Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Does It Really...


See...I have a calculator.
The friends of Mayor Callahan mailed out a really cool 8-1/2 x 11 campaign flyer which outlined that in the City of Bethlehem he:
  • Balanced the budget
  • Cut the debt by $90 million
  • Eliminated the deficit
  • Back-to-back budget surpluses. 
Well, we researched the misinformation to discover just how inaccurate it is...guess what we discovered??? Talk of illegal activity, deception, internal control failures, and even talk of jail. Considered a disaster, and financial failure - And the Mayor was nowhere to be found.

It is clear that the Mayor has money to spend, but cool flyers don't win elections...

...The TRUTH does!
I take the TRUTH seriously - Yes...It does to me!

Vote for Honesty
Lamont McClure
For County Executive


We Are Engaged!

The only way to make a difference is to VOTE!
COAF has pledged to stay actively engaged and involved in County Government, and to our credit we have done so.

This post however, is not about taking credit, but about education.

Our deliberate involvement in county government is for the benefit of the county. We can speak to who is doing what and why because we are involved. And we are willing to sit with any candidate who seeks our support, with the motive of learning what and who they represent, and with the intention of educating the electors who for one reason or an other cannot themselves be involved.

We The People deserve better!
The good folks of this county deserve better, and they know who we are. And most importantly, who we represent...We The People.

Any elected official seeking re-election, or any political hopeful must understand that if they make us promises to gain our support, and we support them though our endorsement, we promise we will hold them accountable if they stray off an honorable course. Any politico trying to deceive us will discover this.

NO...we're not seeking a bunch of puppets - we're seeking "just" and "honest" men and women who desire to honorably serve us.

We are sick and tired of the despicable governing we have had the misfortune to witness over the last several years. We're done with that!

By the power vested in our VOTE...we will change the face of our County Government.

Hard at work cleaning our house
While our primary purpose certainly is to safe-guard Gracedale. Our secondary purpose is to help educate the electors so their "pull of the lever" leads to honest government.

Their is no longer room for the likes of John Stoffa or Ron Angle in Northampton County. It's no mistake that four out of five County Council incumbents are not seeking re-election. They would not win if they did, and they know it! Because We The People are cleaning house.

Working together as intended.
We want our Republicans working with our Democrats, and visa versa. We want to witness clean matches were sinks are not being hurled at opponents.  All of that foul behavior MUST stop...and we are here to make sure it does stop.

It may take much hard work and a few more years but,...
...We The People will clean our house. Trust us on that!
VOTE - May 21

Monday, April 29, 2013

Today COAF had the privilege of lunch with candidate for Judge...
...Jennifer Sletvold.
To this point, of the four candidates running, Mrs. Sletvold is the only candidate seeking a judicial seat who contacted us desiring our support.
She came very prepared to answer all of our question, she listened intently, and then answered all of our questions.
We must say: not only does she speak very eloquently, she is very confident in her abilities to bring "JUSTICE" to Northampton County. She also spoke very passionately about doing so.
It was immediately apparent to all of us that she is well grounded by correct morals, values, and principles. She  also radiated integrity, an element which seems to be missing in our local government these days.
family_home3She discussed her honest commitment to her existing clients, promising to bring the same honesty and commitment to Nor-Co if elected to the office of Judge.
She reasoned that God, Family, and Country are her motivators to serve "We The People".
What more can We The People ask for?
On May 21 - Vote:
Jennifer Sletvold
For Judge

Peg Ferraro - We Support Her...

...Because she too helped us with Gracedale.

Jim Gregory paid her the greatest compliment that any person can pay a politician...to call her "a Republican with a Democrats heart" is in our opinion,  the ultimate compliment.

Well, just think about this - it tells us, as well as the rest of the world, that she does the right thing all the time. Not just sometimes, but ALL the time. How so? Simple, when she agrees with an issue that her party does not agree with, she does what in her heart she feels is right, regardless of her party's view. In our opinion, this is exactly how all politicians should conduct themselves.

Ms. Ferraro understands that she does not know everything, and that there will be times that she will struggle with a matter that comes before her for consideration and resolution. She also understands that during those times of difficult decision making, a whisper from her electors should suffice to help her make the decision. She also works very well with her colleagues, in addition to her constituents.

Most importantly, listening to those who by the power of their vote entrusted the county to a statesperson is the difference between a statesperson and a politician. Peg knows how to listen.

