Sunday, December 29, 2013

The John Stoffa Legacy...

...Or better said - DECEPTION!
As we near the end of 2013, we look back with humble pride at the history making event - "The Gracedale Initiative".

Regardless what any one person may say, the Gracedale saga unified the community and the county in a manner never witnessed or experienced before. Not in Northampton County. And, in all probability...not in the state or the nation.

Recently, an outsider asked: "What was the Gracedale initiative really about?" Our response: The Gracedale Initiative was about helping each other, with special consideration for our elders. Whom, in their day molded our great nation into what it is today. We went on to explain that while we continue to be  proud Americans who love our country dearly, these days we're not always so proud of some of our Government officials.

A miserable liar - John Stoffa
Elected government officials like outgoing County Executive John Stoffa pollute the existence of any office they hold. In retrospect, it certainly appears that Stoffa's main concern was putting his name on a building. And, hanging a self-portrait on a be worshipped like God. But, God he is not.

He has been portrayed as "pulling his last weed". We suggest that he has pulled his last hairs while cursing COAF for exposing him. His portrait was painted using a hypocritical brush. His legacy will be remembered forever, but not for anything positive. Stoffa himself would like us to believe that except for a half mil tax hike he had promised during his campaign, he never raised taxes beyond that. We agree, he did not! However, lets explore why not...At one point, we had as much as a sixty-two million dollar surplus. So the real question is: Why would he raise taxes?

While Stoffa was being lifted, it was stated that his one regret is the Swaption. Of course, it was quickly noted that he inherited the swaption. We agree! He did. We would also note however, that he could have come out smelling like a financial genius if he pulled the trigger on the swaption gun when it was well under ten million. Instead, his failure to act in the best interest of the tax payers (in a reasonable time and manner) cost the tax payers in the area of twenty-seven million dollars, with absolutely nothing to show for it. So financially astute is he? And, did he fail to act out of ignorance, stupidity, or vindictiveness? In any case - it cost the taxpayers millions that could have been better used to do good for our community. For example: It could have helped sustain Gracedale for the next fifteen years. The Millions carelessly wasted exposed Stoffa's financial incompetence. 

On the subject of the Human Services building, Stoffa pushed, and pushed some more for it without any hesitation. Why??? Well, in our opinion, because he thought County Council would dedicate the building to his failed eight years legacy. They, of course, did not! Great decision by County Council.

Now, before he leaves office, he wants to waste more of our hard earned money. On what you ask? On an issue that has been decided several times. The issue? The Gracedale ambulance service. On December 21, 2013, as we prepared to celebrate Christmas, Stoffa was preparing to appeal a ruling by the Honorable Judge Leonard Zito. Judge Zito ruled against Stoffa. Stoffa's legal council argued that County Council overstepped their authority by not accepting Stoffas recommendation. Really??? That's just as ridiculous as it sounds. A recommendation by definition is a suggestion, which means that County Council was well within their right to reject the recommendation. Not only did they reject it once, but several times. So why can't Stoffa just accept the decisions? Because Stoffa want's to continue to drain what's left of our once healthy surplus.

John Stoffa's legacy is nothing more than what he practices - deception! In our opinion:

He lied to us to get elected.

He lied to us regarding his Gracedale intentions.

He lied to us about "not appealing" his failed court case against "We The People".

He lied to us about not using tax dollars to sue "We The People".

His entire eight year term was a web of lies.

We don't take pride in making these statements, but they are true! That's how we will remember John nothing more than a liar. Your time has come John. Good bye, good riddance...and know that you will not be missed!