Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Do The Right Thing

The County Council meeting on 11/18/10 began with much talk from Mt. Bethel residents opposing the proposed detention center, which resulted in a decision by CC to rescind the original proposal. Ms. McHale voted "yes", noting for the record, that she had voted "no" to the original resolution. The only "no" vote came from Mr. Gilbert, with no explanation, Mr. McClure was not present.

We were all somewhat confused that evening however, because Mr. Angle had been characterized in the newspapers as taking heat from 400 Mt. Bethel residents, which resulted in his decision to change his tune on the immigrant’s prison. But with all his brilliance, it appeared he could not comprehend that the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families actually had over 10,000+ verified petition names at that point in time, many of which are from the Slate Belt. Why? Why? Why couldn't he see that 10,000+ is so much greater than 400. Yes Mr. Angle, it is, trust us when we inform you that it is.

So, the million dollar question continues to be...why are you still not listening to us? We humbly requested through our spokesperson that you not allow us to complete this mission. You must really be seeking retirement in May. Put the question on the ballot Mr. Angle, and perhaps you'll have a chance. But know that all hope for re-election is lost if you don't. 

Why are you forcing the people to do what has never been done before? Don't you see that if successful, it will be your political down fall for forcing the matter? The people are tired Mr. Angle, especially those from the Slate Belt, of the lack of proper representation they have been receiving from you.

The Coalition in deed, and in fact, has 10,000+ names in less than a month, and we have been working endlessly to make sure that we get what we need. Yes, we are now withholding the petitions because we are hopeful that you will do the right thing on December 9th, 2010. Unlike you Mr. Angle, we don't want to waste county money and time, just in case you decide to do the right thing. If not, we will submit prior to the deadline date. Also know that we are not in the habit of bluffing, we do have a good amount of the petition names needed, with well over 500 petitions circulating as we write this blog, and a month and a half to go. To borrow from Mr. Stoffa, we are "hellbent", we will get the numbers we need Mr. Angle, so why not just do the right thing? Remember, This is not about winning or losing, it's about doing what is right...just simply doing what is right...and it is always right to do what the people want.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Last Meeting For The Year - 1

On December 9th, 2010, the County Council will hold the last meeting for the year. We hope that it will be a civil meeting which will produce results that benefit county residents as a whole.

We anticipate having the required petition names by then, but we will continue to collect until the final second allowed.

It is unreasonable that the CC does not hear the voice of the people. You know, it's actually kind of damning that Mr. Angle would listen to 400 or so residents from his district, and not the over 10,000 countywide petition residents presented so far by COAF. Isn't he supposed to represent them too? If not, then why is he the president of council. Shouldn't that position be held by a member of council that represents the whole, instead of of a part?

By the way, Mr. Angle was really not doing his district a favor by removing the detention center proposal from the table, it was just a calculated move, or ploy might be a better word, to minimize the impact it will have in the upcoming election. He made a 180 degree turn, imagine that, Mr. Angle running scared, who would have thought that we would haave ever witneesed that. But he obviously had no choice if he desires to get re-elected. Don't be fooled Slate Belt...if you re-elect him, it will be a matter of time before he truly hurts you, and or the rest of the county.

But you know what is worse? The torpid senses of the five at large which seem unable to realize what Mr. Angle does, so they aimlessly follow him. Remember that Mr. Angle was the one who brought the detention center proposal to the table - they followed him then, and they again followed him when he took it off the table. Sadly, a clear indicator that they have no intelligent thought processes of their own.

This ladies and gentlemen is not the kind of government we need. Yes, it is true that the three young men at large were our hope for the future of the county, it turns out however, that they are just puppets, followers incapable of thinking for themselves, they just do as they are told. Unfortunate, but true.

What we need are true leaders that can stand alone if they have to. Leaders that will hear the people, and be intelligent enough to understand what the people want, especially when the people stand before them with thousands of residents names as COAF has.

Instead...we the people are forced to continue the petition initiative even if it means almost certain political suicide for most of the members of council that are not listening. One has to wonder why they would chose to self-destruct. It's hard to consider that all CCM ran for office on the premise that they would serve the people. So why is it that when the people come to them as we have, expressing clearly our needs, they seem to thumb their nose at us?  The beginning of the end will commence in May, we'll see who thumbs their nose then.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families would like to wish all a happy and safe Thanks Givings day.

