Thursday, June 28, 2012

Belligerent County Executive.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Northampton County, taxpayers, and voters...we informed you in our previous post that our County Executive John Stoffa had been provided a copy of the letter that Mr. McNaulty presented to the County Controller Stephen Barron, which spoke against disbanding the Gracedale Wound Care Team. What we were not aware of was when Mr. Stoffa received his copy, and what he did with it. Unspeakable!

Well, disgracefully, John received his copy during the Finance Committee courtesy of the floor on June 20, 2012…and we say disgracefully because what took place is a disgrace. Controller Barron after reading the letter to the Committee went around and handed a copy to all present committee members, as well as to the media, and last to John Stoffa. When Mr. Barron approached John Stoffa, you can clearly hear Stoffa say in the video, “I don’t want it” – It appears that Mr. Barron did not hear the comment and placed the document in front of Stoffa and went back to the podium…and then the disgraceful act that his buddy failed to report, Stoffa took the document leaning forward…and threw it at Mr. Barron. The Controller realizing what had just happened is heard saying – okay…and bends down to pick up the document from the floor.

We are providing the link to the video so that anyone who believes that Stoffa is such a kind and gentle man can witness for themselves just who Stoffa actually is…his true colors are very visible in this belligerent display of misbehavior, especially by our ELECTED County Executive John Stoffa.
go 46:30 into the meeting:

When this type of behavior is exhibited, it becomes clearly and easy to see that John Stoffa has his own agenda when it comes to Gracedale. Any member of CC that can justify this childish act after witnessing it is probably a Stoffa puppet.

Mr. Gilbert went on to ask an interesting question – “why would I make a decision that would put me out of that job”…he was speaking about Premiere, the management team that is currently managing Gracedale. The best answer we can imagine is that the Conniver John Stoffa has tied his strings and is pulling them to his liking. But in all fairness to Premiere, whom to this point we believed was working in the best interest of Gracedale, it is possible that they are also being set up to fail, just like Gracedale itself under the management of Marvin "Skeeter" Granda – was set up to fail. Mr. Granda had many, many good cost cutting ideas which he was not  allowed to implement because our gentle conniving County Executive John Stoffa had tied his hands.

The truth has been exposed Skeeter :-)


NOTE: We decided to post this letter in its entirety because it raises many points that may be lost in translation or otherwise misunderstood.

Mr. McNaulty has been consulting at Gracedale since 01/09/12 regarding Gracedale, however, it was pointed out during a recent CC meeting that he was not asked his opinion on this matter, why not?

So, as we read the letter, he was inspired to write the letter concerned that disbanding the Gracedale Wound Care Team could be a tremendous mistake for the future of Gracedale.

On that note we have to ask:

· why - if we hired this consulting company for their expertise, wouldn't we involve him in discussions that would render such a recommendation? and
· why after reviewing this letter, which as we understand it was presented to Premier, Stoffa, and CC, has the letter been ignored?
· Is this more evidence that County Executive John Stoffa is trying to run Gracedale down into the ground?

Just a few the letter:

"To whom it may oncern,

It has come to my attention that the wound team at Gracedale is being phased out, with wound care being provided by floors individually. This would raise many concerns from quality of care, safety and costs to Gracedale. I have been providing consulting services since 01/09/12 with this team and have the excellent quality of care being provided. Our group Mobile Wound Consultants provides consulting services to over 40 facilities in the tri-state areas, most being smaller than Gracedale. All these facilities provide care to wound patients with a treatment nurse or nurses with direction provided free of cost by
Mobile Wound consultants. This is not possible without a central organizing unit such as the treatment team.

