Tuesday, July 31, 2012

An Angle After...

...Tricia Mezzacappa.

Ron Angle supposedly asked Bernie O'Hare to speak at a Republican meeting , it appears the topic was - Republicans who don't support Republicans.

Under normal circumstances we would not consider writing a post about O'Hare vs. Mezzacappa, but these are not normal circumstances.

Consider that Republican Ron Angle feels its not okay for a Republican to support a Democrat, although it was okay for him, a Republican, to support John Stoffa, a Democrat. And wait a minute - didn't County Executive John Stoffa support Ron Angle during the Sell Gracedale saga? And now Ronny boy is bashing Ms. Mezzacappa for not supporting him over Scott Parsons? (Whom by the way, even O'Hare is impressed with.)

Well, wouldn't it be correct to say that by inviting a Democrat (O'Hare ) to a Republican meeting to support his (Angles) position about Republicans not supporting Republicans...that Angle is he saying it's okay for a Democrat to support a Republican - but, it's not okay for a Republican to support a Democrat?

Wush...Yes - our heads were dizzied by this thought too.

In plain and simple language, this sounds like...

As We The People see it, there are times when the R's will see eye to eye with the D's, and when that occurs, it's okay to agree...that's usually when we see our government at it's best - being productive serving the People as intended...

...Wouldn't you agree?

Monday, July 30, 2012

If It Ain't Broke...

...Don't fix it!

When We The People of America originally organized to fight for FREEDOM and for Democracy, there was no Republican - Democrat division...because we understood that a democracy is a regime where rule is determined by the People. And that usually the rule of the People involves voting either directly on propositions, or indirectly through representatives.

When COAF organized to fight the Gracedale battle, we did so - not because it was a Democrat issue, or because it was a Republican issue, but because it was a humane issue...and the right thing to do! Never making a decision based on party...but on TRUTH.

And COAF's purpose as a mixture of parties...was to challenge the opposing government foes to simply give the People their inalienable right to VOTE on the Gracedale sale matter, with the comprehension that our great country is not a party...but a PEOPLE.

America was born the Mother of humanity, and for that reason we have succeeded as a People for 236 years - setting a tremendous example for the rest of the world to follow.

What does that mean to us today? It means that we did what we had to then - to unite and to be counted...not as many - but as one.

And as one we understood with clear vision where we wanted to go...and as one we freely went in the direction our hearts took us.

In 2011, 235 years after our birth as a nation, COAF, located in Northampton County, PA, exemplified the spirit of our Founding Fathers. They demonstrated by their sincere effort and dedicated actions that America today can still be united...and not divided by hypocrisy or party.

Thank God for the genuine Americans like COAF who continue to illustrate what a UNITED American can do.

When the time comes
Get Out And Be Counted...

Friday, July 27, 2012

For Whom Do We Fight For?...

...For the idle, the indolent, or the lazy? Absolutely NOT...but for those who cannot care for themselves due to circumstances beyond their control.

Do we agree with social programs which empower the lazy to stay lazy? NO, absolutely not...we believe that if you don't work because you don't want to work, well, you simply don't eat - because you are too lazy to be part of a successful community.

The programs that should be cut by the government are the programs that cost taxpayer their hard earned money which go to people who just don't feel like being productive citizens...you know, the ones that have all their limbs, and they have a perfectly sound mind...they just simply figure, hey, if I can get the government to support me without effort...why not!

The BIG question is - why won't the government cut those ridiculous programs, and instead choose to cut programs that assist the real needy of our country...do you really want to know why? Because with those programs they control the masses.

Sadly, our government has lost sight of "Democracy" and is headed in the direction of FABIAN SOCIALISM. Most would probably be shocked to find out that Barack Obama is a Fabian Socialist...but he is - just telling the TRUTH.

Many would also be shocked to discover that there are many Republicans – yes indeed, Republicans too – that are Fabian Socialists.  And what about the Democrats, well some say - obviously.

The Fabian Socialist movement has infiltrated our United States Congress, and right there in Congress they're deliberately destroying America...and we Americans continue to allow it, eventually it may be too late...but there is still time to put a stop to it.

