Monday, February 28, 2011

23,391 County Executives?

We feel compelled to address the recent fatuous remark made by Mr. Stoffa relating to the county having to contend with 23k county executives. No one is suggesting such a silly thing, except of course the incompetent county executive himself.

The People have a right to correct mistakes made by government. Government is nothing more than fallible human beings selected by fallible human beings. The People strive to select the most scrupulous and consciences servants available, however, there are times when due to our fallibility we may error and select by the power of our vote the wrong official(s). And when that happens we are entitled to correct our mistakes. That was what our founding forefathers understood, and therefore, they put alternative avenues in the Constitution so that We The People would be able to correct our mistakes should it be necessary to do so.

It turns out that Mr. Stoffa and Mr. Angle are two huge mistakes, but as of recent, Mr. Stoffa is pulling ahead of Angle in ignorance.

If our elected officials do the morally correct thing most if not all of the time, they will never have to be concerned about contending with 23k+ county executives. Why not? Because in that case, the majority of the populace would be in agreement with our government. As it stands now, we are not in agreement!

The responsibility of any honorable politician with high morals and righteous ethics is to listen to their constituency, comprehending that failing to do so is what inspires grass root activism to form and speak out against the government they established. However, when government continuously turns a deaf ear on their multitude, government should expect nothing less than an uproar which by design would be intended to get the attention of the failing government. For example - current events in Egypt and Libya.

Once again we have to point out the ugly truth in Northampton County, our local government is in fact failing miserably in every aspect of the word because they are failing to heed the will of it's People.

We The People continue to shed light on the fact that we are the served and all elected officials are servants. And anyone who does not comprehend that, or does not care to serve should not seek employment in public office. And those that decide to seek office in NorCo for their own gain are now on notice, for as demonstrated in recent times The People will sit silent no longer.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yes...Why can't we all seek first to understand, and then to be understood?

Well, We The People did literally implore the CC on more than one occasion, however, that was observed as a sign of weakness which of course turned out to be an enormous mistake for every member of CC who was incapable of constructing in their closed minds an image of the true will of The people. It turned out to be a gigantic error.

COAF was not seeking then, is not seeking now, nor ever has sought a fight -- but we do suggest that no government official should ever confuse our gentleness for meekness, for every sleeping bear will some day awaken. Please make no mistake about it Mr. Stoffa, We The People are prepared to fight to the Supreme court of the United States of our great America if pushed to that point. We have asked you and CC repeatedly not to test our resolve, but as a norm most of you have refused to listen, and that sir is why we are where we are.

The ex-chair has already expressed publicly that he is willing to accept the referendum, so why aren't you willing to do the same Mr. Stoffa? Is it possible that the ex-chair is still manipulating you behind the scenes, as well as that other person? Or, are you really acting on your own? Indeed, any reasonably intelligent person understands that there is no rational rhyme or reason for this game to be played, other than a belligerent attempt at total domination by a few.

Northampton County does not have to be the object of absolutism, so why is it? Conceivably because we have a few public servants in our local government that believe in autocracy, presenting an illusion of democracy. In so doing they are openly considering their populace dimwits, fools, and boneheads. Well, what most although not all have come to discovered is that The people are not as imbecile as they thought.

Mr. Stoffa for example, was not competent enough to envision that We The People would actually acquire the the high number of 19,631 valid names necessary for a referendum, so he encouraged us to do so. It is clear today that no one except the dedicated COAF members believed that it could be done. But instead COAF was so determined, or to use Mr. Stoffa's word, "hellbent" enough to collect more than they required - 23,391 to be exact. That caused Stoffa to scrambled like a chicken without a head. Unfortunately for Mr. Stoffa, as well as others we're sure, they were aroused to the understanding that the impossible had not just become possible...but reality. Stress and anxiety in all probability set in causing the unbelievers to pinch themselves to ascertain if they were in fact dreaming, experiencing a nightmare for certain, because The People had in fact accomplished the unthinkable...oh yes we did.

This could have been and still can be a Win-Win scenario. All that CC and Mr. Stoffa have to do is accept the will of The People. Mr. Stoffa, at your earliest opportunity commence the process,  so that you won't leave office with the worst possible legacy of any politician in the history of NorCo...ever.

