Thursday, February 28, 2013

WHo Is The Worst Reporter Ever Made?

Give me a beer and I'll do and say anything!
In our opinion, Bill White of the  Morning Call is.

He is now viewed by We The People as a terrorist columnist, who has set his sight's on We The People's representative - County Controller Stephen Barron, with the intent of helping County Executive John Stoffa destroy Mr. Barron.

It's not going to happen Bill, We The People will not allow it, period. 

All of Northampton County residents/taxpayers/electors must be made aware of the TRUTH...that the media (different members) - whom we asked to sign our petitions, all informed us politely that they are to remain neutral. Therefore, they could not sign our petitions! But, Mr. White, through his eagerness to discredit Mr. Barron, shows us that the media has been on County Executive John Stoffa's side all along...and that's not being neutral.

What's in it for Bill - A keg of beer perhaps?
Why is Bill White of the Morning Call really attacking County Controller Stephen Barron? Because Mr. Barron has told us the truth, and because he does represent We The People. And we love him for it. We could only desire that all elected officials would represent us the way that Mr. Barron has.

Regardless what anyone says about Mr. Barron, or Councilman Lamont McClure, they have been the only two elected officials who have courageously stood up alone to dispel the lies of John Stoffa. And for that reason, Mr. Stoffa is not holding back anything to destroy them! But, here we now SEE the truth. And what is the truth? In our opinion, it is that "the media" has been bought by the highest bidder, and we all know who that is.

Mr. White is suggesting that our Controller should be invisible. Really??? Invisible??? Come on Bill! We The People want all of our representatives to be visible and transparent at the same time. Don't you know that? Or should we make the assumption that you too are a Fabian Socialist that wants to assist in setting the stage of communism in America? Is that the case?...because We The People are not having it!

Mr. White should try saying the truth, which is that John Stoffa is the worst County Executive in the history of Northampton County.

Why doesn't Mr. White report that John Stoffa has illegally MISUSED tax dollars, and that he lied about it too. Why isn't he reporting that? Instead he chose to attack the one person who exposed the truth - the Honorable Controller Barron.

Well thank you so much Mr. White for helping us make our case. Your words, as well as the words of some others, we are establishing a foundation that will eventually bring Mr. Stoffa to Justice...once and for all! We'll see what you have to say then!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Callahan Apologizes?

Yes, Mayor John Callahan apologized
for his childish behavior during a
HS wrestling tournament.

Read Links

MCall - Callahan Apologizes

ET - Callahan Apologizes

Monday, February 25, 2013

We Know What You're Thinking Bernie...

...But it would be wise not to do it!!!

Peggy is a very nice lady but if you kick her, well, you will see a side of her you don't really know. The Jack side.

Thinking about kicking Peggy - Don't do it!
I got this feeling, somebody's watching me...
You know Bernie, the other person who is saying he is your nephew - Connor O'Hare, he suggest that we sit down over some coffee to talk and get to know each other better. When would you like to do that?

If you give us a date we will be more than happy to clear at least an hour in our calendar to sit with you and discuss anything that is troubling you.

Hope to hear from you soon!

A letter to Bernie.

Good morning Bernie,

AKA - The Nonsensical Ignoramus 

We hope that when you read this letter you find yourself well.

The purpose of this letter is to inform you why refer to you as the Nonsensical Ignoramus.
We will start with Nonsensical - this word Bernie, comes from the word nonsense which is what we feel you mostly talk about. Your words generally speaking, are not meaningful and convey no intelligible ideas. As such, they are usually absurd and contrary to good sense.

Now, Ignoramus - This word is almost self explanatory Bernie, and comes from the word ignorant. As such, it means "an utterly ignorant person", which in our opinion, is what you are.

While we understand you are a person of at least average intelligence, it is our opinion that you are a Nonsensical Ignoramus because only a nonsensical ignoramus would throw away their life the way you did, and continue to do today. And please do not feel that we are attempting to call you names as you do us Bernie, we're not! In our opinion, we're merely telling the truth about you as we know it.

You of all people Bernie, have the audacity to throw stones at us for standing up courageously to hold our elected official accountable for their actions, or lack of, when you slander those same officials (on any given day) depending of course, on who's side you're on that day.

Your loving friends - We love you Bernie!

Know this Bernie, we don't hate you, we feel sorry for you. If there is anything we can do to help re-direct your pitiful life in a direction of true meaning, please let us know...we will do what we can for you.

