Friday, March 30, 2012

How Can They Expect Our Trust?

When all they have done is deceive us! And that ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, is putting it politely.

Unfortunately, We The People of this great nation of ours sometimes deserve what we get. We respectfully mean that we are not always as politically inform as we should be to elect the right candidates. And because we're not...we buy into any, and sometimes all political manure shelled out by the less than honorable politicians during any given election period.

For example - if Gracedale employees eligible to vote in NorCo during Stoffa's last election...would have been more involved in their local politics, the likelihood that they would have voted for Mr. Stoffa when he deluged Gracedale with his campaign material, would be small to none. Instead, many of them, for lack of knowledge, voted in his favor only to regret it today.

Apathy is also a big problem for our counties, cities, and states. The lack of interest is sometimes unbelievable. And politicians like Stoffa and Angle bank on the lack of interest to win elections when they conduct their campaigns.

The volunteers of this blog are certainly dedicated to keeping our readers informed, exposing the truth with the salt and light that ALWAYS overcomes the darkness. However, unless we all unite in an effort to bring back TRUTH and HONESTY to our local government, it may not happen as quickly as it can, or should.

Anyone in current government who is corrupt, and tempted to pull the wool over The Peoples eyes (and we all know who they are) have labeled our blog (for obvious reason) a hate blog...but let us set the record straight - we are a group of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents seeking trustworthy government - PERIOD.

While the nonsensical ignoramus is sometimes painting a picture of us as racist because as he put it "we consort with Tricia", whom he claims is a racist in his crazy attempts to defame her because she refused his questionable manly advances...well - we are here to BOLDLY proclaim that O'hare has been less than truthful AGAIN.

Please note - in order for our group to be racist - we would have to believe there are more than one race...and we don't! We believe there is only one race - the HUMAN RACE. We are all brothers and sisters whether some of us like it OR with it or crawl under a rock.

One of the great things about the Coalition Of Alzheimer's Families is that even though we do not agree with each other on everything, we agree to disagree civilly and respectfully, and that certainly paved the way for the many successes the group has experienced over the last two years.

Someone recently asked: What makes COAF members so extraordinary? The answer of course was simple - we are  an extensions of each others families and lives, and have vowed to continue the battle beyond our biological families...and so we shall -HERE WE ARE, holding all who promise to serve accountable for their deeds.

By the way - congrats to Trish for dumping her subscription to the MCall...eventually they will get the message when it comes to the less than honest O'Hare, if not, eventually he will sink them too.


There are many questions to be answered, and "WHY" is a good starting point.

Lets ask one - Why didn't our County Executive John Stoffa pull the trigger on the swaption when the bill was under ten million dollars? Yes, it still would have been a loss, but it would have save us millions of dollars.

John Stoffa took the gamble and lost

Instead of acting frugal with our finances, John Stoffa allowed over fifteen million dollars more to be added to the SWAPTION loss. Why?...well wait just a minute - couldn't we have guaranteed Gracedales future for at least several more years with $15md, and at no additional cost to the tax payers? Of course we could have. But that was not his was to sell Gracedale!

Stoffa can try to blame the County Council, but really...consider that he has veto power to stop something CC wants to do, so it stands to reason that he can act on behalf of the TAX PAYERS and explain his action to CC later.

Realize that if Stoffa had in fact done so, today he would be seen by ALL as a financial genius, more brilliant than the "legend in his own mind" Ron Angle.

But NO...because Stoffa's plan was to sell Gracedale all along, no matter what! It was more convenient, and more important to simply say "we don't have the money". And when County Controller Steve Barron stood up and said...wait John, see here, we do have the money - John, instead of just DOING THE RIGHT THING, turned on Controller Barron, releasing his rabid dogs of destruction.

Well, as we all know today, and gratefully so because we have history to look back on, we can confidently, and without any doubt say that we in fact had the money,  just like Mr. Barron said we did. 

We also know today that instead of wasting less than ten million of our hard earned dollars, by his action or lack of action Mr. Stoffa ended up wasting over twenty five million dollars of the money WE WORKED SO HARD FOR.

Okay, so that we're clear on this...under the first scenario John Stoffa had the opportunity to do what was right, and had he done so he could have actually been re-elected easily if he chose to run again (he has indicated he's not running again). Well, what did he do you ask? John Soffa chose instead to foolishly waste our hard earned tax dollars on the gamble that Gracedale would be sold.  We MUST make the point that he lost what wasn't his to play with.

TAX PAYERS of NorCO...consider just how much a reputable Executive could have done with our FIFTEEN million dollars, which simply stated was thrown away by Stoffa. And to add more insult to our painful injuries - we end up with a grim outlook...possible future tax increases because of our "poor excuse" of an Executive - John Stoffa.

