Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Should Stoffa Be Recalled???

This is a great question...tell us what you think.

Spewing Garbage Again! - 31 Days To Go

Well, as predicted, Angle and Stoffa are at it again, spewing garbage about Gracedale.

As far as Angle goes...he has 31 days left to hurt Gracedale as much as he can - as for Stoffa, the plans and strategies are being formulated for execution. It is apparent that Stoffa and Angle are joined at the hip, in bed together as the saying goes, trying to systematically destroy Gracedale.

Ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, if a 9.3 % tax increase is actually necessary, then all they have to do is justify the increase. Tell exactly where the 9.3% will go, and if they say it is Gracedale then We The People will gladly pay it with the understanding that every red cent goes directly to Gracedale - not diverted for example, to any other cause like the West Easton proposed DUI center or the prison.

We encourage all of NorCo to watch the budget meeting of 11/29/11 - you can see for yourself the ugly truth about our county Executive and his partner in crime Angle.

We will post a link as soon as the video is available.

Monday, November 28, 2011

WOA - 33 Days Remaining

What no one in the last year and half would have predicted has happened - NO ANGLE in the papers or in the news - WOA.

Prior to the election on November 8, there were few if any who would have bet their house that Angle would disappear from the media at large...but it has happened!

No one, including the media is paying Angle any further attention, because as a representative - he no longer matters. A great THANK YOU to Scott Parsons - we believe in you so please, please, please do not fail us.

Angles pit bull is not so ferocious anymore either, ever since he discovered by way of TM that he has nothing more than tic tac's and a tootsie roll going for himself, well, we don't even want to go there, we'll leave that up to TM.

This is not the way The People chose it to be...but the way the 3 stooges challenged it to be - so be it by their wishes.

Mr. Stoffa appears to be laying low - smart...Do the right thing John, you have failed in your challenges against the will of The People, and there is truly nothing you can concoct against the very People that in fact pay your salary, so please - just do the right thing.

NEWS FLASH & UPDATE - All the propaganda that Angle put out about the unions - HE HAD A UNION PRINTER PRINT HIS ELECTION SIGNS...

He likes the unions for something...we guess ;-)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

What Time Is It?

Time to look forward... a more peaceful, civil, and dignified NorCo in 2012.

We believe the time has come to take the gloves off...all the lefts and the solid rights have taken their toll, and down has gone our opponent...just as predicted.

The gloves come off because we will not strike our opponent while they are down, knocked out, pounded by the TRUTH. However, we advise...stay down or suffer another humiliating defeat, and another, and another until you understand you have stay down.

It has been heartbreaking to have to do what we have been forced to do, but, because we care about humanity, we will do it again if need be...hopefully, it will never again be necessary.

Reading what is being said out there, it is apparent that "THE BLOGGER" is done. There is nothing left to write about, so he is just trying to put something out that will spike his traffic, unfortunately for him, the spike has gone through his heart as he is degraded to nothing...pitiful.

Well, perhaps it's time to pick up our opponent, brush him off, and extend a civil hand - even if he slaps it away.

Friday, November 25, 2011


It's amusing to say the least, to hear the shrinking stooge cry like a little girl because he wants something that may actually be nothing.

Tom Dietrich has the right to pass a private note to anyone he wants to because "it is a private note!". If a person whom the note is not intended for sneaks a peak - that could  actually be considered "Invasion of Privacy", could it not?

If what the nonsensical ignoramus says is valid, no one can pass a note to another, because simply doing so will entitle every American to know the content of the note, and that by itself is ludicrous - consider how many notes are passed around in a courtroom, do we all have the right to know what's the content of all those notes?  Simply ridiculous...absolutely not.

Viewing this scenario through the perverted lenses of  the NI - if poor Mr. Angle passed a note mocking the devious and notorious Mr. Dietrich in any way shape or form, the NI would consider that okay, and would argue our point.

Get a life stooge, one that allows you the comprehension that your turtle was slowest - you lost again and there is nothing left to say. Stop your whining, it's pitiful. GROW UPPP!!!

Mr. Dietrich - you appear to The People as an honorable Councilman, so please do not pay attention to this nonsense, it is intended to wreck your nerves and can only do so if you allow it.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A Call For Prayer

PLEASE pray for Mary Schmoyer (MaryAnn’s Mom), and Virginia Morales, my Mom whom both are in St Luke’s hospital today battling almost identical illnesses.