And remember this CC and Mr. Stoffa, some people live history, while others make it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Constitution, The Home Rule Charter, Or Both

What exactly does the Coalition want? In real simple terms -- to have a say in this very important matter. When we began to consider the Gracedale question, we asked everyone we came in contact with what they thought about the idea of selling Gracedale, and 9 out of 10 said don't sell. Agreeing however, that to be fair The People should vote on the question. And this was the sentiment of even the few that felt Gracedale should be sold -- that's how we became involved with the notion of placing a question on the ballot. Never in our wildest imagination did we envision being where we are today.

What exactly is the group fighting for? For the rights of The People provided to The People by our founding Forefathers. The rights that so many proud Young and old Americans alike have died to protect. Much has been said by Mr. Stoffa about the Home Rule charter this past week, little has he mentioned the Constitution of our great country. While we do respect the HRC, we do not accept that it trumps the Constitution. It is most important to absorb that both writings provide conditions for petitioning the government. Clearly the First Amendment states that We The People have the right "to petition government for a redress of grievances", which is exactly what we have done, peaceably following the letter of the law to the best of our abilities and understanding. Perhaps that is why we have successfully prevailed in two court cases brought against us, one by Mr. Stoffa himself. Unfortunately, our adversaries are like children who do not like to lose, so they want to play until they win, even if it means losing over and over. For the Coalition, it's not about winning or losing -- it's about doing what is morally right for those that cannot do for themselves due to special needs such as aging. Consider a child with special needs such as being born, do we simply discard them because of their needs? Then why would we do that to those that have paved the way for us, and have paid their dues in life. Why Mr. Stoffa, please explain why?

Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do.

U.S. Constitution -- Amendment I

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

Meet Scott Parsons

Several of us had the pleasure of meeting Scott Parsons. What a gentleman. We anticipate that Parsons will bring civility back to the council when he defeats Angle.

He is currently President of the Wind Gap Council. He is not a newcomer to politics. He is in favor of saving Gracedale. Scott also has some other interesting ideas to help the county move forward.

You can meet him Weds March 9th 2011 at 7pm at the Klecknersville Firehouse. We are Hosting a Meet and Greet Gathering for Steve Barron and Lamont McClure and a farewell for Ann McHale. Come out to meet and talk with the few that listen - All are welcome.

Any questions call (610)554-8833 Peg Dalessandro (COAF) or (610)509-3709 Maryanne Schmoyer (COAF)

Will Gracedale Close Down?

The Coalition does not believe that will happen. We do believe that it is a scare tactic being used to get the Coalition and The People who support us to back down, but, because we are the BOSS and CC is the SERVANT we will not back down, there is no logical reason why we should. What we will do in May or November is terminate the services of all servants who do not wish to serve any longer. And they can take that to the bank.

In an ideal USA, the servants would keep their words beginning with the first they usually use - I will fight for The People. It seems like that phrase is one used by many if not all politicians, and then they get into office and forget they ever used the phrase.

We the People are reasonable in every sense of the word, but we will not and should not be silent on these matters. Consider that in Berks county there is a teacher who posted some negative remarks about her students on-line. While her remarks may have been belittling to her students, they were not mean spirited. She believed what she wrote, but because she lives in a politically correct country, she will in all probability lose her job. Well, what we have in NorCo at this very moment is an autocrat that wants full supreme control of everything in the county, and is allowed by CC and the executive office to say and do virtually anything he wants to without consequence. Seriously, the teacher loses her job simply for expressing what she believes, but the contemptuous monarch can do as he pleases...does that sound reasonable to The People, absolutely not... and that is why We The People will not be silent.

What is our example teaching our posterity? That it is okay to be a bully, or to scream and yell at others while calling them despicable names. The greatest instruction being delivered in NorCo today by way of current events is that one better learn to do wrong in a right way so that they can get away with doing that really the message our CC and Executive want to present to the county residents?

CC and the Executive have disgraced the county by allowing this despicable demeanor to continue, consequently The People now hold you responsible. Act like the leaders we thought you were when we elected you to represent us. You have to know that it is a privilege to be selected by The People, and as such, that privilege can be revoked by The People when The People lose trust and faith in can we trust those who are less than honest with us?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How Can We Trust Stoffa?

