Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Nonsense...

...Is spewing out of the mouth of the nonsensical ignoramus.

Get a load of this - John Stoffa is in charge of the county, but, when the bridges are falling down, according to the king of nonsense, that's Mr. McClure's fault. Yeah Right!!!

John Stoffa has neglected the entire county, that too is Lamont's fault.

I think we should blame Lamont for everything!
Check this out:
  • Gracedale has been neglected for years and is in need of repairs - blame Lamont.
  • County building have been neglected for years - blame Lamont.
  • The bridges have been neglected for years - blame Lamont.
We're sure that Lamont is responsible for something, but, come-on folks. Is it even possible that Lamont is responsible for Stoffa's failure's? We think not! Reality is - we all own our own failure's. The nonsensical-ignoramus for example, is a supreme court declared liar and loser who's failures are his own failures, no one else's.

John Stoffa has much to be ashamed of, starting with his alignment to the likes of Ron Angle and Bernard O'Hare. All three of these poor excuses for anything have out-right lied to us, and continue to do so today.

John Stoffa's failure (which are many) belong to him. All Stoffa's has to do is own up to them. He won't because he has no self respect. Only a real man of honor would own up to his failures, and certainly John Stoffa doesn't even know how to spell the word honor.

Mr. Stoffa - regardless what your henchman say's, you are the one are the greatest failure Nor-Co has ever had the displeasure of electing.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Freedom Isn't FREE!

We take many things for granted, and certainly our freedom is one of those things.

The sacrafice of a leg, an arm, a hand, an eye, or ultimately a life is the price of our freedoms.

Today is the day we as a society have chosen to pay tribute to our troops, and offer our thanks to those who have served to protect our freedoms, and especially those who have truly paid the ultimate price.

May God Bless ALL
Happy Memorial Day

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Stoffa Is Still Lying!

John Stoffa is still trying to SELL Gracedale. There's just no question about it.

On Business Matters all three lying Amigo's said that taxes would have to go up if Gracedale was kept in county hands, remember that? But taxes didn't go up, did they? Not even after paying out 27.5 million on the swaption that Stoffa was too stubborn to buy out of when it was more reasonable.

Both, Ron Angle and John Stoffa are like two little vindictive brats that must get their way, or away they walk with the ball, even if the ball is not theirs.

Why can't they understand that Gracedale belongs to the taxpayers, who overwhelmingly told the public servants what they want. The taxpayers also told Angle where to go, and if Stoffa would have decided to run, they would have told him where to go too.

The people are so fed up with these two lying culprits. We also wonder why anyone would be asking Angle anything about this. The Express Times wants everyone to believe that they are neutral, but they continue to show favor for Stoffa and Angle, listen to what Stoffa says through the ET:

liar photo: Liar Liar.jpg"County Executive John Stoffa, believes that despite the improvements ushered in under Premier, Gracedale will continue to hemorrhage money. State and federal reimbursement rates have declined for years, and the trend will leave the county unable to fill the gap without substantially increasing taxes. He blamed his administration for not doing enough to educate voters on why county government should not be involved in the nursing home business."

The fact is, Stoffa and his administration did everything they could to lie to the people, presenting all kinds of deceptions but, COAF was in his face with the TRUTH, and the TRUTH prevailed.

Folks, Stoffa's intent is to pave the way for the next executive to sell our Gem. In our opinion, for all the wrong Stoffa has done he should be prosecuted.

Just remember - we told you before...we were right. We're telling you again...don't let it happen!

Read ET: Gracedale - Two Years Later

Friday, May 24, 2013

Stoffa Continues To...

...Play his games!

DA John Morganelli " I don't understand it"
Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli has filed a court action against John Stoffa again.

The DA said: "I don't understand it, they're just sitting there and ignoring the court order."

I like sitting on my hands!
That's Stoffa's method of operation. If he doesn't want to do something, he just ignores it. We suspect he thinks that by ignoring will go away. Stoffa tried to ignore us...but, we didn't go away either.

READ: Back to court!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Evolution Of Tax Increses...