If you study Fabian Socialism you will discover that they tend to cut programs that assist those who are mentally challenged, and they cut programs that assist the elderly who worked all their lives but are justifliably preparing for retirement - simply because they are no longer useful to the Fabian Socialist model.

But what about that individual who will gladly take a hand out...the Fabian Socialist love them because for a free hand out they conform,  and the Fabians buy their votes with a handout. And then, to control them they threaten to take away the handout, and all the lazy bodies fall in line. Very clever, very sinister, and also very effective. And ultimately who pays for it?...you got it - the taxpayers.

We The People - the taxpayers who pay the bills, we have to understand that it is not all Republicans, and not all the Democrats, and not all the independents causing this crisis...it starts out as a small group with the idea that - not through iron fist revolution, but through gradual implementation of social state programs they take over...and finally - dictate to the people their agenda.

With the upcoming election nearing we need to begin to educate ourselves with the knowledge of who is in line with this "Fabian Approach", and make certain that they don't get in...or, when we are ruled by a dictator who tells us when we can go to the bathroom, we will have no one to blame - shame on us.

Get Out And Vote!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Most Valueble Asset

In our opinion, we can agree that a good employee is a valuable asset - but what about a poor employee? We can reasonably say that a poor employee serves no purpose other than to be the center of crisis.

Understanding this reality, we find the following quote somewhat confusing:

"The Department of Human Resources serves the taxpayers by focusing efforts on the County’s most valuable asset, its employees."

If it is true that HR is serving the taxpayers by focusing on its employees, then we have to ask - why does HR allow poor employees to continue in their positions, or worst yet, provide them better opportunities? We comprehend that the focus of employees leads to a point of concentration which provides understanding relating to the performance of an employee. Is it not so that an employee who is not performing according to the sound policies and practices implemented by the county be dealt with accordingly?

Furthermore, shouldn't their employment be terminated when they consistently defy policies by continuing behavior deemed improper according to policies?

Isn't it also part of HR goals to develop an attitude of integrity, trust, excellence, and teamwork? Isn't HR also responsible to act openly and consistently in pursuit of best practices; accepting responsibility for promoting ethical and legal conduct in personal and County practices; and provide a work atmosphere that is safe, healthy and secure, and conscious of long-term family and community goals?

Then why is that not the case? Why is someone like Ilisa Sacknoff allowed to continue to badger family members, as well as their placed loved ones? We The People cannot fathom this reality so we must ask WHY...and we'll start with County Executive John Stoffa because he is ultimately responsible for the actions of all employees.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How Is It Possible?

That  poor employees like Program Specialist II, Ilisa Sacknoff can manipulate the system to gain County employment positions that permit them to cause hardship and suffering to family members of persons placed within County control for mental or physical care.

At Gracedale, Ms. Sacknoff worked under Rita Steller, who managed the Social Services Department at Gracedale. When Ms. Steller was apprised of the many improper comments and rude behavior displayed by the less than desireable employee, nothing was done. There certainly appeared to be a pattern to her improper behavior, so Ross Marcus was then apprised of the situation, and instead of reprimanding her at minimum - he simply provided her a better paying position at Developmental Programs. This was all approved of course by County Executive John Stoffa. In our humble opinion, it seems safe to say that Mr. Stoffa set the example for Mr. Marcus to follow, leading him to believe that doing nothng is possible, because he too has been doing nothing for so many years.

Today, Ms. Sacknoff works under Deputy Administrator for DP, Ann Kline, whom, in our opinion is  allowing Ms. Sacknoff to continue her atrocious treatment of relatives of people with mental disorders such as retardation. In the mean time, Ms. Kline has done nothing to correct the behavior, just like Mr. Marcus and Mr. Stoffa.

And what exactly is the mission of DP - To improve the quality of life for people with mental retardation...well, how exactly can they carry out their mission when they're always too busy doing nothing?