COAF Stands behind Ms. Ferraro, and we endorse her because in the darkness of the Gracedale Initiative process (although she struggled with the matter), in the end she did the right thing. And we are confident that she always will.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Express Times Interview

Northampton County Executive candidate
Lamont McClure talks to
The Express-Times - LIVE BLOG

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Goose Is Cooked...

You can smell...I'm Done!!!
 Stoffa too is done...
...Loses Again!

A day after Ron Angle lost his $1.27 million dollar appeal, County Executive John Stoffa loses a "case of interference" brought against him by DA John Morganelli.

As we have said in the past, it's not about winning or losing - it's about right and wrong. And when one thrives on doing the right thing, one can't help but win. However, when one choses instead to practice deception, being a loser is the only option one has. Just ask Ron and John.

 Ron, John, am I done too?

What John Stoffa, Ron Angle and Bernie O'Hare continue to prove is: that you can't get ahead by hurting others...you just can't do it! No...It just won't happen.

Mr. Stoffa's has played his games, foolishly believing that he has it all under control, but reality dictates that his world is actually spiraling out of control. He would have everyone believe that COAF, or the unions, or someone other than himself is responsible somehow for all his woes...but, once again that thing called reality dictates that he has no one to blame but himself.

His days are numbered because he continuously does wrong by the people he is supposed to be serving. In eight months or so ( perhaps sooner) he will be out of office, leaving a tremendous legacy of mistrust and disgrace.

What a legacy!!!

MCall - Stoffa loses again!

Judge Dally Decision - DA's Office is Independent!

Lehigh Valley Labor Council Endorses Lamont McClure...


Lamont McClure informs us today - "I am happy to again announce another major local organization who has endorsed my campaign for County Executive.

The Lehigh Valley Central Labor Council has supported me over my two opponents because they see that I have the vision, the plan and ability to provide leadership to Northampton County."
Also in the news: READ all about it!

Do We Want To Gamble...

...On the future of Northampton County? We don't think so!

Glenn Reibman doesn't think so either, He has put out this mailer informing the County electors of the TRUTH relating to John Callahan.

Mr. Reibman has provided on the back of his mailer some very interesting information about Mr. Callahan, including the sources of the information.

For example, he quotes the Express Times article dated 12/16/2012 which says: "Callahan predicted [he] would provide the city an $8.5 Million cash reserve next year. But instead, Bethlehem is facing a FIVE MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET GAP for 2013."

Should we gamble on our future?
And Mr. Reibman recently called for Mr. Callahan to be investigated for using federal grant dollars to balance Bethlehem's 2010 and 2011 budgets.

In addition, he bullet-points the following information on the mailer:

  • "Callahan INCREASES PROPERTY TAXES BY 35% despite receiving over $9 million  promised casino revenue windfall. Source: Bethlehem Patch 12/16/2012
  • Callahan MIS-PPROPRIATED Federal economic development funds to cover his budget shortfall. Bethlehem Patch 10/08/2010
  • Callahan OVERPAID by nearly one million dollars to a campaign donor for  parking garage that was ONLY worth $675 thousand, COSTING TAXPAYERS OVER 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS. Source LVR 02/01/2011.
  • Callahan MISUSED TAX REVENUES and took out a $1 million loan without approval to cover Bethlehem's deficit shortfall. Source Mcall 01/20/2010"
What we found rather amusing is that while searching the internet for the source of the bullet points, we came across a you-tube video posted on October 24, 2010, in which the nonsensical ignoramus is upset (again) that members of a union are using the entrance of PUBLIC grounds to campaign for...of all people - John Callahan. What is truly unbelievable is that he says that they are committing a crime by using public (which means PUBLIC) grounds to campaign for a partisan purpose.

Hmmm...lets see - he feels using public property to engage in partisan political activity for John Callahan is a crime, but in his twisted mind it's not a crime to use tax-dollars to sue the taxpayers. Unbelievable!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Our County Government...


According to court files, Deputy Darwin Ray Steward of Plainfield Township has been charged with dissemination of information and obstruction of the administration of law, for leaking entrusted personal and confidential records to other members of government outside of the Courthouse without expressed authority to do so, who in turn, leaked the documents to the private sector.

