Thursday, January 31, 2013

Move Slowly--That's All We're Saying

When it comes to the BIG money spending decision relating to the proposed Human Services Building, we don't believe that anyone is saying to County Council "don't do it", but instead to proceed with caution. Investigate properly all the options and possible scenarios that could hurt the taxpayers again, and don't let John Stoffa or Ken Mohr pressure you into something that the taxpayers will later discovered, was not necessarily the correct thing to do.

Considered the Swaption; a pay-off of over twenty seven million dollars is evidence that it was the wrong thing to do. These are all risk-taking gambles that if any calculations are incorerect, and/or all are not on the same page-at the right time, than much can be lost, as was the case with the swaption.

Hindsight tells us that we should have paid off the Swaption when it was well under ten million, say four to five million. That certainly would have been the correct avenue to take, however, at that time you couldn't get the necessary five votes to do so. And more importantly, John Stoffa was not recommending it. So the taxpayer ended up taking the hit. Why Can't we learn form our mistakes? Fair Question!!!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It Was Never Our Desire...

...To create chaos, or to bring disgrace to the County of Northampton. County Executive John Stoffa didn't need any help, he did that all on his own.

Mr. Stoffa could have done the right thing from the beginning, but in arrogance instead he chose to thumbed his nose at us. Sadly, he thumbed his nose at County Council too, yet (for whatever reason) they fail to see his corrupt behavior, even when he publically admits his guilt.

We have to ask the tough questions because no one else is doing so. Consider the media being present at a council meeting is actually a waste of time and money, because in our opinion, they don't report the truth.

Stoffa-gate is the kind of newspaper story that catapults reporters anywhere in the country...but not in Northampton County, and not the Morning Call or the Express Times. They appear to have replaced their reporters with puppets that report slanted stories, or nothing at all.

What every taxpayer in Northampton County previously believed to be true, they now without question KNOW is true. What is baffling to say the least, is why won't County Council act on the facts?

No-we don't necessarily want to see Mr. Stoffa at his seventy plus years of age in jail. However, he's the one making his bed. We certainly will make him sleep in it if he forces us to.

The only noble and honorable thing left for John Stoffas to do is to resign. You have disgraced yourself, but more importantly you have disgraced the County. Now do the right thing and step down before we have no choice but to involve other state and or federal agencies that will only bring more disgrace and shame to Northampton County. We never bluffed John, and we will not start now!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Hear It For Yourself...

From the beginning to about 2:09 you will hear our spokesperson.
Fast-forward to 7:54 and you will hear Mr. Stoffa admit his guilt.

Follow this link to see the actual meeting:


County Executive John Stoffa finally admitted he is guilty of misusing tax dollars by publically accepting the responsibility of returning to the County $700.00 of misused tax dollars. For approximately a year and a half or so, Mr. Stoffa continued to deny his GUILT, but the pressure brought on by COAF's insistence that he be held accountable broke him.

During the courtesy of the floor at last night's County Council Meeting, our spokesperson Rev. Mario Martinez, speaking on behalf of the Coalition of Alzheimer's families question County Council whether or not they intended to do anything about the information provided in December of 2012 by County Controller Stephen Barron.

The information presented last December dealt specifically with the fact that Eckerd Seaman's (the legal firm hired by the county to sell Gracedale) had acknowledged to the Controller, that in deed at least two hours were billed for services rendered to two private citizens engaged in PRIVATE litigation against the tax payers of Northampton County. 

John Stoffa, apparently frustrated with COAF's continued effort to get to the TRUTH, decided to come clean after Councilman Lamont McClure question Mr. Stoffa during the Executive report.

Mr. McClure took Stoffa to task, expressing to Mr. Stoffa that while the provable amount today based on two hours was approximately $700.00, the initial amount relating to the misused funds was in the $11,000.00 range. Mr. McClure reminded Mr. Stoffa that at that time he (McClure) asked the Executive to return (paid back to the County) the misappropriated funds. It happened so fast! Mr. McClure was interrupted by Mr. Stoffa, who picked up his right hand and stated: "I'll pay back the $700,00". McClure appeared surprised to hear Stoffa finally admit his guilt, as well as was-everyone else in attendance.