The petition drive is going well. Please enjoy yourselves today, we will see you again on Sunday to continue to notarize and collect petitions.

We will take a short break, then continue to post as usual again tomorrow.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Friday, November 19, 2010

Angle "What is the address of your church"

During the November 18, 2010 Council meeting Mr. Angle ask our spokesperson Rev. Mario Martinez "what is the address of your church?" The reverend asked Mr. Angle "what does that have to do with the price of beef sir" Mr. Angle asked "what?” Reverend Martinez said again "what does that have to do with the price of beef, how exactly is that information pertinent to my representation?” Mr. Angle replied "okay, we'll proceed without it.

For those of you out there that perhaps don't understand the issue with the church question, please note that when we first asked Rev. Martinez to be our spokesperson almost three years ago, he expressed that standing up on the Gracedale issue(s) as only he as a member of clergy has, can cause any church that he is labeled affiliated with, unnecessary problems, also known as “Persecution”. Mr. Angle asking this question during the meeting, without providing any rational reason for the question surly presents credibility to the Reverends concerns.

Why would Mr. Angle ask such a question? To the Coalition at least, it is now quite clear, and certainly understandable why the reverend refuses to name any church(s) that he may be affiliated with, or worship at.

It should be noted that Mr. Stoffa held the Reverends credentials in his hands, as did Mr. Gilbert, as well as others on county council, some of which said it was unnecessary to see the document. One can conclude that they trust the reverend is who he claims to be, a member of clergy. Mr. Angle who was publicly given the opportunity has not approached the reverend on the matter.

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Family's would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere apologies to reverend Martinez for putting him in this position. We also want to thank him for believing in our cause, the employee's of Gracedale thank you as well for standing up as you have. And most importantly, all of the residents at Gracedale thank you for caring enough to risk persecution.

Stay tuned...more to come on this meeting.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mount Bethel "Proposed Detention Center" Rescinded

Great news for the Slate Belt...the the original resolution for the proposed detention center was rescinded. Mr. Angle wore egg on his face, and bit his tongue until he could no longer, lashing out at a MB resident that put him in his place.

What ever you do MB, don't forget what Mr. Angle tried to do to you again, retire him in May, that's the plan.

Last Public Meeting

Last night, Mr. Angle and his few calculated incorrectly again. They had setup up 200 chairs expecting a large crowd who would support his position, but were disappointed to see the usual 35-40 people, most of which support keeping Gracedale in the hands of the County.

Mr. Angle should be applauded for reconsidering his position on the "Detention Center" in Mt. Bethel, should he drop his support for the detention center, as he is supposed to during this evenings County Council meeting. He was quoted as saying "I'm a great believer in democracy and the overwhelming majority of people are telling me they don't want it," he said during a press conference Wednesday afternoon. The report also stated that he had taken heat from 400 residents of the affected area. While this turn of events is commendable, we wonder why he, and County Council have not heard the People of the County who have been telling them, over and over, that they want a vote on the Gracedale issue.

Mr. Angle knows by now that the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families has well over 10,000 verified petition names, many of which are from his district. This does not include the petitions that COAF is holding back. So why is he not listening to the people in this matter?

The Coalition wants Mr. Angle and his few to know that this is not a matter of winning or losing, it is about doing what is morally correct, come what may.

We humble ourselves, and respectfully ask that Council reconsider this matter as well. Mr. Angle and his few must comprehend that 10,000 names in less than a month, with approximately 700 petitions still in the field, or in our possession, is an overwhelming voice, certainly much more than 400. Why aren't you hearing us? Is it possible that you believe that we are not determined enough to achieve our goal? Wrong again. Have we not demonstrated by our actions that we are committed to this moral cause beyond our own benefit? All four supposed to be “town meeting” were humming with our presence, and that ladies and gentlement will continue until forever.

