Sunday, October 30, 2011

Define A True Leader

A true leader is someone who understands and lives life in line with their purpose. Someone who is authentic, who has a clear sense of their own personal values and is seen by others to embody those values. Someone who believes in giving first, with no expectation of a return. Someone who inspires others to follow their example, just by being themselves.

This blog celebrates the natural leadership we have witnessed in NorCo everyday people who care so much beyond themselves that they have committed to never stop caring. And this blog champions a return to being, rather than doing, and the example we point to is WE THE PEOPLE whom have stood up valiantly against all odds, to the wickedest of the wicked and have survived unscathed.

When you beat a dog the dog will do what you want, not because he respects you, but because he fears you - given the opportunity the dog will run away or worst yet turn on his master with vengeance. When you treat a dog with kindness and respect - teaching him right from wrong, the dog will do what you want out of love and respect for you.

Ron Angle has no real leadership qualities, tyrants rarely do. His leadership style is to grab you by the neck, slap you a few times, shove what ever he wants to down your throat, and then he tells you that you better like it. That's not leadership - that's oppression.

We will once again express to our ready-to-go home FOREVER Councilman that there is a simple way to know if you are actually a leader - turn around and look behind you, if you have just Stoffa and NI behind you...sorry but your not a leader. If you have 3-1 standing firmly ready to do what it takes behind you, then and only then are you blessed with what it takes, just ask the future...

...Councilman SCOTT PASONS
The Peoples Leader

The Dishonorable Angle

Ron Angle has had his opportunity (12 Yrs) to honor The People of NorCo, and to show The People just exactly who he is in local government, and who he is in the community. He chose instead to dishonor himself, his council position, and The People by behaving in less than a dignified and civil manner, always displaying less than ethical practices.

While he was President of County Council, anyone who has attended council meetings have witnessed first hand the brutal mistreatment Ron Angle unleashes on anyone, including his peers - when they disagreed with his minds eye on any topic or issue.

He hectors all who do not align themselves with his ways, and he will sic his vicious slandering dog on anyone who refuses to conform to Angle's ideas, having his animal rip apart the innocent on a blog that spews nothing but deception and much innuendo.

12 years of punishment from a notorious Caesar wanna be like Angle is more than enough. In The Peoples opinion he has outstayed his welcome...currently we have him on his way out 2-1, but by the 8th we anticipate sending him packing 3-1, then perhaps he will understand just how dissatisfied The People are with his shenanigans.

The Peoples Choice

Saturday, October 29, 2011

WHAT?...Angle Believes WHAT?

"That citizen participation is the key to accountable government." WOW...he's really shoveling the manure now. Get a load of this nonsense..."For many years, Ron has been an outspoken advocate for the people and taxpayers of Northampton County." Yeah right...

...We The People can guess that being an advocate for us is the reason that Ron "the oppressor" Angle sued us with our own money - he must be hard of hearing and couldn't hear us saying "WE WANT TO KEEP GRACEDALE!" LEAVE IT ALONE!!!

The excreta gets deeper - listen to this poop "Ron is a person that many people call when they have a problem and need someone to help them cut through governmental red tape. He has a keen understanding of how to make government work for the people."...really, 23,000+ called on him and he thumbed his nose at us, that's what he did, and the whole of NorCo is now aware of the kind of person Ron "the dictator" Angle truly is.

Keeps on shoveling - "Ron understands the importance of cooperation and open communication" you just have to say "WHAAAT" are you kidding? With what We The People have had to endure over the last year and a half, it is quite evident that Ron "the despot" Angle does not comprehend the significance of cooperation unless you are giving him 3k, and he can't possibly appreciate communication because he is always yelling, and swearing, and telling We The People to sit down and shut up.   

All this from the Olga that had the audacity to fight the Gracedale Initiative.

Enough is enough...on November 8, get out and VOTE Angle OUT...can you hear us NOW Ron?


Thursday, October 27, 2011


beast, brute, devil, evildoer, fiend, meany, miscreant, monster, nazi, no good, rapscallion, rascal, reprobate, rogue, savage, scalawag, scamp, villain, wretch.

Now tells us NorCo/Slate Belt - who does that sound like?

