Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finally Going...

I did it all for John!
...We certainly were pleased to hear the great news that Director of Human services, Ross Marcus is finally leaving Northampton County employment, where he earned almost one hundred thousand dollars annually. The news brought joy to the hearts of those directly affected by his poor decisions, as well as his indecision's.

John Stoffa is quoted in the Express Times: "Ross had one of the most difficult Jobs, if not the most difficult in the County". Really? 

Well, if that statement is accurate, then we must ask: Why was it so difficult? Is it possible the job was difficult for Mr. Marcus because he did nothing more than please John Stoffa for seven years? Stoffa also stated: "He (Marcus) has worked hard, has been very loyal to me".

I did it all for John too!
We The People would remind the County that Ross Marcus did not serve "in the best interest" of Northampton County taxpayers (who paid him more than $97,000.00 per year), as Stoffa would lead us to believe. Marcus, rather than dismiss Social Worker Ilisa Sacknoff, who is known by Gracedale residents, and family members alike (under her care). For abusing Alzheimer's afflicted residents at Gracedale. Gave her a promotion with more money instead.

Ms. Sacknoff's title today, according to the County website is: NC C.A.S.S.P Coordinator for Mental Health. She now works under Anne Kline. Who works under Kathleen Kelly. Who works under Ross Marcus. Who works under "Chief Deceiver" John Stoffa.

As we understand it, Ross can't get out fast enough. WND Faith reporter, Michael Volpe, on Augst 24th, 2013 wrote the following story: Kids Snatched "without warrants - without evidence". His story clearly outlines the horrific behavior of all the existing Ilisa Sacknoff's of the nation of America.

Must view the video at the end of the story, to fully understand just how out of control these tax-paid employees are.

Folks of Nor-Co, as most of you know, Ilisa Sacknoff is the reason COAF was born. Because of her we have discovered exactly who County Executive John Stoffa is. By Mr. Stoffa's authority,  Ms. Sacknoff continues her reign of terror within the Human Services Department. Causing insult and injury to the innocent. Throwing the words "Mercy and Justice" (on our county seal) out the window. 

As long as administrators like Ross Marcus, Kathleen Kelly, and Anne Kline remain employed by the county, the corruption that exist will continue, only getting worst over time.



Human Services:  Pennsylvania families demand that Human Services, under the Department of Public Welfare, be totally reformed so that family members are not wrongfully taken away from their loved ones by overly-aggressive and often vindictive County Agencies – Children and Youth, Developmental Programs, Aging, and every set of non-elected government employees who wrongfully assume the power of law enforcement and destroy innocent families.  We are citing the Danieal Kelly case, where 16 people were convicted of charges related to the death of this 14 year-old child with cerebral palsy.  She was starved to death in squalid conditions.  Those convicted included DHS caseworkers and contractors from provider agencies.  A former DHS caseworker was sentenced to up to 15 years in jail.


Across the nation and around the world, we receive reports that elected and hired bureaucrats, like John Stoffa, Ross Marcus, Kathleen Kelly, Ann Kline, Ilisa Sacknoff, Elizabeth Miller, and Donna Reeck are leaving wounded bodies along the roadside."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Truth About Gracedale...

...According to the 2012 budget, Gracedale is but a drop in the bucket. Meaning, it is a small percent (less than 2%) of a huge three hundred and fifty million dollar budget.

What we find interesting (which no one would know unless you examine the budget) is: there was a 5.2% increase in the budget from 2011 to 2012. The monetary difference was $17,523,300.00. That's seventeen million plus!

Even if the "Three Amigos" want to blame the difference on Gracedale, they can't! Using John Stoffa's approved numbers in the budget (we have recently seen his numbers don't add up). The Gracedale contribution was a few beans above 7 million (because of a $3,683,671.00 increase). Well, wait a minute! What caused such a extreme increase from one year to the next? Hmmm! Poor leadership starting at  the top? Yes, of course!

That's not all folks. The shocker is: that still leaves a difference of a few beans over 10 million unaccounted for. The ten million dollar question is: What cost 10 million over the budget? They can't blame an additional ten million on Gracedale! Show us the money trail John!

I want my cut!
Now let's consider that Gracedale serving humanity, is but a small amount in a 350 million dollar budget. Yes folks, $351,907,200.00 to be exact! Why does John Stoffa continue to pursue the sale of Gracedale? We don't know. However,  it leads us to ask: What's in it for Stoffa?

If you listen to the three amigos, Gracedale, a taxpayer desired service, is blamed as a grand culprit in a $350 million budget. However, at 2% of the budget it is but a drop in the bucket.

