Tuesday, April 28, 2015

John Stoffa...

...Should stay on the sofa!
Recently, John Stoffa was portrayed as being "respected by employees of the county, even when they were mad at him." Really! Most all the Gracedale employees we know, as well as many of the courthouse employees he conned into voting for him during his second campaign, actually despised him. Why so? Well, the Gracedale employees were lied to. They were promised when he went to Gracedale seeking their support, that their jobs were safe. Once elected for a second term however, he began the process of trying to sell Gracedale. And the courthouse employees? Well, some were fired because he did not like the emails they shared to others about him. No, none of the employees we know respected him, they despised him instead.

Image result for pants on fire picsHe is reported to have been "a man who stood for honesty and fairness." Really? If he was so honest then why did he lie to us? And, if he was so fair, then why didn't he fire Ilisa Sacknoff, who mistreated residents at Gracedale, instead of firing courthouse employees for stupid emails? He is said to be "a rare breed." We don't think so. In our opinion, his breed is a dime a dozen. He is a politician, not a statesman. Politicians are known to lie more often than not!

Image result for laughing hard  pics
It is comical to call Mr. Stoffa "a man who actually believed in transparency." People who are transparent never lie! Mr. Stoffa couldn't stop lying to us! That's a fact! His integrity is proclaimed to be beyond reproach. That would mean he is perfect and blameless. Who exactly in NorCo who knows him believes that? Certainly not us. The truth is the truth even if two or three don't believe it!

Sam Murray may be a good candidate for judge, but having Mr. Stoffa's endorsement may actually hurt his chances.

Abe Kassis For Judge's photo.We support Abe Kassis for judge because during the recent Gracedale voter registration rally, he informed us that he believes Gracedale, as well as all Pennsylvania facilities like her are a necessity for the wellness of the residents they serve.

He believes our elders matter!

He doesn't see color, but he does recognizes injustice. Upon identifying a wrong, his experience as a seasoned ADA under John Morganelli has prepared him to serve the community at large, on another level. With a solid promise to secure justice for all!

We need people serving our judicial system who are compassionate, and who understand the value of humanity.

Don't forget to...
Abe Kassis For Judge's photo.
...Get out and vote!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Can Anyone Out There Tell Us?

Ilisa Sacknoff was protected, there is no question about that. But, why? That is a question we have not found an answer for...yet!

Image result for don't understand  picsWe couldn't understand it back then, and we certainly don't understand it today. We have evidence that clearly shows that we reported the abuses committed by this less than desirable government employee. Yet, she was protected! WHY???

We (COAF) often wondered if she had compromising information on any of her employers. We often question the possibility that she may have had some incriminating data which afforded her the protection she required to be able to abuse our loved ones as she did. She was heard saying: "Give them all a high dose of Ativan!" Who thinks that's okay?

Image result for still working  pics
Ms. Sacknoff is, as we understand it, still working for Human Services within Northampton County. We have to ask why? Back then, we reported the abuses to Rita Stellar, who was Ms. Sacknoff's immediate supervisor at Gracedale. And, we went all the way up the ladder to Ross Marcus, and eventually John Stoffa. We even discussed it with some members of County Council. But the only discipline Ms. Sacknoff received was a promotion to another department within the county, away from Gracedale. We don't get that!

Image result for talk down  pics
When a store associate talks down to a customer, at the very least, they are reprimanded. If the behavior continues, they are terminated. So why isn't the same true with Ilisa Sacknoff?

Image result for nasty bank teller pics
When a bank teller talks down to a customer, at the very least, they are reprimanded. If the behavior continues, they are terminated. So why isn't the same true with Ilisa Sacknoff?

Image result for talk down  picsAny position within the business world where an employee does not understand the value of a customer, they eventually receive a pink slip. But that's not true with government employee Ilisa Sacknoff. She earns a promotion instead...Just ask Ross and John, they gave her a free pass time and time again!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

There Are Somethings In Life Truly Worth Fighting For...

...And Gracedale is certainly one of them.

Image result for fate picsThe members of the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families did not open their eyes one morning and simply decided to get involved in the exhausting Gracedale matter. No, we are simple folks who were delivered to Gracedale by fate.

And, as fate would have it, we all met by way of one person. No - we're not talking about our spokesperson. He was just a messenger. We're talking about a person who convinced us, not by good deeds, but by belligerent words, and by irresponsible actions and bullish behavior, that we had to undertake the matter, or our Mothers, Fathers, Brothers and Sister would suffer dearly at her hands. Her name is Ilisa Sacknoff.

Who exactly is Ms. Sacknoff?
Well, to have a better understanding you can read: Who is Ilisa Sacknoff. In our humble opinion, she is someone you don't want caring for your loved one. Why not, you ask? Well, simply stated, because she doesn't care about anyone she is indeed to serve!
The Million Dollar question is: Why was she protected?

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Correction Was Made!

Image result for Correction Pics
We planned to post a link to the Norco Council meeting of April 16, 2015 this morning. Our intent was to provide the link to all who were unable to make the meeting that evening, but would like an opportunity to watch it on-line. However, as we understand it an error occurred, and the only footage available on Norco's web-site was the first part of the meeting in the larger courtroom. By way of a request, the footage has been updated with the second part.

Thankfully, we can provide the link now. Please go to:

April 16, 2015 - County Council Meeting

Prepare yourself for - what we consider to be the most professionally conducted CC meeting since we have been attending meeting. That's about eight years now. We certainly welcome your thought's.

A New Day For Gracedale!

On April 16, 2015, County Council performed masterfully during their regular scheduled meeting to discuss county business.

Discussing Gracedale, AFSCME representative Justice James, on behalf of AFSCME's membership, addressed Council seeking a sincere unified working relationship with County Council, the County Administration, and all other interested parties. What he received was open arms.