...Precinct's that voted for John Callahan are responsible for the upcoming tax increases.

Of the three candidates, only one vowed not to raise taxes...Lamont McClure.

But that's okay, when taxes go up - for whatever the reason (they will make one up if necessary), hopefully all those precincts who voted to have their taxes increased won't complain.

If they do...we will remind them that they voted to have their taxes go up when they voted for John Callahan. 

We'll have to wait and see what happens in November, but, we're almost certain (based on past history) that he will raise taxes in Northampton County just like he did in Bethlehem, and when he does - don't complain...You voted for it.

They best not blame Gracedale - for Gracedale has nothing to do with it.

"District Officials Ignore His Opinions"

...Whose opinion are we talking about?

Life is know - the way it works!

Call Gracedale a RAT-HOLE, that should be ignored...So Ron Angle said and thought.

Remember that? When Chris Miller outright called Gracedale a RAT-HOLE.

Well, Chris Miller too, thought that we should just ignore his distasteful statement. But how could we? Our loved-ones resided at Gracedale, you know...the Rat-Hole.

Well, just like a baby he is now crying, because no one wants to play with him. He took his ball and left...WHAT? WHY?

WHAAA, no one is paying any attention to me - WHAAA!!!

What Mr. Miller doesn't get is: he talks down to people.

For some moronic reason he thinks he know everything, and everyone else is simply stupid.

What a baby...check out:
Chris Miller Skips-out-of-school-board-meeting

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Day After...

...Certainly we believe in the voice of the majority - So we take our hat off to Mr. Callahan for securing a position in the November General Election.

Our choice...Lamont McClure - has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. We all understood from the beginning that with limited financial resources the odds of a win were small. As Mr. McClure stated during his final remarks however, we achieved our goal:

"My friends, what an adventure this has been. We have achieved in this race our primary goal, we, the folks here who supported us, the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families, our friends, the Gracedale employees, and others. We, have achieved the goal of keeping the issue of Gracedale front and center...And, we have through our strong advocacy during this campaign, been able to get most of the major candidates to make a solemn pledge, to never sell Gracedale."

Now, it's time to move forward!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Well...It's Almost Over.

...And it seems the nonsensical ignoramus is a little bit nervous. How do we know? Because he already started his childish name calling again. He's such a big BABY!

It seems that whenever the nonsensical ignoramus gets flustered, he commences to call people names. But he is so ignorant that he doesn't understand that nobody cares.

And he really needs to get over the Gracedale initiative. Someone needs to explain to him that he lost that fight.

He really became belligerent on his blog when someone presented some sort of "exit poll" expressing that Lamont was ahead of Callahan. We don't believe in any of those polls, but it surely wound him up  the nonsensical ignoramus. Bla-bla-bla he said.

Good luck with your future Bernie!

We'll report on the election results later tonight.

Get Out And Vote...

...For Lamont McClure.

More Disturbing News...

...About Mayor Callahan's Character.

As you all may know by now, on Friday Mr. Callahan  endorsed William Reynolds for Mayor of Bethlehem.

Well first, pay close attention to what BO says he did:  "In fact, Callahan criticized himself for not speaking out sooner. "I chose not to get involved because I have my own race to run," he explained, adding that he had intended to remain neutral."

This is exactly what Callahan did with Gracedale during the "Gracedale Initiative". He chose not to get involved, instead he wanted to sit on the fence to see what would happen. He then strategize how the outcome could help his political future. If the referendum failed he could say: I was not in favor of keeping Gracedale, that's why I did not support the initiative. But, if the referendum passed, he could go on record saying that he feels Gracedale should not be sold, and announce his intention to run for County Executive at Gracedale.

BO also admits and points out that: "Getting involved will hurt Callahan among some Donchez supporters who might have considered voting for Callahan. He's already being criticized by opponent Lamont McClure. "The mayor now wants to instruct you on who the next mayor of Bethlehem should be".