And folks, if we listen to Chris Miller (forth amigo); we would dump (his words, not ours) Gracedale. So we can spend hundreds of millions on some project he endorses. Really!!! We The People, you remember us Chris, the taxpayers. We don't think so!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Why Was O'Hare Disbarred?

That's a one penny question.

A recent comment asked: "Does anyone know why O'Hare wasn't prosecuted for forgery when he signed his client's name to a contract without his knowledge or consent ?"

We cannot explain why he was not incarcerated. However, he was prosecuted and found guilty of a multitude of charges outlined below.

We can only suggest that perhaps his fathers influence as a Northampton County District Attorney may have been the reason. To understand the type of influence his father had (whom we believe, unlike Bernie, was an honorable man). You can read the Morning Call article linked below. It outlines O'Hare seniors life accomplishment, as a tribute to him after his passing.

READ: Who Was O'Hare Sr.

What we can tell you with confidence is that Bernard V. O'Hare III is a mentally deranged individual. He, like John Stoffa and Ron Angle, is a liar. Now, we're not saying that to call him names, we don't believe such behavior. We're saying so, first, because he continues to lie on his blog about us, and others as well. And secondly (most importantly), because he has been labeled:

"dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude."

That was the conclusions of the PA Supreme Court.

Must prove he is no longer emotionally disturbed.
As we understand it, Bernie's Attorney, in a report to the PA Supreme Court, reported that O'Hare was suffering from "Serious Emotional Problems". Hence, the reason Bernie was purposefully sabotaging civil litigation involving grieving, tragedy-stricken families.

Bernie could request reinstatement. However, reinstatement was conditional. He would have to submit medical reports as evidence he no longer suffers emotional dysfunction. Thus, he would have to prove that he is no longer emotionally unstable.

The reality that Bernie has never sought reinstatement is evidence that he still is emotionally unstable. His behavior, as seen by all of us in Northampton County. Proves that he does have a problem distinguishing between reality and the fiction that goes on continuously in his deranged mind.

Bernie, like John Stoffa and Ron Angle, is EVIL. He seeks to hurt and defame good citizens with his lies and innuendo. Most people go away because they don't want to be victims at the end of Bernie's pen.

We promised Bernie long ago, that as long as he continues to tell lies about us (COAF), we will continue to exposed the truth about him! And again we say:
We're not going away!!!

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Manipulator...

...John Stoffa was exposed once again during last nights County Council meeting as a liar.

What amazes us is that the media, we're talking the Express Times and WFMZ69, with full knowledge that Stoffa has been caught in several lies already. Takes his word as truth, and feeds it to the taxpayers as such.

Stoffa is simply manipulating the media to serve his own purposes. He wants to make it appear as if he cares about the County. But does he? Of course not!

When he sat with COAF at the 911 building, and made us believe that he was a good guy and Ron Angle was a very bad man, actually telling us some interesting stories about Ron. We too believed him! But we haven't believed him since we discovered he is a liar then, and thereafter.

So why is it the media simply takes his word at face value? His word isn't worth a nickel!

With the knowledge that Stoffa has been exposed in his lies more than once, you would think the media would verify what he says before they run the story, but they don't. Why not? Well, perhaps they're in bed him?

The media in America really isn't worth the paper they write anymore. Especially the Express Times. John Stoffa says it so...Jim Deegan feels it must be so! Otherwise, why Would Stoffa say it so, Right?

Hey Jim - Maybe because Stoffa is a liar. Do you get that!!!

He's lied to COAF, Council, Taxpayers, and you too. You're just to smart too understand that. You can't see beyond your nose, or beyond Stoffa. What does that say about your reporting?

County Council Meeting 080113 - The Truth

MCall Story - Norco Council overrides Stoffa on Gracedale ambulance service

Express Times Nonsense

Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Bigot Speaks...

...And what he says is insulting, not just to me and all Puerto Ricans in Lehigh Valley, but also to all races and nationalities all over the world.

He says on his blog: "You just can't have rational discussions with these people".

In a politically correct world, you know, the one we live in. I have to ask: Who exactly is Bernie O'Hare referring to when he says: "These people?" Me???

I have to believe so because he mentions me specifically. I can assure all of Northampton County that he has never ever attempted to have a rational discussion with me about anything.

The times that I have initiated civil and respectful communication with Bernie, he has responded to me with dirty profanity. He knows it's true. In fact, during a Nor-Co County Council meeting he is overheard belittling me for asking him how he was doing. Despicable!