We had no idea there were degrees of rape, because based on the definition, there seems to be only one type. We were wrong. There are, in fact, different degrees and types of rape. The degree of offense and corresponding sentence depends upon the alleged force used to perpetrate the offense, position of the alleged perpetrator to the alleged victim, injuries sustained by the alleged victim, and the age of both the alleged perpetrator and alleged victim.

ALL IN ALL - this was RAPE in the First Degree and Mr. Stoffa should be held responsible and accountable!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

I Represented Myself!!!

Those are the words of the self exposed LIAR Bernard O'hard III.

O'hare does not have the intelligence to understand that we IN FACT welcome any law suit that he, or anyone else for that matter, may be planning. We The People are tired of his nonsense, and we are poised to prove that he is a LIAR - and we can do it right here...right now.

The Disbarred Attorney - Bernard O'hare III
Proven here to have lied to - We The People.

O'hare who was disbarred for among other things, lying - on May 2, 2011, he was dense enough to go on WFMZ's Business Matters inspired by Ron Angle - to attempt to expose Rev. Mario Martinez as a fake, instead he exposed himself again as a LIAR.

At approximately 16 min 25 sec into the episode "Selling Gracedale - The Debate Rages On" We can all hear the Coalition representative Rev. Martinez tell Ohare what We The People will not except...At approximately 16:52 -17:03 we hear Gracedale Union Representative Justus James say clearly "we have people sitting next to us" (meaning Ohare and Stoffa) who sued "We The People" with our own "TAX" dollars...and while O'Hare chooses to lie, Stoffa decides it might be better to just keep quiet...does not confirm nor deny it.

17:04 Tony Iannelli ask O'hare - "I think you hired your own law firm right?"...

...Then at approximately 17:08 we hear the great words of the DISBARRED LIAR say - "NO, I REPRESENTED MYSELF" - "I PREPARED MY OWN CASE".

At approximately 17:14 the Reverend says "you did a poor job cause you lost" and the DISBARRED LIAR says "well maybe I did a poor job cause I lost - but I DID IT MY SELF". GOTCHA!!!

Yeah right...sure, okay...if that has an ounce of truth in it, then why is there an email on-line today: 
Which clearly shows that Mark Stewart of Eckerd Seamans hired by County Council SPECIFICALLY to assist in the sale of Gracedale, is also on our dime assisting O'hare and Angle in their case preparation?

And to add insult to injury - it also shows clearly that the County Executive Mr. Stoffa was not only very much aware of it, but his remarks to Mr. Stuart in the email can only be construed to mean that he approved of it.

The time is coming to answer some questions...

...lets do it under oath.

Who's Trying To Sell Gracedale?

It seems to us at this present moment that there is at least one person for sure who wants to sell Gracedale, and we all know who that is...and we have all heard Councilwomen Mrs. Thierry, and Councilman Mr. Gilbert push for the surprise there.

And what about Mr. Angle? Behind the scenes he would take extreme pleasure in witnessing the sale. That's just to name a few.

It is quite apparent that they are concerned about the direction the union at Gracedale has taken, otherwise why would the nonsensical ignoramus post on the matter? GREAT JOB.

All who desire to harm Gracedale WILL see the day that they too will fall. Take notice how all who have thrown their hats into the arena with malicious intent to destroy Gracedale - have in fact destroyed themselves by the act. TAKE NOTICE!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good Point

Our great friend Houdini has made a very good point in bringing up our numbers which disappeared by the power of the gavel...not a big deal then, and certainly not a big deal now.

We feel the Supreme Court decision is a true blessing should we decide to pursue the recall of Stoffa, which of course is still being considered.

The referendum question was definitely more difficult because of the existing restriction...we had many people who would have assisted with the petition drive, except that they did not reside in the that has no bearing...AWESOME.

Good Reading:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On The Right Track

Pa. Supreme Court Nixes Residency Requirement for Petition Circulators
Written by Keegan Gibson, Managing Editor