With 650 beds Gracedale is the largest facility in our group we provide services for. From my first months there it would appear to me that a more centralized approach is needed, not one which isolates unit. Products, protocols, treatment modalities and documentation will be altered and inconsistent. This will leave Gracedale open to law suites, F tags and other issues which crop up in facilities without a central wound team and adjunct weekly rounds.
I would recommend other cost cutting measures, such as reevaluation of treatment formularies and reimbursement for secondary dressings. There also seams to be a lot of escorts to outside centers when services are often provided in house. Centrally locating higher acuity wound patients to a couple units would also cut costs. One lawsuit settled out of court will offset any monetary gains by relinquishing wound team of its duties. I am willing to meet with administration, nurses et all to further discuss alternative cost cutting measures possible.

Thomas P. McNulty RN. MSN. CRNP. CWS"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How Much...

...Can disbanding the Gracedale Wound Care Team save?

We're talking about a team of highly specialized professionals - four full-time and two part-time nurses who deal in the most serious wounds, including bed sores and surgical wounds.

For the sake of discussion - if we save 100,000.00 by disbanding, but, pay 150,000.00 by sending residents out for care...are we really saving money - or are really losing money?

So let's ask a few important
  • How much can we possibly save?
  • Will resident care improve by disbanding the team, or suffer?
  • Will we send residents out for treatment more often?
  • If so, how much will that cost Gracedale?
Just a few questions for now that we feel need to be answered and substantiated before We The People can feel comfortable with a decision to follow through on this matter.

What do we know about the GWCT? We know that wound-care nurses focus only on their specialty, going floor-by-floor doing the more severe treatments. We know that there is centralization of data relating to the care provided on wounds, which if  disbanding the team occurs, will become de-centralized, scattering the data among many. This factor alone, in our opinion, can only reduce the care levels to such low degrees that the door will blow itself wide open to litigation for mistreatment. Is that really what we want for Gracedale? 

Consider wound VAC treatment,  in such treatment cases nurses fit a medical sponge into a wound. A tube is then attached to a vacuum-type machine that drains the fluids. This is said to be an art that not just anyone can command.

County Executive John Stoffa has demonstrated by his actions, or lack of action...that if this decision turns out to be a mistake - oh well, no big deal...he really doesn't care...but We The People do care, and because we care, we are compelled to speak up for those that cannot.

No one in our local government can say with honesty that We The People are just blowing hot air, not after our dedicated involvement with local government over the last five years. Our involvement is genuine, sincere, and true to the cause of protecting the future of our County gem - Gracedale.

Any decision relating to (especially) Gracedale, We The People will be paying close attention to. After all, isn't civilian involvement and engagement what many governing bodies wish they had more of?

With two exceptions - We The People stand behind our current County Council governing body. We implore you to introduce a resolution that will prevent the dismantling of this much needed team at Gracedale. PLEASE...remember that we supported you because we believed that you would represent us...and we believed that because you told us you would. We TRUST you to do the right thing, not just for us...but more importantly, for the residents of Gracedale.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bernie Doesn't Understand...

...That We The People are awake - and with open eyes, no one has to tell/show us...we can see the TRUTH for ourselves.

Today we know the truth to be - O'Hare is the real prevaricator...and when he hears and/or sees the truth coming at him, he doesn't know what to do, and he can't get out the way. So the TRUTH hits him hard...really, really hurting him. All he has to do to avoid his current dilemma is get on the side of TRUTH.

When anyone stands on the side of TRUTH, with a sincere heart, seeking to do right...well, as we have been witnessing, not even the self professing bottom feeder can touch you.

Yes...This is what a self proclaimed bottom feeder looks like - scheming to destroy COAF...their followers - and most importantly, Gracedale.

He can say what he will about any member's of COAF, who cares? certainly not COAF. But understand this Bernie, We The People can see for ourselves that you are Stoffa's side kick, and both, you and he are still trying whatever you can to destroy Gracedale...why else would you now be trying to disband Gracedale's Wound Team? Answer that buddy. Tells us, and then show us just how much will be saved by carrying out such a reckless act.

