Monday, April 30, 2012

Must Be Doing Something Right...

...To be selected by the Israeli government, at no cost to the tax-payers, to attend the International Mayors Conference from May 4 to 11, is an indicator that perhaps - they are doing something correct.

Read the full Story by the ET:

Friday, April 27, 2012

What Constitutes A Bribe?

Ron Angle continues to try to work things - his way...and his timing. Even when he appears to be attempting to do the right thing...he does or says the wrong thing.

The ET reported on April 23, 2012, that Mr. Angle was asked by Bangor Area School Board member Micheal Gofredo to assist financially with the cost involved relative to the implementation of a DRUG testing policy - Angle responds:

"If you vote right here tonight, I will write you the first $5,000 right now," Angle said. "You're right. I should put my money where my mouth is and I will do that right now."

Do you see the problem here? If Angle is sincere - he would say something like: Okay, here's a check for $5,000.00, let me know if I can be of further service. But instead he says: "If you vote right here tonight, I will write you the first $5,000 right now," - in this comment, in order to get his way, we hear him say - you have to do it now...or NO DICE.

This in our opinion, has been Mr. Angles life long problem - he seems to believe that as long as he throws money at an issue, he can dictate and effect the direction of the any matter, or anyone.

One would think that he would have learned by now...but it surely appears he hasn't learned a thing. We hope Mr. Angle can understand that this article is not intended as a personal attack...but an eye opening lesson - to help him see that his behavior in this instance can actually appear to be a bribe.

Wikipedia says the following relative to Bribery:
"Bribery, is an act of implying money or gift giving that alters the behavior of the recipient. Bribery constitutes a crime and is defined by Black's Law Dictionary as the offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting of any item of value to influence the actions of an official or other person in charge of a public or legal duty.
The bribe is the gift bestowed to influence the recipient's conduct. It may be any money, good, right in action, property, preferment, privilege, emolument, object of value, advantage, or merely a promise or undertaking to induce or influence the action, vote, or influence of a person in an official or public capacity.[1]"

Needless to say, the intelligent and professional Bangor School Board was not going to be suckered into a scandal...and chose to decline Angles apparent boodle, seeking instead to continue their due diligence.

The motto here for the ousted councilman is: Before you put your money where your mouth is - remove foot!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Leader's LEAD!

Who wants to argue that point???

This is the absolute TRUTH, and no one...not even the insensitive nonsensical ignoramus can dispute the fact.

Every true leader in America from the beginning of our existence have demonstrated qualities that are not often seen in many of our so called leaders today.

Genuine qualities like: honesty, veracity, probity, rectitude, virtue, decency, courageous, ethical, dignity, and integrity...just to name a few. Yes - our leaders of yesterday were real leaders who understood that without a solid foundation...the house will eventually fall. So they made certain that prior to building their lives, they established a rock-solid base that could not be shaken. And so their lives were solid...standing first and foremost - on TRUTH.

Consider men like the Father of our great nation - George Washington. He was a man who stood up to the test time and time again, never whining, and never saying - Gracedale must be sold or taxes will have to go up 30% (a lie). No...he was a man of vision - never making excuses, and always seeking solutions...and he almost always sought them on his knees. The Almighty chose the Daddy of America to establish a great FREE nation under God...a nation where the people rule, and the government serves with distinguished honor. And that he did...literally combating his enemy of the day to bring TRUTH and Justice for every American citizen...then - and now. Who today can attempt to fill his shoes? Please take a step forward!

Consider also men like Lewis B. (Chesty) Puller who enlisted in the Marines Corps in 1917 and rose through the ranks to later become Lieutenant General Puller.  known as "Chesty" Puller, not only for his bull chest but also for his absolute fearlessness and devotion to duty. By the time he retired from the Corps in 1951 he had earned more awards than any Marine in history: five Navy Crosses, the Distinguished Service Cross, the Silver Star, two Legions of Merit with "V" device, the Bronze Star with "V" device, the Bronze Star, the Air Medal and the Purple Heart. "Chesty" Puller became more than a hero: he was an American Legend. His gruff, give 'em hell attitude was admired throughout the Marine Corps. His bravery and his nickname, were known to the millions of Americans on the home front. He was a man's man, a Marine' s Marine. General puller was quoted to have said "We've been looking for the enemy for some time now. We've finally found him, we're surrounded...that simplifies the problem"...Leading by example.