Under his last breath John Stoffa said: "BLACKMAIL!" Well, he can call it anything he want's to, but as far as We The People are concerned - he proclaimed his guilt by agreeing to pay back the tax dollars that he knows he misused.

Mr. Stoffa may be under some illusion that this is all finally over...but it's not. He displayed frustration but not remorse, and he failed to apologize for his betrayal, which was a condition from his wife for forgiveness, or move out you will. For that failure We The People  once again call for his resignation with undisputable and proper reasoning. We will accept it immediately. If not, then to the federal government we will go for resolution. Please test our resolve again and maybe you will end up with your Bonus Gate buddies!

Understand John, you made the bed, and you (no one else) chose to sleep in it, and unfortunately for got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. The clock is ticking, we want a divorce...get out of the house now!

NO...nothing else will do!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Is It A Good Idea?

Probably not!!!

Every time that County Executive John Stoffa attempts to rush anything through, claiming WE MUST HAVE THIS, it hasn't been good for the County. That's just his-story, telling us this is probably wrong.

Consider Stoffa calling this a "golden opportunity to do something terrific", but terrific for who really?

How is Stoffa (who's actions prove he can't be trusted) going to benefit from this deal. That's a question that merits an answer. Stoffa goes on to say "They don't have advocacy groups. They don't have PACs. They don't have people speaking for them,". Really? Well what about Gracedale?

Before COAF, there were no PACs either...but he was not the voice for Gracedale as he is today for this "tax bill" of a building he is going to stick the taxpayers with, was he? Can anyone truly imagine Stoffa saying "This is close to my heart,". What heart? He has never (during our involvement) demonstrated true and sincere compassion for anyone or anything unless (there was something in it for him, and,) it was something that HE wanted. 

Also consider that the Wolf Building is in the poor condition it is because  Stoffa FAILED to up-keep it, Just like he did with Gracedale. Why so: you ask? So that he can now say we need a new building, one that his friend Mr. Mohr can build for him.

What about what Ross Marcus and Kathleen Kelly had to say? What about it? We continue to be of the opinion that they are nothing more than Stoffa's puppets! And we know that because we have seen, and continue to see the strings. They will say anything that Stoffa tells them to say. Consider that during our involvement Mr. Marcus has never publically spoken a word opposing anything that Stoffa has pursued. So take their word for anything - We The People will not do.

In our opinion, what we really should be paying close attention to is what County Controller Stephen Barron is saying. Why? Because he hasn't been wrong yet! He has hit the mark with brilliant accuracy in the past, that's why We The People re-elected him. So those of you who have ambition of re-election, you should understand that. We The People we will be watching how you vote on this specific matter, and based your vote, will cast our vote in May and November accordingly...Count on it! the way -- you can also ask Ron Angle how ignoring his electors worked ourt for him!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where Did Our Great AMERICA...


We conclude this series with a question we have asked before, but have yet to receive a response from County Executive John Stoffa.

Is it ever right to LIE?

Please answer the question Mr. Stoffa; is it ever right to LIE?

We sincerely hope that Mr. Stoffa can discern that "We The People's" voice against him is not a personal attack, but a quest for truth.

To this date all we ask of you sir: is that you admit what we all already know--that you lied to us. Yes, we understand your shame, but we cannot extend our forgiveness to someone who doesn't ask for it. And note that before you can ask for it, you must admit your guilt!

Based on the information provided by County Controller Stephen Baron on December 6, 2012 (who by the way is the fifth representative we successfully elected to office in 2012), you cannot hide from the truth.

So what is the truth John? In the eyes of your constituents, the truth is that you turned your back on  the taxpayers when you (intentionally) decided to deceive all of us who trusted you to tell the truth.

COAF understood your poor character going back to that day in the 911 building where you lied to three members, do you remember that sir. What is sad about that event John, is that we actually felt bad for you, believing that you where being bullied by then County Council President Ron Angle, only to discover shortly after that you were not only part of the scheme, but possibly the mastermind pulling all the strings to throw out our gem Gacedale.

