Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Happened???

Simple...The Nor-Co voters desired change!

Hmmm...yes, I have raised taxes!
While we are somewhat surprised that Gerry Seyfried and Ron Heckmen lost their attempt to be seated on Northampton County Council, we're not surprised that John Callahan and his dream team lost. We can explain it this way - Nor-Co electors don't want or need additional taxes!

Unlike what some out there are saying regarding what has taken place in Nor-Co politics. The simple truth is that John Callahan is known for raising taxes! His record is clear in that regard.

It really does!
And while some believe that it was voter turn out that hurt the Democratic party during yesterdays election, we feel differently. Remember, we (COAF) do one thing very well...WE LISTEN to our neighbors. What we heard throughout the days leading up to the election were comments like "if Callahan gets in - taxes will surely go up." The kicker is, these comments were coming from Democrats. As we understand it, it wasn't low voter turnout, or lack of Democrat voter turn out - but Democrats VOTING Republican in order to keep their money in their pockets, which otherwise would go to higher taxes. That was the difference.

Walt Garvin and the Democratic Party awoke this morning believing they had a real bad dream. Only to realize that what they perceived as a bad dream was actually a nightmare. And worst yet...REALITY.

The Democratic Party must now accept this wake up call! They must first open their eyes so they can see their way to the kitchen, and then open their nostrils and smell the coffee. The folks of Nor-Co don't need or want higher taxes, nor bigger (needless) government. No! They want lean necessary government which operates like a well tuned business machine. And apparently, that is what they saw in John Brown and the republican Party. Even the Democratic vote!

While we did not envision a Republican sweep, the voters have made their decision. They have spoken loudly so that there is no mistake about what they want, and what they don't want. They want Gracedale safe, and they don't want more taxes - and they trust the Republican party will deliver that.

A bipartisan effort - D', R's and I's.
We feel it is safe to say: the Nor-Co voters (both parties) felt fooled by John Stoffa, and refused to be fooled again by John Callahan. Regardless of what politicians believe, electors are not fools. They're actually very smart. They proved that during the Gracedale Referendum Initiative when Republicans voted with Democrats to save Gracedale by a three to one margin.

My name is not "Stoffa."

We feel that the days of "jumping off a ledge simply because our party tells us to do so" are over. What we have witnessed in recent Nor-CO history is D's and R's unifying their vote to accomplish what they want.

Yes, it true - only time will tell. But, knowing the voters as well as we do, we (COAF) have our money on the voters.

Now, it is time to extend our congratulations to John Brown and the Republican Party for the miracle they just lived, and delivered. We hope you never stop listening to "We The People". And we pray for your success.