MaryAnn’s Mom was admitted on Tuesday, and my Mom had been released back to GD yesterday afternoon only to be taken back this morning with a collapsed lung.

As I expressed to MaryAnn, this may be an indicator from God that our Moms mission relating to Gracedale is coming to an end, but not ours -  we must continue to protect Gracedale as well as the widows and orphans who reside there.

The power of prayer is real so please pray for our loved ones.

Thank you

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Another Possible Scandal?

Read this story...if a person is fired from their job (and released is another word for fired) then the question that begs to be asked is WHY? Why was he released? We understand this is a personnel matter, however, tell us why you released him. If a person does something worthy of termination, The People who pay the bills deserve to know what he did. But Stoffa has NO COMMENT...perhaps because it will reflect on him - We're just saying.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Angle Is Still Campaining???

During the 11/17/11 council meeting, Ron Angle was visibly worn out and broken. It also seemed that Angle did not realize he has lost his seat. He rambled on and on about Gracedale as if he was trying to get on the good side of voters...but the election is over folks - and he already lost. It was quite pitiful.

Angle didn't get it then, and he doesn't get it now - We the People are seeking representatives that are not only intelligent and responsable, but also and equally as important, civil and dignified. We are seeking self thinkers...not puppets. We are seeking team players that will work together for the greater good of the people despite their party...not go-alongs that will jump off a bridge because their party tells them to - WAIT...


BREAKING NEWS - It is the opinion of some that Bernard O'hare was seen punching himself in the nose because he feels responsible for Ron Angles election failure. It is the opinion of others that he was actually wiping the snot from his nose as he cried because he failed Angle. Some say he was shadow boxing...shadow boxing? Another suggested he was speaking into his pen...whatever - Well, the truth may very well be that he cringed when he heard Rev. Mario Martinez say to County Council:

"We the People, are the ones that you signed on to serve. And if you serve us, genuinely, from your heart, there will never be an issue. The people will stand behind you. But if you fail us, then we will hold you accountable, and when the time comes, by the power of our vote, we will show you how dissatisfied we are."

That's exactly what just happened to Angle and Dowd...take note Council - THE PEOPLE are awake!

First Management Report

Mcall artical,0,3545903.story

ET Artical

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Time To Set The Bar

The new standard in NorCo is CIVILITY...which will once again lead us to DIGNITY. Therefore, now is the time to prove that the only list that exist is in the minds of the ignorant.

Will we recall Stoffa? That's a good possibility - if he fails The Peoples will. But if he puts on his best running shoes, and make a serious break for the finish line, giving the County the win they want - "A successful Gracedale" and a true effort of proper county government, then why would We The People want to?

Now let us ALL understand that "Recalling Stoffa" does not mean that we are out to get him - it simply means that We The People feel strongly that Stoffa is out to make a failure of the County in any mission of prosperity...and for that reason ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, it is not only our right to recall him...but an obligation! Anyone who sits silent is part of the problem, and not part of the solution.

When We The People initiated the Gracedale Initiative, we did so because we felt a strong desire to keep Gracedale in County hands. The 3 to 1 vote to keep Gracedale was evidence that three quarters of the county felt the same way. So did that mean that we were out to get someone...absolutely not!

In fact, we were very polite in the process. But then came the cruel malignant lies out of jealousy and pure spite, naming all of the folks that were standing up to our failing government. And when We The People said - as long as you continue to tell lies about us...we will continue to tell the truth about you - it enraged the leader of our opposition to the point that war was declared on We The People.

Well, last Tuesday, November 8th, the TRUTH set us free of a malicious tyrant, as well as some of his followers. And now because We The People demonstrated by virtue of our votes - that we do not desire to be lead by self-serving malevolent...we are labeled a lynch mob...yet another deception.

At this point - let them say what they will...who really cares what lies they tell? We have made the points that needed to be made...and in approximately 1.5 months we will all be saying - Angle who?

And for that person who lives in a glass house, be careful where you throw your next stone - for it may bring the house down on you. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

When Will The Deception Stop?