When there is a wild fire raging out of control in the forest, headed for a heavy populated area, the courageous firefighters some times resort to fighting the fire with fire. Hence, in the fire currently raging out of control in Norco (election), the courageous firefighters (We The People) are standing strong against the fire (Ron Angle and His sidekick) with fire of their own, but some how the fire does not like fire to be used against it. Why not? Doesn't it make the fight fair? Oh, perhaps it's because they don't like fair, they just love to fight dirty, but when you fight their fight they cry foul...this coming from the few that believe that the only rule is no rules. 

Get use to this fact - if you slap us, we will slap you back to see how you like it, and if you don't like it...stop doing it to us, it's as simple as that.

So We The People say - we will gladly see you in court if that is your choice, we have much to declare, and boldly will do so...just remember, we did not throw the first, second, or third stone, you did - we're just tired of the abuse and We The People will stand for it no more.

We The People will bring civility, dignity and integrity back to NorCo, even if it means using fire to fight fire.

Vote Scott Parsons
A Hero In Our Eyes

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Scott Has What It Takes...

Courage and guts...and understand what it means to serve.

Many good folks in the slate belt want Ron Angle out of office but are afraid of him for various reasons, and fear running against him...but when Scott read what he said about Peg Ferraro, Angle calling her a f_ _ _en prostitute - he said enough is enough.

Scott truly has what it takes to bring civility and dignity back to NorCo.  The quality of mind and spirit that enables a him to face difficulty, danger, pain, etc., without fear.

It's up to you Slate Belt brothers and sisters - Nov 8 - DO THE RIGHT THING...

Civilty - Dignity

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Ron Angle Question...

Do we really want this guy representing us on Council?

Please read:,0,3319342.story

His latest flyer - he is hanging off a tree lim, indicating he is ready to ironic.

Monday, October 24, 2011

No Matter How Small...A Lie Is Always A Lie

In a recent SPG post entitled "Curly Was Always a Stooge," a series of informative (and "anonymous")comments on pedophilia and types of pedophiles inexplicably appeared...which were then immediately followed up by a signed comment from disbarred lawyer Bernie O'Hare recklessly accusing SPG of labeling HIM as a pedophile.

After an examination of SPG's traffic resources and analyzing data, we conclude that we have more hits from LVR than any other traffic source, it is the opinion of SPG that all those pedophile comments were posted by Bernie O'Hare himself. Once again living up to the findings of the Judicial Disciplinary Board that barred him from practicing law while noting that O'Hare shamelessly and routinely engages in less than moral and/or ethical practices.

Anyone associated with this person can not be trusted - Angle and Stoffa both are associates of this person.
Vote Scott Parson
The Calm After The Storm

To better assist us in identifying more accurately what this misfit is doing on our blog, we implemented today SiteMeter(R), a statistical tool that will help us keep a better vigilant eye on his traffic, and traffic from his cronies.

Is He Trying To Get A Lehigh U EDU?

Word on the street is that the nonsensical ignoramus has been spotted at Lehigh university just minutes ago, you think maybe he's going for and EDU or is he stalking a member of the Coalition?

The Calm After The Storm

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Angle Calmed By Pauls Healing Hand

SCOTT PARSONS received 30 seconds back on the clock when Angle blew his top and Paul had to step in to exorcise Angle...expelling his evil spirit by adjuration "your not that far out of control yet" Paul said - OUT DEMONS - OUT I good now Ronnie or I'll have to restrain you all night.

The lunatic blogger says that Angle blew away his oponent, but what he really meant was that Angle once again blew his top...aye bendito ;)

The Better Man

Curly Was Always A Stooge

He is said to still be warped over his alcoholic binge that led to his removal from practicing law, so he is now nothing more than a go for - for his sugar daddy Angle. Hmm, what exactly is a sugar daddy? MW says 1: a well-to-do usually older man who supports or spends lavishly on a mistress, girlfriend, or boyfriend...HMMM, didn't he once say about Angle - "he's my bastard?" Wow, it makes one wonder.

