Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Controller At Work

Finally, someone in our Northampton County government is doing their job.

County Controller Stephen Barron has apparently discovered yet another issue overlooked by our County Executive John Stoffa.

Barron discovered that there were 17 former employees filing claims after they were no longer eligible to do so, because of termination or benefit expiration. Consider that one former employee was bouncing premium checks, but still collecting benefits.

In Barron's report released Monday - $100,000.00 is the cost of fraudulent claims made by these less than honest employees.

Barrons report also discloses that in addition, there was also another 19 retired employees who had not filed claims in 2010, but were still on the eligibility list from several months, to longer than two years.

Disgraceful...YES, but at least the controller doing his job discovered it, and will implement a plan to collect the funds or put the culprits where they belong...in JAIL!

Barron promises to continue his investigation into 2011.

    Wednesday, January 18, 2012

    Public Enemy #1

    It is important to keep an eye on the happenings of Wisconsin, just as they kept an eye on what was happening in Northampton, PA last year. The folks there are tired of the political tyranny, just as we were tired of the ousted councilman's tyranny.

    United Wisconsin, the coalition that spearheaded the effort along with Wisconsin Democrats, delivered to the Government Accountability Board this week petitions containing more than 1 million signatures aimed at recalling Gov. Walker, far more then 540,000 signatures needed.

    Today in NorCo we have a new Public Enemy #1 - who is said to be going after employee(s) for blowing the whistle on asbestos issues that plague our County government buildings simply for speaking the TRUTH.

    This action is confusing because we were under the impression that speaking the TRUTH is a moral obligation that we are all to follow...isn't it?

    Didn't we advise every employee that they MUST tell the TRUTH when they filled out their applications for employment? Isn't there a risk of penalties under law for lying on employment applications? Then why is PE#1 telling these employees to SHUT UP? What else is PE#1 hiding? What else doesn't he want NorCo residents who enter these facilities to know?

    A few more questions relating to PE#1s "get-em" policy. Why should any employee be fearful of retribution for telling the TRUTH? And don't we want them to tell the truth?

    Also this week, flying around are welcomed rumors that PE#1 will resign due to health issues, however, he has not made a public announcement making the rumor fact, so we must continue to consider and weigh our options.

    We believe that Wisconsin United was able to collect 1M+ signatures because they were...UNITED, just as We The People were UNITED when we exercised our rights last year and saved Gracedale from the grip of evildoers.

    We The People were effective, and we prevailed because were UNITED, and we went a step further and removed the thorn from our side because we were UNITED...perhaps it's time to again UNITE and RECALL PE#1.

    If Wisconsin United can get 1M+ signatures, We The People can surely UNITE and get 100k...EASY.

    Play by the rules PE#1, or We The People may come for YOU soon.

    Wednesday, January 11, 2012

    B&P's Point of View

    We thought this good reading -


    Friday, January 6, 2012

    The Reason For Selling Gracedale!

    The cost of the swaption is growing by the day. Why it was not resolved by Mr. Stoffa when it dropped to 12 million within the last two years is any ones guess. Perhaps because he was so preoccupied with the ousted councilman on selling Gracedale that he missed his opportunity...so WE have to pay for it today. Ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, if taxes do have to go up in the near future...this is why.

    Please Read:

    Thursday, January 5, 2012

    Lower Mount Bethel Wants Ron Gone!

    The ousted/kick out councilman is looking for another playground to destroy.

    Please read...then read the comments:

    He also threw a tantrum tonight at the first Council meeting of the year, begging council to give Chrin an apology...why exactly would they want to do that? Because he said so.

    Transparency - No...Censorship!

    In my last article I mentioned that the lone estrange(r) will be trying to create havoc for the newly seated council. Well, he proved my prediction right once again. He went right to work on creating this nonsensical issue.

    It is amazing to say the least - the person who recently made such a BIG deal, invoking the "sunshine law" relating to a stupid note that had the question "bribe"? on it, is now yelling - PLEASE CENSOR! I now invoke censorial control repressively!!!  

    Yes folks, censor the Christian who was asked by CC to present an invocation, and who did so seeking nothing more than blessings for our local government.

    You know...I can not, and will not concern myself with the hateful thoughts of a malicious deceiver like the one creating this nonsense. No...I pray for him.  

    However, how long can we allow this baloney to continue? This misguided individual hides behind "freedom of speech", but does "freedom of speech" condone lies? No it does not! He tries to hide behind "freedom of the press" but what credentials does he possess that makes him a member of the press? what legitimate member of the press who studied hard to become a journalist would compare themselves with this "bottom feeder"? None that I know.

    Humbly I must ask: Where exactly is the transparency when we censor the podium? What just happened to democracy? Are we still in America? Or are we in some other part of the world where people are censored at the request of a bottom feeder. Why was the few seconds of invocation silenced...or better stated, censored? Where is the "Sunshine Law" now? I said nothing wrong, and I used no profane language unless of course you consider the glorious name of Jesus profane.


    Wednesday, January 4, 2012

    A New Era Has Begun

    The new Council members were sworn in and seated yesterday. The era of civility has begun...except for the usual garbage from the lone estrange(r) who was the lonely person sitting during prayer because apparently he can not except that I am a "Man of Peace". I was pleasantly surprised that I was asked By CC to open the meeting with prayer, I was also blessed by the moment, and humbly honored to do so.

    In prayer I asked the Heavenly Father to pour his blessing on CC giving them the Wisdom of Solomon, and also on the administration led by Mr. Stoffa. 

    I suspect that the self proclaimed "bottom feeder" will attempt to disrupt the business of the county with his trash blog, but that's okay because we are all above the bottom. We must learn to ignore the ignorant, and that is precisely what "bottom feeders" are, usually speaking what they eat. And whether he likes it or not, I will continue to pray for him too.

    On behalf of COAF, I congratulate Mr. Cusick on his second term as president, also the new comers: Scott Parsons, Bob Werner, Ken Kraft, and extend well wishes to all members of council.

    I must say kudos to VP Peg Ferraro who also was elected to her second term as VP - and who expressed to Council that they should forget about the Rs and Ds behind their names, and concentrate rather on good government, which of course is what We The People have been seeking all along. In my humble opinion, if they follow a bipartisan mindset, we're in for a productive year.