Stoffa admits he told us that he would not appeal if he lost his case against The People...he lost and appeals anyway. How can we trust Mr. Stoffa or our local government when they continue to mislead us, and waste our tax dollars suing us. DISGRACEFUL

Click on this link to read a Easton Patch report:

Monday, February 21, 2011

Meet Scott Parsons - Angle Opponant

Several of us had the pleasure of meeting Scott Parsons yesterday. What a gentleman. Parsons will bring back civility to the council when he defeats Angle. He is currently President of the Wind Gap Council. He is not a newcomer to politics. He is in favor of saving Gracedale. Scott also has some other interesting ideas to help the county move forward. You can meet him Weds March 9th 2011 at 7pm at the Klecknersville Firehouse. We are Hosting a Meet and Greet Gathering for Steve Barron and Lamont McClure and a farewell for Ann McHale. All are welcome. Any questions call (610)554-8833 Peg Dalessandro (COAF) or(610)509-3709 Maryanne Schmoyer (COAF)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Another Petition?

Mr. Stoffa promised the Coalition that he would not appeal if he lost his case in court...he lost. Now he says he has to think about it over the weekend? What about the promise he made? Does that mean nothing?

The Coalition on the other hand believes that when you make a promise you should honor your word, holding on to the ideal that we should not make promises we cannot keep. As we see it, the problem in NorCo local government is that County Council and the Executive department continuously dishonor the populace by not keeping to their word.

Perhaps the Coalition should consider over the weekend a new petition drive to recall Mr. Stoffa for once again misleading The People.

69 News Report

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are We Ready To Move Forward?

It certainly appears that The People are, and it seems many on CC are, but the ex-chair continues to play his games. He has put his sidekick up to appeal a decision that will not be overturned by a higher court because The People are within their rights to have a referendum on the May ballot. But, while we have to contend with the ex-chair for a little while longer, he and his sidekick choose to continuie to be a nuisance at this point in time.

"Resentment is like a glass of poison that a man drinks; then he sits down and waits for his enemy to die."
- Author Unknown

Check Out this article:

This question is in the ET today:
Do you agree with the reasoning behind Northampton County Judge Stephen Baratta’s decision to keep Gracedale on the ballot?

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Against All Odds - It's Being Called A Miracle

Rejoice NorCo, democracy works, and our voices were heard by the Honorable Judge Stephen Baratta.

It is being circulated that the ex-chairs sidekick is going to appeal the case he lost two Friday's ago, funded of course by the ex-chair. But that's OK, they have thrown the kitchen sink at us and missed, so we are deady for it. We're running a race with many hurdles hurled in front of us, while our opponent has a wide open lane. Nevertheless, we have cleared every hurdle, and we have the courage and stamina to jump a few more if necessary.

The question is why would they want to continue this fiasco? Don't they get that The People are tired of being tired, and will no longer tolerate such disgraceful and despicable behavior. Can you believe that the ex-chair - soon to be ex-councilman would display such impudent behavior to sue the very people he is supposed to be serving, spitting in their faces at every opportunity.

They ex-chair has brought absolutely nothing but dishonor and shame to the office The People entrusted him with. His arrogant temperament inserts fear into the hearts of every member of council, as well as the county executive (who by the way does not look well these days) and many county employees who shiver at the sight of this very evil man.

Look in the mirror Mr. Angle do you like what you see, because we don't! and we will prove it to you at the polls hopefully in May, definitely in November. You see, you might be able to win your district if no one runs against you in May, but rest assured you won't win the county in November. 92.8% of the NorCo populace sent you that message in the Express Times, but in your pompous demeanor you failed to get it.

You may still be able to salvage your term however, if you vote in favor of the initiative on Thursday when it comes before you. Keep in mind that we will make a mental note of the support and rejections received to be retrieved during the upcoming elections. Also, do yourself a favor, tell your sidekick not to waste his time and your money, it will only work against YOU! He has nothing to lose...but you have everything to lose.

The Judge has Ruled Again In Favor Of THE PEOPLE

ET Report

MCall does'nt see this as big news, why not? Perhaps because the ex-chair has lost again,0,2327129.story
More to Ccome...

Polpular Sovereignty

Is a government in which The People rule.

