Thursday, October 25, 2012

Brick And Morter...

...Is what the exterior of Gracedale is made off. But, the heart of Gracedale is the people who she cares for.

No one knows when it may be their turn to require the qualified assistance of the facility, it's many services (and with a few exceptions), it's many wonderful employees.

People like County Executive John Stoffa will never comprehend the value such a facility brings to a community. He does not understand what it means to help his fellow man because he is out for himself.

But has anyone notice that as time passes, John appears closer to needing the very services he was trying to destroy.

Rest assured, his pride will not allow him to seek such services from Gracedale...then where else will he turn? He will soon discover in his tears just how horrible his deeds were...but, Gracedale will embrace him, because that is what Gracedale does.


Monday, October 22, 2012

"This Is A Family" Part 1

Leo Tolstoy begins a famous novel with an equally famous first sentence:  “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

Unhappy families have complicated problems that don’t get solved, and that leave each individual unhappy.  Happy families solve their problems with simple tools—for example, by courage in the face of hard work.  Unhappy families are racked by selfishness and antagonism; happy families have concern for each individual and value cooperation more than argument.  Happy families divide work: strength and enthusiasm from the young, experience and understanding from the old.

The title of this series about Gracedale is not my invention.  They are words spoken by one of Gracedale’s residents, who knows Gracedale from within and who knows what Gracedale is able to do.

Louise Keppel worked her entire life (including some years at Gracedale, caring for the elderly).  Having lost her mother at age 15, Louise was blessed with five of her own children.  But through accident and illness, four of her children have died.  When her daughter was killed in a highway accident, Louise took it on herself to raise five grandchildren.  “The youngest was two,” she says, “and he made it easier for me.”

Finally, after a lifetime caring for others, Louise reached retirement.  However she suffered a serious fall that broke her back and sustained other injuries that confine her to a wheelchair.  She is able to take a few steps now and then but she entered Gracedale four years ago to get the 24-hour care she needs.

Louise says Gracedale has saved her life and has given her health back to her.  “I received therapy for my hands and now I can crochet again,” she says.  Louise is busy from morning to night, helping with patient announcements, playing a mean game of poker (“just with chips, gambling would be illegal”) and staying actively involved with everyone around her.

Louise lives in a spotless private room filled with sunshine, family photos and other personal mementos.  She often waves hello to staff members and wishes they had more time to spend with patients.  “They need more help.  They are working every minute.”  (I can verify that every staff member I encountered during my visit, from the nurses’ station to the cleaners in the halls, was busy every minute I visited.)

Louise spoke of her admiration for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and how “he cared for people.”  Louise would like other leaders to show the same spirit.  And in fact for the FIRST time in her life she registered and voted for the first time last year.  I expect she will stay involved and aware of politics, especially as they relate to Gracedale, for the rest of her life.

Louise spoke openly about her feelings and brought up one topic that allowed me to ask, “Do you think about dying?”  Louise calmly replied “Yes, sometimes I think I’m ready to go.  But other times it seems I have more to do.”

What do you want the public to know about Gracedale?  “They don’t know what they missing!”  Louise says that her life in retirement was isolated, except for family visits.  But she feels Gracedale is giving her something wonderful that is making this time in her life the best.

Not everybody achieves a good balance between awareness of themselves and a meaningful connection to others.  But I believe that Louis Keppel has achieved that balance, with Gracedale’s help.  Perhaps if others would get to know Louise, her resident neighbors and the Gracedale staff, the gifts of a happy family might be spread a little further in the world.

Authored by Donald Dal Maso

Sunday, October 14, 2012

We Were Counting The Day's...

...leading to the day we considered would bring the good folks of NorCo some peace at last. Well, we were wrong in our estimation, but, correct about the corruption that We The People suspect exist in Stoffa's administration.

Some may feel that we are just picking on a few specific individuals within our County Government...they are however, incorrect. We are not picking on anyone. We are illuminating what they are hiding in darkness.

Ilisa Sacknoff for example, is not a "poor woman" who a group of people woke up one morning and arbitrarily decided to haunt. NO...she is in our opinion, a menace to the very people she is paid to serve.

To provide you a little history, at one point there were 34 COAF members engaged in talks with Gracedale management, leading to talks with the ranks of Ross Marcus, who was reporting back to John Stoffa. The meetings were primarily relating to one person...Ilisa Sacknoff, who was known by the group for her infamous words "You Don't Have A Choice" (these meetings are documented), and she very well knows this is true.