The nonsensical ignoramus is at what he does best again - DECEPTION. It appears that he cannot accept the loss of his benefactor Angle, so he has commenced a campaign to bring down Karl Longenbach. As part of his campaign he makes another untrue malicious statement:

"Enjoying every moment, clapping his hands in approval, was none other than County Solicitor Karl Longenbach. Not only was he delighted to see a Stoffa critic elected, but was sharing the moment with a group that has both sued Stoffa and threatened his recall, along with their lawyer. He was also whooping it up with very union that funded the Gracedale referendum campaign."

While it is true that We The People have commented that we will recall Stoffa should he fail to comply with the will of The People - it is our inalienable right to do so if we feel it necessary...we have however, never ever sued Stoffa - that statement is an outright LIE. Mr. Stoffa SUED The People using our tax dollars to do so. A disgraceful act that deserves the recall response.

Let We The People be as clear as we possibly can with Mr. Stoffa, if you continue to allow the batty blogger to speak on your behalf, you are sending the people the message that you want to be recalled. And please, don't insult our intelligence by suggesting that you have no influence on the yo-yo as it goes up and down, we can visibly see that you do.

We are not defending the county solicitor Mr. Longenbach for any other reason than - he has done nothing wrong! Unless of course you consider exercising his civil right to attend any affair he wishes to be a wrong doing.

We are voicing our opinion on this matter because when We The People were sued by Mr. Stoffa, Mr. Longenbach complied with his obligation to the County, and he also remained civil and dignified. After losing the court case Mr. Stoffa brought against The People, Mr. Longenbach held his head in place and congratulated The People for our success. We consider that action admirable.

It is not difficult to see who the real culprits in this created mess are. As such, we must seriously considere the recall process to complete the course of cleaning house in NorCo.  Let us all take a well earned rest until after the holiday's - which are upon us...then, let us seriosly consider what needs to be done, if anything.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Miss WHO???

Hey folks get a load of this garbage from Stoffa...

"Angle is the most colorful public official in Lehigh Valley. People are going to miss him...there's no one going to take his place"

This statement clearly tells us that Stoffa has been lying to us all along, it kind of says that he (Stoffa) is the one that will miss him (Angle).
And for some erroneous reason he believes that "no one can replace him" (Angle) - what a ridiculas statement...or is Stoffa so ignorant that he does not realize that SCOTT PARSON derailed Angle and will be replacing him in January? 

Mr. Stoffa, it is time for you to listen up - and shape up, or challenge We The People like Angle did and see if we won't RECALL YOU. And if you don't understand our resolve by now then your not as smart as some say you are.

Note Mr. Stoffa that we want nothing more than to move forward, and if you or anyone else stands in the way to prevent the will of The People - We will recall you! And that sir is not a threat, it is a promise. And if you sir know We The People by now, you know that unlike you - We keep our promises.

Take  further note that we understand the system and the processes better now. And if you decide that you will play games from here on out to distract the progress of Gracedale or any other business of the County...Then the We The People train will derail you too. Test us if you please.

See for stoffa comments:

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

What The Media Is Saying


WFMZ STORY - look at Angles expression, tire and betup:


Looks like Tony sees the light - ET

Not sure what Joseph is doing - He gets a TURKEY from us too - ET

Absolute Miracles

I started my day yesterday in prayer as I normally do, remained in prayer throughout the day, and before going to meet with COAF, I went to my church where every Tuesday we share a meal with the residents of the community who are hungry.

Before taking on my role, I went into the sanctuary and prayed some more, I dropped to my knees and expressed my thanks and gratitude, even if none of our choices prevailed.

I sat and evangelized during the meal with a woman who is struggling with her faith, and I said to her, whatever happens in you life never stop seeking the Lord, for if you seek him he will reveal Himself to you, and he will reward your faithfulness.

After the meal, I went on my way to deal with the election matters of the moment in Wind Gap, to witness four miracles manifest themselves:

1) Scott    Defeat   Ron
2) Bob      Defeat   Mike
3) Ken      Defeat   Seth
4) Steve   Defeat   Salverson

I went to bed late watching the results because one of our five choices was clearly losing. Sometime after midnight I accepted the defeat of: Lamont by Matt, I prayed and thanked the Lord before going to bed that he gave NorCo four of the five we asked for. I awoke this morning to the reality that I serve an awesome God - Lamont WON...another absolute miracle of God. is a new day in our local government. The message has been clearly sent that We The People will hold the folks that we elect accountable and responsible for their actions. Those ousted understand that now, those we have just elected understood it before deciding to run for office. The WILL of The People must be adhered to or failure will result.