And get this...their PROGRAM GOALS are: To support a responsive and flexible system of services and choices that empowers individuals and thier families...WHAT!!! This is expected from the employee who walks around telling members of families "YOU DON"T HAVE A CHOICE.

The Time Is Coming ; - )

NorCo will once again be an honest County. Our governing bodies on all levels will work for the people who elected them, just as they were intended to...that means you too Mr. Stoffa.

Yes, there always will be some forces trying to corrupt the honest, and we all know like who...but that's when We The People will step up once again to set the example for all to follow.

Corruption will cease to exist because We - a unified PEOPLE will hold all those creating crisis in OUR County responsible for their evil deeds.

And all who work to hurt those who are unable to care for themselves, like Ilisa Sacknoff - will be put on display for all to see their evil actions...and then held accountable.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Can Stoffa Tell The Truth?

Unfortunately, we think not!

John StoffaJohn Stoffa change from a reasonably happy person into an unrecognizable person after his party refused to support him any longer. Some say he became very vindictive, and aligning himself with Ron Angle didn't help.

Early on there was a member of COAF who never trusted Stoffa. Sadly, he has gone home to the Father. But he said he knew John Stoffa going back to his days in correction where he discovered who the true John Stoffa was...the one that he said could never be trusted. He actually helped us see that we were being misled by John.

Our friend was certainly not afraid of John Stoffa or Ron Angle, and we say that to point out that during the big dabate on Gracedale, we believe it was the night that Angle said something to the effect that council was not leaving until the resolution to sell passed "if we have to stay til 2 in the morning". Well our friend got up and gave Angle, who was president then, and stoffa, and the rest of county council a piece of his mind. But somehow they didn't get it.

In heaven he sits now saying: you still don't get it John...We The People LOVE Gracedale.

gracedale newThose of us who have been fortunate enough to love someone there, we don't want her in someone else's hands John...we want her in our hands - county hands, where we can make certain that she (Gracedale) does what she was intended to do, take care of us...as we all know she can.

It seems John, that only you at this point in time don't get it. Please note John, that from where I sit now, it appears that you too John will soon need her...then what? Answer me that!

We Hope Not...

...but if layoffs do take place, we hope Ilisa Sacknoff is the only one affected by it.

In our opinion, her employment should have been terminated when she worked in the Social Services department at Gracedale. Instead, Ross Marcus under the direction of County Executive John Stoffa rewarded her, as we understand it, with another position elsewhere, receiving a higher salary. It was as if she receive a promotion for her lack of scruples...go figure!

Ms. Sacknoff is the reason that COAF organized...at one point or another, she told COAF members "you have no choice" relating to her mistreatment of their loved ones. She was arrogant and distasteful in her role as an advocate for the ill at Gracedale...especially those with Alzheimer's.

When the windows at GD were being replaced, during the resident move from Tower-8 to SW2, which was an Alzheimer's wing at that time, a member of COAF overheard her tell a nurse that she knew exactly how to make the move go real smooth "just giv'em all a high dose of Adavan".

Ms. Sacknoff had no desire, nor the skill set to deal with those entrusted to her. And, such poor bedside manners that she made anyone, and probable everyone she came in contact with very uncomfortable. As a social worker she should have been more SOCIAL, instead she worked hard at intimidation. She kind of reminded us of Ron Angle...you know - that arrogant disposition.

In our opinion, she had no place in the position she held at Gracedale...and it's probably safe to say that she has no place in the position she holds today within County employment...so if need be - start with her Mr. Marcus, we're sure she won't be missed!

Possible County Lay-offs

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Simply Telling The Truth...

...About County Executive John Stoffa.

On Sunday, May 08, 2011, Mr. Stoffa wrote a guest column in the Express Times that clearly illustrates and proves what we have been saying all along.