During Thursday's meeting we discovered that in his twisted mind he believes that he can still defeat the referendum question by trying to antagonize the members of the Coalition Of Alzheimer's Families, who by the way defeated him over and over again in court. He and Angle looked like a bad TV episode potentially called - Curly Defends Perry Mason, hahaha, HAHAHA, and they both lost. Angle even said on the steps of the court house " Justice will prevail", and when it did - he could not except it, couldn't find him for days. Now fearing for his benefactors job, he is trying to murk the truth with his little camera...not to worry, we have camera's too...

(-; We got this shot didn't we? ;-)

Keep counting Curly, Moe and Larry will soon arrive to help you - NOT

In the end the truth will be the TRUTH...stay tuned.

The Calm After The Storm

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Leadership - Parsons Style

In the world there are three types of people:
1) Leaders
2) Followers
3) And those who should just get out of the way (Ron Angle)

There are four factors of leadership:
We have already discussed two - Leaders  and Followers,
3) Situation
4) Communication - ops, that's something Ron Angle knows nothing of.

Communication is definitely a two way street, that's where Angle truly fails - you see, he always want to talk, and talk, and talk...that's why any conversation with him turns hostile. He really does not know how to listen, although he is taking lessons from SCOTT PARSONS, who explained to Ron during Tuesday nights debate that civility is the key to successful communication. And that calling a peer a F_ _ _en PROSTITUTE accomplishes absolutely nothing, and that calling the citizens of the county GOONS accomplishes absolutely nothing, and that calling the Union thugs accomplishes absolutely nothing, and that screaming and yelling at his constituents can only get him FIRED.

Ron Angle has no clue how to lead so he takes mental notes from SCOTT PARSONS:

District four - if you want someone to tell you to sit down and shut up - vote for Angle again...

If you want a humble leader who will listen, on November 8...

The Calm After The Storm

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Brighter Future

West Easton has an opportunity for a bright light to illuminate it's future. No longer would this tiny community be kept in the dark about important issues like the DUI CENTER /JAIL.
Tricia Mezzacappa is an intelligent, hard working, fearless woman who believes in transparent goverment and increased citizen participation.
She doesn't want to see any more deals made in the dark back - rooms.
West Easton voter's on Nov. 8 th make a choice for a bright future and elect


Wind Gap Debate - One Sided

During Monday night’s debate We The People believe that Steve Barron successfully defend all questions, leaving his opponent appearing stunned and dumbfounded.

Angle spewed nothing new, in fact, same old garbage. He wants people to believe that he does not want to raise taxes because he cares about The PEOPLE in these hard economic times - TRUTH be told, he only cares about all the taxes he has to pay if taxes are increased. The People's understanding is that Angle owns between 75 and 100 properties in NorCo, so any tax increase for whatever purpose will cost him tens of thousands of dollars. So you see NorCo, he does not really care about anyone but himself. He's not protecting your interest, he's protecting his own.

On a very important NOTE: any person running for office who says he will never vote for a tax increase should never ever be elected...he will run your house into the ground, which in Angles case it is very evident he has done that with the Governor Wolf Building (as well as many other facilities such as Gracedale) which by the way he stated during the debate - is worth nothing due to neglect by government. If Angles has been in office for 11 yrs, doesn't that mean that he too is responsible for the condition of the building? Perhaps he's saying it's worth nothing because he wants to buy it he does with the county foreclosures. Anyone who goes to a Sheriff's sale will see Angle taking advantage of someones misfortune. "He Cares about us during these hard economic times"...YEAH RIGHT...he care about no one but himself.

(While We The People are not proponents of raising taxes, we are reasonable and understand that in some cases it is the responsible thing to do) He also spoke against the Police and first responders of our County...imagine that our vigilant protectors, as well as all emergency responders who risk their life and limb every day of their lives cannot receive a well earned raise because Angle will never ever raise taxes - he spoke over and over about government being too big "we need smaller government" and We The People believe he is let's shrink government by removing him.

INTERESTING NOTE - It appears that the hosting body was one sided - Questions posed by some attendees directed at Angle were not asked intentionally, and during the debate between Mr. Steve Barron and his opponent, the moderator stepped in to quell a question by Mr. Barron to his opponent. A question that shocked his opponent, and baffled all in attendance when the moderated refuse to allow the question from Barron, which dealt with his opponent inability to handle his own finances. The PEOPLE displayed resentment toward the moderator for not allowing the question.