  • Popular sovereignty indicates that the mandate of the people created government, and that political power comes from The People. However, in practice, political leaders abuse their power because they consider themselves sovereigns, instead of public servants. Sounds familiar NorCo?
  • It is the basic principle of the American system of government; that the people are the only source of any and all American governmental power, that government must be conducted with the consent of the governed. this true in NorCo?
  • Popular sovereignty is the belief that the state is created by the mandate of its people, who are the source of all political power. We need to share this with the ex-chair and some of his blind followers.
So what has happened in NorCo? Are we returning to a state of dictatorship? Can we really trust our local government? Hard questions that require truthful answers.

As We Await The Decision

Judge Baratta is schedule to rule on the Gracedale Initiative question sometime today. I ask all who believe in a Sovereign Lord to pray for a positive outcome.

Whatever his ruling, I on behalf of the Coalition and all petition participants thank him for his wisdom and his patience contemplating this matter.

Pray and be patient as you wait. Soon enough we will all know if we will be voting on the Gracedale Initiative, or considering other options.

I would like to take this opportunity, with respect to non-believers, to ask my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to deliver today to the people of Northampton County the right to vote on this very important matter. Lord we know that you give us the possible to do, and we are to give you the impossible, so we do. We pray that Saving Gracedale for the widows and orphans is part of your great plan for us. If it is not we will still praise you and seek you in all we do. We ask that you keep us humble in all activities and actions while serving you and our brothers and sisters of this world. In the glorious name of Jesus I pray. Amen

Rev. Mario Martinez

Angle Say's Taxes Will Go Up

While we welcome the decision that Mr. Angle made yesterday to stop trying to prevent The People from voting on the Gracedale issue, we do not agree that taxes MUST go up in order to keep Gracedale in county hands.

We believe that with proper management Gracedale will once again go into the black, and if that is the case then why would taxes have to go up to keep Gracedale? They don't. 

It is apparent that the ex-chair simply wants to scare The People into voting against keeping Gracedale.

We also believe that if CC was leading and working with the Executive properly, and the Executive manages the different county departments correctly, this of course includes Gracedale, we would not have the problems that we have been seeing and experiencing in recent times.

So in May, should we be voting on the Gracedale initiative, we should also be looking closely at who we are attempting to put in office. The challenges we have been forced to face in last year have been manufactured by the poor managers/leaders we have put in office. Let us NorCo voters stay connected and make the changes necessary to bring honesty back into our democracy.

Comment of the Month

We thought this was an interesting Comment...

Anonymous said...
I still find it so difficult to believe that Angle has, in my humble opinion, suckered Stoffa by means of a staged budget fight, into using taxpayers'money to sue taxpayers to prevent a redress of grievance by PREVENTING a vote.This is what they call Justice and American!
Now, we are going to receive letters referring back to the so-called 20% tax raise.Once the people got smart, then the 20% turned into a swaption which nobody knew about. When The People learned of the swaption,then the petitions were done incorrectly. After the ruling on the petitions, then Stoffa sued again over the Election Commission's decision and the Home Rule Charter.
Now that this seems to be going down the tubes, Angle announces today that he won't appeal his case,although his side kick will. Now, we are back to a 16-18% raise in taxes which will be written in a letter to educate all taxpayers in order to defeat the referendum.
Now, I ask the following: If Gracedale needed a 20% hike in August to operate for the year,why did the County(Angle) place Gracedale in the budget for a half year which, by his own admission,should have raised our taxes by 10%,however, that did not appear on our tax bills.
Stoffa created a Budget which included Gracedale for an entire

year and included No tax hike at all.
So, who is fooling who?
I can easily see that something else is involved ,and I believe that the REAL reason for the sale of Gracedale will soon emerge to discredit Stoffa. Angle has led Stoffa down the yellow brick road for a reason.
Since I believe that Soffa is the better of the 2, I surely hope that Stoffa wakes up and informs the public of the truth. The tax hikes are scare tactics because they change and/or disappear from time to time or as needed.
Stoffa knows that if the proper changes are made at Gracedale and his administration hires a management who understands business and companies which know how to make money, Gracedale will be in the black.
Gracedale needs aggressive leadership who know how to supervise it's personnel.
The County , if we cannot afford the demands of the unions, have to say NO.
If this approach can work, why are we spending so much of our money to rid ourselves of Gracedale and use scare tactics.
Stoffa would agree with this. Too many people at Gracedale and at the County level have let Gracedale down while featherbedding their own nests.
Come on Stoffa and Council,get the job done now.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Angle Drops Out...But His Games Continue

Check out the latest ET Report on Angle

MCall Report,0,6713434.story

WFMZ 69News report

Could Have Been Avoided

This whole matter of the petition drive could have been avoided if the CC would have just listened to The People.

