Thursday, May 31, 2012

The First Casualty In War...

...Is TRUTH!

no matter what anyone says...if not true, becomes the very first death of a reality.

What does that mean? Glad you asked - it means that when people the likes of Ron Angle, Bernard O'Hare, and John Stoffa decide to tell their version of the truth - the TRUTH becomes a LIE.

You see, there are people like those mentioned above, that don't appreciate hearing that TRUTH is absolute...BUT IT IS - regardless what they like, or think. Unfortunately, in today's world, we have to be politically correct in the things we say...instead of absolutely correct.

Consider that if we say "FIRE BURNS"- that is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH regardless of our worldly view. No one can change that truth! Why? Because it is TRUE that fire burns...what fool out there would like to challenge this truth. Yeah, we know three fools out there that may, as they usually do - but, really think about it...does fire only burn sometimes? Or does it burn all the time? YES - all the time...absolutely CORRECT!

The point is that the three deceivers would have you believe anything to accomplish their agenda...but, that by itself does not present the TRUTH.

For example. They all said on many more than one occasion that there would be a tax increase if Gracedale were to remain in County ands, or ifs about it. But was that absolutely TRUE?...or just their version of the TRUTH? ding Ding DING...yes, you are correct... it was their version of the truth...which history tells us today was actually not true at all, which means they lied. And we can say that openly and honestly because, no matter how small - any deviation of the TRUTH is a LIE. 

First Gracedale Advisory Board Meeting

Friday June 1, 11 AM. Tower 1 conference Room At Gracedale.

These meetings are open to the public so anyone wishing to attend - to hear and see what the GAB is processing may do we understand it, they welcome...and hope to see you there.

While Mr. Stoffa would not choose but one member of the COAF to serve on the GAB (regretfully we're sure), COAF will continue to monitor the direction and progress of the group. We extend a warm thank you to all who are currently selected for service. And we hope you all understand that COAF is not an enemy...we are folks just like you - with a heartfelt desire to do the right thing for Gracedale...and for humanity.

Thank you again...and may God Bless all of your efforts.

Do We The People Hate Mr. Stoffa?

No, of course not...we don't hate anyone. In fact, as a person he seems really nice (note that we said seems) however, as the County Executive - HE OUTRIGHT SUCKS!

He has failed the very PEOPLE he swore to serve. How exactly are we supposed to feel about that?

Should we say, "well it's all okay because that's how things are done under his watch?" So sorry, but, that's not going to happen.

NO - instead we chose to hold him responsible, and accountable for the actions of all, including himself...under HIS watch.

Let us examine - what accomplishments can he boast he has produced over the last two years? Yes, that's right, in our opinion - NONE.

What did he do wrong? - in our opinion - everything...the better question would be - what did he do right? In our opinion - Nothing.

He made a mockery of the Honorable Judge Barrata's court room, so much so that the Judge asked "who are you?" to Mark Stuart, who supposedly was not there to coach Angle and O'Hare but was very visibly doing so...and when the Judge asked again who are you? Mark Stuart replied something to the effect that he was there representing the County, and if memory serves us right the judge responded something to the effect - don't we have enough attorney's on the county payroll that we need you too?

We are not exaggerating, Mr. stoffa could not even sue the taxpayers right...however, in our opinions, he did know how to use our money to do it - shameful!!!

Out To Distroy Stoffa???

Absolutely NOT!!!

County council meeting signStoffa chose to destroy himself by associating first with Angle, and second with O'Hare.

Together they formed a triANGLE around Gracedale with one malicious intention...tighten the neck, and strangle our beloved Gracedale.

Too bad if you don't like the fact that we organized to prevent your attacks on such a noble facility. And too bad if you feel it's not fair that we're intelligent enough to use our constitutional rights to take all of you down.

You don't like it? SO WHAT!!!

Consider what you have done to the county in terms of wasting our tax dollars over the last 2 yrs+...and we won't mention the $31,000.00 misused by Stoffa to facilitate legal assistance for Bernard O'Hare and Ron Angle - a citizen and an acting citizen who chose to sue the taxpayers of the County...with our own money WHAAAAT??? A case of ourse which is currently under investigation.