The Sherriff's Department has been struggling (to say the least) to keep up with many of their responsibilities due to a lack of manpower. John Stoffa offers no solutions.

Jim Gregory as a Northampton County employee and taxpayer, came forward last Thursday and courageously told County Council how Director of Mental Health Services Kathleen Kelly has been threatening and terrorizing clients and staffing . Please note that Ms. Kelly operates under the direction of John Stoffa. Although we have been informed that Mr. Stoffa too fears Ms. Kelly. We have to ask why??? 

We know its hard to step forward as an employee, but that's exactly what we need...more employees coming forward. We also know that there are many more employees who feel the same way that Mr. Gregory does. And we understand the fear of being terminated as a result of sharing what they know, but really, Stoffa can't fire everyone...can he?

District Attorney John Morganelli is forced (rightly so) to sues Stoffa for meddling in the affairs of the DA's independent office.

Ann Kline and Ilisa Sacknoff continue doing as they please because of the protection provided to them 
by Stoffa and Kathleen Kelly.

Corrections has also been a mess for some time now.

And of course COAF has shed light on Stoffa-Gift, the misuse of tax resources by John Stoffa who filed suit against the taxpayers using tax funds, and who also authorized tax resources to be misused to further the benefit of two private citizens in litigation against the taxpayers. And surely there is more that we don't know about yet, or that only a full investigation can uncover.

And what is the common denominator between all of these issues - Simple...
...John Stoffa

When does this stop? Will this ever stop? Who knows?

Can we ever regain the trust we have lost in our government?

An investigation into John Stoffa's reckless, and less than ethical practices is truly long overdue - We will continue to wait patiently.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Necessary Response...

Jim Gregory asked us if we would post his responses to "Bill White's hall of fame" article today.

I have known Bill White since he began beating me up in his columns years ago. I have mostly taken the columns in stride. In fact, when you meet him, he’s a hard guy not to like. His latest hall of fame article portrays me as a whacky character who despite good intentions always seems to lose his cool and then, of course, loses his point with it.  However,  he and many others at the April 18th meeting of Northampton County Council, seemed to lose the forest for the trees. In other words, they missed my main point. However, after the meeting ended, even though I had calmed down at the time, no one other than a 69 news reporter even bothered to ask me or my client why we were there.  So let me explain why.  The County of Northampton has been paying providers of mental health services millions of taxpayer dollars to house a handful of clients. That alone is outrageous. However, while doing so, They are cutting core transportation services for the  elderly clients I serve, which is not necessary and also ridiculous considering the millions they waste on provider housing. To make my point, I spoke with one of my clients who had survived the Nazi concentration camps at Dachau and asked if she would come along to tell her story. I explained to her, and she readily agreed, that presenting her case to council might help us save the services that the county intended to cut.  I had climbed the county chain of command to explain the idiocy of their present policy. They rebuked my efforts and went as far as having our computer firm pull my internet  records to see if they could slime my character and prevent me from challenging them on this issue.  It didn’t work. I decided to approach council on the matter. That is when things begun to unravel.

I began my discussion in a lighthearted manner to address council on the new human services building they are building and my reasons for opposing it. Then when I began to speak on the policy matter that I was there to address, President Cusick challenged my right to speak further and tried his best to prevent me from speaking out. I tried to rush and get in my point but President Cusick attempted to silence me at every turn. After that, it turned into a charade and I was essentually rushed from the podium. I was stunned. In my years as a Bethlehem City councilman we never, ever, refused the right of a taxpayer to speak.

That is what democracy is about.

  My client was heartbroken and began to cry. She was crying because she was there to be heard but she was so outraged by my treatment that she decided that she didn’t want to chance the same treatment.  She did not speak. She was helped from the room by my friend because she was in tears and incredibly upset.  She sat outside in the hall with my friend and no one even bothered to ask why she was there. They assumed wrongly that I brought her as some kind of prop. They were so wrong.