Imagine that! A social worker who's title implies "social" behavior which takes the interests, intentions, and needs of other people into account...but whom instead is actually antisocial, never behaving in a tactfully social manner. In fact, her behavior actually lacks consideration for others, and in general causes damage to society, whether intentionally or through negligence.

Recently, we learned Sacknoff  is irate with her co-workers, whom she believes are responsible for comments against her on this blog, as well as providing us information about her. Folks of NorCo - if what she believes is true...then isn't that a good indicator that even her co-workers feel that her bedside manners and work ethics are depraved, and less than honorable? In our opinion, the answer is YES.

This less than desirable employee has done many a wrong deed to many family members, but, more importantly to their loved ones under her care. Ativan to her is a society acceptable standard - If the use of such drugs are permitted by society solely for the sake of doing ones nails, then society's system is horribly broken.

The fear of retribution in the early day's was a constant for COAF member's, as we're sure it is today for those that may be unfortunate to have Ms. Sacknoff as a case worker for their loved ones. In one case (which we are certain of) Ilisa had the mother of a COAF member sent to Scranton for evaluation, instead of Bethlehem which is closer for the family to visit daily. In our opinion, and in the opinion of the victim, it was done as a form of punishment to the siblings for speaking out against Ilisa. It was her way of demonstrating that she was in control, and that she had the power to impose her will. Such fear is in fact the reason that COAF organized. We understood early on that if we were to combat and defeat corruption, we would have to work together to expose the intentional misbehavior of this morally debased Government employee.

ross marcusOur problem with Director Ross Marcus, is instead of reprimanding her at the very least, or terminating her services at most, he (with John Stoffa's blessings) promoter her to a position in Developmental Programs. We all looked at each other and had to asked, what on earth does this woman have on Stoffa and/or Marcus that would make him/them promote her? Hmmm.

To further illustrate her power over the administration heads, consider that she was in line to be laid off at the end of September (2012), which would have been a perfect opportunity to dismiss her. Instead, Stoffa allows Marcus to promote her again to her fourth position within the the Government ranks. 

We have also been informed that while employed by Northampton County, Sacknoff is also employed by a private sector organization in Allentown known as Pinebrook Family Services, which Sacknoff failed to disclose to her superiors in the County. A strict requirement by the County. County employees are allowed to moonlight, however, with specific restrictions. When a County employee decides to moonlight, they MUST follow all regulations which are careful in preventing any conflict of interest. We verified that she in fact works at PFS. In our opinion, a conflict of interest does exist, and it certainly merits an investigation by the proper authority within the County. The finding of such investigation should be made public once the investigation is concluded.

Masked criminal holding a stolen leather purse, isolated on white   Stock Photo - 12935399The conflict We The People believe exists relates to bonuses Ms. Sacknoff may have received in amounts as high as $2,000.00 for each referral made to PFS. Referrals which benefit the employer as well as (Ilisa) the employee. Our greatest concern of course, is that her motivation is not those in her care, but the tens of thousands of dollars she stands to make per year by using those in her care.

We The People feel that an investigation by our County Controller Stephen Barron is in order, with findings turned over to our County Council for resolution...understanding that the TRUTH is always in the best interest of We The People.

Friday, October 12, 2012

An Engaged Public...

...Took down Ron Angle.

BO can say whatever he wants to, and he can claim many reasons took down Ron (the slumlord) Angle. But, lets face it, in his voting district there were many good average folks who feared Ron Angle because of his demonic personalty, and his deep pocket.

However, witnessing COAF, a small band of brothers and sisters in Christ (whom Angle labeled no-bodies) take on this giant Goliath inspired them to do what they wanted to do all along, take out the trash...and take it out they did! AH...wrong date...but who cares - we get the point ;-).

Ron was truly shocked when it happened, just like John Stoffa and Bernie O'hare were. But, Ron in reality is not over it yet...but over for him it is. 

And who really cares that he's on TV saying 68% - 68% hic-up, I say?

Not COAF, not The People, not Dist-4. Why not? Glad you asked...because he can not snooker us. We know that 18% was a lie, and 20% was a lie, and 30% was a lie - lie, lie, lie. So why should 68% be anything less than a lie.