Momentarily - Ron Angle appears to be the smartest of all three, he found a rock to hide under, and chose to do exactly that...HIDE - hoping that if the other two go down, they can't find him to drag him down too. But his is no less responsible than the other two.

And We The People rejoice in the moment, not out of pride, but out of relief that "los tres chiflados" failed miserably...and are about to pay the full price for their devious acts.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What Now?

Well - we keep our eyes open,

and as good sentry...we won't fall asleep.

When it comes to who's going to be our new County Executive - well, we know who it won't won't be John Stoffa. We could only hope that he ran again. He told us during our meeting with him at the 911 building that he only ran for a second term because - get this...HE thought he had done such a good job in his first term that he was sure to win a second! Right...he forgot to tell us how he campaigned at Gracedale to secure his victory. You see, he knew that there are more folks at Gracedale by way of residents and employees, that he didn't have to go door to door, no - he could do it all in one place simply by making empty promises. We believe it suffice to say that he no longer believes he did such a great job, actually, in our opinion he has performed a horrible job. We know, and certainly he knows that if he decided to run for another term...all we have to do is put a monkey in a suit to defeat him.

But for all of you hopefuls out there, take note, We The People don't want a monkey, no we have had it with the baboon preparing to leave office. Gracedale is wide awake, as are We The People of the County. Only a fool can harness the idea that they can fool Gracedale or We The People ever again.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

O'Hare Attacks MC White.

People_fighting : Mixed martial artists before a fight Stock PhotoAmazing - Bill White of the Morning call, who, if our memories serve us right, defended O'Hare relating to a LVU O'Hare spotting, is now attacking Mr. White and the MC. Who will win the match?

Listen to what O'Hares says: "Yet they are being portrayed by Morning Call columnist Bill White, as both smug (column) and as hypocrites (blog).

Is this fair? More importantly, is it even accurate?"

"Is this fair?" When has O'Hare been fair? And when has he been accurate???

He goes on to cry about a lack of media attention at a Bangor just because he is there all of the REAL MEDIA is supposed to be there too.

Let us ask a few questions that may make some sense to the nonsensical ignoramus too.

Q1 - Where was the media when one of the greatest display of democracy took place right here in NorCo, Q2 - and why didn't O'Hare cry foul with that event? Q3 - And where has the media been with regard to the on going investigation of misused taxpayer funds to the tune of $31,000.00 by County Executive John Stoffa? Q4 - Why isn't he crying foul about that?

Ladies and Gentlemen of NorCO...there can be no question in any ones mind that the "Gracedale Initiative" was truly a great display of pure democracy. And no one can argue that it was an event of such epic proportion that it should have been reported locally by all forms of REAL Media , and nationally by the national media - but sadly it was not. And why not some may ask, well, the media was slanted in favor of the three connivers, and therefore decide not to give much attention to a story of great importance and magnitude.

So BOO HOO Bernie is now crying like the baby that he is, because the REAL MEDIA will not give him the attention he wants...and they won't even play with the poor baby.

I did this, and I did that, but, but, but they won't do it toooooooo!!!

Monday, May 28, 2012

O'Hare should ask Instead...

...Did Executive Stoffa misuse $31,000.00 of the TAXPAYERS money? This is a real question!

And he should asked Mark Stuart of Eckard Seamans why he hasn't provided NorCo Controller Stephen Barron with the information requested to clear up the first question.

No...instead he goes after the Honorable Mayor Pawlowski of Allentown for doing what he promised The People Allentown he would do...PROSPER Allentown.

And then he tries to implicate Ed DeGrace, who knows enough about O'Hares history to know that he wants nothing to do with him. And when Bernie calls Mr. DeGrace for some sort of communication, he seems surprise that the phone is hung up on him. He's so confused!

But why doesn't Bernie ask about Stoffa? Well, that's easy - he and Stoffa share an office...or at least it seems that way. After the last CC meeting for instance, Stoffa went right into his office, and who followed immediately got it - the employee Bernie O...WHAT! Wait a minute - Bernie's not an employee! That's right he's not...but he walks around the entire courthouse like he owns it. Why is that? Well, these days...since the magical disappearance of Angle, Bernie has attached himself to Stoffa, and everyone watching can see it.

