” Marcus says.

Last fall, he said he was determined to move forward, and the county has been reasonably successful, including finding funding for a $10 million investment into the facility through a specialized guaranteed energy savings program. “We had huge, antiquated boilers, and expect to see huge savings,” he says. “It was paid for by future savings.”

The county also has managed to slash the outlay to Gracedale, Marcus asserts. The county budgeted $5.4 million originally in 2012 but was able to reset that amount to $4.5 million mid-year, and then actually came in at $4.4 million. In 2013, the budget is for $3.7 million; by 2014, it's expected to be closer to $2 million.

“We are really proud of that,” he says."

The entire quote is from: Wither the County Home?

"We The People" are proud too! Because we knew it could be done!