What leaders do we have in NorCo today? Well, let's see...can we really call men like our dishonorable County Executive John Soffa leaders? - No, not really. Let us tell you a bit about our deplorable so called leader - he went to Gracedle seeking a second term, expressing to the employees and residents alike, that a vote for him was a vote for Gracedale, and after he was elected by way of Gracedale...he turned his back on on the very people that trusted him with their vote. Instead of providing for the safety and well being of Gracedale, he fought endlessly to sell Gracedale. While he battled the very people he was supposed to be serving, he allowed the SWAPTION, once under $9 million dollars to swell to a whopping $25+ million dollars before he's time to get out. Over the last year alone, and dealing with the swaption alone, he cost the tax payers over $15+ million dollars. Money that could have been better used to sustain Gracedale for at least several years. He sat with his constituents at the 911 building to discuss the Gracedale sale matter...only to discover later, he lied to their faces. And on we can go...but we won't.

Whom ever replaces this contemptible excuse of a leader MUST comprehend going in, that We The People will be watching from our watch towers...and at the first sign of dereliction - we will intervene, just as we are considering interceding with Mr. Stoffa - who still MUST answer for the all know by now which email we're speaking to. He MUST stand up like any real man would...and answer for his deception - of We The People!
We're Not Going Away!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Surprised, Surprised, Surprised.


Speaking on the election results today, the NI stated "I am."
Why exactly is he surprised? Haven't We The People explained to him, as well as others in NorCo that we are watching, and that we will remove those that we no longer see fit to SERVE us? Well, that's right...we forgot, he's a bit arrogant and doesn't get it - that We The People are in control.
Listen to this genius - "You could say this is a swing to the left, but I think something else is going on."
No kidding...We The People are what's going on silly - get it now?

 A surprised Tim Holdren - not really sure why he lost.

"Although I find myself more in agreement with Holden"
Well, that's probably why Tim lost, because NI associated himself with Holdren. And how can the NI plan on helping Cartwright when the following statement may actually sink his ship:

"I really admired the passion and fire in Cartwright, and even gave him my vote. He earned it. He answered every email. I did not have to beg him for news releases."

Our advice to Matt is RUN...get as far away as possible from the wanna-be.

"Rick is quieter than Matt Cartwright, but cut from the same cloth. Five minutes with him, and you'll realize tha he's an idealist, too."

In our opinion, Rick probably is not really quieter than Matt, he is just aware that around the NI it is better to say less because the probability is that hiding behind the skirt of Freedom of Speech...NI will twist Rick's words. So it would be wise for him to RUN too.
Lastly NI say's - "What's your take?"
Hmmm...what exactly does that mean? Let's see...could it be he is asking how much someone is making for providing some benefit...Hmmm - interesting. That leads us to wonder...what's his take?

Pawlowski Shun's NI

Hats off to Allentown's Honorable Mayor Ed Pawlowski for not responding to NI's emails, or better said - nonsense.

    Honorable Mayor Ed Pawloski laughs at NI 

It's sometimes so difficult to comprehend the devious and tortuous mindset of this ill willed individual who one day is wining and dining you, and the next is tearing, and ripping you apart like a savage rabid animal.

But his Honor is not fooled however, and understands very well that euthanasia is the most humane - and and in almost all cases, the only method to deal with a rabid animal.

Many of you politico's of NorCo and LV should take notes from Allentown's Mayor. You see, he knows that if he responds to this wanna-be reporter (whom by the way has no real journalist credentials, if he does let him produce them), his twisted mind will twist the Mayor's words with his slanted and intertwined biased point of view. And the responsible one for any negative results would be the mayor he simply ignores the nonsensical ignoramus...and it works.