Also tell us if you can, who will truly suffer by that action Bernie? The residents of Gracedale that's who! But do you or Stoffa care...No, you don't. All you care about is viciously hurting others to gain for your selves...and We The People know that because you yourself say you are a bottom-feeder...and Merriam-Webster defines a bottom-feeder #3: as an opportunist who seeks quick profit usually at the expense of others or from their misfortune. You see Bernie, we really did not say any of that about you - YOU DID...can you be so thick-witted that you don't understand that. Stop saying such negative things about yourself, and we will stop high-lighting...maybe;-)

Back to the suffering issue Bernie, why should we subject especially our elderly to needles pain because there is no longer a specialized TEAM to tend to there open wounds? WHY??? Explain that on behalf of your benefactor!

We guess that in the demented mind of County Executive John Stoffa, it is better that our beloved suffer, just so that he can get even with all who have exposed him for what he really he turns to you Bernie, to try and discredit COAF - well bring it on...cause we're not going anywhere!!!

We are prepared to fight til the very end to defend the WIDOWS and ORPHANS who helped make NorCo the GREAT County that it is today. And we will fight to keep the Wound Team in place...because We The People will always...

GOD Bless Gracedale

Monday, June 25, 2012

I Have No Class...

Say's Bernie O'Hare.

"How did a bottom-feeding blogger like me, with absolutely no class, get invited to a grand opening like this?

Beats the hell out of me."

This can't be disputed when Bernie says what he says about himself. He should know better than anyone just how vile he is.

Every reputable politician out there must take note about what this below no class individual is claiming. He is telling all of NorCo, and the world for that matter, through his blog, that he is the lowest form of pond scum that please also note - we did not say that, HE DID!

And those politicians out there that choose to associate with this self professing opportunist who seeks quick profit usually at the expense of others or from their misfortune...well, your walk with him will be visible, and you may discover that the occurrence experienced by the ousted Councilman, can, and most probably will be experienced by you the power of OUR votes - We The People will correct our errors. It behooves all self-serving politicians to take a serious note on this point...or possibly suffer the same fate as Ron Angle. Remember - No one thought his ousting was possible - But it was...and it happened - didn't it?

There is really no time left for playing games - We The People are awake, and we are diligently watching NorCo elected officials.

In our opinion, any elected representative of The People who deals with this self professing bottom feeder...can't be much better - and out too they must go!

We The People now patiently wait for news from the County Controller Stephen Barron that may end the reign of terror we have endured in recent history at the hands of John Stoffa...time will tell - hopefully not too much time.

John, think about still have time to STEP DOWN, and this could all be over.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Near Defeat!!!

"Bernie O'Hare said...
Post your anonymous nonsense on the hate blogs out there. I am tired of seeing Stoffa attacked for cleaning up a mess he did not create and being put in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. What is especially irksome is that the people who now complain he should have done something years ago were themselves sitting on their hands at the time. Moreover, these attacks are being made anonymously. Not one of these arm-chair executives has the courage to take responsibility for what he or she writes. So the hell with them."

REALLY - We The People by the power of our vote told your pitiful Executive what he should do - when in fact we shouldn't have to...and what did he do? HE IGNORED US - Well now Bernie - he must pay the price for his foolishness. It seems that you love Stoffa more than you loved don't seem to mention him anymore - why not?

You reap what you sow OUR reap what you sow.

O'Hare Abandons Angle

It did not take long for O'Hare to betray Ron Angle, who by the way has been MIA...trying to fly under the radar - and begin loving Rons slayer...Scott Parsons.

Man -  he sucked up to him like, and probably better than a Dyson vacuum cleaner sucks the dirt from deep within - in his scott-parsons-swaption-slayer post.

What is the TRUTH? - well, we're so glad you asked...The truth is that Bernard O'Hare the 3rd is nothing more than a blog traitor selling himself to the highest bidding political dollar, and nothing more.

But that's okay because everyone who has been watching knows it. Who exactly knows it? well lets see? EVERYBODY!

Just think that no one fears Bernie anymore. What he writes is meaningless anymore...and that ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, is by itself  - a triumph.

