Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year...Thank You - 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, COAF would like to thank first and foremost GOD, whom without we would not have succeeded with the Gracedale effort in 2011.

Secondly, we thank the army of people who aligned themselves with the cause, you were sent and placed right were you were needed, and you executed your roles flawlessly...and because you did not hesitate - we prevailed. Thank You.

I understand that not everybody believes that Jesus is the Messiah, that to me is sad. However, as an Evangelist my responsibility to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is to share God's word with all that don't know him, that by hearing and choice they may come to know him...I can only hope that we recognize the events of 2011 were His miracles - using us as instruments to accomplish His will.

If by way of the TRUTH, and while in process of my mission for GOD I have offended anyone - I extend an apology and beg your forgiveness...and that includes my opposition. I ask your understanding when humbly I say "I will never ever be ashamed of the Gospel...I MUST share it as the Lord wills me to", and for that I will not apologize.

That being said...I look forward to 2012. I will continue to fulfill my role as COAF's spokesperson as long as I am able to, and most importantly - as long as the members of COAF want me to. I don't know what 2012 holds in store for us, but what I do know along as we have GOD on our side, no one will be able to stand against us, 2011 has proven this fact.

May God continue to bless America, COAF, We The People, and our opposition. Let us all pray that our opposition renew their minds and receive softer hearts, that they too will fall in alignment with God's will.
Have a safe and...

Rev. Mario Martinez

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Audit O'Hare And Stoffa!

The nerve of Bernie O'Hare talking about Steve Barron - says: "he's very generous with our money, isn't he?" WHAT!!! The audacity of this under the table reporter wanna-be - to say "OUR MONEY". According to his own disclosure, he has no money, owes judgments due his malicious  and criminal actions as an attorney, can't pay the judgements, so how exactly is the tax payers money his money too. According to his own admission, he owns no properties or anything else that would involve his fair share payments of taxes.

Bernie, you have absolutely no right what so ever to say "our money". It's not our money including you, it's our money excluding you. You do not by any stretch of the imagination pay taxes so why do you say "OUR MONEY"?

The IRS should investigate YOU...We're sure you would have much explaining to do.

And perhaps there should be an investigation of Stoffa as well, because if he knows that employees are stealing as you say they are (from the County)...then why isn't Stoffa doing something about it?

Will It Ever Be Over?

We certainly hope that everyone enjoyed celebrating the special day of Christmas this past weekend.

Beyond that - well, we must turn once again to the evil that dwells in our county. On Christmas Eve we were exposed to yet another article by the express times that brought nothing but disgrace and shame to our great County of Northampton.

The article discussed a question posed by a Councilman to a Councilwomen in form of a note during a meeting last October 8. While we're not privileged with the actual content of the note, ET printed that the note had one word on it "bribe?". The question mark clearly indicates that it was a question. So what’s the big deal? Well, we find it rather interesting that someone, especially the person who initiated the RTK request would make a big deal out of it, after he himself has been witnessed on at least one occasion passing a note to the councilman at the left hand end of chamber, and then down to others. The reason we find it interesting is that no one considered it wrong when the blogger did it, including the blogger himself.

It is quite evident that the ousted councilman has bought the fabrication publication - that does not surprise us. What does surprise us is the Council President's comment that he considered the question "poor Judgment" - so the next question we have to ask is: what exactly does that mean? Are we to understand that our council men and women cannot seek each other's advice or opinion? And that to do so it must ONLY be done behind closed doors? Let us point out that there is absolutely no transparency when they conduct any business behind closed doors.

Our opinion on this matter is that the issue raised on Christmas Eve is utterly ridicules. We actually believe that the intent of the paper publishing on this timing was merely to cause humiliation and anxiety to the officials involved during a time that they should be concentrating and celebrating a sacred day - shame on the blogger, and greater shame on ET for fueling such nonsense.

To the blogger we say: (and we don't mean to cause you any anxiety) Don’t forget that your brief is due on January 3...don't be late. ;-)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Take A Moment...

...To remember the true reason for the season.

Jesus the Christ is the reason for season of Christmas. Even the most modest of studies will identify this truth.

Interesting facts about the Christmas Candy Cane:
Upside down it is a "J" for Jesus.
Right-side up it resembles the staff of a shepherd.
The white stripes represent the purity, and sinless life of Christ.
The red stripes represent the blood that Christ shed to cleanse us of our sins.
What about the Christmas Tree?
The Christmas tree has become a symbol of the spirit of Christmas in many countries and many, if not all, our homes.