"Petition circulators do not need to live in the district where they are circulating, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled today, so long as they are Pa. residents. The Court’s decision was unanimous.
“The district residency requirement discerned in Section 2911(d) is unenforceable by the Secretary and the courts of this Commonwealth,” wrote Chief Justice Ron Castille in the majority opinion (PDF).
Castile explained that it was necessary to rule because an earlier Commonwealth Court ruling and a federal ruling on the matter were contradictory, and could interfere with a future election.
“The  issue  has  the  potential  to  arise  in  the  crucible  of  an  election  contest, thereby leaving little time for considered deliberation,” he wrote.
The ruling ends speculation as to what might have happened had the ballot challenge against Rep. Jason Altmire’s petitions continued. Check out the legal analysis of that case here.
As we concluded then, Altmire was never in danger of being knocked off the ballot; the Pa. Supreme Court has been looking for an opportunity to strike the residency requirement for years.
Pa. was one of just two states to impose the requirement (the other is California).
The ruling came as a result of an appeal by Carl Stevenson, an independent who ran for state House in the 134th district in 2010. His petitions were challenged on the grounds that many were collected by an independent candidate for Congress, who resided outside the district.
Ultimately, he was knocked off the ballot on a line-by-line challenge not related to the residency requirement. But he asked the Court to issue a ruling on the constitutionality of the requirement to avoid such confusion in the future.
He cited the 2002 case of Morrill v. Weaver, when a federal court ruled that Pa’s residency requirement for circulators is unconstitutional. Morrill was also an independent candidate.
Stevenson’s Commonwealth Court judge had rejected the Morrill argument on the simple grounds that the Commonwealth Court is not bound by rulings of lower federal courts."

Friday, March 23, 2012

Otter Says

We had a conversation with Attorney in good standing Otter this morning and he asked if we would relay this information to any and all concerned...we agreed so here it is...

It has come to our attention that certain parties in the Gracedale matter are concerned about the filing of the COAF petition for allowance of appeal to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on March 19, 2012.

Please see PA. RAP 121 infra.
There is a blog post regarding this matter in which a disbarred blogger frets about the postmark date on HIS copy of the petition for allowance of appeal.

Said blogger and his co counsel pro se objected in the past to receiving courtesy emails of the filings and INSISTED on receiving paper copies. Accordingly, that is what they received by snail mail.

Now disbarred blogger complains that he did not receive his papers before the news media.
Cry me a river!

Said blogger is well known for putting out no truth, quarter truths  or sometime even half truths. Disingenuousness is his stock in trade.
His trash talk on his blog contains the usual threats of litigation. There is already current litigation in place, Karnak the Magnificent can foresee a new piece of litigation called a SURCHARGE ACTION.

Why even Judge Baratta saw that action in his prior rulings in the case at hand--look it up. April 1 may be a fitting  day to file that one.
Said Blogger and his email associates will be the star witnesses in that case.
Let me suggest that the blogger put those 2011 emails up on his own blog and let the people decide who is telling the truth.

Follow the trail of EXHIBIT A
(Watergate/Bonusgate--It's all the same) Cross examination under oath  of certain adverse parties, including the Blogger and his co counsel pro se, a certain Farmer, should be very enlightening to the alert citizens of Northampton County."

"Conservative or Liberal, Deist or Pagan, Jersey transplant or Lehigh Valley native, we're all in this mess together. Let's talk. Let us do no harm."

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A degree in Stupidity

Only those in this world who have aspired to receive credentials in stupidity can comprehend the density of the rambling man.

Really, think about it...he says that we "are happily throwing stones at our PERCEIVED ENEMIES". Perceived?

Question: What level of stupidity does one have to be at to say "perceived"?
Answer: At Ohares level.

Why? Because even an uneducated person can identify their enemy when the enemy is trying to do them harm.

It also seems to us that when Bernie begins a sentence with "people like" and then mentions "The Fake Rev Mario Martinez" he is clearly displaying his racist side.

He also on the fly mentions the Easton Police Dept saying "An Easton Police Officer" but does not reveal a name. Why not? Perhaps because there is no truth in his statement. Perhaps he is trying to put a blemish on the the Easton Police Dept that it does not deserve! Well let us tell you Mr. Disbarred Attorney - We The People are proud of the Easton Police Dept, and we consider them among the best in the state, and the Country.

He say's that we "Consort" with Tricia what? We don't consort with him, that's what matters. And why exactly is it that he is always terrorizing Ms. Mezzacappa? Is it because she refused his sexual advances?

Wait, hold everything...what...breaking news? In response to Ohares attack on Ms. Mezzacappa she provided us this statement:

"It has come to my attention that Officer McMonagle wrote a police report after responding to a call at my home last year. In that report, he incorrectly injected his opinion that my comments were racially biased. I demand a complete retraction and apology for this mistruth, and direct you the, to see it for yourselves. Again , Bernie O'Hare must harass me over and over, by using your department as a vehicle for defamation. I strongly suggest that action be taken on this today."

And as for "the Guv' is happily chopping away" - they can only do so until we vote them out...and that WILL happen to any elected official who believes they are above We The People.