We congratulate Mr. DeGrace for doing the right thing...hanging up on Bernie O'Hare - xactly what we all need to do, and Bernie too will...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Did O'hare Really Lie?

Absolutely he Lied...he has no problems twisting the truth, and he does it all the time.

O'Hare said on Business matters "I did it myself" - referring to his court case against The People.

However, recently it was established by existing emails the role that Eckard Seamans played helping O'Hare, and that ES had in fact helped O'Hare - so YES...Bernie lied when he said he was never assisted by anyone. But it does not end there, his deception are many.

To understand how chronic his habitual deception is, all you have to do is read how the court characterized him when they ripped his rank of attorney from him, sending him back into the world a failed, disgraced, and dishonorable man. The PA Supreme Court in its conclusions characterized O'Hare in the following manner:

dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude

The Ugly Truth About Bernie O'Hare: He was Disbarred for sabotaging lawsuits w/ "Evil Intent"The questions now are: Since the Supreme Courts ruling against O'Hare, has there been positive change in his life? Has he been rehabilitated? The answer of course is absolutely - NO - on both questions.

He was lying in the mid 80's when he was disgraced and disbarred, and as we can see on Business Matters, he is still lying today.

Someone said that he feels like the world has defecated on him...absolutely NOT...just like John Stoffa, O'Hare made his own bed too. He made the choice to be dishonest, and to be fraudulent, and misrepresent the TRUTH, and to conduct unauthorized activity, and to forge documents, and to cover it all up, etc, etc.

Bernie has been branded a liar by the PA Supreme Court because he is a liar. We're not picking on Bernie, we're just telling the TRUTH for all to hear.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top Ten Most Evil People In The World...

evil me!!10. Attila The Hun
9. Maximilien Robespierre
8. Ruhollah Khomeini
7. Idi Amin Dada
6. Leopold II of Belgium
5. Pol Pot
4. Vlad Ţepeş
3. Ivan IV of Russia
2. Adolf Hitler
1. Josef Stalin

What about in NorCo?

Take a guess who in our opinion are the TOP THREE MOST EVIL men in NorCo.

YES, YES, YES!!! - You got it:

3. Bernie (the wannabe) O'hare
2. Ron (MIA) Angle
1. John (the conniver) Stoffa

Gracedale procession

We The People opine that these three are the worst of the worst in NorCo, based of course on the content of their malicious activities dealing with our beloved Gracedale, home of all in need, who can not - for one reason or for themselves.

When We The People chose to stand up and defend our elders and loved ones, we became targets for these three depraved and vicious EVIL men.
To this day they persecute us...but that's okay because we're not going away!

They must come to terms with the reality that they can no longer ignore or intimidate We The People...A fact they are coming to grips with. 

They will not hector, or bully, or browbeat us any longer...we will not stand for it, and we will not tolerate it any longer -  We The People will stand up to them, and fear not...because We ARE The People.

Friday, May 25, 2012

We ARE The People...

...But the Executive John Stoffa does not seem to comprehend that.

In our opinion, Mr. Stoffa has been manipulating so many, for so long...suffering no consequences, feeling invincible, like it would last forever. And then - We The People decided to hold him accountable...

Those miserable little people...making me so ANGRY!!!

WHY - WHY - WHY???

Taxpayers listen up - The Judge in the Bill DeWeese case called him "THE INSTIGATOR", sentencing him 2 yrs in who is the instigator in NorCo? - Some point to John R. Conklin, but NO...he was just a pawn that Mr. Stoffa could throw under the bus - and we're sure he has a lot to share, but NO, NO, NO...this one is easy, JOHN STOFFA.

When John met with us in the 911 building - he told us some very interesting things about Ron "MIA" you remember that John - WE DO! Maybe Ron would be interested in knowing exactly what you told us. And what about Bernie?...Do you remember what you had to say about him? HMMM...if only he knew, he would be going after you instead of the Honorable Mayor Powlowski in Allentown.