John starts out by giving us a kiss on one cheek, and then slaps us hard on the other...he says:
"The work of collecting these signatures is onerous and exhausting, and I commend this group for their fierce interest in this question and their willingness to participate in the democratic process. (KISS) However, I see a great danger in the presentation of the ballot question — not in what it asks, but what it doesn’t ask. There is no mention in the referendum of the cost to taxpayers or any question about their willingness to pay more taxes to retain Gracedale as a county-owned facility." (Slap)

The first point we want to make is: if the County Executive actually saw a danger in the presentation of the ballot question, then why did he tell us to do it? He not only explained some of the processes to us, he eagerly encouraged us to go out and get the signtures!

NC EMSDuring our meeting with Mr. Stoffa in the 911 building, he told us "all I can say is - if you want to save gracedale you have to get the signatures", and yes - that quote is to the best of our recollection, however, there were three COAF members present, all who heard the same thing. Now c'mon John...you led us to believe that Ron Angle was the culprit, and Bernie was just a nuisance, when in reality you believed in your heart that we were not going to get the signatures...not possible - so you played with our emotions, and strung us along. Tell the truth John...never in your wildest imagination could you vision that we would do it...RIGHT!!! But we did! And then your world began to crumble...and crumble.

He continues with these two statements 1)"The cost to taxpayers to retain Gracedale will be a 10 to 30 percent increase in county taxes" and, 2) "If the ballot initiative passes and Gracedale cannot be sold, county property taxes will need to be increased"...As we know today, both statements turned out to be outright deceptions, or bluntly stated - lies. We The People challenged the executive on this point because we realized that he wasn't taking us seriously, and his failure to do so caused him underestimate the enormous home work we were doing on this possibility. Our analysis indicated that no tax increases was necessary, at least not due to Gracedale, so we simply stated publicly that the threat of an increase in taxes was nothing more than a scare tactic...and it turned we were correct - but the greatest thing to occur was that 3 out of 4 of the individuals we spoke to on the possibility of a tax increase expressed that they were willing to endure a tax increase to preserve Gracedale in County hands, because it might be their home at some point in the future. John did not anticipate this or his strategy may have been different.

Surprisingly, Mr. Stoffa also stated in his guest column: "While some will argue that the county has a $62 million fund balance, most of this money is already committed — $14.1 million committed to a swaption" WAIT - we can stop right here to point out that this very evening Mr. Stoffa announced that the swaption was ended June 22, 2012 at an actual cost of 27.275 MILLION dollars to the taxpayers with absolutely nothing to show for it. That's 13.175 million dollars more...if they did not have the funds available then...where exactly did Mr. Stoffa get the additional funds from in June? There's been no tax increase! Furthermore, we would like to point out once again that if he had made a genuine effort to convince County Council to pay off the swaption when it was well under ten million, he would be observed as a financial genius today...instead, he is viewed as an incompetent manager.

We're not attempting to be mean spirited, just honest and truthful.

 Read full colum - John Stoffa - Guest Colum: Vote NO on Referendum Question

Angles Success Story?

We pointed our readers to the recent Ron Angle Loan Scheme Story reported by Mcall to demonstrate that Ron is still out there unleashing his arrogance on the world in his quest for more, give me more...more I say - mo money that is!

Well, since the nonsensical ignoramus is so informative on other landowner issues in the community, we're wondering why he has not taken a greater interest with this angle on Ron "the Slumlord" Angle?

During the first Gracedale Business Matters episodes, a member of the audience mentioned that Ron Angle is a slumlord, Ron didn't deny it, and Bernie didn't dispute it, they just laughed it off...but if that is true, then why hasn't O'Hare reported the truth about Angle...oh yeah, that's right...they're two peas in a pot.

Ron Angle has done more to hurt our County, and our community simply to serve his own interest, yet O'Hare doesn't seem bothered by that, and doesn't report anything about that, why not? Oh...that's right - during one of the Business Matters episodes, it was revealed that Bernie is Angles right hand puppet.

County Executive John Stoffa has also done his part to hurt our County, and our community, and our home of the Widows and Orphans - Gracedale, more so than even Angle could...and why doesn't the nonsensical ignoramus report on that? Oh, yeah, that's right...he's Stoffas left hand puppet.