Sincerely, your friends


Sunday, February 24, 2013


Must we explain that children  normally mimic their parents actions!

Yesterday, February 23, 2013 - The Express Times ran a story which informed us that County Executive hopeful John Callahan was ejected from a Liberty HS AAA wrestling tournament.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Northampton County, we must interject: if Mr. Callahan is excitable and abrasive in a public arena calm can we expect him to be in Chambers, or in office?

It was the ref's fault!
In our opinion, this example is a clear indicator of what is to come if Mr. Callahan is ejected...Gosh, we mean elected to the County Executive seat.

Parents that get ejected from these types of school activities are ejected to show the children that the behavior displayed by the parent is inexcusable, and will not be tolerated! So that the children can learn a lesson, which hopefully will remain with them for life.

The story outlines that on his way out he (Callahan)  "mentioned "rabbit ears" and wiggled his fingers on the side of his head. "Rabbit ears" refers to a referee who's distracted or swayed by coaches or fans instead of watching the action."

This is what concerns We The People. Why? Because it is the same childish behavior we all received from Ron Angle when he was in office.

Mr. Callahan goes on to excuse his behavior saying: “I voiced my displeasure I think in a very respectful way,” he said. “I think the referee was a little oversensitive."

Or, how about: you behaved like a jerk, and the referee did his job correctly!

Mr. Callahan is actually blaming the official for HIS (Callahan) childish behavior. What is horribly wrong here is that Mr. Callahan continues to be Mayor of Bethlehem. Is the Mayor of Bethlehem setting a really a good example for our youth? Who in today's world are killing students, teachers, coaches, and anyone else that gets in their way? And what about our community citizens who may say: if the Mayor can do it - so can I. We don't think so.

Mayor Callahan's behavior is part of our social problems today. Do we really need him setting any more childish examples, or displaying tantrums when he doesn't get his way in our house? NO...Don't open the door!!!

Vote for a true Leader:
  Lamont McClure 
our next County Executive
Keeping it real!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

To Understand...

O'Hare Looking For Mr. Barron. 
Why we won't let go of Stoff-Gift, all one has to do is review the County Council on-line video of September 2, 2010, where Bernard J. O'Hare III put on a spectacle instructing Council to censure County Controller Stephen Barron, and in the process sought his resignation.

Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare have all mocked the County
The mockery of our political system that took place that evening was truly disgraceful, more-so today! Mr. Barron did misspeak, and for doing so he did apologize. But an apology was not enough! He had to be censured, and Mrs. Thierry (who in our opinion, introduced the resolution on behalf of Mr. Angle and Mr. O'Hare) didn't just call for censuring Mr. Barron - But also for his resignation...Just as O'Hare had suggested.

Angle in Shame
When former Councilwoman Mrs. Ann McHale saw no sufficient evidence to call for Mr. Barron's resignation, she alluded to the fact that Mr. Angle had been censured requesting his resignation for making racial remarks on his radio station (for which he was let go from the radio station), but he refused to resign. Mr. Angle of course, in his usual belligerent manner profaned the Lords name publically. After Mrs. Thierry apologized to Mr. Angle for Mrs. McHale's comments, Council Woman Peg Ferraro stated that Council was the ones owed an apology for the unnecessary profanity, but Mr. Angle said: you ain't gonna-get it!

Why is any of this relevant today?  Fair question - Because what County Executive John Stoffa did in Stoffa-Gift is definitely much more serious than what the Controller did. He LIED to the entire County, to all the taxpayers, to all the veterans of the county, to all the fatherless children and widowed women, and worst yet - to all on County Council at that time. Most specifically to Councilwoman Thierry, who by the way, found enough fault to censure Mr. Barron for misspeaking, but does not see fault in Mr. Stoffa for Lying and misusing tax resources, even in the midst of the Melvin indictment for the very same thing!

We apologize to the following Councilman: Robert Werner, Ken Kraft, and Scott Parsons publically, not for saying what we have, but because we realize that you were not on Council at that time, and perhaps you were not aware of this information. But please watch the video. And then understand that we trust you to do the right thing "always". We don't care if you can't get five votes to censure Mr. Stoffa - that really doesn't matter...we just want to see and hear you represent us by (at the minimum) publically acknowledging that what John Stoffa did is wrong! Please understand that when you remain silent on Stoffa-Gift, it appears to The People that you have no desire to represent and serve us as you promised us you would.