You should have listened to us John...we never lied to you. In fact, every thing we told would happen if We The People were defied - HAPPENED...didn't it John!

We TOLD you - with GOD on our side, who can stand against didn't believe us did you John - well now you know.

After you step down...or are removed - we will complete the last leg of the race...and then our house will be clean.

Intimidation of We The People will never again work. Give it up John...

Nonsensical Magician...

...Was spotted out and about today trying hard to get a rabbit out of a hat - and he tried, and he tried, and he got tired trying...but no luck.

All he could get was an OTTER
in a hat.


Do We Really Have A PEOPLES Council?...

...We believe we do!

Scott Parsons promised he would serve The People...we believe he will!

Bob Werner promised he would serve The People...we believe he will!

Ken Kraft promised he would serve The People...we believe he will!

Lamont McClure has been serving The People...we believe he will continue to do so!

Tom Dietrick has been serving The People...we believe he will continue to do so!

John Cusick has been serving The People...we believe he will contiue to do so!

And of course - Peg Ferrarro has been serving us...and we believe she will continue to do so!

These folks will take us beyond Stoffa...wait - what about the other two? Well, we believe they have been serving themselves and Stoffa, and yes...they have to go!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mr. Stoffa Believes...

...That loyalty to oneself is still loyalty...We The People see it as BETRAYAL instead.

Well, lets explore what betrayal is. First we must understand that before there can be betrayal there has to be TRUST...make sense - sure it does.

Second, before a man can betray his country, his friends, his sweetheart, there must be a moral bond, otherwise all he can betray is his the case of County Executive John Stoffa - there doesn't appear to be a conscience. His actions relating to the Gracedale initiative indicate he believes in his heart that in politics it is sometimes necessary either to betray one's friends or the electorate. His decision to SUE The People clearly demonstrated that he prefers to betray the electorate.

Stoffa's deceptive betrayal reminds us of the man staring down the barrel of a gun, held by his wife/girlfriend - and says to her:

OK, OK, OK...
...yes, I admit telling her to make me a sandwich!
And yes, I admit to eating it!
But...I never enjoyed one bite!


She didn't buy it...and neither did WE!

0957 05/25/12 - Update - The end story here is about a wife/girlfriend who did not believe her husband/boyfriend, who betrayed her by cheating on her with another woman. The wife/girlfriend did not believe her husband/boy friend and took matters into her own hands...our only intent is to say: just as the woman did not believe her husband because she knew better - we don't believe Mr. Stoffa when he says that he did not misuse tax dollars because we know better. That's it in a nutshell.

Our Government Needs To Understand...

...That when they chose to serve THE PEOPLE, it was a choice they made! Promising in most cases - to serve faithfully.

Our County Executive John Stoffa has failed miserably in the FAITHFUL department, as well as in the honest, and honorable ones too. He decided to do the unthinkable by an elected public challenge the very people who elected him.

Consider that when the referendum vote was complete...when all the smoke cleared, by an overwhelming 3-1 vote, We The People authorized him to safeguard Gracedale...
...yet still today he plays his games.

Let us not forget that initially Mr. Stoffa was not in favor of selling gracedale...but leasing her. See -

But then something (or someone) radically changed his view...drastically altering his reasoning power, making him turn to his ego...instead of to The People, and that is why he is where he is today. No...he can't go back, even if he wants to. He has past the point that we all know as "the line in the sand", he has past the point of no return.

We're sure that if he could, he would return to a point in time that he could make things right FOR HIM...but he can't...there is only forward.

Yes, life does go on, but as We The People see it, it must go on without Mr. Stoffa. The HONOR of his office exist only without him. Without a doubt, just as life moves on - so should John Stoffa.

There is nothing more to consider for John...the decision was yours to make, and you made it. You betrayed your support...and for that, your support says:


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Why Mr. Stoffa?...

...Did you betray the Peoples TRUST?

Was it Ron Angle pulling the strings all along - or was it REALLY YOU.

Who was really the puppet...Angle or YOU?

Time will certainly tell the story, and your legacy will be established. You sir, are without a doubt the WORST County Executive ever to serve NorCo.