And The Peoples choice? Mr. Scott Parsons handled himself very well, remaining very calm which we all know is hard to do around Angle. He staying composed and civil as he promises he will always do. Refreshing was his expression of listening to everyone if elected, including his opponent. That means that we won't have to listen to Angle tell The People to sit down and shut up! It was quite clear that Mr. Parsons is the right person to sit on Council. Refreshing is he, thank you for your civility Mr. Parson.

There is a new wave on the horizon bringing in fresh water, and We The People welcome it.

The Calm After The Storm

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Heat Is On

Tonights BM Show:

Could He Be A Women Hater?

#*&$%! Prostitute?

How dare any Councilman call peer Councilwomen such a morally crude name? Well, that question needs to be posed to Councilman Ron Angle. Earlier this year the newspapers reported that Ron the BULLY Councilman had called Councilwoman Ferraro a "filthy prostitute" for not voting for him during the council presidency restructuring meeting Jan 3, 2011. It has been noted that the actual word he used was not filthy – but a four letter word which we, unlike some other lunatic bloggers out there - refuse to repeat.

In 2010, Ron Angle during a chamber meeting tore into Mrs. Ferraro belligerently stating "you’re just a school teacher - what the hell do you know?” Councilwoman Ferraro was visibly appalled, shot back at him "I don't need to take this from you" and got up to leave.

He has also spoken very harshly to say the least, to Councilwoman Ann McHale, whom during a council meeting pointed out that we have all fallen short at one point of our lives or another, Angle asked who? And when Mrs. McHale said "you", expressing the incident where he was let go from a radio show for making racial remarks, Angle exploded as he so often does, blaspheming and demonstrating a despicable display of arrogant behavior.

During another meeting, he yelled out at a woman in the audience something to the effect “what’s your problem lady?” simply because she was shaking her head in disbelief and disagreement.

In another instance, he told a female member of the Coalition of Alzheimer’s Families that she should be tied up and shipped away. During a town hall meeting he arrogantly said to the same female COAF member “what the hell are you doing here”?

We encourage everyone (as the saying goes) to go to the video, and we are confident that anyone who views the video of County Council meetings on-line will witness firsthand for themselves the deplorable behavior demonstrated by this BULLY Councilman towards women…Oh, by the way, October is BULLY AWARNESS MONTH.

Let We The People demonstrate to this BULLY that we are not afraid of him, on November 8th

Vote Scott Parsons
The Calm After The Storm

Candidate Debate

Tuesday,Oct. 18th  @ 7 pm.
Wind Gap Fire Hall
Controller  Steve Barron -  - Mr. Seth Salvesen
Councilman Ron Angle - - Mr. Scott Parsons

Hope to see you there ,be ready with your questions.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Patrick Henry Once Said...

...The Constitution is not an instrument for the Government to restrain the people; it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government - lest it come to dominate our lives and interest.

Our Founding Fathers were brilliant men who understood the tyranny of their time. They carefully put together a plan that curtails the corrupt ambitions of the few, those few that by action or lack of action demonstrate that they want the whole.

The originators of our great Constitution did the morally right thing. The service men and women whom lost life and limb to protect our Constitutional rights did the right thing. The Police Officers who risk their lives daily to protect our liberties do the right thing. COAF, with their faith first in God, and then in country and countrymen have done the right thing in fighting the Gracedale cause. They pledge to continue to fight for what is morally right, and as defenders of especially our elderly who cannot fend for themselves...they vow never to give up the fight.

On November 8th, We The People of NorCo MUST all do the right thing, and the right thing is GET OUT AND VOTE.

If you leave it up to the next guy, then you are part of the problem that has us bailing out the manure that Angle shovels...


The Calm After The Storm

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tough Choices For Tough Times...

Really? We The People believe it's an easy choice

He (Ron Angle speaking about himself) may not be warm and furry? He's not...he is cold and fuzzy. He may have some warts? We The People are aware of two...can anyone guess which two?