All other members of County Council (with the exception of Lamont McClure who did state publically that what Sotffa did is wrong) who were present during the video, and  who have not voiced their outrage at what the Executive did in Stoffa-Gift...Should be ashamed of themselves. We hope you can see that reality after you watch the video. You wasted over 32 minutes in discussion on censuring Controller Barron publically, and that does not include the time given to the same matter during O'Hares circus act during the courtesy of the floor, but you haven't spent 1 single minute on Stoffa-Gift. Truly shameful!!!

Lastly, as everyone is aware COAF is a bi-partisan organization, and we want everyone to know that this matter is not about right and left (PARTY), but a matter of right and WRONG.

The proud democrats that support COAF (as all Democrats and Republican should be proud of being American) are all ashamed to be called Democrats in light of Stoffa-Gift.

John Stoffa is an embarrassment to his party! What he did in Stoffa-Gift is wrong, and we're saying it because no one else is.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Joan Orie Melvin Convicted!!!

YES. Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin is guilty of 6 out of 7 counts of corruption.

What did she do?

The same thing that John Stoffa did...misuse tax resources.

So why is Stoffa not being prosecuted?

Simple, because he rules over Northampton County!

County Council will not censure him! The media will not report his wrongful acts, so he is safe in Northampton County.

COAF's opinion is that every corrupt politician in the - the nation, who wants to avoid prosecution should move to Northampton county.

In our opinion, this is the County in Pennsylvania were political corruption is  accepted and not prosecuted.

SHAMEFUL!!! Political con artist like Stoffa can move here and do as they will...there are no consequences.

County Executive John Stoffa today received a reward for his corruption - his desired Human Services building, and they will surely put his name on it to further reward  him for his lawlessness. So does he care that we're saying this about him? NO!!! Absolutely not...because he believes he has  gotten away with his lawlessness.

YES...he thinks he has. 

Is the current council at fault?
John Cusick
Peg Ferraro
Tom Dietrick
Ken Kraft
Bruce Gilbert
Scott Parson
Barbara Theirry
Robert Werner

Yes, in our opinion they are all responsible for John Stoffas  actions because they have failed to speak up against his questionable acts of public mistrust. And yes, they know about it because it was presented to them by the County Controller Stephen Barron. No...we do not place Lamont McClure in the list because he did state publically that what Stoffa did was wrong.

Some Council members believe (at least five of them) that because they may not be sitting in their chairs in 2014 (because We The People will be firing them at the polls) that it's not their problem to deal with. Well, they better pray hard they're right. We The people believe that they can still be held accountable for not protecting the trust of the people.

Justice Joan Orie Melvin thought she was safe too, and so did her sister, and so did her sister who sits in jail now for at least 30 months.

They were wrong!

See Jail term - Joan Orie Melvin 

John...You're a public elected official, and you sir are not above the law!

Step down or you will soon discover that.

Stoffa Hole's In The Walls???

...The workers from Northampton County CPS this evening clearly made the case that  County Executive John Stoffa is irresponsible and has failed Northampton County over the last seven years - miserably.

The information provided  was outrageous, and the comments illustrate what we have been saying all along...Stoffa is the worst County Executive to ever serve (or not) the County of Northampton.

And then, if they couldn't make our point any better, the CPS employee says she doesn't know how to get to the Wolf building...why did Stoffa hire such an employee? In today's world we have GPS, doesn't she know that?

More to come on this...stay tuned.

McClure Is The Right Choice...

...Because he does care!

Anyone who has been involved in local government as long as COAF has knows without a doubt that Lamont McClure truly cares about Northampton County.

To understand more about him you can visit

We will tell you there is no other Council member within the last five years who stood alone on the Gracedale matter - not one...We know it for certain because we witnessed it.

Speaking on the current Human Services building issue, it is being rumored on the other blog that:

"My guess is that Lamont McClure, Peg Ferraro and Bob Werner and Peg Ferraro will say No to this lease for the flimsiest of reasons - politics."

Really!!! Well we believe "politics" is why County Executive John Stoffa hasn't been censured!

Consider that our County Controller Stephen Barron was censured for much less. He didn't misusing tax dollars...Stoffa did! What did Controller Barron do? He misspoke. And that becomes a real shame when you understand that  no one criticized Chris Miller when he misspoke and called Gracedale a "RAT HOLE". Do you remember that? We do! It happened on October 7, 2010...look it up if you please.