Consider that Mr. Stoffa had presented a budget back in October of 2010, that funded Gracedale for a full year, if at that time the CC would have listened and worked with The People, we would not be in this mess and they would not have wasted tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on this matter. But no, that was too simple lets complicate things.

The ex-chair says - it's my way or the highway and decides to do the executives job, creates his own budget, and then he has the audacity to complain that it was too hard, and he will never do that again because no one appreciates him or what he does.

So he creates a budget that by the way was reported in the media to have been inflated so that it appear like the ex-chair was a financial genius, giving The People the illusion that he reduced the budget, and that he is the greatest councilman ever.

This act was in fact unmistakable arrogance, transparently telling The People that he/they would not listen to anything The People had to they want to blame The People for this mess.

All they had to do was LISTEN.

In the mean time The People said "if you don't listen, we will have to petition".

Now, after The People are sued by the ex-chair and prevail, Stoffa decides to add insult to injury by bringing his own suit against The People, saying that The People are trying to interfere with the budget, not so. All the entire local governing body had to do was listen right from the beginning.

This is a major problem with local government today, beginning with the ex-chair. It seems like they may require the assistance of a hearing aid, consider that if they had listened back in October, and not put The People to the test, this whole matter would never have been a challenge for anyone.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

1st Amendment

The Home Rule Carter allows participation of The People and that is where we took our direction to petition our local government to give Gracedale another opportunity to float or sink. But, The People also have rights beyond the HRC, we have a great Constitution that was designed by The People for The People.

The last paragraph of the 1st amendment reads "and to petition the government for redress of grievances".
So why would they not listen? Our local government led by the ex-chair decided to do everything they could to prevent us from providing our gem a second chance. Ignoring the People even though we implored CC to resolve the issue without forcing us to pursue a petition initiative. And then when we followed the law and exercised our inalienable rights, within a two week period The People were sued first by a Councilman, and then by the County Executive. Why? Good question.

This has to stop. Our government should be held personally and financially responsible for any frivolous actions they take against The People they are supposed to be serving. They should have no right to misuse our tax dollars the way they have been. Both cases had many county employees sitting in court on our buck. We're sure if it was on their own dollar they would have reconsidered the action.

How much exactly did these two court actions cost the tax payers? Hopefully CC will have those figures for us at the next County  Council meeting. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Time For Healing

Today all present in court room 10 witnessed the wisdom of Solomon displayed by the Honorable Judge Stephen Baratta.

While we did not did not bring either case to court, the Coalition extends a sincere apology to Judge Baratta for electing those that did initiate these frivolous actions to represent us in local government. When at the polls, We The People never imagine that they would waste our tax dollars suing us, and with the same stroke waste your precious time.

While we may never fully comprehend exactly why the ex-chair, his side-kick, or the county executive would want to prevent the people from casting their vote on the Gracedale issue, peaceful democracy is about to provide us a calm and quiet time for healing.

What we do understand in Northampton County today is that there is a reason the word unity is in the term community. Our great County has demonstrated by its sincere commitment and uncompromising dedication to the Gracedale issue, that when a community binds together tyranny will always fail.

We can stand humbly today knowing that the systems our forefathers provided to protect us from people seeking complete control actually work. And because the system does work, We The People must refrain from demonstrating behavior that aligns itself with that of the oppressor...stay humble always.

We The People should never lend wood to the fire caused by the misguided. We should desire only to extinguish the fire. Now we need to begin the process of healing the wounds that this issue has caused all of us who truly care about the fate of Gracedale, taking refuge first in God, and then in our democracy, because as established in recent times they both work. The first Creates Miracles’, and the second regenerate’s faith.

Soon the rest of the country and the world for that matter will be able to look to Northampton County and take notice of a true democratic process. And all will see that when the people trust first in God, and then in their imperfect democratic system…they can and will prevail...