Laughter QuotesLast Wednesday I was comically confronted by a laughing individual who knows Ron well, and who said to me: "I'm disappointed in you". And I of course laughed back stating "okay, what did I do now?". He said: my wife was channel surfing when she came across Ron Angle on BM and I said STOP! - and she did...but I was looking for you Reverend, and when I realized you were not on the show, I was disappointed.

WHY DIDN'T YOU TAKE HIM ON AGAIN!!! I said something to the effect: calm down...I didn't go on the broadcast because I was not invited.

I suggested that Mr. Ianelli was probably under orders from Ron not to call me. I explained to him that I believe that Ron could not face me knowing that I would bring a hat...and make him eat it too. I expressed to him, you see - only a Marine can take down another Marine, and with the help of an engaged public, this Marine was victorious.

I genuinely have a great deal of respect for Mr. Seyfried, Mr. Grucela, and Mr. Green, and they did as well as they could considering the Angle they were attacked by...Me? Well, I would have brought a hat, and Angle would not be able to speak because he would be too busy eating.


"Where We Went Wrong" wasn't Ron Angle who said that - It was none other than Bernard O'Hare III.

Speaking of their failed attempt to sell Gracedale on BM, the nonsensical ignoramus slipped and said "Where WE went wrong was, WE rushed it, WE pushed and pushed and pushed instead of taking the time" and Bernie was interrupted by Tony, who asked the question: "Who was the WE?"

Bernie responds: "When I say WE I'm saying those of us who advocated the selling of Gracedale"

Tony: "Was John Stoffa one" Bernie responds quickly: "Yes" - "And instead of taking the time to educate the voters as to the consequence of keeping Gracedale".

Wait just a minute, We The People have a question: What consequence's? There have been no negative consequences, only positive. And let us point out that We The People were not snookered as Angle continue to shout out, and because we were not, Ron Angle is out, and John Stoffa will soon be out, and Bernie O'Hare was never IN!!!

And who is BO by the way, that BM would ask him on the telecast? The only thing he said that was accurate was that the staff at Gracedale CARE, and Ron seemed to get annoyed at him for saying that.

For most of us, BO has made it very clear that he cares more about a water company in Allentown, then he does about our Gem Gracedale, which deals with human life.

Perhaps the real questions here are: Why is BO involved in this matter? Whats in it for him? And who is providing whats in it for him?

No other meaningful and real member of the press has ever been involved in any issue to this degree, nor taken a side because the media is supposed to be neutral. Real reporters report the news, they don't go out a make it! But O'Hare is not a real journalist, and in our opinion, he is just a wanna-be with no life.

Early in the broadcast, Angle asked: "why does the County belong in the business of running a nursing home"...Well, the answer to this question is quite simple, read our lips Ron - because the taxpayers who pay the bills overwhelmingly said so, period.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Referendum... now part of Gracedale’s history, and the few politicians who sought to despoil Gracedale are now themselves history.  The Coalition of Alzheimer’s Families was accused of fomenting “mobocracy” but in fact they led Northampton County in a remarkable exercise of pure democracy.  Citizens of Northampton County along with Gracedale’s patients are the beneficiaries.
When I first learned about the attempt to sell Gracedale to a for-profit corporation, I was angry.  Not just at the lies, like the threat of a massive County tax increase, and not just at the vicious attempt to destroy every particle of security for the working men and women who care so well for Gracedale’s patients.  I was also angry that the patients themselves had so little voice in the very community where they had lived and worked throughout their lives.
I started to make online comments about the issues (it was a period when I had a little bit more time to do so) and I sent a letter to The Express-Times into which I put some of my strong feelings.  As a result I received a call from the COAF inviting me to one of their meetings.
That visit evolved into some of the warmest friendships a man can have.  I offered some help in the form of writing—the COAF wasn’t even aware of how to compose and distribute press releases, so I started by working up a few drafts and longer pieces for them.  I objected to editors at both local newspapers about the less-than-adequate coverage their reporters were giving to the COAF (and that was apart from at least one egregiously fawning article in which the would-be sellers were congratulated on their nearly-accomplished success!).
My role was minimal.  The COAF and Gracedale’s workers are the ones who collected petition signatures and persevered in their tough fight.  Gracedale found her best defenders from the ranks of those who know her best.
After the success of the Referendum I naturally returned to wondering about the folks at the epicenter—those who rely on Gracedale simply because they can’t care themselves.  Thanks to the COAF and Gracedale’s staff, I have been visiting Gracedale herself.
I will make up for lost time, for past ignorance, by submitting stories about some of Gracedale’s residents who give me permission to write about them.  Turns out they aren’t invisible at all.  It is only the self-involvement and isolation of the rest of us which has kept us all apart.
In the weeks ahead I will be submitting these articles to this site.  There is no better place, just as there are no better advocates for Gracedale’s patients than the COAF and Gracedale’s staff.  I hope readers will stay tuned.