Why you ask, should anyone take notes from the good mayor? Because his method of dealing with this rabid animal is the correct method. If none of you feed this pest, eventually he stops coming back for more...and eventually he has no fuel to continue his attacks on the good folks of NorCo and LV...and then life will be good...because the vicious, dreadful, and ferocious animal will be reduced to a creepy crawler, having nothing more than a squeaky bark - and no TEETH to his bite, tickling us with his gums. ;-)

But we understand that some of you politico's sometimes use this cockroach to do your dirty work dealing with matters that perhaps you, for one reason or another cannot...but We The People know who you are, and the process of euthanasia has begun - the Romans use to say...let the games begin - We The People say...let the elections begin.

Yes - We The People will remove you from your elected position like we did the infamous untouchable ignominious ousted councilman...who discovered, just like you will, that if you follow evil ways, you too will be touched and removed...

...EVIL never ever prevails.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Wanna-be Reporter???

All of our local papers, and all of the folks out there who have given the nonsensical ignoramus the encouragement that has led him to believe in his twisted mind that he is a reporter, should seriously look in the mirror.

Recently - supposedly, the Mcall gave this ignorant individual an award for begging people on his blog - PLEEEAS vote for me!!!

The disgrace comes in his post today "Does The Morning Call Care About the First Amendment?" where he states: "Regular readers of this blog know that I make creative use of pictures. It's completely unfair, but it's what I do."

"It's completely unfair, but its what I do"??? - he openly admits that he is unfair in his behavior towards others - but that's okay because he doesn't care...he does it anyway.

He goes on to criticize Mcall:
"It's obviously intended to portray the developer as an idiot. Unlike me, I thought newspapers were supposed to be fair and unbiased and all that crap."

Can you believe this guy - by his own admission he isn't fair but he expects fairness of others, and we all know he is as biased as biased can be. And as for the latter remark, that's what seems to continuously flow from his mouth.

Then his greatest denouncement of Mcall comes when he writes: "I would think a newspaper would be a little more concerned about a public official using strong arm tactics against an individual who is merely exercising his First Amendment rights."

WHAT!!! Why would he believe that the newspapers should be concerned about public officials who strong arm We The People, isn't that a tactic his buddy the ousted councilman used for so many years on CC? In our opinion it is - and the media dismissed it then saying "that's just who he is" if that excused his conduct. So really...why would he think that they should be concerned about something that they have never been concern about before?

His last dispraise of Mcall deals with a FREEDOM that should never be taken for granted: "After all, those rights include Freedom of the Press." and "Gee, I remember when newspapers actually cared about the First Amendment."

Anyone who reads these truths will find it easy to agree with our opinion that he is demented. What is truly sad is that anyone who encourages his behavior to benefit themselves are just as responsible as he is.

No...we're not defending Mcall...on the contrary, we believe you reap what you sow - and they are simply receiving what the deserve from this wanna-be...because they all think this is amusing - perhaps morning call will give him another award for this priceless piece of wisdom...they deserve each other...don't they?

Another Failed Attempt!

Ron Angle and Bernie O'hare have failed against We The People once again. We guess their mindset is "try and try until you succeed". Let them continue to try because by the time they win one against We The People, it will really not matter, just as they, at this point in time - do not matter.

Primary Today

Get out and vote.

ID TEST RUN: Locations will be asking for ID, however, if you don't have ID you will still be allowed to VOTE.

Remember to vote for those that you believe will protect our gem Gracedale.

            Make a difference...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Who's Running Toward NCE?

Well, the Express Times reported on Sunday, April 22, 2012, that there are a number of possible candidates considering running toward - and for the Northampton County Executive elected position.

Who is right for the position? Hmmm...not sure - what We The People know is that whoever decides to actually pursue the position and acquires it, he/she MUST be aware that We The People will hold him/her accountable. Any performance less than in the interest of the people will result in a confrontation with their boss - We The People.