He Will Never Understand!

Bernie it so good to see that you are paying such close attention to us, and what we are doing.

We know that you say that you don't read our blog, but for someone who doesn't read it you surely know an awful lot of what we're delivering.

Yes, the Coalition is very busy these days, what you failed to say is that we have been very busy from the onset, and we will remain as such until every corrupt official and un-official (namely you) receive the justice due them. 

And we did not once call ourselves the "Gracedale Guardian's", we are the "Gracedale Guardian's", and the watchmen, custodians, keepers, minders, sentinels, sentry's, and any other name you can think of that presents us as "Gracedale Protectors". After all, didn't We The People voted 3 to 1 in favor of keeping our Gem right where it is. Yes we did.

Glasses? you know we don't need glasses. Your confusing us with YOU. Our eyes pan, tilt, and focus as intended, and we see everything. We haven't called Stoffa anything - the email that recently surfaced reveals exactly what he is , and what you are, and what Angle is, and eventually you will all receive JUSTICE.

Take note Bernie - your making Stoffa squirm, you know he doesn't want you bringing him up because then we bring this up...its so good that you are on our side - thanks buddy. :-)

We're not stomping all over poor Ron, why would we do that? We're just always telling the TRUTH. And by the way, Ron didn't lose his seat - HE GOT FIRED!!!

Telling another lie aren't you, COAF is not trashing Easton Mayor Sal Panto, some of our supporters are. Make no mistake about it Bernardo, if we had a problem with the Mayor of Easton or any other city we would stand up to them like we did you, but we personally don't have any issues with him. And if you want to be crystal clear Bernie, your the one causing the Honorable Mayor problems...YES YOU. Now you know why, and you don't need a degree in stupid to understand that, do you?.

Yes you are vermin, and yes it's true you are demented and deranged. OK, yes it's true your pen is twisted and even crooked...but we don't hate you Bernie, you  really got that one wrong. There is no room in our hearts for hate - only Love. We take no pleasure whatsoever in this mess you have created, we are victims of it. But again we boldly have to started the fight - we will finish it. Too bad that you don't like the fact that you are being beat at your own game...too darn bad!

What was that? What did you say? we're not supposed to what? We're not supposed to win...really. Well we're winning - get over it. And yes it is true that when you fight fire with fire you can actually put the fire out, in your case it will be a knock out. Yes, the little guy can sometimes fight better than the big guy...and this is one of those times buddy.

The moral of this story Bernie, is if you don't want to get beat up...don't be a bully, and don't go around starting fights. Talk to ya later chum ;-)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Over Til Team Angle/Ohare Sing

Angle and Ohare, two bully's who enjoyed 12 years of horrifying anyone in the county who spoke up against them with court cases, now find the tide has turned.

This is not a frivolous tactic used to harass them, by no means - they sued us and they should pay our legal fees based on the fact that they lost. We did not want to spend money on legal fees...they forced us to. If they would have won the case we can understand...but they LOST.

We feel that anyone who initiates a suit should pay all cost if they lose, period. One of the reasons that our legal system is so bogged down is that people pay a measly fee to bring an action, and if they lose, oh well, they walk away.

Run fast RON - BERNIE, theres an Otter coming...

...have a seat and enjoy the reading :-)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Trophy For Ferraro - Turkey For Owens

It's truly amazing how everyone who helped Gracedale succeeds, and all who tried to hurt Gracedale fall like humpty dumpty, and cannot get up because they're broken!

Congrats Peg Ferraro

Read what the great ET has to say about  Joe Owens:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Tribute To Sheena Villa

Sheena Villa died tragically on March 24, 2006 as a result of a drunk driver.

I hope not to open any hurtful wounds for the Villa family writing this piece. I do so because I feel compelled to tell the world the TRUTH with certainty that although I never met Sheena myself, she was a very special young lady. And not just to her family, but to all who knew her. I can honestly express this sentiment because today I witnessed firsthand the abundant love shared by hundreds in her memory. That type of abundant love can only be inspired by a very special person.

In my opinion, Sheena was brought into this world by two extremely caring and loving parents - Bill and Angie Villa, who clearly demonstrated their endless love and affection not just for their own children and grandchildren today, but for all their family and friends every day. It was truly heartwarming to observe the unselfish love they displayed to all who attended the memorial dinner this day.

Sadly, after Sheena met her demise, Bill and Angie became Ohare victims who experienced among the most horrible trials and tribulation by way of the twisted pen and mind of Bernard Ohare.

No one ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, absolutely no one deserves the lies and innuendo that idiot spread about them on his twisted blog simply to further his own benefits.