While We The People are not proponents of raising taxes, we are certainly intelligent enough to cpmprehend that if taxes never ever go up the County will surely fall apart, oh wait - isn't that what has been occurring in NorCo? Is it possible that Wind Gap is better off today because of Scott Parsons? We surely would like to hear from people in that area of the county. That does not mean you Olga, you live in Nazareth.

He (Angle) knows how to say NO? Oh yes that's correct...he YELLS NOOO - I'm sick and tired of you, and I don't care that your a voter until election time, so sit down and shut up. Remember that Ron. We The People do.

Simple message -VOTE SCOTT PARSONS

Hold On To Your Wallet?

In these tough economic times, we need tough, smart leadership???

What NorCo Taxpayers deserve is representation on Council with better than just "good financial skills". Haven't We The People already experienced Ron Angle? Who's "good financial skills" have landed him in hot water time and time again, most recently a law suit which delivered a judgment against him for 1.27 million dollars, with a potential of 1.7 million dollars.

We certainly don't need tough when tough means fighting The People with taxpayer dollars, and we don't need smart when it means trying to outsmart The People.

We need INTELLIGENCE and CIVILITY - neither of which Angle has or understands.

NO - right now Ron is shoveling what he's usually knee deep in.

We The People need no angles...we need and will be voting for:

SCOTT PARSONS The Calm After The Storm

Today's Budget Meeting - 10/14/11

Please follow the link to the meeting - select video:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Taxes big subject.

At the annual convention of Northampton County Township Officials on Friday Mr. Stoffa  said according to the Bath Home News " a tax increase may be on the horizon for county residents". He also said " had Gracedale been sold. the county would have realized a $ 25- million revnue source, in addition to not having to address $ 20-million in capital expenditures at the county home". He made  mention of the county prison but not the  DUI  Center in West Easton does that surprise you?
Blame Gracedale for everything.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Much is 2+2?

It is absolutely 4. 
Some of you may ask - what does this mean exactly? It means that 2+2 is never 5 or ever 3, or any other denomination for that matter. It also means that when someone says it is anything other than 4 they are in the process of deceiving you...In plain English - they are lying to you.

Absolute truth can not be changed! It remains a constant truth without the ability or possibility to ever change.

Example: gravity exist and we all know that is absolutely true, so if someone expresses that gravity is a myth they would in fact be deceiving you. They would be leading you on a path of destruction for sure...yes if they suggested that you take a step of faith off of a rooftop to prove that gravity does not exist, you would falsely be lead to your demise.

Okay so whats the point?

Simple - taxes do not have to go up because of Gracedale...that presupposition is absolutely false. Perhaps taxes will have to go up to pay off the swaption among other financial items, but certainly not solely as some claim "because of Gracedale".

Don't buy that garbage, instead throw it out with the rest of the trash in November. TIME TO CLEAN HOUSE.


Come Join In The Fun

Come one and all a good time is in making.
A Fundraiser for Steven Barron Jr

     BEEF  and   BEER
Date  : Thursday Oct. 13 th  2011
Time : 6 pm. till  8 pm.
Cost :  $ 30.00
Place : Heights Athletic Association
2345 Easton Ave.
Bethlehem, PA. 18017

Don't miss out on good company
                and     good food

Monday, October 3, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Firm adherence to a code of especially moral values - incorruptibility. 

How many members of County Council can say they have integrity? We The People believe that at least five have demonstrated this characteristic, the other four, well, they have left much to be desired.

Of the three CC members running for re-election in November only one has this quality "Lamont McClure", the other two: Ron Angle and Micheal Dowd can truly serve the county by stepping aside, allowing new blood of indisputable probity to take the NorCo helm and steer us in the direction of decency, honesty and rectitude.

In the opinion of The People by way of their vote on the Gracedale initiative...We The People have displayed an unconditional desire for positive change in our great County of Northampton...yes indeed it is time for real change in county management.

Voters take note - every vote counts. Please get out and vote in November, our future depends on your willingness to participate in the process that so many have sacrificed their lives and limb to secure for us. Please be part of the solution that will bring back stability and civility to our small part of the world. To do less will make you part of the problem with no one to blame but yourself for any further disruptions in the county.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Just For The Angler

"Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable - a most sacred right - a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world." Honest Abe