We are not your enemies Council; we are “The People”, your bosses. We implore you to consider giving Gracedale at least three years to pick itself up with the full support of County Council. If you formulate a reasonable operating plan, Gracedale can continue to be the Gem of Northampton County into the future. Imagine, if we had put the same amount of energy into repairing the broken heart of Gracedale that we have into this strife, we could be enjoying the great tasting fruit of community, rather than the bitter taste of disunity. It is time to put this matter behind us, work together, and set an example for the nation, and the world to see.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Public Meeting #3 at Bangor

We counted about (35) thirty five people, not counting of course the representatives, county employees, or media (we also did not count Mr. Angles blogger, nor his sidekick). Most of the people present were employees of Gracedale, and Gracedale resident family members. Most who spoke had genuine concerns.

The presenter Mike Miller, was proper in his presentation, however, he presented bar charts and data that were of course pro sale. When our spokesperson Rev. Martinez spoke, he pointed out that bar charts can be made to appear favorable or unfavorable depending on the data used. He also provided a fact sheet of data which refuted the data presented by the council. See Link for report:


Our spokesperson also pointed out that it was interesting that Mr. Angle felt strongly about the employees not being given an opportunity by the union to vote on negotiation items, but was not so concerned about the tax payers who have been pleading for an opportunity to vote on the "sale of Gracedale" issue.

Interesting to say the least, because when our spokesperson asked if the ET poll, which clearly showed that 91.22% of their readers were in favor of the "voters to decide", was meaningful to the council, he received no response from anyone on the panel. Note that with two, possibly three exceptions, council has turned a deaf ear on its people, forcing the people to petition for their right to vote on the issue. We have to ask why doesn't Mr. Angle feel so strongly about the tax payers voting? Could it be that he believes that the people will vote in favor of keeping Gracedale, even if it means a tax increase? Hmmm. Consider this, who would a tax increase affect more, Mr. Angle with over sixty properties in the county, or Joe Average with a single mortgage? Do the math, what may cost the average tax payer $100.00 more per year can cost Mr. Angle possibly more than $10,000.00 per year. Who exactly is Mr. Angle doing a favor for? Are we sure he’s not just helping himself?

Our spokesperson continued by also pointing out to the Dauphin County Commissioner, with all due respect, that a new report presented on medicaid.gov clearly illustrates in comparison that where Dauphin County has one star, Gracedale has three stars. And in the area of overall quality Dauphin County has 2 stars, and Gracedale has 5 out of 5 stars. The materials were left for the panel to review. See Link for report:


Mr. Angle took some more questions presenting as usual, some misinformation. He stated in one instance that Mr. Stoffa had put a budget on the table with an 18.5 % increase - NOT TRUE - we were at that meeting, Mr. Stoffa put a budget on the table that really angered Mr. Angle because it had a 0% increase giving all county departments the funds necessary to operate through 2011. This was the meeting that many of you may recall was publicized in the media as Mr. Angle blowing a cork, and later had to apologized to Mr. Stoffa.

Mr. Angle also said that he had reduced the 18.5 % to 0%, patting himself on the back; the only problem here is that the newspaper had reported that the budget Mr. Angle was referring to had been padded in order to be reduced. He wants to always look good but that is hard to do when you are constantly speaking less than the truth.

Mr. Angle says that we need a 20% increase yearly over the next 5 years to run Gracedale, instead of saying we need a 20% increase to run the county. He also conveniently forgets to mention that his 20% prediction is assuming that Gracedale doesn't go into the black again, which will certainly occur once we elect new competent council members that can run government effectively. Anyone who attends any of the council meetings these days is bound to hear Mr. Angle say that Government cannot work as well as the private sector, if that is true, then why is the government constantly bailing out the private sector? The auto and banking industries are two that we can recall from recent times.

And in the mist of all of this, Mr. Angle votes in favor of farmland preservation? Could it be perhaps, that he is interested in increasing the value of his farm(s)? Helping himself once again? Hmmm. Mr. Angle seems to know all the angles doesn't he? He just didn't calculate on a radical group as he calls them, by the name of COAF, out to defend the cause of the weak and indigent, and Alzhiemer's afflicted people that can not speak for themselves. "We the People" Mr. Angle, ask you stop doing us any more favors please, and as such, we will promise to do you a favor in May, retire you, and those that follow you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Word From The Reverend To Those Who Hide

To all of the world that hide, you must understand why...John 3:19-21 exposes the truth.

19This is the verdict: Light has come on the world, but people love darkness instead of the light because their deeds were evil. 20All those who do evil hate the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21But those that live by truth come into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God. NIV

Let us not judge in condemnation, but in righteousness.