We understand you may feel this is all to do for nothing, but that misguided emotion would be incorrect sir - it is actually about  something extremely important to all of us...telling the TRUTH sir. The question is: can you grasp that concept?

The poor character displayed by your actions raises yet other questions, which perhaps you don't want us to ask, but we will: many other times have you deceived us? And what else have you deceived us about?

You see Mr. Stoffa, this is not now, nor has it ever been a personal attack against you sir - NO! This is about the poor choice you made to deceive.

Consider for a moment John, a husband who goes out and cheats on his wife-understanding that what he is doing is wrong. Yet, he decides to do it anyway. Can his deceptive actions be considered anything other than wrong? Is there anything he can tell his wife which will make it right? NO-absolutely nothing sir!!! Just imagine the pain and the hurt you have caused! The terrible feeling of betrayal. We're not sure you can comprehend this, but you Mr. Stoffa are that husband. You lied to your wife and were caught! There is absolutely nothing you can say except: I'm sorry for what I have done. Admit your deception, and ask for forgiveness. And then perhaps your wife will allow you to stay in the house. But failing to do so...will guarantee she will ask you to leave.

No John, this has never ever been a personal attack on you. You did what you did (deceive-you made your bed) and were caught. Now be a man and own up to it. There is no disgrace in saying: I'm sorry!

This could all be over John, with the simple words...
...I'm Sorry!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where Did Our Great...


Let us now discuss Lamont McClure, the last of the four Councilmen we elected to office in 2012.

Mr. McClure from the onset of the Gracedale saga, has always been the voice of reason to those of us who endured to save Gracedale.

Not only did Mr. McClure stand with "We The People", in many cases he stood alone on county council-defending Gracedale. Never backing down, never giving up, always exemplifying the characteristics of a true leader.

All residents of NorCo who know anything about "The Peoples" struggle to keep Gracedale in County hands, know that without Councilman McClure, our strife would have been much more difficult.

As prudent and reasonable people, we understand that Mr. McClure is not perfect, and that's okay, we don't need him to be because we are not seeking perfection.

What we are a true leader. Someone who understands that above all else, listening to his electors is paramount. Someone who understands the meaning of good values, ethics and morals, and who will always strive to work efficiently and diligently to serve the needs of the taxpayers who foot the bill. Someone who acknowledges We The People are the reason they chose to serve. And most importantly, someone who can stand up and say: I am sorry for my err (to err is human), let us make a correction, it won't happen again, and move on. And someone who is not seeking to be praised at every hour of the day for doing the job they are paid by the people to do.

Mr. McClure, We The People are grateful for your service, and we sincerely thank you for all you did to help us keep Gracedale where she belongs. Now we're asking that you help continue to protect her. Also to assist us repair the tear that County Executive John Stoffa put in the fabric that raps around The People and their Government.

John Stoffa MUST be dealt with. Not for personal reasons, but because his choice to deceive The People, as well as County Council and the entire County is a disgrace to his office.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Where Did Our...

...Great AMERICA go?

Recently, Councilman Ken Kraft (among the four we elected last year) has been criticized for his "open mind" approach to a thirty year old question: should we continue to allow the County Executive (John Stoffa  today) to appoint cronies into row office positions? 

Ken KraftMr. Kraft (along with Councilman Tom Dietrich, up for re-election this year) put a reasonable motion on the table seeking to have WE THE PEOPLE decide the question, only to find themselves being ridiculed by their counterparts on County Council...where is the civility in that?

What troubles us most is the statements made by some members of council, as related to this matter. For example, Tom Shortell of the Express Times wrote on December 12, 2012:

"The suggestion, however, was quickly attacked by other council members. Peg Ferraro, Scott Parsons and Bob Werner all questioned how most voters would be able to make informed decisions on what are often obscure posts. The tests ensure candidates possess some knowledge about what it takes to properly operate their desired position, they said. That was sometimes lacking in the past as political favorites used them for no-show jobs, Ferraro said."

