Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just Blame Gracedale!

Sadly - a Germanwings plane crashed into the French Alps this past week, not because an unfit co-pilot flew it into the Alps, but because Gracedale had something to do with it. You's Gracedale's fault.

Also this past week, a person was killed in Oklahoma, not because Mother Nature sent them a tornado, but, because Gracedale had something to do with it too - it was Gracedale's fault.

On March 13, Cyclone Pam, a powerful cat-5 storm, devastated Vanuatu. Again, not an act of God, no...let us blame Gracedale!

If you notice folks, Northampton County has, from year to year, a budget ranging from 133 million dollars to 155 million dollars. While it was reported that Gracedale was under budget for 2014, some are now pretending that Gracedale will cost 12 million dollars by 2018. While we don't believe that information is true or accurate (as in the past, we believe it is misinformation intended to deceive), lets assume, for the sake of making our point, however, that it is true. On the low end, if Gracedale did cost 12 million dollars in 2018, that would represent about 8 percent of the budget.  On the high end, if the budget was 155 million dollars,  it would represent about 6 percent of the budget.

Our question of course, has to be: where is the other 92-94 percent of the budget going?

County Executive John Brown, his administration, as well as some others who were defeated by the Gracedale Referendum, would like us all to believe that Gracedale is at fault for all of Northampton County's problems. The bridges need repairs - Gracedale's fault. Human Services cost too much - Gracedale's fault. Employee positions aren't being filled - Gracedale's fault. John Brown is spending too much on consultants - Gracedale's Fault.

Mr. Brown stated during his so called - State of the County Address "their are no sacred cows, although a lot of departments believe they are." We feel he made a good point. We follow up that point with our own: There are no sacred politicians, although a lot believe they are.

We elected, and will continue to do so, a balanced County Council, with the intent that they will balance the powers to be.

Make no mistake about it Mr. Brown. The same taxpaying/voting train that hit and then ran over Ron Angle and his crew of deceivers, will run over you too.

We warned Mr. Angle then, however, in his overflowing arrogance he failed to pay attention. The result? It cost him his presidency, and his Council seat. We are now warning you too sir. Don't make the same mistake Ron did, or you are destined to suffer the same fate he did. Trust us - we keep our promises. Just ask Mr. Angle.



Thursday, March 26, 2015

State of What?

Image result for applauseHere we go again! How is it that on February 5, 2015, Gracedale is given a standing ovation by County Council and Executive Brown, and yesterday Mr. Brown is positioning Gracedale as a major culprit in his budget?

We know that on January 26, 2015 Matt Assad of the Morning Call reported that Gracedale came in under budget for the year 2014.

So why does Mr. Brown continue to project such ridiculous numbers? Numbers that we all know are skewed to make Gracedale out to look like some kind of money hungry facility. Perhaps because he has a hidden agenda to try and sell Gracedale.

Mr. Brown needs to look back at what the voters said when they voted to keep Gracedale in county hands - they clearly said:


Mr. Brown also needs to understand, and not forget, that by an almost 3-1 margin the taxpayers of the Northampton County also said: We are willing to pay for Gracedale.

If by chance our Executive is not wise enough to understand that mandate, then we suggest he speak to Ron Angle, who also cooked the numbers. And because he was exposed, his untouchable status went from untouchable, to very touchable, simply because he thought Gracedale was an easy target.

Our current County Executive has made many errors in his first year, and we have remained silent. This foreseeable mistake however, should he decide to make it, will, instead of having him looking towards another term as Executive, will have him looking elsewhere for another job.

If he thinks we're kidding, he should consult with John Stoffa, Michael Dowd, Bruce Gilbert, John Cussick, to name a few, who were also removed from office for messing with Gracedale. Asked them how it all worked out for them.

You may think the bear is asleep Mr. Brown. Notice however, if you will, that the bear has one eye open. If foolishly you awaken the bear, your future as County Executive Mr. Brown, will certainly be uncertain.

You can take that to the bank!