And what about the County Executive John Stoffa...well, first and foremost, let us say that in our opinion...without a doubt or question - he has established his legacy as the worst of the worst of the worst County Executives ever to hold office in the great County of Northampton.

Sorry folks, but, we must take some responsibility - we voted for him...most of us did not know better, and that is to our credit, however, we did elect him...and while that does not mean that we all voted for him, he was smooth enough to kinda pull the wool over the majorities eyes - let us from this day forward be informed enough to never make a mistake like that again.

Does that mean that we want to see him incarcerated? Not necessarily, however, if you or we commit(s) a crime - where do you/we go?

Well yes, if found guilty by a jury of our peers in NorCo...we do, and should go to Northampton County Correctional Facility.

At the moment we are not really at liberty to discuss all the evidence that we have, but yes, we do have evidence in the form of not just emails, but surely emails, which tie:
  • John Stoffa - current County Executive
  • Ron Angle - Ousted County Councilman
  • John Conklin - Employee under Stoffa
  • Mark Stewart - Law Firm Hire To Sell Gracedale
  • Bernard O'Hare III - Ordinary Citizen who considers himself more!
What's next...or what's left?
The final phase...

Remove the cancer...
John Stoffa

Friday, June 22, 2012

As You All Know... now - The SWAPTION chapter in NorCo is closed.

Unless of course County Executive John Stoffa found a way to mess things up again.

And no...we don't want to appear to be head-hunting, We're not. We're just so tired of all the deception, distortion, and twisting of the TRUTH...that the only way we know how to expose it is by blaring a bright light on it.

As we understood it (could not hear everything being said because mics were off) The swaption total buyout is $27.5 Million Dollars, and nothing to show for it. An astronomical amount that never had to be...and yes it could have been use among other things - to sustain Gracedle for five years without any tax increases...Oh yeah, right - but STOFFA happened.

And in the end, it will actually cost us more because instead of the twenty five million allocated from the reserve funds, eighteen million will be used instead, which means that over the course of time - interest will be paid on the remaining 9.5 that will be borrowed.

But at least this chapter on how to create a mess, and then do nothing with the mess - is finally over.

As we can see from the amount that the SWAPTION reached...selling Gracedale made so much sense to know, those that were willing to make another mistake to cover the first mistake, and then they said "I DIDN'T KNOW".

We can take "I didn't know" to mean many things like:
  • I didn't know how to make a decision, or
  • I didn't know if I should do what angle wanted, or
  • I didn't know if I should do what the 23k+ wanted
  • "I never knew worldwide economics affected Northampton County,"
  • I, I, I, aye-aye-aye
JOHN STOFFA at his very best is just so incompetent.

No one is saying that running a county the size of NorCo is easy, but, if you can't make sound decisions on behalf of the people who elected you, especially when they collect 23k signatures to express their direction for you...then really - you should not be in office.

You would do the County of Northampton so much good if you just stepped down Mr. Stoffa. It has been quite apparent over the last several years that you are just not capable of handling the job, or worst are in the job just to serve yourself, and a few friends.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Attack In Another Direction

Yes ladies and gentlemen...the attacks are once again coming to divert your attention. O'Hare posted on his blog another attack on the HONEST County Controller Steve Barron. Why?
  • 1) Because he's desperate and wants to discredit Mr. Barron, and
  • 2) He's desperate and wants to take YOUR attention away from a certain reality - THE SWAPTION IS NOW AT 27.1 million dollars.

We are using the more reserved number, but, if we're correct we also heard the number 27.6 million used as well. In fact that is the number the Express Times is using. See: swaption_figure_rises

The real problem here is not Mr. Barron blowing the whistle on an asbestos problem - that Mr. Stoffa did not really want to address and certainly did not want exposed. No, the real Problem is that Stoffa, as with everything else - does not want to deal with the issues he should deal with such as an asbestos (the law library is closed again) asbestos_shuts_down_NorCo problem that O'Hare claims goes back twenty years.