--Donald Dal Maso

Angled Denied







No. 8 MAL 2012

Petition for Allowance of Appeal from the

Order of the Superior Court




, this 5th day of October, 2012, the Petition for Allowance of Appeal is

Read The Story

The Baby Is Cring Again!

Well, put something in his mouth to shut him UP!!!

No one was ever fooled Ron...for your information, the only fool is the fool who believes We The People were fooled. We guess that means YOU!

Tony Iannelli's Business Matters TV show has reached the point it is no longer a meaningful program to the viewers of NorCo. When you put a has-been like Ron Angle on your show, who for so many years did nothing but bully the people around him, you lose any credibility you may have.

Last Monday, October 8th, 2012, Business Matters aired a program titled:  Gracedale, One Year Later - Feeling the Effects. The program was simply a disgrace. And anyone who views it will agree that Ron Angle was, and continues to be nothing more than a deceiver who spews slanted numbers from his slanted mouth. Folks, let us remember the tax increases that were necessary in 2011, 2012, and 2013...18%, 20% - at one point a whopping 30%, all because of Gracedale...but wait a minute, taxes haven't gone up, even with John Stoffa's SWAPTION disaster - that's right they haven't - because obviously it was never necessary.

Let us consider that with the AFSCME giving back at minimum 2.5 million dollars, and Gracedale opening a new wing producing 1.5 million, the total figure is 4 million dollars. Hmmm, how stupid does Ron Angle or any of his fiend friends think that the taxpayers are? It is impossible to be 6 Million in the hole when you have 4 million in your pocket. Your a fool Ron to believe that you can fool the people won't happen because we (COAF) will not go away. And We The People are wide awake, and we will continue to watch you and your miscreant friends closely.

As for Tony Iannelli, how could you sell out your viewers? Giving air time to system established malefactor's like Ron Angle and Bernie O'Hare. In the eye's of the tax payer's, these two are crooks, and, if you are in bed with them - what does that say about you.

...more to come.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reproving The Media

During last Thursday's County Council meeting, Bob Werner kindly reproved the media for not covering Gracedale events now that she is being managed correctly, and definitely traveling in the right direction.

Let us be clear - we are not defending Mr. Werner, he can do that very well himself, and does not need us to stand up for him. However, we are in agreement with his opinion, and we take this opportunity to share our thoughts.

We believe Mr. Werner was merely saying that the media should cover Gracedale as intensely in Good times, as they did in bad times, you know...the times when John Stoffa and Ron Angle made a mess of Gracedale, in complicity with O'Hare.

BO defending the media says they did not cover the story of Gracedale's "New Wing Opening" last Monday "because it's not particularly newsworthy or even blog worthy. Aside from pictures of a few suits, what's the point?"

In our opinion, the point in doing the other side of the story would be to illuminate the corrupt behavior displayed by Stoffa and Angle, and the fact that they were both wrong in all of their decisions relating to Gracedale. That's the point! But, perhaps because of media/politician relationships, the media chose instead not to follow the story. We're not saying that's the case...but that it is a good possibility, if not a probability.

The nonsensical ignoramus indicates that Werner failed in noticing that the event was emailed with only a days notice - ONLY a days notice??? Like the media has never responded to a Gracedale story on an hours notice.

NI goes on to inform the readers that: "when John Stoffa unveiled his 2013 Budget, there was no notice at all." He goes on to say: "In fact, there wasn't even a news conference, although The Express Times and Morning Call both have stories."

Well, there it is in a nutshell. BO makes Councilman Werner's point - dealing with the budget there was no notice, however, the media made it their business to cover the story...WITH NO NOTICE??? Yes - but, when it come to Gracedale, BO feels a days notice is too short. We have to ask...does that even make sense?

He went on to criticized Northampton County saying: "Lehigh County is much better at keeping all media outlets informed. In Northampton County, it's hit or miss. Mostly miss." We have to point out that that criticism is a direct NEGATIVE reflection on John Stoffa. Thanks for making that observation Bernie.