How do we feel about some of these candidates - well, we're not there yet. However, we are watching and listening. We will possibly take a position on a candidate for this position when the time arrives. One thing is for sure...whom ever we decide to stand by MUST certainly be prepared to make Gracedale work.

For your general information - the following are named as possible candidates:

Bethelehem Mayor - John Callahan (D)
Easton Mayor - Sal Panto (D)
Former State Rep. - Rich Grucela (just a possibility) (D)
County Councilman - Lamont McClure (D)
County Councilman - John Cusick (R)

Incumbent - John Stoffa (D) - Wisely has expressed that he will not seek re-election...if he did, we would certainly work hard to insure his derailment.

We will refrain from endorsing any of these Honorable men at this point in time...but rest assured, we will at the appropriate time reveal our choice.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Who Really Cares...

...what the Erie County Exec calls county own nursing homes?

The nonsensical ignoramus and just a few others are the only ones who appear to care.

They seem however, to miss the point that the county voted 3 out of 4 to keep Gracedale right where it county hands. Yes, 3 out of 4 represents 75% of our county populace, an overwhelming majority ladies and gentlemen, and yet the few want to tell the many that the many are wrong, and that the many don't really know what they want.

Understand that when 3 out of 4 voted to keep Gracedale in county hands, they did so in spite of tax increase threats of 20 to 30%, which as history clearly revealed to us - never happened. But the fact remains that when they voted no one knew for certain what would happen - yet We The People chose to keep Gracedale in county hands anyway.

We know exactly what we want, and we don't need 2 or 3 selfish bullies trying to convince us otherwise.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Once Honorable

Yes indeed....Politics was at one point in time an honorable, respectable, and honest profession. During that time we all had TRUST in our elected officials, those were the good old days. However, just as the world has changed since moving away from the Almighty, so has the political game...and that to many, is just what the world of politics is today - a GAME. 

A matter of trust!

All who enter the political arena with such childish worldviews believe that they must win the game no matter the cost...NO MATTER THE COST! Which in so many cases means that they will do what ever they have to do...Yes in deed - WHATEVER THEY HAVE TO win the game.

Sadly today, politicians like our County Executive John Stoffa, (who by the way really did not look well last night walking around on crutches) have managed to manipulate the system using nonsensical individuals to do their dirty work. In their mind's eye they believe that because they have not soiled their own hands, they are not responsible...sad because that's so far from the truth.

And the TRUTH is that they will by the wrath of God, eventually pay for their misdeeds, as we all will! Especially those of us who do not seek and accept His Grace instead.

In the case of our LESS than honorable County Executive, he will eventually have to answer to his bosses right here in the County of Northampton - We The People. Surprisingly, before last nights County Council meeting, there was a ceremony which presented the Constitutional TRUTH that the governing are accountable to the ironic.

Above all misdeeds, the County Executive will soon have to answer to We The People about that email that recently know, the one that offers clear evidence that he is in fact knowledgeable about accounts and events that he  publicly denied - Yes, that's the one.

Even more ironic, the very nonsensical source he utilized in his failed attempt to destroy our beloved Gracedale,  was the very source out to destroy him yesterday. Yes. Mr. Stoffa was being hurled at warped speed, under not just a bus, but also under some very heavy Big-MACK trucks...and you could literally see the strain on his face...painful it appeared.

Mr. Stoffa's close confidant had this to say about his patron:
"Yesterday, when LVEDC voted to endorse the Neighborhood Improvement Zone, three of our so-called local leaders were conspicuously MIA, unwilling to stake out a position. Lehigh County Exec Don Cunningham, Easton Mayor Sal Panto and Northampton County Exec John Stoffa all took a powder.

In fact, at yesterday's Finance Committee hearing in Northampton County, Executive John Stoffa asked Council to tell him his position.

And you thought he was your friend - really? It seems that you really can't trust him, and perhaps that's because he really doesn't trust you! And worst yet - he doesn't care about you. It's called dirty politics Mr. Stoffa, tactics that perhaps he and others have learned from you.