You wonder why we question your selfish motives? Because We The People are not in alignment with your mentality relating to Gracedale.

On February 21, 2011 you announced to the county that you would be appealing the decision to allow the GD Initiative to reach the Ballot. During which time you stated “We cannot have 23,000 county executives making a decision and have a representative government. This decision not only has long-term implications for Northampton County, but for other home rule counties as well,”

Well Mr. Stoffa, let us explain it to you this way, 23,000+ voices make an extremely loud and unmistakable noise so that you, and all other politicians out there can perk up your ears and hear, but, you sir failed to hear...NO, actually you chose not to hear.

All you had to do was listen, and understand what We The People were saying: "Leave Gracedale Alone". However, you were incapable of doing either. Big mistake wouldn't you agree?

Then you intentionally decided to disregard, and worst yet, underestimate the intelligence, determination, resolve, and most importantly - the WILL of We The People - Well...we have to ask:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Why Are They Picking On Me?...

...We're Not!

Mr. Stoffa, We The People did not just wake up one day and decided out of the clear blue to pick on you! is quite evident that you woke up one day and decided it was best to push aside the very People you chose to SERVE.

You got too big in your own mind, for you own good, listening to people the likes of Ronald Angle, and using people the likes of Bernard O'Hare to do much of your dirty work on his hateful blog. Yes sir - you're the one you can blame for your troubles right now...troubles that exist because of the choices you have don't try to blame anyone else...YOU DID IT.

The time to pay the piper is near.
  • You chose to ignore WTP - Pay The Piper
  • You chose to ignore CC - Pay The Piper
  • You chose to ignore your staff - Pay the Piper
  • you chose to ignore the Elderly - Pay the Piper
  • You chose to ignore GD employees - Pay the Piper
  • you chose to ignore Mr. McClure when he asked you to drop the appeal - Pay the Piper
  • You chose to pay ES to sue The People - Pay the Piper

You see Mr. Stoffa, we can go on and on...these are all poor choices you have made. Not US, not CC, not RA, not BO...No - it was YOUR decision to push us all to a can't blame anyone else but yourself, and the time is will have to answer for your poor choices.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Another One Bites The Dust!

NO... it does not look good for Justice Joan Orie Melvin.

It's really difficult to comprehend how people of such high intelligence and academic levels can be so STUPID!

Perhaps arrogance is a better word...because it does appear that arrogance leads all of these aspiring idiots to stupidity.

What can cause high intellect to reason so poorly? Well, we did say arrogance.

Didn't she see what was happening to others, the like of Bill DeWeese? Again, ARROGANCE.

We will follow this case...and bring details as they develop. County Executive John Stoffa should as well!

The Swaption Blunder Continues...

...And County Executive John Stoffa can't seem to get his mind on track.

We get that you have much troubles looming behind the deceptions you have caused, but man oh man, pay off this painful Swaption already.

Ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, the swaption as reported during last weeks CC meeting, went from a whopping 25 million just days before the meeting, to a whopping whopping 26.3 million the day of the meeting.

Simple math tells us thats' 1.3 million in just days that Mr. Stoffa, by failing to pull the trigger, has cost us.

Mr. Stoffa should hurry-up...STOP playing games with our HARD EARNED TAX dollars...and pay this animal off already.


Please Read :

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What Does "We The People" Mean?...

...It means - the power of government comes from THE PEOPLE.

The Preamble of the Constitution says "We The People" because it was THE PEOPLE who were granting powers to the government, an absolutely extraordinary idea when the Constitution was it still is today.

Acknowledging of course, that our Brilliant Founding Fathers were being persecuted by the King then, as we are persecuted by the Executive of the County today.

NO...There is no difference between the King then, and our County Executive today...just as there is no difference between TAXPAYER DOLLARS, and COUNTY DOLLARS.

And yes...The king had hench-men then...just as the Executive has Bernard (The Disbarred Attorney) O'Hare today...The worst hench-man we have been dominated by since the birth of our great union...and how exactly does the Merriam-Webster define a Hench-man? Hummm...lets see:
  • 1: Obsolete: a squire or page to a person of high rank - no, that's not it.
  • 2a: a trusted follower: a right hand man - getting warmer. 
  • b: a political follower whose support is chiefly for personal advantage - real hot.
  • c: a member of a GANG - Ding Ding Ding - they (Stoffa, Angle, and O'Hare) are definitely a political band out for themselves, a clique no better than those that roam the streets...hit the nail on the head - giv'em a cigar. 