Mr. Angle, it is time to come into the light, tell us the truth as to why you are so committed to selling Gracedale. Is the Swaption the real reason? or are there other hidden reasons unknown to us. Take note that my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ does not approve of the sale of Gracedale. As evidence He provides us John 21:18 where Jesus says, "Feed my sheep. 18Very truly I tell you, when you were younger you dressed yourself and went where you wanted; but when you are old you will stretch out your hands, and someone else will dress you and lead you where you don't want to go."

The Savior Jesus is about choice...make the morally correct choice and rejoice with Him. Make the secular choice and you will answer to Him.

May God bless us all with the wisdom and patience necessary to be able to work together, and overcome this matter in a way that does not require selling our county facility Gracedale.

Rev. Mario Martinez

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Dale of Grace...is Gracedale

NorCo Residents, here is evidence that will satisfy the reason for keeping Gracedale, please examin, then look for one of COAF's reps to sign a petition.

Can Mr. Angle dispute these numbers - absolutely not...How will he counter this? By disregarding Medicaid.gov as an agency that doesn't know what they are doing...after all Mr. Angle has stated publicly on more than one occasion that Government can't do anything right.
Hmmm, perhaps we should privatize County Council.

The petition drive is definitely in full motion, and doing very well...Numbers will be presented soon. Mr. Angle and his council dictators must know by now that "We The People" mean business. We the people will not fail, and we will not allow this gem of gems to be snatched from our crown jewels.

Mt. Bethel, know that COAF is on your side. Mr. Angle and County Council can hear your voice, they're just not listening to you, that's how it is down here too. Mr. Angle is from your district...it is time to retire him, talk to you soon.

We Are Well On Our Way

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families would like to thank all of you who have been working so hard to help us achieve our goal of placing a referendum on the May ballot.

We ask that if you have any filled petitions to please get them to us at your earliest opportunity so that we can continue to provide them to the voter registration department in a manner that does not overwhelm them.

Again, we thank you so much for your cooperation and assisatnce.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Same Circus Act

The Hanover Township public meeting last night produced no new fruit. In fact, it was the same circus act of recent times.

it is very apparent that the chair has recruited two specific individuals, George Burns, and Gracie Allen to do his dirty work, only problem is that they are not very clever, nor even funny. George says the same thing over and over like a scratched record. And Gracie, well, she is so fixed on one opponents frustration because the chair never wants to allow him to talk, that she does not realize just how bad Ron is behaving. She's not acting either, she's just not the brightest bulb in the package.

Okay, enough of the non-sense. Mr. Dietrich didn't look so good coming in late, trying to tell the people in attendance that they really don't want the chair or his allies managing Gracedale, oops, he was chastised for his ignorance. Mr. Dietrich doesn't understand that we not only reject the chair as management for Gracedale, we also reject his management style for our county as well.

The message at the polls in 2011 will be crystal clear to the chair when he is provide walking papers, and it behoves the others to take notice for their fate may be the same. The people are tired of being controlled, tired of being led by a chain around our necks. With the Constitution in one hand, and the Home Rule Charter in the other, we will break the chains of oppression, and live free  by the will of the people.

Good luck to those in Mt. Bethel that have declared their own war on Mr. Angle for pushing a detention center with out permission from the people...please feel free to call upon us should you require assistance. We will be more than happy to join forces with you in an effort to bring down this tyrant, and any of his allies on council. They do not comprehend that the council is supposed to serve the people, not oppressed them, But as history has taught us, they will surely learn. It is inconceivable in this day and age to think that we could go to war with Iraq to take down the tyrant Saddam, and missed the one we have in NorCo. Well, your in our sights now.

Notary At Gracedale Sunday - Today

Please feel free to return your petitions to Gracedale today from 1-3 pm on the 1st floor snack area. We will have a notary present to notarize your petitions free of charge. Make sure that you have a valid ID, preferably a drivers license.

Thanks for all your help.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who Does Ron Angle Represent?

Himself of course.

Why are we going to public meetings scheduled by Mr. Angle in areas that he does not represent? Would anyone like to guess? Please view the video link below, meeting of November 4, 2010, 17 min into the video you will be surprised, perhaps not, to learn that Mr. Angle only serves anyone outside of his district when it serves his motivations.