He continues his thoughts saying: "the press is not an ad agency." In our opinion, the media acted as an ad agency for Ron and John pushing the sale of Gracedale, but, he conveniently leaves that point out. And then continues: "It exists to inform. I get very uncomfortable when a politician starts dictating to the press about what they should and should not cover." Wow...what a statement. When Angle and Stoffa were pushing the sale of Gracedale, it was quite apparent that they were somehow manipulating the media. But, that didn't seem to make him feel uncomfortable...NO - it was okay!

Consider the referendum initiative, upon it's success, it received very little coverage. History was made in NorCo as never before, yes, should have been front page news - instead it was buried in the media. Why, and by who?

And then comically he says: "I also get very leery when some members of the press are included in important stories like the unveiling of a budget, while others are either forgotten or snubbed." In our opinion,  he means he is forgotten or snubbed. Folks, Bernard O'Hare seems to believe that because he blogs he is a member of the media - a journalist...he is not! People like Stoffa and Angle presented him that illusion - but it's not real...just an illusion. And his mind is so bent that he believes their hype. If BO is a journalist...then so are we! The difference is that we understand that were not...a demented mind does not.

His last comment states: "At some point, it stops being a story and becomes managed news." This statement makes it clear that he is out  of touch with reality. Consider that during their attempt to sell Gracedale, their (Angle, Stoffa, and O'Hare) manipulation of the media, especially the Express Times was exactly that - managed news. In his ignominious mind he does not realize (or is putting on a performance) that he, in collusion with Stoffa and Angle, did exactly what he is complaining about...managed the news.

$285k More Please

Northampton County, Pennsylvania

As promised, below is the link to Thursday, October 4th, 2012 County Council meeting during which Mr. Stoffa's administration was rightfully questioned on the additional $285,000.00 that will be required to complete the archives building.

If you don't want to watch the entire meeting, we suggest you start at 24:20 into the meeting, and the questioning ends around 59:15. Total time is approximately 35 min.

You will see for yourselves that the our new CC is working to protect our interest, as well as some of the games played by the Stoffa administration.

We encourage your thoughts and opinions on what you see and hear.

$285,000.00 Questioned by County Council

Friday, October 5, 2012


Last night during the County Council meeting, We The People were privileged to witnessed the greatest, most awesome display of bi-partisan unity we can recall in recent history (within our local government).

We can say without a doubt, it was the first time since COAF's birth, that we really felt proud of our County Council.

What you won't read on that other blog is that John Stoffa's Administration was put on the hot seat during the Executives report, it was disclosed that to complete Stoffa's new archives building project, get this folks - an addition $283,000.00 (+ or - a dollar) will be necessary. Ken Kraft, Lamont McClure, Bob Werner, lead the questioning regarding the unplanned expenditure being requested.

In our opinion, it appeared that the there was some corrupt practice relating to the bid process and we won't get into specifics because we would rather encourage all in the county to view the discussion for yourselves when it is listed on line in a day or so. In fact, check back here, when the video of the meeting is posted we will place a link to it here.

At one point even Barbara Thierry chimed in with questions of her own, and she actually appeared to be in agreement with Mr. McClure, something We The People never in our wildest dreams believed we would witness.

Throughout the lengthy one on CC lost their composure - there was no screaming, yelling, or grandstanding. On the Stoffa side however, you could sense the anxiety because it appeared as if they were caught with their hand in the cookie jar. At one point Stoffa's administration had to go for a bottle of water...and you could see the sweat running.

It truly was an awesome display by our NEW County Council. Yes - We The People got it right this past election, and if we do it one better this coming election, NorCo will most likely have one of the best governing bodies in the State. This ladies and gentlemen is what an ENGAGED CITIZENSHIP can do. We believe that with a few exceptions (like Ron Angle and John Stoffa), most people who get involved in the politico arena, do so because they truly care and want to make a difference.

Did we agree with everything that was said...NO, but that's okay, we're reasonably not always going to agree. What's important however, is that we are our own convictions...striving to do what is always in the best interest of the served.

The road to this magnificent display of pushing party to a side, and working together in unity - with the best interest of We The People in mind has been long and hard road, however, last night it was well worth all the heartache we endured.

We have to reiterate - for the first time in a very LONG time...we actually felt proud of our County Council's performance.