In closing - I must remember my Mother, and all the family members of COAF who were afflicted with Alzheimer's in order for the Lord to bring us together as a body to fight this war.

The enemy has been defeated, however, we must continue to fight for the widows and orphans, we must maintain a vigilant eye because you never know when another fire will break out that can bring them harm...and if we stay vigilant and discover it early enough, we can  extinguish the fire before it grows out of control.




Can You Believe It?

No sooner that Angle surrendered...

O'Hare tries to butter up Scott

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It Is Finish...

...The last words of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ during His Crucifixion.

Northampton County Council - Dist IV 90% REPORTING
53% Parsons, Scott (D )
47% Angle, Ron (R / Inc. )

By the grand power of God - Jesus rose to save us from hopelessness.

Tonight Angle experienced yet another extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs - YES...another miracle of God...and he too said it is finish but in different terms -
"I concede".

Angles finally sees the light

I serve an awesome God...And with God on your side not even Ron "Goliath" Angle can stand against you!

Thank you Jesus for delivering on all your promises...thank you, thank you, thank you...I can't thank you enough.

Congratulation Scott Parsons...
We The People are behind you.
Thank you D4 for doing the right thing.


Monday, November 7, 2011

Silly Man - Foolish Man

Like we said just can't make this up;-)

One day he's hanging on for life...and it seems that on November 8...well it may mean that he will commit suicide, who knows with these demented twisted minds. R.I.P.

How Silly Does Angle Look In This Picture? Clothes Still Clean!

Angle didn't know what side of the track he was supposed to be on so he decided just to stop and take a nap on the track. Who in their right mind, again, in their right mind would vote for a fool who lays on the tracks for the hell of it.

This guy says he's smart? - Well this doesn't look so smart!
Now he is saying that Gracedale will not be sold - no kidding.
Do you suppose that's cause The People said it won't be sold?
Or does he expect us to believe that it's because he said so?
Slate Belt - considere just how foolish it would be to vote for this fool.
Do the right thing


The Truth Will Be Told...

On Tuesday November 8. VOTE SCOTT PARSONS

While the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families regrets what has occurred in Northampton County over that last year and a half. We do not regret standing up for what we believe to be morally right.

Relating to Gracedaly, when we first humbly presented 4000+ informal petition names and implored the County Council to hear our voice, we believed that especially Councilman Angle would hear our concerns since he boast himself to be "The Voice Of The People", you know, "the voice of the little guy" - how he puts it. Well, we quickly discovered that Mr. Angle was nothing more or less than a deceiver, and he was certainly no friend of The People...only of MONEY.

He has absolutely no intention of serving the people of NorCo, how do we know? Because he sued us with our own tax dollars. And the voters of the Slate Belt can only pray that he serves them, because he has never served the County - ever. It's all about whats in it for him...and what's really a shame is that his a recent mailing he portrays himself feeling bad for those elderly folks that will lose their homes because of Gracedale, but he fails to mention that he frequents the County Sheriffs sale were he capitalizes on the misfortunes of others at every opportunity he gets, that is how he has gown his fortune.

Today we declare to the SB that if Angle was running at-large he would lose 3-1,  please do the right thing - he can only win if you vote for him -- we never will:

Bring Dignity and Civility Back To Our Great County

Interesting And True Facts

What is the shortest chapter in the Bible?
Psalms 117

What is the longest Chapter in the Bible?
Psalms 119

Which Chapter is in the center of the Bible?
Psalms 118

There are 594 chapters before Psalms 118
There are 594 chapters after Psalms 118

Add: 594+594 and you get: 1118

What is the center verse of the Bible?
Psalms 118:8

Does Psalm 118:8 say something significant about God's perfect will for our lives?
Indeed it does - "It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man"

Now was that odd how this worked out...or was God in the center of it?

Always remember that when things get does not get you around trouble, it gets you through it!

If we truly seek happiness in NorCo for all, we must relinquish the desire to control our future, we must put it in the hands of God who controls all things!

Tomorrow, as everyday of my life, I will trust in my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ...who will you trust in - Angle?