Click here to view - http://nccvid.northamptoncounty.org/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=55&doctype=AGENDA

Next public meeting - Nov. 11 at the Hanover Township Municipal Building, 3630 Jacksonville Road

People of Hanover Township BEWARE...Mr. Angle is on his way to your area tomorrow, to once again serve himself. For truth and facts seek the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families fact info at - http://savegracedale.blogspot.com/2010/11/facts-and-figures-about-sale-of.html

Two other meetings are also scheduled Nov. 16 at Bangor Borough Hall, 197 Pennsylvania Ave.; and Nov. 17 at Chrin Community Center, 4100 Green Pond Road in Palmer Township.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What You Believe

Residents of NorCo, people of the county, brothers and sisters in Christ, please understand that Gracedale will not be sold unless we give up...We all need to believe this in order for it to be true. Continue to fight is what we must do.

Believe in this cause, and we can not fail. Believe in what Ron says, and he will surely set us up to fail, just as he has done with Gracedale. Just as he attempted to do with Mr. Stoffa, just like he is presently doing to certain members of council, and just like what he is trying to do to us, and to you.

We the People, the taxpayers who actually pay the bills, will prevail in Saving Private Gracedale, not because we are smarter than Ron, but because the Sovereign Lord says we will, for with him on our side, who would dare be against us?
What we believe will determine what we'll do...put on the Full Armor Of God, and prepare to do battle to complete the mission.

There is no giving up! The end is definitely near, but it is near for Ron, not for Gracedale. Gracedale is destined by the Lord Jesus Christ to continue to serve the Northampton County widows and the orphans until He decides differently. It is His intended purpose...and His will. Trust in that and we will not fail.

Rev. Mario Martinez

Monday, November 8, 2010

Ron Makes His Own Facts

On Business Matters this evening, Ron Angle was exposed as a person that makes his own facts. This means that the facts he puts out, are often, if  not always, facts that he creates. For example, it was a fact according to Mr. Angle that if the 2011 budget would include Gracedale, it would also have to include a 20% tax increase. Well, we knew that was fiction, because our great executive Mr. Stoffa put a budget on the table with 0% tax increase, with Gracedale funded for a full year. That by the way is an actual fact. We also know that Mr. Angle chose to put together his own budget, which also was reported in the news papers had been padded so that Mr. Angle could present the illusion that he had reduced it. But most interesting is the actual fact that even his budget, fully funding Gracedale for six months has 0% tax increase. If we believe Mr. Angle, shouldn't it have had a 10% increase? So, was it really a fact that funding Gracedale required a yearly 20% tax increase? Obviously not, it was just one of Ron's facts, or better stated, misrepresentation.

Ironically, during the final minutes of the program this evening, he asked one of the panel members not to be rude because she was interrupting him, she responded something like "I'm only doing what you do".

Now he has another rumor going around suggesting that since the budget passed they will in fact sell Gracedale by May. Baloney...is all we can say.

Residents of Northampton, please understand that Mr. Angle lives in, as he would say, "la la land", always making up his own outcomes. And his outcomes can become reality only if we buy into his imagination.

Make no mistake about it, the only way that Gracedale will be sold ladies and gentlemen, is if WE THE PEOPLE allow it. Most of the folks we've been talking to (9 out of 10) will not allow it, and we're sure we will prove that at the polls in May.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Council Six - Who Do You Serve?

At one time or another, Mr. Angle has chastised one or more of you, and you all know it. Most recently, he chastised you publicly Mr. Dietrich. What about you Mr. Gilbert, who do you serve, Mr. Angle, or the people who elected you? And you Mr. Cusick, you really seem like a person who cares, but just like the others you have been led astray.

Gentlemen, we believe that the three of you have the potential to be the future of Northampton County politics, but as such, you have to be able to stand on your own. You have to be able to see the reality of what Gracedale means to the community without being influenced by a self righteous, self serving individual who cares about nothing but his own interest. Why doesn't he want to raise taxes even when necessary? Because he owns over 60 properties, and he will be impacted more than the average taxpayers. Why is he so interested in farmland preservation? Because he owns farmland property in the county. In fact, he owns the property around the planned detention center which no one else wants, but he is cheerfully in favor of. We're not making any of this up gentlemen - you know this is truth.