Rev. Mario Martinez

Another Hurdle

Fair Judge to make decision Tuesday:

More to come...

Friday, February 4, 2011

The People On Trial - 2 - A Mockery Of Our Judicial System

WOW what a day. While we certainly believe that everyone deserves their day in court...this was ridiculous. A suspended attorney, who was suspended from practicing law for among other things, forging his clients signature.   

Then you have a want-to-be Perry Mason, who lost a recent case in court because his father’s signature, on his father’s will, was not his father’s signature. Then who's was it? Well, it’s been said that you cannot straighten a crooked line.

In the mean time, the average folks of the county, whom in simple terms just want to have a say with this Gracedale issue. And who did the very best they could to collect the required signatures honestly, and did so with limited provisions by the county, now are accused of fudging signatures?  Yeah right.

Can you believe what Angle said outside the Courthouse today - "We're a country of laws. We're not Egypt or Tunisia, here there's three different branches of government. Under the law you must meet the criteria to be on the ballot. They did not meet the criteria," What? This man is definitely delusional. Everyone who knows Angle knows that he does not follow the law unless he gets caught. Isn't he the one that told another politician the he won't be in politics long because he was too honest?

And does he realize that in Egypt at this current moment there is unrest because the people want democracy? Yet here in NorCo we are supposed to have democracy, except that democracy in NorCo means that when the county council or the county executive disagree with the will of the people, they simply sue you! They use our own money to SUE US...can you believe that? Disgraceful.

And can you imagine that Stoffa filed a court action to prevent the question from going on the ballot, after rooting for the coalition to get the signatures? Does that make sense? Perhaps that’s because he too didn’t really believe that COAF could do it. WELL WE DID. No doubt we should petition those 23,391 voters again to remove Stoffa for misleading us. And then COAF can write a book, and become an advocate for petition drives, after all, the more we do this the better we will surely become.

Lastly, considering what we witnessed in court today…it appears that in NorCo anyone can practice law, no license required.

Express Times 1st Reports

The People On Trial - 1

There is a constant waste of tax payer money going on in NorCo. Now instead of honoring the Peoples request to allow for a referendum to go on The ballot, Councilman Angle is wasting our money manipulating the system for his own personal gain. Stay tuned.

A Day For Justice

Now Stoffa's true colors have been exposed, he has joined the battle against The People and Democracy.

It is truly disgraceful that our tax dollars will now be used to fight The People, instead of serving us. Stoffa was quoted in a local paper saying that he took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States, well how exactly is he doing that by oppressing The People?

We The People want a referendum on the ballot relating to Gracedale. Don't you understand that Mr. Stoffa? 23,391 have told you so.

Stoffa's legacy - he throws the widows and orphans under the bus.

People of NorCo, Please come out and support us, remember that us is you.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

On The Prowl

We received a report that the EX-CHAIRS goon was on the prowl at Gracedale yesterday. He was there apparently to terrorize his pray.

We The People don't have to take this anymore. There is a court date tomorrow morning  at 9 a.m. in the Easton courthouse. The Coalition is asking all employees of Gracedale who are not working at that time, and who are truly sick and tired of this terrorism to come and support the group. We The People will prevail with your support.

We are also asking all residents of NorCo who are available to please come out and support us also. We understand that most of us have to work or have other obligations, but if your available let's tell the Judge together by our presence that we are sick and tired of these two terrorist.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Come Out To Support The Cause

What we are witnessing in NorCo today is truly history in the making. Not violence like in Egypt, but a true peaceful determination of the The People to exercise their inalienable right to vote on the Gracedale Issue.

We have to ask, why is the EX-CHAIR so fixated on selling Gracedale without allowing The People their right to simply vote on the issue? How exactly does he benefit from the sale? What exactly is he hiding from The People?

Now Stoffa has chosen to go against the people too. What a strangle hold the ex-chair must have around Stoffas neck that he would chose to do such a thing. On your way out too - forever.

On Friday, February 4, 2011, there is a scheduled 9 a.m. court hearing on this matter...We are asking all who truly believe in democracy, and who want to have their voice heard, and who want to be part of this historic moment, to please attend the hearing. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT. Please come help us finish what we started.

President Obama said this morning - "all of us who serve in office do so at the will of the people". Why does our local government not understand this?