Now - the question that begs to be asked is: How in good conscience can We The People TRUST you today Mr. Stoffa? - can you sir, please answer the question?

Just an opinion!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Day Of Reckoning

would like to set the record straight this day, and if necessary, extend a humble apology (with several exceptions of course, and they know who they are) to anyone whom this blog may have unintentionally offended while carrying out our life long mission of SAVING GRACEDALE.

First and foremost, it is important to comprehend that it has never ever been our intent to offend anyone, but to give back to The People of NorCo the courage and fortitude they yearned for to stand up firmly and say: enough means ENOUGH!

As all who follow this blog are aware, over the past twelve years or so in NorCo - specifically the Slate Belt, a political miscreant - a microscopic percent of the commUNITY felt it was his duty to instill fear into the hearts of the very commUNITY that he was supposed to serve. And for the better part of those twelve years, it was good for him - until of course, a small band of unique brothers and sisters from across our great county assemble together and became involved, and made a difference - a herculean difference that not even the financially almighty of the county could have ever envisioned or imagine.

The group as a whole had but one burning desire in our hearts - to do what was then, and still is today...the morally right thing to do. And not just for the weak and the ill, the widows and orphans, but especially for all those who have no voice, and could not speak for themselves - all of our Alzheimer's/dementia afflicted citizens whom had no one else fighting for them.

We opened our genuine hearts to them, pouring out our compassion on them, and gratefully we discovered that we were not alone...three quarters of the county was behind us, and surely God was leading us - every step of the way.

With that said, we ask anyone, who at any point in time may have reasoned our meaning incorrectly, to understand that sometimes in the mist of battle, it's not always possible or sufficient to just put your hands up in a defensive, there are times when one must go on the offensive. Unfortunately, during the occasions when one is forced to strike back, there is always a possibility no matter how distant, that an unintended recipient may accidentally enter your range of impact, mistakenly receiving a wrongful blow...and certainly under those circumstances we can humble ourselves and plea for forgiveness.

Take note however, that we are not now, nor in the foreseeable future, willing to apologize to anyone for doing what we know to be morally right. And YES - we are willing to sit harmoniously with anyone desiring sincere and honest duologue to determine and define what is considered morally right for all, as long as they behave as they expect us to. With the understanding  of course, that "morally right" begins with TRUTH, and truth is absolute - always applying to all.

But to those out there who prefer instead to instigate a fight, with a strong desire to hurt us, our posterity, and our senior citizens - we assured that we will don our armor, prepare for your attacks, and battle you till the very end, with absolutely no hesitation...because - We are The People.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Purpose Of Government?

July 4, 1776
A Government or Authority exists to serve those governed...


On July 4, 1776 The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress - during which time many powerful words were penned, among them one of the greatest sentences known in the English language:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

Clearly one part of government's role is to provide security and order, so that its people can live their lives FREE, and in peaceful tranquility.

Another role is to present to it's people absolute TRUTH in an honest and raw format that is unmistakable to any viewer or listener.

Many times, however, government will stray from its purpose and become oppressive. And when this occurs -  our GREAT Constitution declares:

 "That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness."

...and with those right comes great power - the VOTE.

In essence, if we don't agree for example, with what Charlie Dent or any other present day politician is doing with the privilege that We The People bestowed upon him/her, we have the right - and the power to relinquish the authority we have granted him/her...simply stated, We The People may use our rights and remove him/her from the institution of Authority we have placed him/her in.

It is not however, enough to sit idly by, hoping that someone else will fix the problems for us...NO - we MUST take responsibility for the ball we have dropped, and exercise our power to correct the fumble. We must comprehend that as Humans we are fallible, and sometimes err, and as such we MUST acknowledge our err, and then correct it as we did so magnificently this past May.


How Do We Bring Change...

Simple...We must all get involved!

It's so easy to rant and rave, and cry about everything that we see as wrong...but if we're not willing to get involved - who exactly should we blame? Hmmm.