Consider that to the average reasonable person there are boundaries we just do not cross - but to the deranged unstable Ohare, it was not bad enough that Bill and Angie lost their beautiful loving daughter, this demented individual had to open their fresh wounds to pour salt on them, and then laughed as they moaned and groaned in pain. Despicable!!!

How many of you politicians out their have children that you would like to see dragged through the mud and manure by a demented individual? Come on raise your hands - none of you I'm sure! But that is exactly what that idiot Ohare did...drag the Villa family along with Sheena through the filthiest pits he could invent in his warped mind with absolutely no regard for TRUTH! And when any of you associate yourselves with him, well, you condone his actions.

I say respectfully to politicos like the Honorable Mayor Sal Panto of Easton - please take notice sir that the negative responses you have received and/or observed about yourself on this blog do not come from COAF members, but from COAF supporters. They come from the hundreds and thousands of people who knew and loved Sheena, and who know and love Gracedale. I suggest for the sake of your political future - do not sir ignore this fact.

With sincerity I ask you to please understand that just like me (I voted for you Sal), they (the electors) don't understand why you or some other honorable politicians like you would associate yourselves with someone who professes openly (as he does on his blog) to be a BOTTOM FEEDER!

When I along with your electors voted for you sir, we did so because we trusted you. We also believed in you. However, I nor your electors trust BOTTOM FEEDERS...and we certainly do not believe in them - they look out only for themselves and care about no one or anything unless it benefits them.

So now I have to ask on behalf of ALL COAF SUPPORTERS - why would any trustworthy and honorable politico want to associate themselves with that type of vermin? I really don't believe there is a good answer to this question so please don't try to answer it. In my opinion Bernard Ohare already sunk some ships including his own, and he will only continue to sink ships - so if you want your ship sunk, go ahead and associate yourself with him...he will greet you at the bottom.

Bill - it was a true pleasure to meet your wife, your two sons and Mom for the first time. I want to express to you on behalf of the COAF members who were able to attend this event...we had a great time, the food was real tasty, the volunteers were excellent - we can't wait to do it again next year. Know please that Sheena will forever live in our hearts. GOD BLESS.

Rev. Mario Martinez

Does This Sound Like Local Happenings?

Former Pa. state senator to plead guilty in corruption case

By Angela Couloumbis
Inquirer Harrisburg Bureau
Robert J. Mellow served four decades in the Pa. Senate.
Robert J. Mellow served four decades in the Pa. Senate.

"HARRISBURG - Robert J. Mellow, once a top Democrat in the Pennsylvania Senate, has agreed to plead guilty in a federal case in which prosecutors say he played politics on the taxpayers' dime and time.
Authorities on Thursday announced criminal charges against the former legislator, contending he used his state-paid staff for political fund-raising and other campaign work.
Mellow, 69, the onetime Senate minority leader from Lackawanna County who served four decades in the Senate, was charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud and with filing a false income-tax return. He has agreed to plead guilty, said Peter J. Smith, U.S. attorney for the state's middle district, and faces up to five years in prison.
Smith declined further comment on the plea agreement, and disclosed few details of the alleged misdeeds.
"The prosecutor did say that between 2006 and 2010, Mellow and his advisers tapped state-paid staffers to raise money and perform other tasks for Mellow's reelection campaign, and for the campaigns of candidates he supported.
Mellow, Smith said, demonstrated "willful blindness" to the illegal activity and as a public official "had a duty to refrain from the improper use of Senate resources and staff."
Sal Cognetti Jr., Mellow's attorney, declined comment on the charges and the plea deal - except to say that Mellow, for two years, "has been fighting a war on two fronts: the first concerns his health, the second relates to an investigation by the federal government."
Because he "cannot continue to wage battle on both fronts," his attorney said, Mellow has decided "to resolve the dispute with the federal government."
Cognetti would not elaborate on Mellow's health.
Mellow spent more than 20 years as the Senate's top Democrat, and was part of what is now a nearly extinct political leadership group for whom deal-making was as much a part of the job as policy.
He shared power in Harrisburg with the likes of former Democratic State Sen. Vincent J. Fumo - now jailed on federal corruption charges - and, like Fumo, was known for working to ensure that his home territory got a slice of each pie. For Fumo, that territory was Philadelphia; for Mellow it was Scranton and northeastern Pennsylvania.
The charges made public Thursday did not mention controversy that erupted in 2009 over tens of thousands of dollars in rents paid out of state funds for one of Mellow's district offices.
The Inquirer reported in 2009 that Mellow had charged taxpayers more than $200,000 over seven years for renting an office near Scranton in a building co-owned by his wife at the time - and later by himself. Over time, people with ownership stakes in the building also included a longtime Mellow aide.
State law bars public officials from using their posts for financial gain for themselves or their immediate families.
At the time, Mellow said he had done nothing improper.
Soon after, though, the FBI interviewed Mellow's ex-wife about the matter. Mellow announced his retirement in early 2010, saying he wanted to spend more time with family.
That summer, federal agents raided his home and district office. Authorities said they were investigating "alleged illegal activities."
Thursday's charges of campaigning at state expense had an all-too-familiar ring. Since 2007, the state Attorney General's Office has brought similar charges against 25 people in three probes, including the so-called Bonusgate and Computergate cases.
Those prosecutions led to prison terms for former top House Democrat Mike Veon of Beaver County and former Republican Rep. Brett Feese of Lycoming County. Former House Speaker John Perzel (R., Phila.), who pleaded guilty, and Rep. Bill DeWeese (D., Greene), who plans to appeal his conviction, are awaiting sentencing."