Is that so? If the asbestos issue goes back twenty years and Stoffa was handling it...then why would Mr. Barron have to blow the whistle? Great question...get the picture here.

As Mr. Stoffa continues to connive, the real hot issue of the moment continues to get hotter, 27.1 is the issue at hand. The issue that they are trying to divert our attention away from.

As we understand it, the truth is that Mr. Barron tried to reason with Mr. Stoffa relating to the asbestos issue, which by the way ladies and gentlemen of NorCo - still exist today, but, when Stoffa refused to see the light, Mr. Barron did the right thing. And we feel he did the right thing because in our opinion, when you know that something is wrong and decide to say nothing, to simply look the other way, because you don't want to go against the grain, or ruffle any feathers...then you become part of the problem, and are just as responsible as the culprit(s) which chose instead to hide the TRUTH. Mr. Barron to his credit...decided to be part of the solution instead, and for that they chastise him.


Ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, we commenced this year (if memory serves us right) well under $25,000,000.00, and come May the deal was supposed to be settled, authorized by County Council to be settled at $25,000,000.00.
What happened?

John Stoffa our opinion, and we are not trying to be mean-spirited, he is incompetent. It's that simple.

Sure we can look at others in his administration, but really...isn't he the one in CONTROL. Isn't he the one we pay a much larger salary than the Controller to make tough decisions on our behalf. To pull the trigger so to speak, and make GOOD things happen for the COUNTY.

Yeah right...what good things has he done in the last seven years in office for the great County of Northampton? We ask the question because everything he has done can be picked apart as a failure.

"I never knew worldwide economics affected Northampton County," Stoffa said Tuesday.

Rest assured ladies and gentlemen of NorCo...when the time comes to raise taxes - Stoffa is the culprit...and the SWAPTION is the reason!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Twenty Seven Point One Million

As of today, the Swaption monster is at 27.1 million dollars and climbing, WHY???

The announcement was made today during the Finance meeting, but, there was no mention of a pay date or plan to complete this stupid mistake.

To be clear, the mistake we're talking about is - not paying off the swaption when it was under 10 million...less than two years ago (or so).

Obviously Mr. Stoffa had the money then to do so, and chose to gamble instead. Well, as we know today, his gamble failed.

Our observation is that he continues to gamble with our tax dollars, and we say that because he was authorized by County Council to pay it off at 25 million and he has not done so yet. His hesitation continues to waste NorCo tax dollars.

Truly sad - we the taxpayers are out another 2.1 million!!! When will this madness end?

He Thinks...

...Only he has the "Right To Know!"

On O'Hare's blog he states the following comment today:
"I see. I do file RTK requests, am largely successful, have won every OOR appeal I've filed, and make an effort to be reasonable. I know of some people who use it to harass. I believe in transparent government, not harassment, and use the RTK law for that purpose, as well as to expose some pretty disgusting people who should never serve in any office."

"I know some people who use it to harass." do we! - BO himself has been known to harass many people using these RTK request.

O'Hare misuses the system to create non existing issues, that in his demented mind are okay to create. But, heaven forbid that someone else uses it because it's their right too...he chastises them on his blog for doing so.

He goes on to say "I believe in transparent government" - Wow...REALLY? Then why is it that he feels Stoffa should not be held accountable for his actions, or lack of action? And why is it that when it came to Ron Angle, O'Hare felt that no on had the right to know anything, just as he feels today about John Stoffa?

Transparency in government means that all works must be performed in the open - so why exactly did John Stoffa decide to take the very important SWAPTION matter behind CLOSED DOORS during the last County Council meeting? Very transparent right?

Of course NOT! But, it's okay with the nonsensical ignoramus because after all, it's his buddy we're talking about, and some speculate his benefactor. And in NI's eyes - it's okay for County Executive John Stoffa to conduct the county's business behind closed doors so that no one outside of government (except BO who has been seen running into Stoffa's office right after meeting's) knows what's going on. Is that TRANSPARENCY?