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Who Is This Years Biggest TURKEY?

Express Times
for manipulation.

Who Is Scott Parsons

A simple and humble man who promises to treat everyone with respect and dignity, because we deserve it.

A man who promises never to behave in an intimidating manner, nor to bring shame or embarrassment to anyone dealing with government.

It is refreshing to hear Scott speak when he does, but he believes that listening is much more important than dominating conversation. He promises to pay attention intently without interruption, as well as making himself available to hear our concerns or input.

He believes that working together is the key to a successful relationship between Government and it's people. And he understands that government belongs to the people not to the politicians.

It is time to bring civility back to D-4 and Northampton County, and of the two candidates only Scott Parsons is capable of  doing so. November 8:


Friday, November 4, 2011

Let Us Change The World - Together

Approximately a year and a half ago I received a word that really shook me, and I didn't really understand it right away. Today I believe the word was not just for me, but also applies to the coming generation.

It spoke about David and it was saying "your time of public revelation is coming faster than time you have to prepare for". I became truly excited about this word, for it was base on the prophet Samuel being sent to Jesse's house to anoint the new King.

Jesse invites all his sons except for David, who is still out in the field. David had to know what was going on because everyone else in the city knew, but he did not despair. When the prophet Samuel was done looking at all the sons he asked Jesse - do you have another? And of course Jesse said, well there's David out in the field, so he calls David in, and you have to understand that David at this moment is probably smelling, uncombed, he's in a place where he did not have a chance to prepare for his moment of anointing - like everyone else did, they were all ready for that moment.

So the word was that your time of public revelation is coming faster than you have time to prepare for...but here's the reason - your needed soon, because there's  a Goliath in the field challenging the armies of God, and David is the only one that knows how to kill him.

People of NorCo, there are some Goliaths out there that are standing in the field of the world defying the armies of God, defying the churches of God, Goliaths like poverty, Goliaths like homelessness, Goliaths like hunger, Goliaths like loneliness and abortion. And the giant Goliath is saying - so what are you going to do about it?

Many of us are so content to just continue our lives without effort, fearful of facing these Goliaths - But I say to you there is a new generation emerging, one that's going to slay Goliath. Those of us who have decided to stand up - we implore you Slate Belt...we challenge you to change this, and I am saying to you, if you believe that you can change the world you will change it. You are not just dropping a pebble in the ocean and nobody notices. No, specially those who are in need notice most.

If we take the world view that things are only going to get worst, and that Jesus is going to come...NorCo/Slate Belt - we're missing it. He said we have authority...He said we have dominion - if it gets worse its because we allowed it to.

God wants to raise up a generation, and I believe that generation is before us, on assignment to change the world with the authority of God, not satisfied and content with just sitting back, but preparing to slay Goliath, and preparing the world to experience the Loving power of God. 

Let us pray that God gives us a heart for the wicked, and a heart for the generations to come. Most importantly, God give us a heart for the things that you care about most...the widows and the orphans, the fatherless and the homeless.

There must come a moment in our lives that we realize that none of this is not about us, we've been programmed to believe that we are alone, and can never win...but God wins for us because He loves us...He just does.

We cannot manipulate God, and we should not try to manipulate the world. Our actions are supposed to change the world, making it a better place before we leave it then it was when we arrived. How many of you in the Slate Belt can agree with me that We The People can change the world? YES we can :-)

Let us make a declaration together with the rest of the county, that God whom we have experience already back In May, has been with us where we've been, and will be with us where we're going, God will deposit in us something that will break our hearts for the things that break His, and on Tuesday we begin the I understand that God words to me were not just for me, but for all of us - With GOD on your side...who can stand against you?

Posted by: RMM

A Deception Is Still A Lie

We have cause to rejoice today becasue we have witnessed hopefully among that last of the last deceptions.

The true will of We The People was clear today for those of us who do not have scales on our eyes...Scott Parsons DEFEATS Angle by at least a 3-1 margin on Tuesday. Keep up the good work people, it will pay off in the future as it has in the past.