    My client, we’ll just call her E.W. for the sake of privacy, was about five years old when her family was taken to a German concentration camp at Dachau. You see, her aunt, who was of Polish decent  had the incredibly amazing courage to attempt to hide some of her Jewish friends from the Nazi’s, knowing that by doing so she could be executed at any time or carted away to a Nazi death camp. The Nazi’s discovered her secret and hauled her and young E. W. away to Dachau. I never really discussed with her what happened to her at the camp because once she explained  just a smidgen of the story to me, I couldn’t stop myself from uncontrollably crying. Eventually, after two years at the camp, E. W. was freed by the Americans. However, just prior to their arrival, the Nazi’s began to burn the bodies to hide the crimes. EW, of course, witnessed these horrors and never forgot them. When she eventually married and came to America, landing in new Jersey, she was suffering from serious depression. She then received 31 shock treatments to help her to forget the horrors.  These weren’t garden variety shock treatments. We are talking One flew over the cuckoo nest” type treatments. Just one more horror following her past horrors.

  Amazingly she eventually settled into the Lehigh Valley with her husband and raised an incredibly wonderful and successful family. She has many grandkids and great grandkids whom she proudly speaks of whenever we meet. She worked hard at a local nursing home for twenty years and retired a few years after her husband past away.  However, still suffering anxiety and depression after all these years of trauma and the loss of her beloved husband, she turned to Northampton County’s Human Service program for help.  She asked us for very little, mainly a ride to doctor’s appointments and a few errands here and there. She is one of around 15 clients whom I serve on a daily basis.  She has been served by our county for about 8 years. 

However, as of late, my county administrator of the Mental health program decided that her model of care did not include transportation for my elderly clients to their medical appointments.  They said I should train them to be independent and assist them in taking the Lanta Van.  My response was one of disbelief. Are we seriously going to ask elderly clients, including EW, who are in their 70’s and 80’s and whom have depended on our services for years to essentially take the bus?  Are we seriously going to ask clients suffering from anxiety and depression and

 other disorders to give up their socialization with their caseworker who in some cases is essentially the only friend they have?  I refused to let this happen and fought them at every turn and still am. Remembering the compelling life story of EW (who could not) I ask that she attend the meeting of County council with me to plead her case. She readily agreed, believing as I did  that her incredible life story might not only help her retain her meager services but also help others who desperately needed their services.  Well to say the least, I foolishly thought that considering her story, juxtaposed with the story of wasted millions of taxpayers dollars for provider services to a handful of clients,  Council would listen, and be in fact mesmerized, by her story.

I never got a chance. I was cut of right from the start. The  heartbreaking ending here, sadly,  was that EW’s heart was broken again because her story was never told. And no one there even bothered to ask her about her story, thinking wrongly that I brought her there against her will or to be used as a prop.  In my defense I said, “For God’s sake, just ask her”  No one did. No one bothered. Now I am slammed in local blogs  and mocked  by Mr. White in his latest column for merely trying to help EW tell her story.  That’s sad. Not for me. I’ve been through this before.

The disturbing thing here is that EW’s story wasn’t heard and still isn’t being heard. 

Jim Gregory, Northampton County MH caseworker.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Employee Retaliation...

Jim Gregory's days may be
numbered because he speak out.
...is alleged to be going on in Nor-Co.'s Mental Health Department, specifically against Jim Gregory, employed by Northampton County Mental Health Services Department.

During the Council meeting on April 18, 2013, Mr. Gregory courageously stood before the full Council and expressed the following:

Kathleen (the terrorizer) Kelly
"I'm asking that Ms. Kelly
(Kathleen) be removed as Director of Mental Health Services, and I'm Hoping that Mr. Marcus follows her out the door. And Mr. Stoffa I think it's time to resign. There's a
lot of retribution and nasty things going on in the building that people are not aware about."

Mr. Gregory presented the impression that he knows he is being set-up for termination, however, with a smile on his face during his opening remarks, he was clear that revealing the TRUTH is more important than having a job.

He also mentioned that staff in his department are being threatened.

Councilwoman Peg Ferraro asked Mr. Gregory if he was saying that Kathleen Kelly's case load and responsibilities had changed, and Mr. Gregory responded "Oh my God YES!!!" He indicated that Ms. Kelly is making over $100,000.00 per year while her responsibilities have been cut in Half. Going on to say: "She has nothing else to do but terrorize people and the staff". Ms. Ferraro asked him to provide her statistics, and he agreed to.

Needless to say, the comments left County Executive John Stoffa silent and speechless for the remainder of the night (apparent to all present).

Yes, once again someone is calling for John Stoffa's resignation, and once again the attack-dog Bernie O'Hare has been unleashed. He is now portraying Mr. Gregory as a bad guy. He also names a few other bad guys and gals, but can a million flies all be wrong??? Unlikely!