The greatest attribute COAF has is our long term MEMORY.

The Nonsensical Ignoramus goes on to say:
"Werner wants services to remain in Easton, which is his District."

Well, we also have a problem with this one. What exactly is wrong with Bob Werner wanting to keep Human Services in Easton (where it already is), if there is a possibility that the services can remain there? And most importantly - why is it wrong for him to fight for that if he believes in it???

Then he attacks Peg Ferraro saying:
"Ferraro wants everything out at Gracedale, where she gets most of her votes."

picture of nonsensical  - Many colorful speech bubbles with the word Blah - JPG You know...each day the nonsensical ignoramus becomes more nonsensical.

Again we have to ask - what is wrong with Peg Ferraro wanting to serve her constituents? Isn't that what she is supposed to do? Of course it is!

His final attack of course is on Lamont McClure saying:
"And McClure, who wants to be the next Executive, is pretending he cares about the bottom line. He's willing to spend $7 million plus for a "moral obligation" at Gracedale, but not a dime for the vets."

Well, we believe that statement is the farthest thing from the truth, and when you consider the source, it can only be a mistruth.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Northampton County, COAF has never presented mistruths to you. And we can inform you with certainty that Mr. McClure is not pretending when it comes to his love for our has been very apparent. He has demonstrated by his actions that he serves his community in an effort to effect positive changes in our part of the world.

Another out right lie is spending $7 million dollars on Gracedale...that's not happening and he knows it, which is why we're calling it what it is - A LIE!!! Recent County reports have Gracedale in the best financial position it has been in since Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare attempted to destroy Gracedale. And while it may be true that Mr. McClure has not served in our military, he is serving us in office, and he's doing a spectacular job. He will continue to serve the vets as he has been doing with the vets at Gracedale.

Don't Be Fooled By The FOOLS!!!
And don't forget to VOTE for our next County Executive...
Lamont McClure
Who keeps it real!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Lamont McClure For County Executive!!!

We've been waiting and hoping that Lamont McClure would make a run for County Executive - He announced today that he is throwing his hat into the ring, not because he's looking for, or is in need of a job, but because he cares about the folks of Northampton County.

We The People  believe Him. Mr. McClure spoke honestly and sincerely from his heart without a prepared speech in his hands. He promised never to go back on his word or his promises. He also vowed to continue to serve the people as the County Executive, as he has over the last seven years as a Councilman.

COAF humbly stands up to support Mr. McClure because  regardless of how hot it ever got in the kitchen, we know he always stood up firmly for Gracedale. On many more that one occasion he was the only elected official to do so.

Ironically, it seems today that everyone wants to jump on the Gracedale bandwagon, but Lamont McClure  has been driving the bandwagon from day one. He's not just saying I care about Gracedale to get elected, no...he's been fighting alongside of us all along.

John Callahan is a nice gentleman, who by his own admission during his announcement speech at Gracedale acknowledged that he did not feel that Gracedale was his problem as mayor of Bethlehem - We understand that, and that's why we can't support him.

Glenn Reibman is a Gracedale supporter, and we thank him for that. We want him to know that if Lamont did not throw his hat in the ring, we would stand with him for sure. However, we can only support one...and to his credit, Lamont's loyalty to Gracedale and to We The People has not been match by anyone else.

Our involvement with Gracedale over the last several years has made us most knowledgeable about the matter, and that is why we are asking everyone in the County to also show their support by voting for:
Lamont McClure
Our next County Executive

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Making A difference...

...Is what COAF has always been about.

Easton, PA : Centre Square MonumentWhen we met Scott Parsons we believed that he too was about making a difference, as well as Robert Werner and Ken Kraft. That's  exactly why we supported them!

We already knew Lamont McClure, and we understood without  doubt who he is, and what he stands for, and most importantly who he represents.

We put our trust in these four people last year because we believed in them, and still do! The question is: do they remember their promises to us?

We don't desire to see them in a light that implies: "they just told us what we wanted to hear so that we would help them get elected". We still  want to believe that they stand for the people who trusted them...the People of Northampton County!!!

We would like them to publically tell us that we are wrong to seek justice. That John Stoffa was right, and performed his duties correctly when he used tax dollars against the taxpayers. Please stand up like the leaders you said you would be and tell us that it is okay to betray the trust of the taxpayers.