Keep up the good work.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Do What You Have To Do!

...welcome any court case the miscreant Bernard O'Hare III would like to bring, and hopefully he will include his friend's Ron Angle, and John Stoffa. If he doesn't...we will!

The nonsensical ignoramus states on his blog: "Defamation consists of false statements about another person designed to draw that person into disrepute." That statement sinks his ship because he in fact is one who has made many false statements about many people, without any regard for TRUTH. Continuously hiding behind FREEDOM OF SPEECH...he then says: "Freedom of speech does not give you the right to post vicious lies that you know are untrue. It gives you no right to pursue baseless litigation founded upon still more lies. You will find out soon enough."

The three connivers as seen here plotting will have to answer some questions too.

Yes will find out soon enough.

We The People have much to tell a judge, we have been waiting patiently for the day to come that we can share all we know. We will expose the TRUTH, and we have many many witness who will also reveal the truth, the whole TRUTH, and nothing but the help us God. 

We look forward to your attempt Bernie...We The People are prepared - We do not fear you nor any of your bully fiends.

When the dust settles, all your deceptions will be clearly evident, and the scandal Mr. Stoffa has been trying to avoid will occur...and he will have none other than you to thank for it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Clean - Veracious...

...Two qualities we seek in those we elect to represent us.

Clean - simply means that they are without blemish. That they refuse by their own will to sully their reputation or character conducting less than honest or ethical practices.

Veracious - truthful, honest...

Can we say that John Stoffa hold these two qualities? No, absolutely not. In our opinion, John Stoffa out right lied to We The People on more than one occasion, so we can't say he is veracious.

What about clean? Well, when a person is marked by duplicity, can they be clean? John Stoffa dealing with Gracedale, initially said he was not in favor of selling our much needed facility, but in the background he was scheming to do just that. And when Ron Angle failed, John Stoffa exposed his true colors. He sued the taxpayers (and lost) with tax dollars. Why would he do that if he was clean? No, We The People don't believe he is clean.

What about Ross Marcus? So glad you asked...Ross is known by We The People as "The Weasel". Generally speaking a weasel is neither clean nor veracious. Mr. Marcus during a meeting at Gracedale was asked if he would want his loved ones in the hands of Ilisa Sacknoff, he replied something to the effect "no...not if what you people are saying is true". He then promoted her to another position in county employment to get her out of Gracedale.

Recently, John Stoffa announced layoffs...Ms. Sacknoff was to be laid off, but days before her exit Mr. Marcus, with Mr. Stoffa's permission promoted her to another position. All this while terminating a couple of good employees for calling them snakes.

The elections next year should prove to be very interesting, if  We The People cast our votes correctly...we can have both...clean and veracious government.

It's time to remove the vermin!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New Wing Open

Gracedale new short-term rehabilitation facility opened officially yesterday.

It is amazing that Gracedale is doing all the right things today that it could not (or would not) do in recent times to offer its services to the community.

We The People said all along that managed correctly Gacedale can become self-sustaining. But, still we are reminded that even though this wing will generate at least another million dollars for Gracedale, she will still need some financial support from the County. John Stoffa was quoted to say: "if you increase your revenue beyond what your expenses are, your making money". Wow, sounds like a rocket scientist doesn't he.

TRUTH be told "every department in the County will need financial support from the County" NOT JUST GRACEDALE. But not all departments generate any funds.

Gracedale unveils short term rehab unit

Monday, October 1, 2012

If You Can't Take The Heat...

...Get out of the Kitchen!

That's exactly what John Stoffa's right hand man is attempting to do.

As we understand it, after he secured another position for Ilisa Sacknoff (her fourth) within NorCo's government employment, he is quietly seeking his own position within Luzerne County government. Supposedly, it is not a done deal yet, but it is in the works.

Mr. Marcus has decided the time is why wait? We The People welcome the idea, that's great news for Northampton County, but how gloomy for Luzerne County.

It is quite apparent that on the Northampton liner, the rats get off the sinking ship even before women and children are allowed to.

Marcus has proven himself to be as inadequate a leader as Stoffa is, so he really won't be missed, at least not by the taxpayers.

Good luck to you with your new venture Ross, just keep in mind what happened to Judge Michael Conohan and his pals in Luzerne County for currupt practices...In our opinion, they don't tolerate it there as seemingly we do in NorCo.