Hmmm??? That's interesting.
I get the feeling he really wants to hurt me, and I suspect that if he could get away with it, he would. 

Yes it's true that I called him out before on this blog, but only because I was tired of his threats. But me? I don't even have the time to dislike Bernie.

If he  ever presents me the opportunity for civil discussion, I would share the Gospel with him.

If instead however, he would prefer to hurl fists at me, well then, I would invite him to do so for charity at Frank Pintabones Boxing Gym. We can do it for charity. All proceeds can be donated to the gym. I'm game, and I'm sure Frank can put it together.

We can invite all the local dignitaries like the Honorable Mayor Sal Panto, Mayor John Callahan, all of Norco County Council, City Council, and on and on. Oh! Let's not forget the deceiving John Stoffa. He can come watch his  Amigo humiliated in the ring.

I'm sure we can all have a great time! Well, except for Bernie. It's no fun being a loser.

Think of the headline:

 The Disbarred Loser Vs. The Rev

Hey Frank: What do you think?

A Baby Cries!

Stop your crying John, it doesn't yield results!
Ron Angle left County Council a defeated man, head facing the floor.

John Stoffa may still be in office (for the moment), but he too is a defeated man.

The difference between the two is that Angle knows he was defeated. And realized that crying doesn't help, so he stopped crying.

John Stoffa on the other hand continues to cry like a little baby. He stomps his feet and throws his tantrums to no avail. Nothing he has done has helped him succeed in his diabolical scheme to throw the widows and orphans of the county under a bus. To throw Gracedale under a truck. And most recently to throw Millard D. Freeman and his management team under a tractor.

John Stoffa is loyal only to John Stoffa!

It certainly seems like John is very aware that time is running out. He is desperate to accomplish what has become his legacy...

...Destroy Gracedale.

Tom Shortell said it best yesterday when he penned:
"Stoffa, who is begrudgingly operating the nursing home after voters opposed it's sale in a 2011 voter referendum".

That fabulous statement reveals the TRUTH, and exposes John Stoffa for the liar that he is. On Business matters (after he lost the vote) John Stoffa said: "the people have spoken" and "we have to make it work".

Well, if Mr. Shortell is correct (in this instance we believe he is), then Stoffa has been scheming all along, not to make Gracedale work, but to make her fail!

And it certainly appears that when Stoffa shared his plot with Ross Marcus, Mr. Marcus thought it best not to be around when this volcanic obsession is released. He decided to camouflage his job search as a vacation.

Or perhaps Ross Marcus is tired of misleading the poor taxpayers. That would be a good question to ask Ross upon his return. Well, we're not sure when he'll be back to answer some questions (if at all).

...John Stoffa's career was over the moment that he sued the taxpayers - using tax resources. He should actually suffer the same fate as Joan Orie Melvin. There is nothing he can do to change that fact now. Wait a minute, yes there is...

...He can RESIGN!

COAF was determined then, and is more determined today to expose John Stoffa as the conniver he is! And we continue to wait patiently!!! Justice will prevail by eventually catching up with Stoffa.

Stoffa Lied Before...

...Stoffa Lies again!

Hmmm...What did I say yesterday?
We looked up the word LIAR in Merriam-Webster's dictionary. And guess what it says a liar is?

John Stoffa.

That's right Folks! It says a liar is a person that tells lies. That's John Alright!

Tom Shortell and the Express Times, who in our opinion says: How high? Whenever John orders them to jump, ran a story yesterday about Gracedale that we all know are Stoffa's half truths and outright lies.

John Stoffa needs help!

He really does! We did some research to discover why people like Stoffa tell the lies they do. We discovered that it depends on the reasons they are telling lies.

So what is the Difference Between a Pathological (John Stoffa), a Compulsive, a Chronic, and a Habitual Liar?

A pathological liar is usually defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little (if any) concern for others. 

DING...DING...DING - Does that sounds familiar?

Pathological lying is often viewed as coping mechanism developed in early childhood and it is often associated with some other type of mental health disorder.

liar photo: liar liar_zps2750d1cc.jpg
Does John know his pants are on FIRE?
A pathological liar is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused - it is done to get one's way). Pathological liars have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. A pathological liar often comes across as being manipulative, cunning and self-centered.

This would be someone who has psychopathic tendencies.

That definitely sounds like stoffa. Over the last five years he has lied to COAF, and to County Council, and to the taxpayers. We all know it!!!

Lady Justice is around the corner John. You will trip easily on the stand John, because you won't be able to remember  all your past lies.

You will pay for your misconduct. And when it happens, you will have no one to blame but yourself!