Well, again we have to say that BO wrote much about Callahan's character during his run against Charlie Dent (who BO favored at the time). Now Bo wants us to believe that Callahan's character is good...he has changed. Well, lets explore that possibility...

Mayor John Callahan - 2nd from left

After Callahan's endorsement of Willie Reynolds, what did Mayor Callahan do? He drove his municipal vehicle over to Steels Pub on the South side of Bethlehem, where he enjoyed (according to the information we received) a few drinks with a few others.

And then what did he do? Well, when it was time to go, he got behind the wheel (of his taxpayer car) and went to, of all events, a Police Memorial.

Folks, we're not making this up! And we're certainly not saying that Mayor Callahan shouldn't enjoy a few glasses of beer if he desires to. What we're  saying is he should act responsibly, and make good sound decisions.

He is running for the highest elected position in the County...he must be an example for all to follow...Is this really the example we want our youth to follow (or anyone else for that matter)?

To add insult to injury, BO posted two pictures of Mayor Callahan before going to the pub, the 1st) looks like the two guys behind Callahan are ready to catch him if he falls, and the 2nd) Looks like Mayor Callahan is sleeping standing up. Again we say, we're not making this up...go to the other blog and check out the pictures (hopefully he doesn't removed them because we pointed this out) - then tell us we're wrong.

A Day To Lift Your Voice...

While many folks chose not to vote during the primary, COAF and I would like to urge all electors to get out and VOTE.

Your right to VOTE should not be taken for granted. When it is, the wrong people get elected.

Throughout this election period COAF and I have endorsed and supported:

Lamont McClure for County Executive

...Simply because he proved himself to us. Of the four candidates running for this office, Lamont McClure is the only one who stood tall to be counted regarding the safety of Gracedale.

It's also important to point out that by his action to protect Gracedale, even at the risk of ridicule and name calling by the DISBARRED ATTORNEY Bernard O'Hare III, (practicing attorney) Mr. McClure has endured, and continues his pledge to protect Gracedale. That to me demonstrates he truly CARES!

Also note that of the three D's, he is the only one who promised not to raise taxes. The reason (I believe) he could make such a promise is: He knows there is no valid reason to raise taxes.

The question is: why wouldn't the other D's make the same promise? Is it possible they have a hidden agenda which will require raising taxes? Only they know the answer to that question. And only the future will tell.

Lamont seeks solutions to problems, and he has an excellent record of finding them.

That's why I support:
The People's Friend...
Lamont McClure
For County Executive

Regardless of how you feel about politics or about the running candidates, get out and VOTE today. Help make a difference!


Monday, May 20, 2013

COAF Supports...

For County Council:
Peg Ferraro
Ron Heckman
Jerry Seyfried
Seth Vaughn
Deb Hunter

For County Executive:
Lamont McClure

And For Judge:
Jen Sletvold

The Time Is Near...

...To make the greatest difference we can make - relating to our local Government.

The removed Angle. The going, going Stoffa...
...and the - I'm just such a failure, O'Hare
Consider that in 2010, we had a tyrant as president of our County Council - Ron Angle. Supported by a "keep a low profile" tyrant County Executive, John Stoffa. Supported by the twisted blogger, Bernard O'Hare III. 

In 2011 we removed Angle, along with a few of his worthless followers.

Our committed effort to the citizens of our county, with special regards for our helpless elderly, sickly seniors, and our fatherless children did not end, the fruits of that tree will be realized this year when Stoffa is removed from office. We say: "when he is removed", because he could not win if he ran for a third term...we would not allow it! Hence the reason he wisely chose not to run.

We said we were in the process of cleaning house, and four out of five incumbents took us seriously, so much so, they too decided not to run. 

Our unprecedented and dedicated effort to restore honor, honesty, dignity, integrity, loyalty, and respect back into the ranks of our elected servants in Nor-Co is soon to be realized...Soon! 

On May 21, 2013, We The People will  provide the right folks the opportunity to run for elected office in November. And then, in November, We The People will effect the greatest change in recent Northampton County political history.

The beginning of that change started in 2011 with the removal of Angle, but, does not end this will continue into the future of our great county.