Don't be blinded by his smoke and mirrors act. Surely he doesn't care about any of you. His one and only desire is that you vote the way he wants you to. He will say and promise anything, until the time comes to discard you as he is trying to discard of Gracedale.  

We the People want to believe in you, but more importantly we want you to believe in yourselves. Be the independent leaders we believe you can be, or be the followers that Mr. Angle wants you to be, his followers.

Whatever you decide to do, do not deceive yourselves. Take a look at his life and see who he really is, then ask yourselves, is that who you want to be. We are almost certain that you will agree that men of good morals and substance do not attack the people they are to serve, on the contrary, they demonstrate loyalty. And generally speaking, the loyalty is returned especially at the polls. Your political careers can be long lived, or short termed. The choice is certainly yours to make, chose wisely.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Believes in Democracy

We were certainly surprised to hear Mr. Angle say during the 11/04/10 CC meeting, that he believes in democracy, and that he feels it is great that people can do what COAF is doing. Huh? What? Did we hear right? If that is true, then why doesn't he and CC pass a resolution to put the question on the May ballot? That would indeed make believers of us, and possibly also begin to rebuild our trust. A trust that hasn't been misplaced, it has certainly been lost.

It is somewhat confusing to say the least, and surely difficult to hear our elected officials tell us from one side of their mouth "we believe in democracy", while from the other side they say “sit down and shut up”. COAF has expressed from the very outset, we have no desire to argue or disagree with anyone, we just believe that the taxpayers have a right to a voice in this matter. And because that is the case, we sincerely challenge the CC to do the right thing, do what the people want, put the question on the May ballot. Or, simply explain why you prefer that we do so.

How many Northampton County Council members can honestly say they believe they are truly serving the wishes of the people? From our point of view, there are only two that have publicly stood up for what the people are asking for, Lamont McClure and Ann McChale. A third, Peg Ferraro has said she doesn't feel that selling Gracedale is the answer, or that it is a good idea for that matter, and refuses to go along with her party on this issue - that is truly meaningful action. And what have the other six done? It appears to the masses that they have thumbed their nose at us. Why? we don't really know why?

How can the six in question honestly feel that they are serving us when they have chosen to ignore the most recent poll conducted independently by the Express Times, which clearly, and talk about overwhelmingly, shows by its staggering number 91.22%, that it's circulation readers want the very same thing that COAF has been supporting all along, the right to vote on this issue...the right to decide this question.

Council Six, please pay close attention - We the People, along with COAF,  humbly request that you rethink your positions. Consider taking an action that will surely commence the healing process necessary to close the wounds caused by this strife. Know that it is one thing to serve the people who elected you by words, and quite another to serve them by action. Understand that you can never find something that you are not seeking, and you will never seek something that you don’t want to find. Sounds confusing, it shouldn’t. Sometimes the most difficult of things are discovered to be the simplest of things, once properly acted upon. Please ponder our request, then truly serve us. Note that there is a reason that the word unity is in the word community. Can you demonstrate the reason by being the leaders that We the People want you to be, and perhaps more importantly, that we can all be proud of. It’s time to bring the county together again. Let’s work together as one to correct the errors that have brought us to this point, moving forward in a manner that will set a positive example to the rest of the state, nation, and world.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Resignation Excepted

We the people except your resignation Mr Angle.

If your are a man of your word Ron...keep it. Other wise, it was just another ploy to make yourself look good, but with all the negative things you have going on, looking good is hard to do.

First Public Meeting

The first of four public meetings was held last night - nothing new.

Mr. Angle was his usual self, and emotions ran high again. There were two people who spoke in favor of selling, and probably eight or more that spoke in favor of keeping Gracedale as it is today.

What we really can't comprehend is why Mr. Angle continues to assure us that "so many people", as he says, are telling him that he should sell Gracedale, but he refuses to put the question on the ballot. The way we see it, if he is telling us the truth, then it will be voted down on the ballot in May, doesn't that make sense? Unless of course, his assurances are like his survey, proprietary.

Notary Available

On Sunday, November 7, 2010, the Coalition will have a notary public available from 2p to 5p at Gracedale for your convenience, possibly two.