Wait a minute...is it Stoffa's right hand puppet, or Angle's right hand puppet? Well, in this now famous, and our favorite picture of the three of them plotting, it appears that Bernie is Stoffa's right hand puppet, and Ron's left hand puppet. Regardless of which hand controls him, they both pull O'Hare's stings. If that isn't so...then why hasn't Bernie ripped Angle and Stoffa apart for their wrong doings? The answer is simple...they are a team out for themselves.

Joseph P. Owens of the Express Times called Bernie a Ron Angle Operative, so they too know that Bernie is manipulated by Ron Angle.

And what about Stoffa telling members of COAF "I will not appeal", but, they learn from ET reporter Sara Cassi on February 22, 2011 that John Stoffa will appeal. Yes, Stoffa is a deceiver, but, none of that gets any attention from Bernie...why not?

We all know why not...THEY ARE A TEAM!
Out to destroy, destroy, destroy.

Angle is meaningless and old news, and what about John Stoffa? We all know...
...he has to go!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sit Back And Talk Trash

The greatest thing one can have happened to them is to be persecuted in the name of Jesus.

This morning O'Hare made his usual persecution of yours truly, while his actual target was Rev. Chris Santos.

The nonsensical ignoramus as we know him, began with this warning: "Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves." I've seen that first hand with Gracedale's Fake Rev, Mario Martinez. The more often someone invokes the name of Jesus, the less like Him they turn out to be."

What O'Hare has actually witness while attempting to destroy Gracedale is a Man of Peace wearing The Full Armor of God...standing toe to toe against him and his two corrupt evildoer friends - when the smoke cleared...only one remained standing, the one with God on his side. Needless to say, it's not Bernie, Stoffa, or Angle...who continue to plot and plot, as well as fail and fail!

Well, I consider this an opportunity to share some of what I know to be true in accordance to scripture - my friend Bernie started it...I will finish it - during the Sermon on the Mount Jesus said:

(Notice that in Matthew 5, the last three Beatitudes bless those who are persecuted in the name of Jesus.)
  • Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  • Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.
  • Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.
  • Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.
  • Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy.
  • Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.
  • Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.
  • Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
  • Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me.
  • Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

Thank you so much Bernie, for every instance in which you persecute me for proclaiming the name of Jesus...I rejoice in the mist of your persecution. And now you know why I rejoice ;-)


Monday, July 16, 2012

Here We Go Again

It is not our intention to defend County Controller Stephen Barron, however, it is very much our intention to defend what is right!!!

O'Hare is on his blog making a big-to-do about Artquest, in the process he again calls Mr. Barron a whistle blower. We take offense to that remark because the controller, nor anyone else for that matter, should be subject to malicious back stabbing name calling harassment because one chooses to do what is right.

For every ones information, the whistle-blower Law was established to protect people who know that something WRONG is going on in an employment environment, and whom after advising management realize that nothing has been done about the situation...and all appearances indicate that nothing is going to be done about it.

The purpose of the law is to encourage people who want to do the right thing - to do the right thing...expose the situation to the proper authorities without fear of retaliation.

Well, in NorCo, if you have to blow-the-whistle...it will most likely involve 1) County Executive John Stoffa, and 2) Ron Angle - with the henchman O'Hare doing their dirty work, namely - intentional and malicious reputation destruction using O'Hares hate blog.

In the mean time...these three wrongdoers feel that if you blow the whistle on them your a rat that should be shot. The street gangs in Easton operate much in the same manner, threatening to brake your kneecaps if you don't keep your mouth shut.

We thought that WE are all supposed to tell the TRUTH! We teach our children to tell nothing less than the truth, but when it comes down to these three miscreants...the truth to them is some how hidden in the lies they tell.

O'Hare goes on to say "To propel themselves into office, Barron and McClure are seizing on whatever they think can get them a few votes here and there. They've pandered over Gracedale, playing on people's emotions. They've pandered to public sector unions, banking on their votes. They've opposed a responsible budget proposed by Executive John Stoffa, forcing him to deplete the reserve to unhealthy levels." These silly claims have been made time and time again because O'Hare has nothing of real substance against these two honest civil workers.