He boast that he uses the system "to expose some pretty disgusting people who should never serve in any office." Man...this dude is definitely off his rocker - if this statement is true, we have to ask - why doesn't he want John Stoffa exposed?

As We The People understand it - the County Executive is currently not cooperating with an investigation that may very well prove that he used tax-dollars illegally to serve his own peronal and partisan tell us Bernie, why exactly aren't you trying to expose Stoffa? Oh yeah...that's right - because it will also expose YOU, and Angle too!


How Long Can This Go On?

This whole Stoffa situation cannot continue - for the sake of the County.

If we really have a majority of the County Council who's zeal is to do is only a matter of time before EXECUGATE is revealed for what it is - a malicious act by the County Executive John Stoffa to literally hurt the entire County without regard for any, especially our elders.

John Stoffa could have easily, and rightfully done the will of twenty three thousand plus, and then the will of 75% of the voting populace...but instead has arrogantly, defiantly, and unjustly refused to do so.

At this juncture, his actions have clearly demonstrated that he wants to do it all his way period. He is not interested in anything that anyone else has to's his way, or the highway - as the saying goes.

Unfortunately for him, the highway he wants us on is a mess created by him. A mess that makes absolutely no sense to anyone other than himself, and a few who follow him.

His thought process indicates that he is going to show all who have come against him on the Gracedale matter that he, and he alone is in CONTROL. He seems disengaged, disremembering all about his initial desire to lease Gracedale...but, he does not seem able to forget about his extreme desire to sell Gracedale, even after the vote of the people instructed him to forget about it.

He seems to have so much venom store up that he cannot for the life of himself see the reality here...and that reality is that he is an elected SERVANT...who is supposed to be serving his electors, most of whom (75%) disagree with the sale - so we gave him a directive to protect Gracedale instead...end of story.

If John Stoffa had the good of the people in mind, he would simply do the will of the people...which is why most of us see him as a self-serving County Executive.

So why exactly is his so hard-pressed to attack the very people who elected him? Hmmm...excellent question - who has the answer?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Fly In The Ointment

As county taxpayers, all We The People have ever expected, and all We The People have ever asked for - is government to do what is right.

As an involved group of concern citizens, We The People have uncovered a reality in NorCo we are not satisfied with...that reality is called John Stoffa.

While the County Executive has been real good to some of his close employees, he has not been so good to the tax payers who pay his employees salaries, as well as his.

We understand that the County Executive considers We The People a fly in the ointment...but that's only because he has not done right by the taxpayers. If he had done as he promised to do during his election campaign, We The People would be standing behind him right about now. But how can anyone stand behind someone that is doing wrong? Can you sir, please answer that important question?

We The People also comprehend that in his scheming mind Mr. Stoffa believed that he could get away with anything...but then - a fly in the ointment.

We The People have kindly asked you Mr. Stoffa to do the right thing -demand Eckard Seamans turn over documents of interest to the County Controller for rightful audit. To do less is not only clear defiance of our request, but an obvious indication that you in fact have something to hide...something in the dark that you don't want exposed to the light - because it will reveal not only who you are, but more importantly who you have always been.

We The People did not pick this fight John, you did...but We The People promise you we will end the fight.

Note that if We The People have to end it, we will do so in a sensational fashion...consider the many ways it can end John, none but one will be good for you - and that is for you to...

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Swaption Goes Behind Closed Doors

Some of you may or may not be aware that on June 7, 2012, during the County Executives report, Mr. Stoffa requested, and by a 5-3 vote (1 mia) was granted his request to go behind closed doors to further discuss the SWAPTION.

Wait a minute some of you may say - wasn't the County Executive instructed to pay the swaption off at 25 million? So why does he want to go behind closed doors to discus it further? Good question.