A fool gives full vent to his spirit,
but a wise man quietly holds it back.
Proverbs 29:11

ET Candidate Poll

Please participte:

Angles New Haircut

But still the same OLD Angle - he went on again to call Gracedale a money-pit. He again blames Gracedale for any tax increase conveniently forgetting to tell that there are many items in a budget that also require money - 1.7 million for example that will go for a detention center (a want) that Angle conveniently forgets to mention. That's just one item in a budget that includes many many items that are wants and not necessarily needs. Angle can't seem to grasp with his one directional mind that the heart wants but the belly needs - Gracedale is a belly need.

Why doesn't Angle tell the truth about why a tax increase is necessary? And why doesn't he admit that he is the one that wants to get rid of Gracedale so that he can use the funds for his own pet projects? Didn't Stoffa say on Business Matters that Gracedale was just a part of why a tax increase may be necessary? Oh yes he did. So here is Angle again saying that Gracedale is the sole reason for any possible increase in taxes, a bold face deception.

Slate Belt - If Angle is re-elected, he will become even more belligerent in his effort to do away with what We The People want, which is to keep Gracedale. And soon there after you may get your illegals detention center in your backyard. He portrays himself as the voice of the people but consistently defies the will of the people? For the sake of the entire County - please do the right thing:

The Real Choice

Angle really cleaned up for this 69 news interview:

Also interesting reading:
We The People support: Ken Kraft
We The People support: Bob Werner

And we also support: Lamont McLure and Steven Barron

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Not to change the subject but:


Remember a few months back Chris Miller stood in front of County Council and called GRACEDALE  a RAT HOLE.

Gracedale is where our sick and elderly of Northampton County live - A RAT HOLE?  

If he would not reach out to help our sick and elderly,  what could he possibly have to offer the youth of our County? Back to one room school house - worked then but not now?

Voter's of Nazareth remember this on election day.

Why Did Scott Parsons Decide To Run?

Scott could take no more when:

During a debate - Scott said:
"He (Ron Angle) called (Northampton County Councilwoman) Peg Ferraro a political prostitute while he was representing me. That, to me, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. He’s an embarrassment, he embarrassed me and he’s an embarrassment to Region 4.”

Angle said:
“My best accomplishment is that I force county council to spend a couple hours a month discussing county business,”

Only tyrants force and oppress. November the right thing.

NorCo's Choice

Am I Stupid Or What???

Ron Angle trying to pull the wool over our eyes tells us in this mailing that he works just as hard on his farm as he does on county council - REALLY...then why are his clothing so clean? Ron if your going to try and fool the tax payers/voters, start by understanding - YOU CAN'T. We The People have never seen a farmer that has been shoveling manure all day so sparkly clean, never happens.

The Great Deceptive Magician - Ron Angle

You expect us peasants to believe that you are so brilliant, but your standing there insinuating that you are using a hand shovel with a large backhoe shovel in in front of you...that does not seem so brilliant to us peasant folks. Maybe you would have taken a better and more believable photograph by sitting your clean cloths on the backhoe, appearing instead to be using the larger more productive shovel - make sense...does to us common folks.

Ron Angle may as well be a magician because all he does is create illusions. Good folks of D-4, please see this man for what he is...any form of deception is a lie. Are you going to put a deceptive magician back in office...the rest of NorCo is praying you don't. Please know that if it was up to the entire County, Angle will not be re-elected. So please do the right thing for the sake of the entire County:

The Peoples Choice

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Moo...this Milk Taste Bad ;-)

HA HA HA - You just can't make this up - HA HA HA

 Here it appears that Angle is trying to force a cow to do something that the cow does not want to looks like he's trying to make the cow milk him, funny HA HA HA.

Look at the cows eye...she looks so angry, so scorned because Angle has not been around for the last four years, but all of a sudden Angle wants something from the cow - (perhaps her vote) but the cow is not willing to give it up to Angle...HA HA HA...oha HAAA HAAAA HAAAAA - oh man this is too funny :-)

From another more serious prospective, it looks like Angle cares more about the cow than he ever has about the residents of Gracedale, or the residents of the county for that matter.

We heard today that he spent in the area of 42k so far on this campaign trash. It would have probably served him more to donate the money to say - I don't know maybe, hmm - Gracedale, or some other worthy cause.

Hee hee hee - Hahaha...Curiosity begs the question, what else does he do with the cow - kick it like the O'Hare kicks pigs?

The Real Deal
Man We Can't Stop Laughing