"Council President Ron Angle denies allegations that a political vendetta is fueling his efforts to eliminate a position in the Northampton County executive's Cabinet.Angle introduced Thursday an ordinance that would do away with the "director of court services," which he called a "hall-walker's job" that previous county executives have used to reward their friends. The ordinance garnered no discussion during council's last meeting of the year.

Angle also planned to ax the position during this year's budget talks. He promised to never again do heavy financial lifting on behalf of his colleagues when they defied him and restored the position.
As usual, Angle was acting on his own behalf, serving his own benefit. Consider - why would his colleagues who normally side with him, suddenly defy him, especially if they asked him to do any heavy financial lifting for them? They didn't...perhaps some are starting to see the evil in this poor excuse of a politician, who gives ALL politicos a bad name.

Archie Disidore III oversees county archives and is responsible for financial reporting in civil and criminal divisions, orphans court, the register of wills and protection from abuse matters, according to the county website. His annual salary is $65,486 plus $24,848 in benefits.

Disidore's wife, Susan, is a supervisor in Lower
Mount Bethel Township, where Angle owns land. Angle and Susan Disidore have publicly tangled over her proposal to limit development in the township.

Councilman Lamont McClure, a Democrat and vocal Angle critic, called the pair "bitter political rivals." He said Angle, a Republican, wants to put Disidore out of work to punish his wife. "Clearly Ron is taking what I think are extraordinary steps to eliminate this position," McClure said.