We're not trying to make you look bad - why would we support you and then do such a thing?

We want you to represent us! We don't care if there are not enough votes to carry a decision! we simply want to see, hear, and know that your words to us were not just political rhetoric.

We want to know that you  are different than John Stoffa.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is It Possible..

...To have a county Council that works for The People?

We the People of Northampton County have done what some considered impossible when we engaged our local government to effect the necessary changes and keep Gracedale in the hands she belongs in.

In 2011 we elected three new Council members: Scott Parsons, Robert Werner, Ken Kraft, and one incumbent: Lamont McClure, to County Council.

While the three new councilman were supposed to assist the incumbent clean house, they seem to have fallen prey to the problem.

We're not attempting to be critical, in fact we still support our choices, we're simply stating it how we see it.  The three new councilmen all ran on a platform that they would hear, and most importantly, listen to the people of the county, but they force the questions - have they been hearing, and have they been listening?

The Stoffa-Gift Sacndal is not something that We the People  made up, no, John stoffa did it! It was going on well before the three new members sat for the first time as councilman, and they know that is true. 

When they ran they also promised to seek out the truth and shed light on it, but have they?

To the taxpayers of NorCo it appears not. It actually appears they have become part of the problem, leaving Lamont McClure to fend off wrongdoing on his own!

County Executive John Stoffa is a problem politician who feels like he can do whatever he wants to.  And you know when he's up to no-good because he starts out saying: "I don't know what we're going to do if we don't do this". In place of this you can put anything. For example: if we don't sell Gracedale, or if we don't build this building. He presents everything to be problems for him so that he can pushed things through in a hurry, hoping that no one will be the wiser.

Take notice that when Mr. Stoffa says: I don't know, that is a clear indicator that he really doesn't know what he's doing! What more clues do we need? We're not being mean-spirited, we're just telling the truth.

We can only  have high hopes the new five this year, and the new Executive, will all keep to their word. Otherwise, this will become an endless cycle of broken promises.

Monday, February 11, 2013


During the entire Gracedale Referendum Initiative, County Executive John Stoffa, along with Ron Angle and Bernard O'Hare lll continuously deceived the taxpayers of Northampton County by saying that a tax increase was necessary to keep Gracedale in county hands.
First is was 18%, no, that didn't work so they went to 20%. Ultimately they went as high as 30%. But that was just a lie to fear the people into the sale of Gracedale. But it didn't work because for such a worthy cause, the taxes payers were willing to foot the bill of a tax increase.

We know today (without a doubt) that a tax increase was never necessary. And that all the hype about a tax increase was nothing more than a lie, a scare tactic to bamboozle the honest taxpayers into a dishonest act. But We The People refused to buy into the deception.
Intelligent Taxpayers
John Stoffa had a big problem, and whats so amazing is that he didn't know it! - Educated taxpayers who understood the math, and understood that a tax increase was really not necessary - AT ALL.

Stoffa angry throws doc at Barron
Since the initiative passed the vote in 2011, there has been no tax increase. Why not? Because County Controller Stephen Barron was correct, we had enough in our reserve funds to sustain the county well into the future...without an increase in taxes. During the February 7, 2013 County Council meeting it was reported that (even after paying 25.7 million for the swaption) our reserve funds holds steady at 42.3 million dollars. And that ladies and gentlemen of Norco proves that a tax increase to keep Gracedale in county hands was nothing more than another lie by County Executive John Stoffa. A big scare tactic, and while no one was looking, he misused tax dollars to hurt the taxpayers...but his arrogance has caught up with him.
I don't care - It's not my money!!!
We suspect that what he agreed to pay (in what we are now calling "Stoffa-Gift") was a drop-in-the-bucket compared to the initial reports (which we now believe are more accurate) of between $11,000 and $30,000.00. We also believe that when a thorough investigation is completed...the truth will be revealed. Stoffa - will then have to forget about paying attention...and begin paying for his wrongful actions. He has betrayed the trust of the taxpayers!
YES...there is a price to pay!
Resign Now!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

I will take...

...this opportunity to express my own thoughts and prayers for Mr. Stoffa.

I understand that he see's me as his enemy, but I am not! I am nothing more than a shepherd seeking the lost sheep, bringing them back to Jesus, and to the cross that bridges the gap between our fallen world and the heavenly Father.