John Stoffa is the worst of the very worst leaders in American history, period! Ilisa Sacknoff who thinks we have forgotten her (we have not), has also been protected by John Stoffa and Ross Marcus, for which reason COAF was born, to protect those that cannot speak for themselves from the abuses perpetrated by her evil intent.

A long overdue investigations into the unethical (at the very least) practices allowed by the Stoffa administration is patiently awaited.

Our hat is off to you Mr. Gregory for having the courage to risk it all at age 62, and the guts to blow the whistle!

Eventually they will all pay for their corrupt behavior! Hopefully sooner than later. But rest assured, the day is coming.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

YES...The County Should Maintain Its Facilities!

The conniving trio.
...And County Executive John Stoffa Failed to do so because he was too busy conniving.

The dilapidation of County owned facilities, parking lots, bridges, etc. was in-fact caused (without a doubt) by John Stoffa's inability to secure quality organizations who could produce quality results.

Lawsuit because job was not completed satisfactory.
Just think back to the courthouse parking lot, what a fiasco that turned out to be (lawsuit). Why was that the case? Because he was too busy opening doors for meeting goers (which he forgot about). And instead of calling for security to handle the matter, he decided to go pose for pictures. Talk about security risk. According to his attack-dog, everyone Stoffa allowed in were not adequately processed and inspected. And then Stoffa had the audacity to complain that Courthouse security was lax...in light of the recent Boston terror attack, Stoffa's actions are a joke to say the least!

From John Stoffa.

John Stoffa is definitely (without question) the WORST County Executive Northampton County has ever been duped into electing. 

Hence, the reason why Lamont McClure makes the most sense to take over as County Executive.

 Take note that the nonsensical ignoramus points out: "It will take at least two years for that Executive to understand what is going on".

Given the opportunity - McClure will correct
the damage done by John Stoffa
However, that's not the case if  Mr. McClure is elected. 

Councilman McClure has been enduring Stoffa's reckless failures for seven years now. Unfortunately, he could not effect positive changes because Ron Angle was in the same bed with John Stoffa. And we all know just how Angle manipulated County Council, we witnessed it firsthand! And those Angle could not control like the honorable Mrs. Ann McHale, and current Executive hopeful Lamont McClure, he chastised instead, over and over again. Their mission seemingly was to destroy the County by first destroying Gracedale. We The People weren't having it!

It could've been easy...
...But Stoffa made it difficult!
The issue for County Council now is one of discernment.

They need to cautiously identify the reality of Stoffa's intention on any matter he brings before them.

Councilman Kraft is correct to be careful, but doing nothing is not the answer.

Councils job just became a little bit more difficult. As we perceive matters, Stoffa's intent is to create chaos in his last months. If Council cannot see through the mountains of manure that Stoffa will be selling, and agree to truly work together with the best interest of the County in heart and in mind, then Stoffa will likely succeed in his final attempt to destroy our thriving County.

We all must do our part!
If We The People however, do our part on May 21, 2013, and elect Mr. McClure, he will hit the ground running.

But it doesn't end there. We also need to elect the right Council men and women to work hand in hand with our new County Executive...

...Lamont McClure.

PS - We suspect the real reason that John Stoffa decided not to run again is he knows that if he did, We The People would give him the boot just like we did his duplicitous friend Ron Angle.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You Want To Know What We Think?...

...Instead, We'll tell you what we know - We would support Lamont McClure for District Attorney too.

McClure Serving The People.
Why? Because he is honest and trustworthy, just Like John Morganelli is.

The nonsensical ignoramus asked, and so we'll tell him what he really doesn't want to hear...the TRUTH.

If you noticed, NI say's: "Lamont McClure managed to take shots at both of his opponents, damaging them to some extent."

This statement is so amusing. Every time the good guys tell the TRUTH, they are taking shots or attacking!

Anyone who watched the debate understands that Lamont McClure didn't take shots at anyone, he merely expressed the TRUTH as he knows it.

NI also called Mr. McClure a bully, which is the farthest thing from the TRUTH! Anyone who knows Mr. McClure knows that he is a humble man. Will he stand up and fight for what is right? Absolutely! That's exactly the expectation we have of him, and he has fulfilled that expectation time and time again.

And YES, he is the statesman WE voters want to see in the County Executive chair...you will discover that soon enough.