Image result for resolution picsThe union rep asked County Council to pass a resolution providing Gracedale more time beyond the five years afforded to Gracedale by the voice of the people through the power of a referendum vote. When the resolution matter actually came up, there was much discussion, civil debate, and a vote was taken. The resolution passed 8-1. The only "no" vote was Councilperson Hayden Phillips. He very respectfully stated that he did not oppose the resolution, just that he did not see it as meaningful. Mr. James agreed that resolutions don't mean hoo-hah, however, he suggested that it would send the correct message to the taxpayers and the voters of the county - Gracedale will remain where she is, in County hands.

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families met after the council meeting, as we usually do, to discuss our thoughts about the meeting. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the actions taken, and the new direction our ship is headed in.

We, The People dedicate April 16, 2015 to the memory of all of our loved ones who have gone home to the Father since the Gracedale battle began. Also to our good friend and sister, Margaret (Peggy) DeLasandro, who must be overwhelmed with joy in heaven, over the results produced by our new governing body.

Working together - A new future!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Northampton County Council At It's Finest!

Image result for great job picturesTo watch Northampton County Council work today, leaves one breathless to say the least.

Keeping in mind the debacles of past governing bodies over the last decade or so.  It is refreshing today, to see and hear a governing county council, which is clearly working as it should for the people. And We, The People want to let them know that for the first time in well over five years, we are proud of you! No! - We are very proud of you.

Image result for great job picturesGone are the days of disorderly behavior by our elected officials. No more swearing, no more yelling. Arrived have the days of civil tranquility that is clearly resulting in what the county needs most, forward progress leading to envisioned goals.

The terminology has certainly changed. Instead of the blasphemy once tolerated, and people told to sit down and shut up - thank you, please, I respectfully ask, apology extended, have become the normal terms accepted today. This is awesome!

Image result for skeptic picMany in the county were once skeptical about the possibility that we would ever see this day. We on the other hand were confident that if we elected the right statesmen's using our POWERFUL vote, we could make a change, and a difference.  Many in the county are no longer skeptical because the day has arrived...and we  all welcome it!

All off you folks out there who believe that your vote doesn't matter, please think again...it does! 

Image result for clean house picThe civil order witness today during the council meeting is exactly what we worked to accomplish when we began the process of cleaning house. Today the house is nice and neat, and clean...all we have to do is keep it that way.

We applaud you...keep up the good work!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Brick & Mortar...

...Is all that the physical exterior structure of Gracedale consist of. The interior however, well, that's another story.

On the inside, Gracedale consist of many meaningful components. There are two however, which give Gracedale it's true purpose. The heart of Gracedale of course, are the residents who give the facility its life. The employees on the other hand, are the ones who help sustain the life gifted to Gracedale.

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, I was privileged to attend a small rally at Gracedale, intended to honor our veterans, as well as bring awareness to the employees of Gracedale, just how important their vote is.

Most of the speakers, which included: County Council President Margaret (Peg) Ferraro, who voiced the importance of a vote, regardless of which side receives it. And Councilman Lamont McClure, who called Gracedale "sacred ground". In addition, Controller Stephen Barron, who urged the small crowd to get everyone they know registered. And Councilman Mat Benol, who expounded on the significance a vote has. And, he also made the crowd aware that he doesn't know a council person currently serving the County, who is in favor of selling Gracedale.

Councilman Hayden Phillips was also in attendance. When respectfully asked by union representative Justus James (who hosted the rally), if he wanted to say a few words, Mr. Phillips interestingly said, "no, that's okay. I didn't come to speak, I came to listen."

Also in attendance was Abe Kassis, who is running for Judge. I was really pleased to meet him formally for the first time. Mr. Kassis expressed to me just how important all the Gracedale's of the state are. His voice did not tremble, it was sincere, so I promised him my vote. He will get it!

In contrast to previous governing bodies in NorCo, all on this day seemed to speak with one unified voice. It was very refreshing to hear the voice say: whatever you do, get out and vote. The integrated voice clearly highlighted the importance of every single vote. The voice also spoke to all of our "Honored Veterans," whom, in many cases paid the ultimate price to give us the rights we enjoy in America today.

As a Marine myself, I echo their sentiments, while going a step further and saying: don't let their sacrifice be in vain. No, I was not asked to speak, but, like Mr. Phillips, I didn't go there to speak either. I also attended to listen. And, while I understand and believe Mr. Benol, I also understand the world of NorCo politics. It can at times be very deceitful and dirty.

What I would say to all the residents and employees of Gracedale, I will say here on this blog today. You are very meaningful and indispensable to the County. So please, pay close attention to what our servants are saying. And perhaps more importantly, pay closer attention what they are doing. And then, go out on election day and be the VOTING BLOCK that you are!

Mr. Brown was given a trusted privilege to serve the interest of his Masters. His actions however, clearly demonstrate he has elected instead to serve his own interest. Mr. Angle, if you remember him, was hired by our votes. And then, when he chose to go against the will of his constituents, he was fired by the mighty power of our votes...so too may be the fate of Mr. Browns, should he continue to threaten Gracedale.

Where's the fake bone?
Lastly, I was not surprised to see my Brother in Christ in attendance, or, depending on your point of view, my arch-enemy. I considered going over as I have done in the past and extending my hand to him. However, I really didn't want to hear despicable words come out of his mouth again, so I decided not to. Nor was I surprised that he would take a stab at me on his blog, once again calling me a Fake Rev. How childish?

Jesus commands me to love him - even as my enemy. And so, I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell him...I prevailed - you failed. If you really want to talk about fake...just take a look in the mirror buddy! ;)

Rev. Mario Martinez