The first mention in history of fir trees used in Christmas celebrations was in 12th century Germany. A fir tree was used in mystery plays as the so-called "paradise" tree. These dramas were held outside during the Advent and Christmas seasons and the fir tree symbolized the tree of life in the Garden of Eden. The evergreen fir tree is a sign of hope throughout the winter season--hope in the promise that the rest of nature too will awaken to new life in the coming spring. The message of this symbolism was simple: through Jesus Christ we too have hope for everlasting life. Indeed, Jesus Christ has become our tree of life--the paradise tree. As such the evergreen Christmas tree reminds us that even though our earthly season must come to an end, yet we will live through the grace of our Lord  and Savior Jesus.

The use of the indoor Christmas tree began early in the 17th century, in Strasbourg, (which at that time belonged to Germany, but is now France) spreading from there throughout Germany and then into northern Europe. In 1841, Albert the German-born husband of Queen Victoria, first introduced the Christmas tree custom to Great Britain. He had the first decorated Christmas tree set up in Windsor Castle in 1841. The first Christmas trees in the New World were introduced by Hessian soldiers in 1776. Later German immigrants brought the tradition into wider use in the US. The custom of decorating a community tree began in the early 1900's and is a popular custom in the US today.

What is the symbolism of the Christmas tree today? Well first of all, the fir tree is an evergreen--it does not die or fade away or lose its needles in the winter. In this sense it has soon come to represent the immortality of the resurrected Christ.

Merry Christmas & Happy Hanakkuh

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Monday, December 19, 2011

Stoffa Just Doesn't Get It!!!

Is Mr. Stoffa still at it? Is it possible that he is still trying to sell Gracedale? It is our understanding that the information presented in the article below clearly demonstrates he (Stoffa) is still playing his games. As we understand it, this article was attached to a 43 page memo that went out today to the CC...We The People suggest - walk carefully Mr. Stoffa...the ice is thin, and getting thinner.

It appears that on the surface Mr. Stoffa is very soft and genuine, but underneath he is hard and fake. He is demonstrating that he is as evil and as immoral as the ousted councilman.

On television he said clearly "we have Gracedale, we have to make it work", so why then is he still playing his games?

Do We The People want to recall an official we elected to office - of course not...but keep testing our resolve Mr. Stoffa and you will find yourself cleaning out your smart for once and take notice at the historic events that just unfolded before your eyes, or keep your eyes closed to the realities and you will experience the similar nightmare, one you won't be able to awaken from!

Please Read and give us your thoughts:

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Check out these articles:

Angle Sharpening Knives?

Any one who watches the business matters episode aired on December 12, will hear the DEFEATED Ron Angle talking about sharpening knives, and something about shotgun shells...does that constitute some sort of threat? Just asking...this statement comes from a tyrant that states clearly "the emperor has been dethrone" but the empoeror is not satisfied with the decision of The People. There is no mistake that he says "and now the tax hike is here" during the opening segment of the show - his problem is that the show taped before CC voted on the tax hike...and as we all know today...CC voted 8/1 no tax hike - so it is now clearly evident that he was deceptive, and ironically, he too voted in favor of NO TAX HIKE, further evidence of his deception.

Angle also stated "I talked to the military coup this morning and we will seize control on January 1st - and there will be HELL to pay" - Ha, FAT CHANCE can't control your mouth, how can you be expected to control anything else?

He goes on to kiss Michelle G. Young's butt who appears to enjoy his demeaning advances. And then Ianneli makes himself look and sound rather foolish asking "what do the electors want?". Perhaps Tony isn't as bright as a bathroom bulb, or perhaps he doesn't keep up with current affairs even on his own show. The People have been extremely clear (even on his show) about what we want...and when it comes to Gracedale - We The People want: all HANDS OFF. Tony then mentions something about Angle and his conscience, again displaying a level of ignorance because he does not seem to realize that Angle has no conscience.

They mock Mike Schlosshberg, who actually made more sense then anyone else...that's not to say that we agree with everything he said, but instead that he was rational and mindful of realities in our region. 

Ianneli says "Throw the bums out" and We The People say: that's just what we did!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Are We Missing The Point?

...Gracedale was never responsible for a tax increase!

Perhaps we are all missing the point! From the beginning of the Gracedale saga, we were told over and over that unless Gracedale was sold - taxes would have to go up. At one point just before the referendum question vote, a 30% increase was suggested by Angle. COAF did the math and said no way Jose.

County Council's vote on December 8, 2011 (8-1) in favor of passing the 2012 budget is clear evidence that taxes didn't have to go up at least not in 2012.

Blaming Gracedale was a ploy by Angle/Stoffa to get the necessary funds diverted from the sale of Gracedale to pay for the swaption. Hey, perhaps the swaption requires a tax increase when it comes due because they failed to pay it off when it was 12 million - as we understand it, presently it is above 24 Million.