As we understand it, the swaption has not been paid off. And of course we have not been provided a reason why. We further understand that the swaption is now at a level above 26 million dollars.

Since we did not hear, nor were we provided any further information regarding the matter after they came out of the closed session, we don't know the status of the situation...leaving us only speculation.

Is it possible that Mr. Stoffa by way of his dunce capacity, has thrown away yet another million plus tax dollars - and went behind closed doors to inform County Council that they will have to come up with more money?

Some are speculating that Mr. Stoffa is trying to bankrupt the county so that in the end he can blame Gracedale, although Gracedale has nothing whatsoever to do with the swaption matter...but we all know that blame Gracedale he will.

In a bi-partisan move  which we applaud, three members of County Council refused Mr. Stoffa's request...and then refused to take part in the closed door session...The meeting taking place may have actually  violated the Sunshine Act.

"I agree with the council members that objected," said Melissa Melewsky, media law counsel for the Pennsylvania Newspaper Association. "I think they had a good basis for their objection."
The discussion raises serious Sunshine Act compliance issues, she said today. The act's negotiation strategy exception applies only to collective bargaining and government bodies can't meet behind closed doors unless there is litigation or threatened litigation, Melewsky said.
"If an agency could go into a litigation executive session any time a matter of agency business could result in litigation, nothing would be public," she said.

ET's story:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Who Runs This Blog?

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families does.

This site was established by me...Rev. Mario Martinez, as a member of COAF - for COAF, because I had the skill set to do so. However, I don't run the site, I merely write what my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ puts in my heart, and COAF accepts what I write, or they don't.

And if they don't, they ask me to remove the content as they have in one, or two instances in the past...and I remove it because it is NOT my blog.

When I say on this blog "I" it's me talking, and I sign my name to it - when I say "WE" it's COAF talking...and when COAF talks , they represent 23,000+.

If the site belonged to me, COAF would have ABSOLUTELY no say in what I post. Why? Because it would not matter to me what opinion they held.

Now lets go a step further...COAF wanted the blog established to serve the needs of who? Themselves? No...the needs of GRACEDALE.

       I Love You Mom
COAF, as a caring group of citizens who decided to engage government, did so why? Because they do care! And not just about their own loved ones...but about the future to come.

How do I know this? Because just like me, their loved ones (with one execption, and what a smile she has) have left this world to be with Jesus in heaven...but here WE still are, fighting for what's morally right, for all who reside in Gracedale.

Bernie O'Hare would have the County believe that I am a fake Reverend...and that's okay with me too. Why? Because while I do have ordination credentials deemed necessary by the secular is GOD Himself who ordained me to serve Him - and in His service I protect the WIDOWS and the ORPHANS of the who really cares what the deranged mind of Bernard O'Hare the 3rd thinks...surely not I.

Yes, it's true that Bernard O'Hare the 3rd told me what to do with myself on the parking deck of the courthouse...and what did I do? - no, I did not punch him in the mouth...that would be too easy...instead, I shared with him the Love of Jesus - the only Way, the Truth, and the Life.

When he told me (3) three times where to go during last council meeting 06/07/12 (38 min into the meeting), heard by those in attendance and can be viewed and heard on-line...did I punch him in the mouth - no, again, that would be too easy. Instead, I offered him the Blessings of God.

Take a listen - it's TRUE.

There is absolutely nothing that Bernie can do to hurt me or COAF, because God/Jesus/and the Holy Spirit stand as one with me, and with COAF.

Say what you will Bernie - it really does not matter...what truly matter is what God thinks.

I may be in Bernie's mind a fake whatever...but truly - the world is my pulpit. And no, I am not ashamed of the Gospels of Jesus Christ, I will proclaim His precious name for the world who wishes to hear. And lastly I say...I do not hate or despise Bernie - I love him as a brother in Christ. God Bless you Bernie.

Having said that. Happy Fathers day to all Fathers out too Bernie

Rev. Mario Martinez

Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Message...