If you can not make it on Sunday, please go to a notary of your choosing, and if you incur any cost make sure to get a receipt so that we can reimburse you.

Please bring us all completed petitions at your earliest opportunity so that we can begin to summarize the count. We will report the numbers soon. Sorry Bernie :-)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Wow...What a Day

A bit cold...a bit tired = success.

We have a good idea of the numbers, but will not report the numbers until we have all the petitions in hand, confirming the numbers.

Most fascinating was that the Express Times poll appears to be very accurate - 1 in 10 would not sign our petition...but that means that 9 in 10 did. Democracy does work.

Thank all of you who did the work today.

A Day To Remember

Let us go out and make history at the polls today. Be sincere, and be kind. Inform all voters that this referendum initiative is simply about democracy, intended only to give the taxpayers an opportunity to vote on this major issue. We ask all those with petitions who can, to join us in this effort.

Lastly, express that our voice is the voice of all those that cannot speak for themselves.
Let us pray - May the Sovereign Lord bless our mission. We ask the Lord to give us the wisdom, the words, and the patience necessary to complete His will in this day, and beyond. In the glorious name of Jesus we pray.

Rev. Martinez

Monday, November 1, 2010

Facts and Figures about the Sale of Gracedale

Only the facts please:

·    Between 2005 and 2009 Gracedale has returned $4.82 million to the county in PROFIT (This includes losses in 2009 of $4.62 million and over that same time period it was predicted Gracedale would lose $36.33 million
·    The PROFIT was taken by Northampton County and used to balance the budget shortfalls.
·    The Gracedale Operational Assessment Report (Gracedale Study) was conducted by a company that buys and sells nursing homes as part of their business
·    The company that conducted the Gracedale Study also ”informally” polled members of council to ask what they wanted to do with the property.
·    Even if the sale of Gracedale brings in $30 million there will be costs:
$2 million in buyout for sick and vacation time
$4 million payment to CCAP for outstanding loan
$2.4 million in costs allocated back the county
$.6 million in legal cos

$1 million in fees and other expenses
·    ONLY $20 million in net profit.
·    The county even after a potential sale still has a $4 million dollar shortfall.
·    Adding in the additional $2.4 million in cost ongoing from Gracedale that makes $6.4 million in deficits each year.
·    This means that by 2013 or 2014 the county will be faced with the same problem and this time Gracedale will not be there to bail us out.
·    The Gracedale pension has suffered losses which are not the fault of its employees. No Gracedale employees have a say or vote on the Northampton County Pension Board. Mr. Angle and Mr. Stoffa are both members of that board and have made the investment decisions that have cost the losses to the pension funds.
·    Simple Management efficiencies could help make Gracedale profitable again. Small investments in advertising from savings suggested by a management consultant will lead to an increased census, the return to profitability and good paying JOBS for the residence of Northampton County.
·    Gracedale will not cost the taxpayers a 20% tax increase. A 20% tax increase would raise the county $16 million in revenue. Gracedale’s alleged shortfall is only $6 million
·    We also know that Mr. Stoffa put a budget on the table that provided for Gracedale’s operation for one year with no tax increase, so why does Mr. Angle continue to insist that we have to increase taxes by 20%?
·    The tax payers have recently invested millions in building upgrades and window replacement cost, which will not be recovered if the building is sold in this depressed real estate market.
·    Northampton County will have to continue to pay for benefits for Gracedale employees beyond the sale of the property. The Other Post Employee Benefits (OPEB) needs to be funded for the employees that lose their jobs and meet the requirements to qualify. This could cost taxpayer millions of dollars over several years.
·    And let us not forget about the swaption that has the potential of costing the tax payers anywhere from 14 to 22 million dollars in 2012. A tremendous waste of tax payer funds with nothing to show for it.
·    Ultimately…Gracedale properly managed, beginning with County Council, can and will be self sustaining, costing the tax payers absolutely nothing to operate, but continue to provide the entire county the greatest of  services.
Let us make history at the polls.

Incoming Petitions

As we have explained, incoming petitions must be notarized. If you incur any expense relating to notarization, please get a receipt and we will reimburse. For your convenience, on November 7, 2010, we will be at Gracedale between 2 and 5 p.m. with a notary to address this need free of any fees. Look here for future dates as well.