Most concerning of all in this statement is whether or not voters are capable of making informed decisions relating to these position. We find it rather peculiar that some on County Council consider us  intelligent and informed enough to elect County Council, but not intelligent or informed enough to elect Row Office positions. Can anyone on County Council who oppose this motion explain that to us? We suspect not!

The matter-of-fact is that We The People are well informed because we are now awake and involved.

Ms. Ferraro is also quoted to say in Toms writings: "What we’ve seen is professionalism brought to these row offices," she said. "We’ve seen the falling of separate little fiefdoms."

Because we love Peggy so (and she knows we do), we would like to agree with her on this comment, however, understanding the truth as we do, we can not agree. This statement begs the question: Have we really witnessed professionalism in those positions, or just a bigger and worst fiefdom controlled by an apparent tyrant the likes of County Executive John Stoffa?

We take this opportunity to say Semper-Fi, and extend a well deserved thank you to Mr. Kraft for keeping to his promise to serve the community well. Also Thank you too Mr. Dietrich for standing up and being counted on this issue.

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Friday, January 18, 2013

Where Did...

...Our great AMERICA go?

Going back to early 2012, We The People supported Councilman Scott Parson  at the polls because we believed in him too. In late 2011, around October or so, we lifted him up as The People's Leader...well what happened? - We suspect County Executive John Stoffa happened. We're not sure how, but that seems to be the only answer to explain his direction.

Mr. Parson promised he would bring civility back to County Council, well that was easy, because without Ron Angle it stands to reason that the processes would become more civil. But he also promised (and he can correct us if we're wrong), to bring Justice back to the PEOPLE of Northampton. So what happened? Again-John Stoffa happened!!!

We Know that Mr. Parson proudly served as a United States Marine, and as such, he represents the honor of the Marine Corps. And we know that while serving in uniform he readied himself to make the ultimate sacrifice if necessary (death), to defend our rights, liberties, and freedoms as Americans. Realistically, what has become so difficult to understand is why he is not defending those rights now (or has he stop being a MARINE?).

Captured Blog: Marines Pour into AfghanistanWe still stand behind you Scott...but we must ask-why are you forsaking us.

We trusted you...took you at your word, and we celebrated with you, your Mother and your Father, because YOU sir were our hope.

So why then have you chosen to ignore and forsaken those of us who trusted you to keep your promises? Why Scott?

To be continued...


...Did our great AMERICA go?

There truly was a time in our country when We The People believed we could trust our Government. We were proud to claim the title "American", but can we honestly say that's the case today?

What Happened? County Executive John Stoffa Happened!!!

We The People realizing the error on our part, we elected four last year who promised us they would balance the scale - and we trusted their individual words.

Councilman Robert Werner was among the four trusted in 2012. He has asked us to be patient, and such we have been. We are working to correct these existing issues (he expressed with sincerity), but as patient as we can be, we haven't seen any action or result  on his part (or anyone else's) indicating that something is actually being done to correct the injustices caused by County Executive John Stoffa.

We've always had a great measure of admiration and respect for Mr. Werner, considering him a true American Leader. But now we must inform Mr. Werner that our patience is not everlasting. If you sir cannot or will not (for whatever the reason) keep your word to us, then we will be left no alternative but to act on our own. That is certainly not our first choice, but we must correct the mistakes we have made in our selection of Mr. Stoffa. 

Also know that you are beginning to lose our confidence. We elected you because you promised us you would do the right thing - always. Please show us now that we in-fact made the right choice in you, and that you in-fact can be trusted.

Represent us as you promised us you would. Thank you.

To be continued...

Thursday, January 17, 2013

What A Joke!!!

Yes - ladies and gentlemen of Norco, the miscreant has muscled his way into local government again. Upper Mount Bethel Township is once again face with a an undesirable problem - Ron Angle.

We all knew and understood that it was only a matter of time, but this really didn't have to happen. Mr. Angle is but a big bully who, as in the past, has bullied his way in life.

Unfortunately for UMBT, they will have to deal with the mistake of not standing up to the bully. Good luck!

ET take on it:

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Measusre Of A Politician...

...Was once easy to identify.