Regardless of what the few may try to lead the many to believe, we can bring positive change to any community by getting involved. As we have recently witnessed in NorCo, a few honest and dedicated individuals coming together to address legitimate concerns can - by perseverance, make a difference that leads to positive change.

What most of us don't realize is that we all matter. And one person can in fact bring about necessary change if the cause is worthwhile, and the effort sincere. Yes indeed, one person can inspire the masses to effect any change required.

COAF has been called many things...lets see - "misfits, rebels, demagogue, etc.", and just because we see things through different glasses we have been slanted and painted out to be troublemakers, among other things - but are we really? Absolutely not!

Consider that before we formed as a "committee" - as individuals we turned to the system seeking resolution to what we visioned to be real concerns, only to be overlooked and neglected. The system believed that by merely ignoring us we would eventually go away - well that was poor planning on their part because instead we formed and mobilized to effect the changes we have witnessed in recent history.

And when thier plan failed they vilified us, literally defaming us with smear and slander, all the while seeking a negative response from us that would bring us down...but that expectation fell short as well.

What the system in fact witnessed in action was the UNITY in the word Community rise to the level of 23k+...they said WOW, and then they made us out to be "crazy". They observed us as a bunch of loose nuts running amok...but the masses viewed us differently, they saw genius...understanding that people who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world...are the ones that can, and usually do.

The moral of the story - We have some very important elections coming up, and yes you too can make a difference...

...Get out and VOTE!!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Asbestos Is Being Addressed

We won't say it's about time...simply that it's good to hear that the asbestos issues are being addressed.

The ET reported yesterday that "Northampton County has begun the cleanup of its courthouse law library, 11 months after the Environmental Protection Agency was notified about asbestos in it and other county-owned locations."

"The law library is the third location owned by the county to undergo asbestos remediation in the last few months. Portions of Gracedale's basement were reopened last week after more than a month of cleanup, and a storage area in the courthouse's basement is being scrubbed for asbestos as well."

Read the full story/report:

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tricia Mezzacappa Sues Bernie O'Hare

In a turn of events, Tricia Mezzacappa has finally filed a suit against Bernard Ohare III.

O'Hare who threaten and threaten to file against Mezzacappa does not have to threaten anymore, his wish has come true. And who knows what near future holds for him...possibly more suits coming by way of other people he has defamed!


Published: Thursday, April 12, 2012, 5:15 AM
By Tom Shortell | The Express-Times
"Former West Easton council candidate Tricia Mezzacappa has filed a lawsuit against local blogger Bernie O'Hare, claiming he attempted to sexually assault her, broke into her home and fed rat poison to her pot-bellied pig.

In a suit filed in Northampton County Court Wednesday, Mezzacappa's attorney
Lawrence Otter asked a judge to prevent O'Hare from stalking and harassing his client. O'Hare has repeatedly bullied Mezzacappa and sullied her good name in his Lehigh Valley Ramblings blog, the suit claims.

The suit seeks a restraining order against O'Hare.

In an email and phone interview Wednesday, O'Hare said the claims have no merit and pointed to the lack of criminal charges as proof.
All of this stemmed from an attempted sexual assault by O'Hare against Mezzacappa on Aug. 26 at her home in West Easton, according to the suit. The suit claims O'Hare exposed himself, and she forced him out of the house. The suit goes on to claim O'Hare has harassed and cyber-stalked Mezzacappa ever since, and alleges he twice broke into her home to steal documents and her wallet.

In the last week, Otter alleges in the suit, O'Hare, of Nazareth, fed rat poison to Mezzacappa's pet pot-bellied pig and left a note on her door reading, "DEAD PIGS MAKE GOOD HAM" and more rat poison pellets. The pig survived, Otter said in an interview Wednesday.

"The defendant's behavior has gone from vitriolic screeds on his blog to crossing the line to a physical attack on the plaintiff's home and pet," the suit reads.
No criminal charges have been filed against O'Hare, but Mezzacappa claimed Easton police blew her off in one instance.

