Friday, July 22, 2011

Evidence That They Are STILL Not Listening

Talk about service cuts and job cuts...but not about how to resolve the issue. It is quite clear now that Stoffa is the chief culprit destroying our beloved Gracedale.

People of NorCo we voted 3 to 1 in favor of keeping Gracedale, we must now prepare to do what we must do because it is very visible that Stoffa and company are not going to save Gracedale, no...they are scheming to decimate and annihilate her.

We The People gave CC and the Executive a mandate by the power of our vote which evidently they have chosen to ignore. Stoffa publicly told CC that their vote does not matter, now by his actions or lack of actions he is telling us the same.

We The People must take action to correct this corruption. Yes, we're calling it corruption, what else can we call it? If Stoffa and/or CC are incapable of doing their jobs...step out or be forced out. Your BOSS "The People" are informing you that you must use the pot or get off it. We The People will not stand idly by - test our resolve again, We The People will make history again!!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

When Will "We The People" Learn?

We in Northampton County have a local government that is truly a joke.

Stoffa told Cusick that he would have a management team in place by May 18, if in fact the Gracedale Initiative was passed by the peoples vote. And accordingly, that was the reason that he chose to veto council. He spoke confidently indicating that he was already working toward that goal.

Ladies and gentalmen of NorCo - today is July 18, two months past Stoffa’s self imposed deadline and guess what? NO MANAGEMENT TEAM!!! Now they are talking about August 18th. On August 18th they will in all probability establish another date, and another, and another, SICKENING.

It stands to reason that perhaps the real problem lies in the fact that no one on CC is holding Stoffa accountable. Shouldn’t it be simple to hold someone accountable when they set their own timelines? Absolutely! So we have to ask why is it that no one is pressing him to do the will of the people. The People have issued a mandate by the power of their vote…but what can we expect? Stoffa telling The People that their vote does not matter just as he told CC. This is truly a despicable joke.

If “We The People” don’t press Stoffa ourselves, who will? Perhaps it’s time to begin serious consideration of what seems to be the only course of action that Stoffa is disposed or inclined to understand. Perhaps by such an action he will reconsider and begin working in accordance to the will of The People, or find himself a disgraced directorial. Whatever we do, we must act timely…for the health and well being of Gracedale is dependent on the determination of The People. Make no mistake about it, Stoffa too is determined, but he is unquestionably on a path in favor of the slow and painful destruction of Gracedale, not it’s well being.

Two obvious questions we must ponder:

1. Are we as a humane populace willing to allow Gracedale to be destroyed by Stoffa and company? 
...If not  
2. What are “We The People” (as a force to be reckoned with) prepared to do to prevent the existing and ongoing decimation of Gracedale?

In the opinion of many, these questions must have viable answers by August 18th, or the intentional slow decay of this facility will become a rapid reality.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

If I Could Take Back One Vote - Or Two - Or Three...

Anyone following the Gracedale saga knows that County Council has reversed their decisions time and time again. That course of action is a clear indication that instead of considering and reviewing what comes before them, they simply react with anticipated responses.

Recently it was reported that CC voted 8-0 in favor of an matter relating to farmland preservation, only to reverse itself yet again by a 6-1 vote. And to make matters worst, once again the incompetent executive John Stoffa was quoted in ET saying that the the councils vote means nothing. Stoffa believes that the grant is irreversible. How quickly he forgets that all his erroneous beliefs went out the window with the force of ONE in his face relating to to the Gracedale initiative.

We must admit that at one time we fell for the lure that Stoffa was a smart, or better said an intelligent man, but he continues to be his own worst nightmare, bewildering himself and continuously demonstrating imbecile thinking that leads us to the conclusion that he is in fact incompetent.

ET wrote that "the about face was surprising for most of council", WHAT!!! Who voted? Wasn't it council who cast the vote? Then unless they are much less than averagely smart, how can they be confounded by their own votes. And then Mrs. Thierry who we think is a nice lady but a poor excuse for a councilperson goes on record saying that she did not know enough about it when she voted, and if she could take back a vote that would be it. Whaaattt!!!!! When you know something you say you know something, and when you don't know you say that you don't know, request time for research and review, and if not granted you abstain for the obvious reasons. It's really not rocket science, just common sense.

County Council, or any other governing body for that matter is to look forward, considering all possibilities, analyzing data presented, and after all is carefully considered, they must decide on what is genuinely best for ALL of their constituents. When will they finally get it?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Email From The Good Folks Of Bangor

Does this surprise anyone?
We received this email from a Bangor resident:

"Bangor Boro and it's Zoning Officer have repeatedly been denied access to inspect the rental properties subject to boro ordinances of one Ron Angle. This has been a problem for many months and now the boro will be taking their case to court to force Mr. Angle to comply. The court cases are scheduled for early September. This will cost the taxpayers of Bangor money but we refuse to let a landlord dictate policy and refuse to comply with local laws that are in place for health and safety reasons."

We The People of NorCo believe that Bangor like any other municipality has the right to condemn any property that does not conform to and/or comply with health and safety ordinances as mandated by the municipality. If Mr. Angle believes he can defy Bangor government, show him by stern decisive action that he can not - condemn his nonconforming properties. Then if he does not like the rules let him go out and collect 23k petition names to challenge and change the laws. We all know he will not succeed.

Friday, July 1, 2011