But today, when the truth is hidden and replaced by deception, it's so difficult to measure the quality of the representation we have in office.

A question to ponder: How many on County Council have served our America in uniform? Also - has John Stoffa served in uniform?

We ask that question because going back to the very beginning of our Great America, the men and women who served in uniform all seemed to have the highest and greatest levels of ethics, a term that appears to mean nothing to our Local Government today.

Portrait of President George Washington Take the Father of our Country - George Washington, once quoted to say: "I walk on un-trodden ground. There is scarcely any part of my conduct which may not hereafter be drawn into precedent." Led by his moral values and rock solid principles, he understood that he was to set an example high above all others -- and he did just that! He exemplified moral behavior, always standing on a foundation of truth.

And what about our first Vice President, and second President John Adams? Was he a man of who believed in truth? Well, he was quoted to say: "Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence." 

And what words of wisdom did our third President Thomas Jefferson have to share with the his constituents? "When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty." And "All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."

On that note we have to ask: what do We The People have today as representation? The likes of County Executive John Stoffa. Who unlike George Washington, believes he may behave in any manner of his choosing because no one in our local government dares challenge his erroneous behavior. And who unlike John Adams, believes that he can alter the truth with deception. And who unlike Thomas Jefferson, believes that We The People should remain silent!

News update for Mr. Stoffa - We The People will not remain silent. We have tasted liberty, and we will not allow tyranny of any sort in Northampton County or our great America. You sir have deceived the people who trusted and elect you. For that sir we demand your resignation. Any honorable person in your position would resign with apologies for his/hers ill actions rather than bring more shame to their administration...Own up to your faults and failures sir, and We The People will find it in our hearts to forgive you...but resign you MUST!!!

We anticipate that you will continue to sully the reputation of your office - but rest assured that We The People will not rest until there is justice for your arrogant actions. To refuse the people again will be a clear indication on your part sir, that there is not a descent or honest bone in your body, as illustrated by your very dishonest actions, and unethical practices.

While Adams did not serve in uniform, our history outlines of forty four presidents to date, only twelve did not serve in uniform. Perhaps that's where they learned the true value of Honesty, Loyalty, Integrity, Respect, Ethics, and duty -- to mention a few attributes we expect from our County Council, as well as our local government.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Give Us A Reason...

To re-elect you.

Connect to the people, as We The People have connected to you. Give us a real reason to want to re-elect you.

Many on County Council have been foolish to believe that we were going away. How could you believed such a thing when we told you we would not!

What foolish people see with their eyes yet do not believe? Hear with their ears but do not believe? Touch with their hands and still don't believe???

Our involvement relating to Gracedale, for those of you who are foolish, was very real.

Wake up and smell something! We did exactly what we said we would do. And there was not one thing we promised to do that we did not do. Why on earth would you believe that we will not keep our word now? After all, haven't you experienced our resolve?

We The People elected four last year that promised us they would always do the right thing. Well what happened? Why aren't you doing the right thing now?

We want nothing more than our local government to succeed...but where is the success in forgetting those who put you in the seat you enjoy today?

John Stoffa DECEIVED us, and he deceived you too (CC)...right to your face. Yet you're foolish enough to let him get away with it. Well we don't need fools in office. And we have no intention of letting him get away with wrongful actions.

Every incumbent best prepare themselves for the fight of their lives to win re-election...That's a promise (and you all know we keep our promises) because We The People will fire every one of you who refuses to deal with John Stoffa's deception.

And so that we're all on the same page...County Controller Stephen Barron clearly stated During the December 13, 2012 County Council meeting that County Executive John Stoffa had in-fact used tax dollars to fund private litigation against the taxpayers...We The People believe that action to be illegal. And We The People want this matter investigated and resolved in a timely manner.

It S A Note Clip Art
Note: Timely does not mean after the elections...It means before. Failure to do so on the part of OUR elected officials will result in the firing of some, possibly all. And We The People know that some perhaps feel we're just blowing hot air...

...Well think again - And remember Ron Angle -- Wasn't it believed by many that he was un-touchable...But We The People touched him in a way that has his head still spinning.

Test our resolve again...Please!