Mezzacappa is a frequent topic of O'Hare's blog, where he usually refers to her in headlines as the "Wicked Witch of West Easton" or WWWE.

Since April 1, she has been the main subject of four posts, which depict her as a racist, a liar and a Republican who voted for Obama. In two of the posts, which were written before the suit was filed, O'Hare said he is considering legal action against Mezzacappa. One post, which included a picture of the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, was included in the body of the lawsuit.

O'Hare said he has spoken to an attorney about Mezzacappa's defamation of his character. In the meantime, he said he will not back off in his posts about Mezzacappa, whom he called seriously troubled.

"Absolutely not. If anything, there will be more posts about this situation," he said. "I have an obligation to inform the public about people like that who are running for office."

O'Hare also noted his bad history with Otter, who sued O'Hare and former Councilman Ron Angle to get them to pay legal bills tied to the Gracedale referendum. Otter's attempts have repeatedly been denied in court.

"He claims to be an election law expert, but I consider him an expert in frivolous lawsuits," O'Hare said.

Otter denied any connection between the two cases and quoted Michael Corleone, the fictional Mafia boss of the Godfather movies.

"It's nothing personal. It's strictly business," Otter said."

Has He Really Changed...

...Judge for yourselfBlogger.

Bernard O'Hare III would like all of us to believe that he is a changed man, however,  in this quoted comment taken from his "Brace Yourself For a New Wicked Witch of West Easton Story", O'Hare responding to another person who asked a simple question says the following:


"I am sorry, but what would be the point? You "defamed" yourself many years ago!!"
"Bernie O'Hare said...
"The point would be that I am not the same person I was 26 years ago, when I was drinking. And the accusations are so insulting and so defamatory that I need to take action. That's the point, axxhxxe."
"5:46 PM"

NOTE: We modified axxhxxe because we do not allow profanity, and we do not want to expose our readers to unnecessary filth, however we can not make the point with out the visual of what he posted.

How can  O'Hare be so bestial by saying that he has changed out of one side of his mouth, and then call someone an axxhxxe out of the other? All the while trying to convince us that he has changed.

Well how exactly has he changed?
The TRUTH of the matter is that he has not changed, and to fully appreciate this reality all one has to do is consider the difference between O'Hare then...and O'Hare now - NOTHING!

He is the same old Bernie with much of NorCo in his face...and he doesn't like it. Well We The People don't appreciate your moronic behavior, and we will tolerate it no more.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What Is A Liar?

Take a wild guess and then read this:

Widow Gets Nothing In Mine Case Handled By Ex-area Attorney
"The Disciplinary Board of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in January 1986 suspended O'Hare for two years for resorting to forgery and lies in the handling of a 1980 civil-rights case for a black Bethlehem Steel worker."

"O'Hare told client George Usry of Allentown he was working to get the man an $85,000 settlement. But O'Hare had already settled the case with Bethlehem Steel for $60 and forged his client's name to the settlement document, according to the findings of the Disciplinary Board."


What Are We?...

...Advocates of TRUTH & JUSTICE!

While we are not here to defend Tricia Mezzacappa (she can do that very well herself), we are here to shed light on the TRUTH about Bernie O'Hare III.

He says in his "Brace Yourself For a New Wicked Witch of West Easton Story" that "I usually stay out of West Easton"  - "it's too dangerous for me" implying that Ms. Mezzaccapa puts fear in his heart. Really?  

In our opinion, anyone who is cognizant of this nonsensical individual knows that he lacks any righteous morals or civil values, and he in fact is the dangerous foe to society.

Men of true stature and solid character never ever abuse women, or anyone else for that matter...mentally or physically, regardless of the circumstances. But that does not hold true for the noxious O'Hare who has a reputation of mixing with the ousted councilman and our sitting Executive to bring havoc and harm to anyone who stands up to them.

COAF has already exposed so much malfeasance on the part of O'Hare and his crew. And because we have witnessed first hand, as well as have been subject to the arrogance, intimidation, and bullying tactics used by O'Hare & crew...we are of the opinion that Tricia is speaking TRUTH. And unless evidence to the contrary is produced, we will enter the ring in her corner.