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families support members of ALL parties because we do not believe solely in party, but more importantly, in the character of the public servant.

Lamont McClure, regardless what anyone says about him, has served our County well, with exemplified character.

When Mr. McClure initially spoke in favor of keeping Gracedale as a service to humankind in Northampton County, he spoke of "Moral Obligation", something that no other candidate has addressed. That to us is honorable.

When he was faced with lies and deceit, he overcame his wicked adversaries with the TRUTH. That to us is integrity.

When he was ridiculed and called names by his unfriendly foes, he turned red in the face, however, he maintained his composure by humbling himself. That to us is respect.

When the "Peoples" friend (Lamont McClure) was told that there was nothing he could do to save Gracedale, he rolled up his sleeves and said: If its a fight you want, a fight you will get...but, selling Gracedale is not an option. That to us is loyalty.

That's why We The People support:

The People's Friend...
Lamont McClure
For County Executive

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Disturbing News...

...Relating to one of the four candidates for Northampton County Executive - Who?..John Callahan? YES...John Callahan.

First, we feel the need to extend a heartfelt and humble apology to Mafalda, Sarah, John and Evan. It is not our intent to hurt you or your family in any way, please know that. And we hope that you can understand that. We have done what we can to protect your address and telephone number, but we also feel we must disclose this information.

The taxpayers and electors have a right to ask these questions before the County Executive election. Your husband, and father, is running for a position in our local government, which demands and requires the highest standards of integrity, honesty, and moral values. This is not an attack, it is a quest for the truth.

Please view this document, which was legally discovered through the "right to know" law:

We have some questions that must be asked based on the evidence outlined in this document.

First, is it true that Mrs. Jackson was a contributor to Mr. Callahan's campaign? If so, is that why she called Callahan instead of a relative at 3:05 a.m. in the morning to get her out of the tank?

Or...were they both hanging out at a local establishment enjoying cocktails? And then made the poor decision to climbed behind the wheel and drive their vehicles under the influence of Alcohol?

We know she was caught doing so, but was Callahan also under the influence?

Product DetailsIs it true that Mr. Callahan asked the releasing officer if he knew who Callahan was (meaning Mayor COB)?

If he asked that question, what was the intent of the question?

Does John Callahan have a problem with alcohol?

What example is he setting for our posterity? And what does Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) think about Mr. Callahan's behavior?

These are just a few legitimate questions we feel must be asked!

We need answers to these questions, especially after all the negative information disseminated by the other blog about Mr. Callahan relating to the same issue.

More to come!

Friday, May 17, 2013

A friendly Message...

Dear Friends:

Since we can remember Bethlehem has not had a single hauler trash system. People are free to choose who they wish to do business with in the city. John Callahan thinks you should have to use the hauler he selects for you.

While Northampton County has a state of the art 911 system, I respect Bethlehem's wishes to handle their own emergency management. John Callahan made 911 services a pawn in recent budget talks.

The mayor now wants to instruct you on who the next mayor of Bethlehem should be.

The mayor's fiscal mismanagement, irresponsible borrowing of federal funds to pay day to day expenses and the looming fiscal crisis that faces whoever is elected mayor of Bethlehem is a legacy that should not be rewarded.

That is why May 21st I hope that you will vote for me. Leave the pay-to-play politics, the strong arm policy positions and tax increases in the past.

Thank you for your support!


Lamont McClure

The "End-Run" Stoffa...

...Is headed back to court.

It just seems unreasonable that County Executive John Stoffa would attempt to circumvent the authority Council.

The matter in question is one of sheer arrogance on the part of John Stoffa. Some will say: You guy's are always critical of Stoffa - And we would say: That's because Stoffa is always attempting to do something that does not align itself with our laws.

County Council voted twice in six months to keep Nazareth Ambulance in place. John Stoffa doesn't like the decision made by County Council, so instead of honoring Councils decision, what does he do? He attempts to over-rule their decision with another scheme.