Could County Executive John Stoffa be next?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Ron Can Be Your Mirror John

John can look at Ron Angle - the broken man, humiliated by his deeds to see what his own future holds for him.

We The People have been lied to by our trusted County Executive John Stoffa one time too many, and while We The People are not vindictive, we are tired of the deception.

If we want smoke and mirrors John - we'll check out Harry Houdini/Eric Weisz - the best at the game. You know Eric don't you?

But that's not what We The People want guess at what we want, just one guess, come on you can do it. Wrong John, not another deception...we want HONESTY in our government. The type that will tell the truth even when they know We The People won't like it - The TRUTH John, we just want the TRUTH...we can handle it!!!

Explain this John - You told the world that no solicitor or attorney working for the county had ever coached Ron and Bernie relating to their private citizen law suit against the TAX you remember that John -  Explain please this excerpt from your email which was magically posted online by your friend, you know, the one that sometime has lunch with you.

From:John Stoffa

CC :John R. Conklin ;
Wednesday, February 02, 2011 6:20 PM
Subject:RE: Agenda Initiative case

thanks nice job Mark

-----Original Message-----
From:[]Sent: Wednesday, February 02, 2011 5:32 PM
Cc: John R. Conklin; John StoffaSubject:
 Fw: Agenda Initiative case

Ron and Bernie

As you know, Otter filed an Amended Motion to Dismiss in which he argues(1) the Election Code does not apply to initiatives, (2) the Nutter case is somehow applicable and controlling, and (3)the court lacks subject matter jurisdiction because the Election Code does not apply (redundant). As explained below,he's wrong on all points. We've attached the case cited and have previously provided copies of the other casesreferenced.

Note: full email click here:
This email John, was from you to Mark Stewart, praising him for the good work he was doing coaching Ron and Bernie - PLEASE EXPLAIN YOUR WAY OUT OF THIS ONE!

It's all on video John. What will happen now John...will the video disappear?

This is great -  even Angle who claimed he did get email because he does not know how to use a computer is caught in a lie here. Who's email is farmeragnle@hotmail . com?

And Bernie who claimed during a recorded Council meeting that he was never coached by anyone - who's emil is

Is it us...or is it getting hot in here? Step down John before it gets hotter.

Sad Angle :-(

Bo has just painted a picture about Ron Angle in his blog that would make the average person who DOES NOT know Ron want to cry, except that everyone in NorCo at the very least knows of him, and they know better than to believe the manure that Angle has BO shoveling.

  Poor Angle and buddy - reading his favorite during last night cc meeting,
Sheriff Sales!!!
Yes, any one's misery is Angles victory - gobble-em up RON

It's difficult to say the least, to feel like Ron has been railroaded by a Judge. We do not believe that for a second because we know Ron. He walks a crooked line! And he is a despicable man who spoke very belligerently last night to County Council President Mr. Cusick when Cusick respectfully thanked Ron for his comment at the podium.

We believe Ron is beginning to understand that we are all subject to the same rules. Rules that we as a civilized county put in place for all to follow, only Ron feels he does not have to play by the rules - BIG mistake Ron, how's that working for you?

Angle through BO would have you believing that he lost his bid for re-election on June 11, 2010 when he called a jurist, surprisingly BO goes on to call Ron stupid for do so - but that's not why Ron lost...he lost his bid for re-election when he decided to go against the will of We The People.

Let's tell the truth here - COAF representing real people of the county went before Ron when he was County Council President, humbly asking that he reconsider his position on our beloved Gracedale, only to be yelled at and told to sit down and shut up. "You speak at my pleasure" Ron told the group. He chastised the group at every opportunity, but eventually the entire county, state, and country served witness to the historic event - COAF's Gracedale Initiative...the wall that brought Ron's world to a STOP.