Gracedale did not create this problem...Council did. While Angle says he did not vote in favor of the swaption, he surely voted in favor of passing this budget with no tax increase, which is evidence that he is only interested in not raising taxes so that as a land owner with better than 75 properties in NorCo, he does not lose money.

If taxes have to go up over the next year or two, double digits as some are predicting, it won't be because of Gracedale...Swaption? Hmmm, asbestos fines? Hmmm. Wasted tax dollar's suing the taxpayer's? Hmmm...There may be many reasons a tax increase will be necessary in the future, but the future will prove that it won't be because of Gracedale.

The Proof Is In The Pudding

The TRUTH Comes Out...No Tax Increase 2012

Well ladies and gentlemen of NorCo...the complete TRUTH has finally come out - and we thank the Controller Steven Barron for bringing it to light.

Gracedale was never ever the reason for any tax increase, and we know that as a fact today because we have a 2012 budget in NorCo with no tax increase at all. Yes, Angle tried to deceived us, but at this point who really cares...he's GONE.

Stoffa is not sure how to show his face because he too expressed nothing but falsity. Like a magician he tried to create an illusion, but by the grace of God he was so poor at it that The People were easily able to see the fallacy.

The message for Stoffa from WE THE PEOPLE is quite clear - walk honestly from this moment forward...for if you insult the intelligence of the folks who chose you just one more time - We The People will FIRE YOU in disgrace.

We The People want nothing more than to witness Stoffa working hand in hand with the NEW governing County Council, but if you chose instead to continue your games, arms and legs moving as Angle pulls your strings, you will be RECALLED.

Remember John - We The People DO NOT make threat's...we make promises, and unlike you we don't ever make promises we can not keep. You sir, should understand by now that unlike you "we say what we mean, and we mean what we say", our Yes is always Yes, and our No's are always No. We do not play games, and we will no longer tolerate such corrupt abuse from any of OUR elected servant's.

Do the right thing John, and you can complete your term on a positive note, do the wrong thing and be the only disgraced County Executive in the history of Northampton County.

May God continue to bless America, Gracedale, and all of The People who stood up in 2011 and said - enough is enough.

Please read:,0,6365161.story

Also read:

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Angle's Will Appeal - LOST

According to reports emailed to us this morning, Mr. Angle has lost his appeal relating to his Fathers will. Another defeat in a long list of doomed, unsuccessful efforts on his part to do the morally wrong thing.

Mr. Angles needs to turn from his wicked ways, and he needs to make peace with the Divine intervention that he has experienced over the last year and a half. No one can go against the Divine wisdom of God and one! The sooner he surrenders his life, the sooner he will experience peace.


Friday, December 2, 2011

Cusick Is Sick And Tired...

...Of Angles games and displayed it yesterday during, and especially after the CC meeting when visibly annoyed he stated "one more meeting with Angle".

Obviously Cusick, as well as other members of county council, not to mention again the taxpayers of NorCo - can't wait for Angle's departure.

We are nearing the end of a tyrants rule...the problem is - he just can't except it. He should have listened to The People when he had the chance...especially when we told him to to dust off his golf clubs and fishing gear because he will soon have a lot of time on his hand. We guess the one that will suffer now will be his better half, she will have to put up with his crazed antics, oh wait a minute, yeah that's correct - all she has to do is order him back to the manure he has accrued.

We The People proudly but humbly, applaud most council members for finally demonstrating some sort of civility despite Angle, who after next weeks meeting...will no longer be.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Angle & The Sheriff Sale

Angle showed up to the county council meeting with a list of the sheriff sales pending for Friday - he seemed to still be campaigning, apparently he did not get the memo that he lost. Despite his argument that no one is speaking for those losing their homes - he forgot to say that he takes advantage of sheriffs sales at every opportunity he gets.

Updated: Angle is disruptive - shut down by Cusick

Updated: Angle tries again - Ann shuts him down

Update: Angle Disruptive one wants to hear it.

Update: Every council member is civil except for Angle who continues to yell out.

Update : Angle question Marcus on Gracedale who answers all questions - Angle is gone...Gracedale will succeed.

Update: Dietrick tries to prevent a tax increase...yet to be seen.

Public Council Meeting 12/01/11

There was a budget meeting this past Tuesday for which the video is STILL not available. The Council meeting scheduled for this evening is scheduled for 6:30 - follow this link:

Select video on the right to start watching.

It will be interesting to hear what Angle has to say, and how he will blame Gracedale again - keep in mind that on October 17, 2011 during the Business matters show Mr. Stoffa clearly said that Gracedale is only part of the reason for any tax increase that may be necessary.

Stay Tuned...