...To Mr. Stoffa.

We The People are asking you sir, please comply with the request of the Controller and have Eckard Seamans turn over all requested documentation for review.

The Controller's position, as well as the contract give him the authority to review and audit all records deemed by his office necessary.

We would like to point you to line item nine (9) of the contract between the County of Northampton and Eckard Seamans, specifically paragraph "B":


a.       CONTRACTOR shall maintain and retain all books, documents, papers, and records of the CONTRACTOR, which are related to the performance of this Agreement or payment under this Agreement for a period of six (6) years following final performance under this Agreement.

b.      The Northampton County Controller, or any of his/her duly authorized representative shall, at reasonable times, during the term of this Agreement and until six (6) years after the final performance under this Agreement, have access to and the right to examine any books, documents, papers and records of the compliance, performance or evaluation.

c.       CONTRACTOR shall provide to the COUNTY an audit of the financial transactions and/or units of service of the CONTRACTOR, by an independent auditor, in accordance with the accepted and required auditing standards and practices.

d.      Cost of such audit shall be borne by the CONTRACTOR.

Clearly you would be violating the trust of your office if you fail to comply with this request. Furthermore, it definitely makes you appear guilty of something. If not guilty, why not just allow the review of the documents? We believe you would agree with us - this is a fair question.

have the right to ask the Controller to look into this matter...because of course - we pay the bills.
Please - let us put an end to this fiasco.

Thank You

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Northampton County Controller's Office

We took the liberty to research the County Controllers core function and discovered the following right on
(Speaking of the controller's office)

Our purpose is to audit County departments and entities receiving County funds in accordance with the Home Rule Charter and to make recommendations to County management that will improve the economy and efficiency of County operations, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and strengthen internal controls safeguarding County assets.

The County's Home Rule Charter established the Controller's office as the internal audit function of the county in 1978. The Controller is elected and is independent of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. The Controllers Office conducts financial and performance audits of agencies receiving, disbursing or authorizing the disbursement of County funds, as well as the records of contracted service providers.

Okay, that established, why isn't Eckart Seamans cooperating with the Controllers office? It appears as if they are giving him the run-around hoping that he will forget about it...but that isn't possible because We The People will not allow him to forget.

And this is where we begin to run out of patience...if County Executive John Stoffa has done absolutely nothing wrong, then why isn't he mandating publicly that Eckart Seamans cooperate fully with the Controller?

After all, Mr Stoffa hired the firm that boast "At Eckert Seamans, we consider ourselves to be part of our clients' teams and help answer the daily challenges confronting them".

The executive should without hesitation, point them directly to the controller and say - be the team player that we hired you to be and provide our controller all documents he request...end of story!

To do less than that presents an atmosphere of possible corruption and/or wrong doing. Consider that if the Controller discovers and establishes that all the records jive, then he can announce there is no wrong doing, present the evidence of his findings - case closed.

So why is Mr. Stoffa allowing it to appear that someone is trying to hide something? Really, think about it - why else would anyone not cooperate? Unless of course, he actually does have something to hide. HMMM.

Personal Attacks...

...Don't work Bernie.

Consider that you have been calling us all sorts of names since the very beginning - didn't bother us then...what makes you think it will bother us today?

Remember, we told you long ago, if you keep telling lies about us, we will continue to tell the truth about you...and that's really all we have done. Yes - we know...the truth hurts more than lies ever can.

Now tell us Bernie - what do the two people pictured below have in common?

Rachel Farrell.JPGbangor_area_high_school_teacher

george hitcho mugGeorge_Hitcho_appeals_murder

 Yes Bernie - they broke the LAW...your so smart!

Where are they now Bernie?... 
...ding-ding-ding, yes - Bernie you got it again, they're in jail because they broke the law.

Now, the million dollar question Bernie:
What does John Stoffa have in common with the two pictured above?

John Stoffa
What do you mean you don't want to talk about that...
...well - We The People do!