Reality dictates that Ron did himself in. He was his own worst enemy, and BO did not help matters with his twisted blog. Ron's selfish greed for more money is what crushed his foundation. His lust for power fogged his view. His lack of kindness and gentleness toward the very people we all love..."our elderly" who can not care or fend for themselves, is what did him in.

We take no pleasure in Ron's current situation, but to expect sympathy from the very people Ron has hurt all his life is possibly asking for to much - to soon.

Ron has to turn from his evil ways and demonstrate through proven action that he is a changed man...but not many who know him in NorCo feel that he will ever change. Hopefully for his own pride he never needs Gracedale...but if he does, that's probably where he will find the Grace of God.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Allentown Has No Answers? What About Stoffa???

Bernie Ohare has a post on his blog about Allentown taxes being diverted from assigned uses to other areas the funds were never intended for.

Shouldn't he instead be asking the County Executive John Stoffa the same thing?

And shouldn't he show Mr. Stoffa the email which clearly shows that Mr. Stoffa new that Eckard Seamans was collaborating with Ohare relating to his private litigation against COAF and the taxpayers of the county that they represented?

SUEING the TAX PAYERS with thier own money!!! Isn't that against the law?

Ladies and gentlemen of NorCo - we couldn't make this up if we wanted to.

Click this link to go to the email:

Mr. Stoffa has some explaining to do...doesn't he???

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Watchmen Are Diligently Watching

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families and all whom have aligned themselves, should be better known as the watchmen who have awaken the people of the village sounding the alarm that harm may be in the wake of morning.

Today, while seen by some in local government like County Executive John Stoffa to be more of a nuisance, they (COAF) truly are caring citizens seeking honest government. We believe it is safe to say that any less than honest politician will despise the group because they continue to shed light, and then hi-light improper actions and behavior on the part of those we have elected to represent us.

With the recent email revelation, the Executive and his staffers must be concerned that the the truth about their wrongful activities has been exposed by a light to bright to extinguish, regardless of the method used to do so.

We The People have elected to office (CC) what We The People believe to be seven of nine bi-partisan honorable men and women to restore trust in government by way of righteous governing, and we have the expectation that they will act as such, and conduct an investigation into the illegal behavior exposed by the email. If the investigation proves our suspicion of wrong doing, then it should be turned over to District Attorney John M. Morgenelli for further review, and possible prosecution.

Mr. Stoffa, We The People are not out on a witch hunt, we are merely holding you up to the standards set forth by The People, for The People. As an elected official of The People at among the highest of levels of local government, we trusted you to act in our best interest, however, you chose instead to defy The People with dishonorable behavior - and for that sir...We The People request that you step down without further scandal.

Note that the level of dishonor brought upon you is less at this point should you chose to follow our request than it will be should you not. The people whom have protected you to this point see for themselves the truth, and can no longer protect you for the hedge has been lifted - to do so will bring them down with you, something they are certainly not willing to allow you to do...NO sir, they will not allow you to bring them down too.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Are Gas Prices Sinking Obama???

BO...the question you should be asking yourself is - DID I REALLY SINK ANGLE? Yes you did buddy. Thanks to you - the ousted councilman is history.

Now ask yourself another question genius, HOW CAN I SINK THE COUNTY EXECUTIVE? Your mental capacity may not allow you to understand this, but your involvement with Stoffa in that recently exposed email may brilliantly become the hole in the hull that sinks his ship. Again we say...thank you for being so smart.

Some advice if we may - lay low and maybe all of this will blow over...perhaps NOT - probably won't because you just can't help yourself.

It simply seems like every time you open your mouth or pen your thoughts you sink somebodies ship, like you once sunk your own, you you became a bottom feeder.

There is a better way chum, seek it or forever eat the manure at the bottom, you know...that garbage that all creation in the world moves.

Keep up the good work, we could not have done it without your intelligence.

Mr. Stoffa - Can You Answer These Questions?

Thanks to Eric Weisz,  our Brother in arms - an email that we were not privileged to or aware of in the past has surfaced, and perhaps this new information can help us get answers to some questions today or tomorrow...but answers MUST come in response to these new facts.

Our new governing body (CC) in good conscience MUST look at this information seriously, and pursue the facts to wherever they lead them, and at the very least should ask the listed questions.

We agree with Eric that the following questions MUST receive answers:

1. How did petitions get from the Elections Office to the Law Offices of Eckert Seamans?

2. Who ordered lawyers and paralegals to review the petitions filed by COAF for the ballot initiative?

3. Why was over $10,000 paid to Eckert Seamans to review petitions as this was not part of the resolution passed by council or really part of the facilitation of the transfer of Gracedale?