My heart is filled with the Holy Spirit, and certainly with Jesus and the heavenly Father. There is no room for hate.

I have stood up to Mr. Stoffa, as well as others seeking justice, simply because it is my calling from God - To defend the cause of the needy and helpless, the widows and orphans. That's the will of God for me...and I obey.

Mr. Stoffa does not understand my motive(s), I can tell him that he never will until he meets Jesus  for himself, the way I did. I pray for him - that he does, so that our next hug will be genuine from both sides.

Mr. Stoffa must step down, he must resign, not because I or anyone else wants  him to, or say's so...but because he made a terrible mistake against the very people who trusted him. He abused his authority, and he misused our entrusted tax dollars, and...he deceived us in the process. It's not about being right Mr. Stoffa...but about doing right!

I don't know if Mr. Stoffa is a follower of Christ. I certainly hope he is, or that he comes to know him through my introduction, so that he may enjoy the same hope I enjoy in Christ Jesus.

I am praying also for a day soon, that we may be able to remove our armor of war, and bring peace together - to the County of Northampton. But sir - You must resign - because you did wrong. However, I am certain that every true Christian in the world will find it in their hearts to forgive you.

The moment of owning your wrongdoing with the possibility of remaining in office has passed. By continuing your deceitful ways you dug a hole too deep to climb out of. In order to commence the healing process for yourself and us, you must resign sir. While my armor is still on I have to inform you sir, if you force our hand you will only discover again...what you already know - we're not bluffing.

I want to forgive you, in-fact I have. But, My forgivenes does not resolve your wrongful actions in office. Only you can do that by taking real responsibility for your inappropriate decisions.

Please...don't make us do what we really don't want to do Mr. Stoffa.

Step down, turn to Jesus - turn you life and your soul over to Him, and begin to understand what today you cannot.

God bless you sir, all of Northampton County, and the world.



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Where Is The Justice?

Stoffa"s tax gift to the taxpayers
During the County Council meeting on Thursday February 7, 2013, we heard our Spokesperson present an excellent argument against the Stoffa-Gift-memo, which could only be the beginning of the end for County Executive John Stoffa.

In our honest effort to bring this shameful and disgraceful scandal (brought to Northampton County by John Stoffa) to an end, we have been demanding his resignation for a while now. But instead he has chosen to ignore our demands, arrogantly believing that we will simply go away.

BIG mistake John, listen to the points your pal Bernie made on his blog: "In Northampton County, the lynch mob has been a small collection of so-called Gracedale supporters, who actually first formed in an attempt to get an employee fired."
The employee he is referring to John is Ilisa Sacknoff, who instead of being terminated for her abuse of resident(s) and family members as reported and documented by thirty four resident families during meetings with Gracedale management, you placed her in another department were she could continue her reign of terror on other families. She's the one John who told us all (regarding our loved one) "we had no choice", remember that John? And as we understand it, you promoted her several times since. Her wrong doings will certainly be dealt with in the future, at the appropriate time by someone other than you.

What COAF can't understand is why you would terminate the services of two employees (whom we understand may have been re-instated)  for an email issue (which you also allowed to continue for a year), yet a real undesirable employee like Ilisa Sacknoff is not terminated, but promoted!

He goes on to say:
"They are not County employees or union members."
No...We're honest taxpayers and law-abiding good citizens who have chosen to stand up and be counted for what We The People believe is a worthy cause...Gracedale!  

Here is the home run point John:
"With one possible exception, their Gracedale family members have passed on."
We would like to thank Bernie for this excellent point, intended especially for you John, because it clearly illustrates what we said from the very beginning; we're not going away! We will protect Gracedale and the taxpayers with the last breath of our decaying bodies, or until someone brings harm to us as is being threatened on Bernie's blog. Yes, we are being threaten with physical harm!

Well John, you still have an opportunity to pay attention, or you will have to pay the price for your arrogant actions.

Make no further mistakes about it John. While some may not view what you did - diverting tax dollars to benefit your own desire (as well as benefiting two private citizen in litigation against the very taxpayers),  we believe that we can make a case - that by intentionally misusing tax dollars you did-in-fact commit a crime. If we're right...the consequences can be very serious John...Call Justice Joan Orie Melvin and ask her how her arrogance is working out for her.

Joan Orie Melin Trial Link

Please pay close attention John - Read our lips if you must...
Resign NOW!!!
Before it's too late.