But...lead by Lamont McClure's insight in our "Home Rule Charter", Stoffa is being sued again, this time by County Council.

While we're not certain why Bob Werner voted against the resolution (he offered no explanation), the County Solicitor has been mandated to file a court action against John Sotffa by a 7-1 vote (Bruce Gilbert was absent).

Listen to what some had to say:

 A True Leader - Leading!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Stealing is Stealing!

Whys is it that when John Stoffa or Kathleen Kelly steal tax funds by misusing the resources available to them, O'Hare thinks it's okay?

But when Amy Fields does it in Upper Mount Bethel it's not okay! Hypocrisy and insanity comes to mind. In the Fields case, O'Hare's says in a May 14 post: "Last week, she made full restitution, with money borrowed from one of the Supervisors (sounds like Marcus chipping in). Because Judy Henckel is facing a re-election contest, the hope was that this would quietly go away."

Was Kathleen Kelly on this cruise
using tax dollars? Hmmm.
Stealing really is stealing. When Kathleen Kelly decided to misuse tax dollars, she knew very well what she was doing. Did she care? Absolutely not! Why not? Because she has cover - John Stoffa and Ross Marcus.

Last night, because our County Controller Stephen Barron presented the truth about some MORE "MISUSE" of taxpayer funds, he is ridiculed by the "Court Established" demented Bernard O'Hare III.

Be quiet - Don't get caught!
O'Hare acknowledges that Mr. Barron discovered that Kathleen Kelly has been illegally charging the county for artwork at the new human services building saying:

"So Barron decides to look over the expense sheets of Gregory's bosses, and discovers they were illegally charging the County for artwork at the new human services building."

"ILLEGALLY CHARGING THE COUNTY" - Those are O'Hare's words, not ours. So instead of calling for an inquiry, O'Hare slams that man who discovered the illegal activity. And folks, get this...Ross Marcus, and some unnamed supervisors decide to dip into their own pockets to cover up the illegal activity. How do we know that? Because O'Hare tells us so:

"When Barron complained that this incidental expense is improper, Marcus and other Human Services supervisors simply dug into their own pockets and paid for the prints themselves."

That sounds like Stoffa-Gift...when John Stoffa agreed to pay back $700.00 dollars of misused tax dollars, and then called it a gift, when we (on this blog) pointed out that the payment was actually an admission of guilt.

See...this is the problem folks, and the reason that so much internal "Illegal" activity takes place within our local governments. When our county leaders like John Stoffa are misusing tax funds, why shouldn't a subordinate misuse tax resources too? And if big deal, we'll all just chip in to put it back and it will all go away. NO IT WON'T.

STEALING IS STEALING folks, unless of course you work for John Stoffa, then it's okay. Just don't get caught or they'll have to put it back.

Note that the only reason they are willing to put it back is because they took it in the first place. It does not belong to belongs to the taxpayers.

O'Hare, in his May 14 post about Amy Fields also says: "I know one county employee who got caught stealing and was given a second chance. She then stole $80,000."

Our questions is: How long do We The People have to wait before the proper law enforcement authorities do something about ALL this blatant ILLEGAL ACTIVITY?

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Lamont McClure Says:..

...I Will Not Raise Your Taxes in My First Term... 

...Our Opponents Won't Make the Same Pledge!

Dear Friends:

I am truly the only candidate who won’t raise your taxes. Recently, I asked Mr. Callahan a second time if he will take a pledge with me to not raise taxes in his first term as county executive and he refused.

I am the only candidate in this race who has not voted for a tax increase.

By comparison, Mr. Reibman increased your taxes 64% as County Executive, John Callahan has increased taxes 43% during his time on Bethlehem City Council and as Mayor.

They won't take the pledge because their fall back positions have always been to raise taxes.

My plan calls for the hiring of a Community and Economic Development Director, protecting and maintaining Gracedale as a county run home and protecting open space and environmentally sensitive lands while not raising your taxes.

That’s leadership you can believe in that will move Northampton County Forward. I appreciate your support and don’t forget to vote May 21st, 2013.


Lamont McClure