4. Why was that work shared with Bernie O' Hare?

5. Why was Bernie O'Hare part of a conference call with John Stoffa and Eckert Seamans?

6. Why did Mark Stewart of Eckert Seamans in an e-mail ask one of his partners how to over come preliminary objections in a case where the county was not a party to the case? This was clearly the petition challenge which was brought by Angle and O'Hare and they represented themselves. Eckert Seamans should not have been involved.

Thank you Eric for your continued effort to bring out the TRUTH. We The People are grateful.

Friday, March 9, 2012


What exactly did we lose? Simply put - an appeal to regain lost funds in a legal battle that we should not have had to spend.

But it's not over until Stoffa sings, and that hasn't happened yet. Stoffa listened to, or conspired with Ron Angle to hurt the very people they were supposed to be serving. And for that reason we will continue our quest to make them pay for the injustices they/he have forced upon us. 

Stoffa better understand, it appears that he may be on his own now. Which simply means that if anyone can serve time next to Bubba for misappropriating tax dollars - it's him...all by himself. Angle again has been crafty enough to let someone else hang for his doings, but not so fast...perhaps he will get tripped up on one of his many other legal issues that will grant him space next to his buddy Stoffa, next to his buddy Bubba.


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Curruption MUST be Stopped!

Rumors of dissension among the COAF ranks are yet another falsehood illusion created by those who desire to collapse Northampton County. The following comment tells the real story:

"The core group of COAF has become a single unit of strength, determination and courage that has dealt with devious people who think nothing of telling lies, twisting the truth and casting doubt about the COAF'S agenda. It doesn't surprise me that they will initiate yet another falsehood. While maintaining our individuality each member of COAF has contributed to the group as a whole in order to achieve the goal of preserving Gracedale for future generations. Every member of COAF will remember the hard work and personal sacrifices it took to give the voters an opportunity to weigh in on Gracedale's future. That effort bonded us together for a lifetime. Knowing that there are still threats to the future of Gracedale by Stoffa and others we are steadfast in our commitment to continue to remain united. For those who say we are" splintering" "arguing" I say---you only wish we were! WE ARE TIGHTER AND STRONGER THAN EVER!!!"

That being said...we MUST continue to press forward to protect and safeguard our gem Gracedale. We have received word that Gracedale is again being set-up for failure - We The People will not allow it to be dismantled - IT WILL NOT HAPPEN ON OUR WATCH.

Those government officials who are responsible for the latest destruction attempt BETTER take notice of the conviction of yet another corrupt politician who believed himself above our laws:

Please read full details:

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Bangor Hero - Frank Addessi

We know that the local papers are worthless when it come to standing up to egomaniacs like Ron Angle - for example, when The People completed the referendum mission, they should have received a trophy from the express times for accomplishing a herculean effort, and Angle/Stoffa should have received turkeys...did they? Absolutely not. The monumental feat was not even fairly covered.

So when we see and hear of a little guy STANDING UP to the the miscreant Angle, someone like Frank Addessi, we have to applaud the moral strength, and the character Mr. Addessi has demonstrated in the face of Angles madness.

"As a member of the Bangor Area School Board, I feel personally compelled to respond publicly to Ron Angle's comments of Monday evening regarding our superintendent. I take issue with Mr. Angle's assertions, as they are not based on anything more than an undisclosed number of anonymous phone calls and conversations. No, names, no examples, no facts — just unsubstantiated accusations."

Well said Mr. Addessi...hip hip hooray


Swaption Is Paid Off With Non Exisiting Funds?

During the Gracedale Initiative saga, Stoffa stated on more than one occasion that there was not enough money in the fund balance to pay off the swaption. To prove that point he allowed the swaption to go from under 10 million to 25+ million dollars. 

His action yesterday proves that Controller Barron was right about the fund balance back then, and the swaption should have been paid off when it was under 10 million.

Now Stoffa is confident that the county can move forward in 2012. After throwing away over 15 million dollars of our (tax payer) money.

To be fair to Stoffa, he was not in office when the swaption was introduced to the County, however, he was in office 2 yrs ago, and could have made a real difference when the swaption was under 10 million - but chose instead to prove a point...a costly point to the tax payers. 

Stoffa will go down in NorCo history as the worst County Executive to ever hold office...and he continues to speak behind closed doors about having the county buy a new building, possibly to put his name on the building before leaving office. Consider the sound - The John Stoffa Building...yeah right!!!