We are confident that Ms. Mezzacappa has been prepared by these malicious acts to go into court and tell the TRUTH, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH...and as these misfits have discovered in the recent past...the truth always prevails over the sinister abuses of our legal system by malefactors like O'Hare who pleasures himself by traumatizing women.

Shame on you O'Hare...and anyone who associates with you!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

PC For Dummy's

The nonsensical ignoramus is at his nonsensical lies again. His most recent - "Otter took a few jabs at Angle, who does not use a computer and is unable to defend himself."


WHAT??? The NI's level of intellect reaches heights of moronic stupidity. That statement on his blog makes absolutely no sense!

"Because Angle cannot use a computer he can not defend himself?" And what about the email that Stoffa sent farmerangle? Did you by chance forget about that - better yet, how do you explain that? Would you like us to post it again?

We guess the nonsensical ignoramus is on call to retrieve and translate all emails to farmerangle because farmerangle is computer illiterate...and what exactly does illiterate mean? MW says: having little or no education; especially: unable to read or write. Sounds about right for farmerangle.

How this NI has been allowed to carry out his mud slinging, and character assassination is a clear demonstration of the corruption that continues to exist in this current county administration...but you can bet your last nickle that it will eventually catch up with him.

An Easter Message To The World

Jesus Is Risen!

He has defeated DEATH and SIN for us.

He died to the world on Friday...
...But he arose and lives for the world today.



Saturday, April 7, 2012

Make No Mistake About It...

...The Ten Commandments Belong To God

Late yesterday afternoon WFMZ published an article/report that the TEN Commandments "went missing" from County Council Chamber. Stolen should have been the appropriate report because "went missing" kind of implies that the plaque containing the historic context walked off the wall, and then like an episode from Vanished...disappeared!

Angle is reported to be in an uproar saying "Somebody stole my Ten Commandments, and it's definitely not Moses. I checked into it," said former Commissioner (we think they meant councilman) Ron Angle, who put up the plaque in 2002...Oh, wait a minute...history has taught us that the TEN COMMANDMENTS belong to God, so why is Ron saying they belong to him? He may own the plaque but certainly not the Commandments...just an observation.

The report commenced by saying that: "The Northampton Co. Courthouse in Easton was shrouded in mystery on Good Friday. Officials are trying to figure out what happened to the plaque of the Ten Commandments". Common mystery - we all know there are three possible culprits. All the officials have to do is look at the video right...YES, the video. WRONG - all three culprits know when the film is rolling and when it's not.

Ron went on to say "If you take a look at the laws of this county and this state and this country, you will find probably 90% of the laws are predicated on the Ten Commandments," - for the first time we almost agreed with him...not so fast - however, after some consideration we concluded he is wrong again, in all reality all governing laws are predicated on God's moral laws which include, but are not limited to the Ten Commandments.

Interestingly he was also quoted to have said "I think they have slapped in the face every Christian in the county, in my opinion," speaking of the person who actually STOLE the plaque - but he failed to define "slap" to be PERSECUTION. And he also neglected to tell the reporter how he himself PERSECUTES every Christian in the county when he PERSECUTES our spokesperson.

Ron has offered a whopping $1,500.00 from his millions to catch himself...uh, we mean the culprit.

And really amusing was this quote - "I will get the person who has stolen those no matter what it takes. That's my opinion," said Angle. "You offer enough money and somebody will come forward and rat out somebody else."

HMMM...really - I guess we should shell out some cheese too, so that maybe we can catch the three blind rats...ohps, we mean mice.

Lastly the report said that "Angle is hopeful his offer of cash will produce a miracle." Well, no it won't...because money never produces miracles, only God does!

Now folks, not for nothing but the question begs to be you think possibly Angle himself might have removed the plaque to get his name back in the paper? Hmmm, possibly...yes very possible.

Link to WFMZ Article

WAKE UP NI!!! - you were just dreaming - WE'RE BAAACK ;-)