Mr. McClure is a man of exceptional principles and morals, and it does not surprise us that NI continuously pokes fun of Mr. McClure.

If you read into NI's theory, it sounds like he is jealous of the honest Lamont McClure. Jealous that he has a positive relationship with the honest John Morganelli.

And yes, honorable men  tend to associate with honorable men...just like despicable men gravitate to despicable men.

As the saying goes:
Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are!
Lamont McClure
For County Executive

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Debate Is Over...

...And clearly Lamont McClure won!

We can only hope that McClure does as well or better during the election.

Why Should I Run? Hmmm
John Callahan opens the show saying that people ask "why are you running for County Executive?". That statement should be a clue that perhaps the people asking don't want him to run! Just a thought.

He responds to his own statement saying that "it's a natural extension of what I have done in Bethlehem". Well, it's a natural extension that the Bethlehem Fire Fighters stated they did not want Nor-Co to experience. At times, he had a seemingly nervous stutter which clearly indicated he was nervous.

It was really nice of Mr. Callahan to say: "I think Lamont did a nice job in that as a County Councilperson, he did the right thing in Saving Gracedale".

Then comes Lamont McClure: "Leadership is what this race is all about". BINGO!!! He it the nail on the head!

I will not raise taxes!
"For the last seven years in Northampton County Council, I've been a leader for some of the most important issue we have faced in County government. There was the fight to save Gracedale, which I was proud and honored to have led, we won that fight, and now, my plan to bring Gracedale's finances in order is working. We hired private management and we're getting our finances in order".

He went on to promise: "And if I am elected County Executive we're going to improve Gracedale. We're going to improve the quality of care at Gracedale, and we're going to make it an even better place for our residents to live and get better, and get home".

He also noted that: "No other County Councilman has ever vote to preserve more farmland, environmentally sensitive land, and open space than I have".

And he saved the best for last: "And I have never voted to raise property taxes in my seven years on Northampton County Council".

Gracedale Made Money.
Then came Glenn Reibman who stated clearly that during his former County Executive years: "I had a very good administration, we did a good job. And we did hand Mr. Stoffa a forty five million dollars surplus at the end of 2006".

Lamont then agreed that the 64% increases during Mr. Reibman's administration left Mr. Stoffa a surplus. 

View the debate in it's entirety: Business Matters CE Debate

Monday, April 15, 2013

The First County Executive Candidate's Debate...

...Was taped on Business Matters last Thursday.

We encourage all of our readers to view the debate, as well as pass the word so that others who may not be aware can also view it.

The debate will air Monday, April 15, 2013 at 7:30 pm, WFMZ-69.

We understand that it was a very good debate, with our choice "Lamont McClure" seen as the winner of the debate.

We will discuss it in more detail after it airs.

Monday 7:30 pm WFMZ - 69 

Is It About Democrats Or About Republicans?

NO!...Its about Democracy.

We know many within our own ranks who may-be Democrats or Republicans but in reality, they may-be neither.

What that means is that they chose a side, in some cases by tossing a coin, because they had to be one or the other in order to vote in the primaries.

We know Republicans who switched sides this years simply to be able to vote in this very important upcoming primary election, where Lamont McClure is seen by most who are involved and have engaged government, as the best choice because he doesn't just talk, he most importantly listens, and then acts in the best interest of the entire county.

ImageWe're not pushing Mr. McClure for County Executive simply because we like him! No way Jose, we're behind him 100% because we have witnessed him (firsthand) take control of (especially) the Gracedale issue, and standing alone in several instances, represented We The People without hesitation, the way we expected him to serve us.

He focused his attention on the goals we presented to Council, instead of focusing (like others did) on the deception that John Stoffa and Ron Angle were telling, you remember, of a looming tax increase if we kept Gracedale in county hands.

What do we know today?...As predicted by Councilman Lamont McClure, and Controller Stephen Barron, a tax increase was not necessary at all. The deceiving trio can say anything they want to, but the truth is (as reported earlier this year), the County still has 42 Million in a general fund account. So really...was a tax increase ever necessary? NO...it hasn't happened because it never had to happen. And yes, we still have a healthy general fund.

Lamont McClure did all his homework - Passed all test, received straight A's from We The People...and to him we say - Keep up the excellent service.

Lamont McClure
For County Executive