Must never ever allow any form of tyranny within our goverment, especially such that force us to unlearn or forget our moral obligation to humnaity.

GOD Bless America, and her PEOPLE.

Is Mr. Stoffa Really A Good Person?...

...Not according to himself!

What does that mean, you ask? Simple - just watch the second business matters Gracedale episode titled..."Selling Gracedale - The Debate Rages On" and 1min 26 seconds or so into the show you will hear Mr. Stoffa tell the host Tony Ianelli that Tony is wrong to believe the "he" (Mr. Stoffa is a good person) after TI said he beleved Mr. Stoffa to be such a person.

Stoffa said it MUST be true;-)

Friday, May 18, 2012

What Others Are Saying....

...relating to the PROFANE NONSENSICAL IGNORAMUS and his bossman.



You Asked To See It...

...Here it is:
As per request from one of our readers, below is the resolution that was adopted 08/19/2010.

Another Possible Jail Sentence...

...For MISUSE of TAXPAYER funds.

With all this going on all over the state (and nation) you would think our County Executive would have steered clear of wrong doing...but NO, just as the others led by arrogance, so did Mr. Stoffa. Just remember made, and continue making - the bed. Eventually you will have to LIE in it!

Retire NOW, and possibly this mess you helped create goes away...stay the course, and who knows where you to may end up? Do the County an favor - step down NOW.

Read On:

Here We Go...

This morning BO posted on his hate blog at 2:40 am some very amusing remarks about "Still Practicing" Attorney Larry Otter who must have bit O'Hare on his ankle with his sharp teeth, inspiring the entertaining remarks.

He goes on to state: "Ron Angle and I, as some of you no doubt remember, had challenged the validity of the signatures for a referendum on Gracedale's sale. We lost the case."

He conveniently left out the fact that they both claimed at the time - that they never received help from Mark Stuart of Eckard Seamans, hired by the County specifically to handle County business, not PRIVATE LITIGATION.

He went on to say: "The reality? "I really resented the claim that anyone "coached" me. I spent weeks in the elections office, reviewing nomination petitions. I spent at least another week researching and preparing a complaint. It was my work product. But yes, I sent numerous drafts of my Complaint, as it evolved. Right before filing, I received some suggestions from an attorney at the firm engaged to conduct Gracedale's sale. I accepted most of them. "

First off - he says he resents the claim that he was coach...but, then he says - yeah I got some suggestions and accepted them. Yes, the profane O'Hare seems to be coming apart at the seams. Perhaps he's losing it! Maybe something in his coffee? on earth can you resent the TRUTH?

O'hare claims - "This firm was acting under express authority of a County Council resolution that stated its "clear intent" was to authorize this law firm "to facilitate and expedite all issues" that would result in Gracedale's sale." BINGO...nothing about dealing with PRIVATE LITIGATION!

Further stating: "Presumably, that would include discussions with allied private litigants who are attempting to achieve the very same goal. The resolution is broad enough that the firm actually could have represented us, although we preferred to make our own mistakes." WRONG!!!

This statement clearly implies that he and Angle had discussions with Mark Stuart of ES relating to their PRIVATE LITIGATION...which by the way folks, on numerous occasion before they denied ever happened - well, it appears the TRUTH is being revealed. If we are to believe this statement, it would indicate that they lied before. But, wait...if we believed what they said before...wouldn't that make this statement a LIE? Why - YES it would.

He continues to damn himself (and others) with this remark: "Now you could argue that Council never dreamed that the firm it hired would discuss a matter with allied private litigants. I get that. But the language in the resolution is what controls. Facilitate and expedite all issues leading to Gracedale's sale, charged Council. "

No, council never dreamed that the firm they hired would have such discussions with private litigants because that was never their direction nor their intent!

Stay Tuned...more to come.