Just consider his last remark about 'Stoffa being forced" to deplete the reserve to an unhealthy level...what he conveniently fails to mention is that Stoffa depleted the reserve in order to pay off the SWAPTION at 27.275 million dollars with nothing to show for it!

Why so? Because Stoffa refused to pay off the SWAPTION when it was well under ten million, had he done so, we would be in a better financial position to give Artquest what was promised, and sustain Gracedale well beyond five years without raising taxes. But no...Stoffa had to fight the people and do it all his way...and his way failed. Learn to tell the truth Bernie...your deceptions are just not working!

If nothing else, our friend BO has outlined just how well Mr. Barron is doing his Job. He goes on to mentions many areas that upset him with the Controller, which in our opinion is a good indicator that Controller Barron is doing a great job...why else would these meaningless attacks be carried out?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Not Only In NorCo...

...Do we strive for security, but, also the entire world.

We surely long for stability and dream of a glowing and predictable future for ourselves and our posterity. But because of politicians like the ousted councilman Ron Angle, and our current "less than honest" County Executive John Stoffa, and let us not forget to mention their evildoer friend Bernard O'Hare III, for most of us in NorCo these hopes and desires are far from certain to be realized.

We must count our blessings however, that by the will of the dedicated residents/taxpayers/voters of Norco - positive change has taken effect, and now we simply need to continue our involvement within our community to maintain it.

Honest government forever welcomes civic engagement, which almost always spearheads change, and is an element of civic duty, as well as civic responsibility, and civic awareness.

Take a good look at any governing body, and those that stand out as not receptive to civic engagement...statistically speaking - are usually the ones involved in some sort of corruption.

For the health and welfare of our great Northampton County, we must understand that corruption is a disease, a cancer that eats into the cultural, political and economic
fabric of society, and destroys the functioning of vital organs.

Corruption today is definitely one of the greatest challenges of the contemporary world. It undermines good government, fundamentally distorts public policy, leads to the mis-allocation of resources, harms the private sector and private sector development and particularly hurts the poor”.

have a responsibility to maintain a vigil eye, which will prevent the ugly decease of cancer (corruption) from infiltrating and attacking our governing bodies.

Applying the proper cure, our local government will lead with our interest at heart - not their own!

But in NorCo, we removed one decease, but, there is still a cancer that requires our attention, as well as radiation for removal...and that cancer is better known as...

We must closely monitor this cancer until we can remove it forevermore. To do less will mean suffering the ill effects it will intentionally continue to cause until there are no organs left for it to destroy!

John, you no longer have the trust or confidence of the people, so please step down...or continue to suffer the effects of our radiation exposure!

Fake Lender - What An Angle!

Ron AngleWell, ousted councilman Ron Angle is in the news again...and again for conducting illegal activities.

It turns out that he has been making illegal mortgage loans - we can now add illegal mortgage loan-sharking to his list of misdeeds.

A wise “unknown author” once said, (Angle Type) “Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing regularly and for the same reason”.

We can never again allow this miscreant back into our local goverment...he will never change his stripes! He will always plot, never caring about anyone but himself.

Read all about how Angle Was Ordered To Stop Un-licensed Lending in Mcall.

Hmmm...ET did not cover this story - why not?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Another Meeting

GAB (Gracedale Advisory Board) met yesterday for the second time in it's short existence. On it's agenda, two items:
  1. Bi-Laws
  2. Wound Care Team.
The Bi-Laws was addressed rather quickly, being tabled until next meeting, at which point a vote will be taken to accept the BL's as presented.

The Wound Care Team discussion absorbed better that an hour. Millard D. Freeman "D" (as he likes to be called) the new administrator at Gracedale began by explaining in detail Premiers thought process regarding the WCT, and that there is no immediate intention to move forward until plans have been finalized and reported.

He also identified that there is a difference between the wound care team and the wound treatment team. He went on to explained that the wound care team is a much broader team which encompasses many medical professionals from all medical areas, including doctors. He expressed that the correct term for the team in question is "Wound Care Treatment Team" - this is the specialized team that actually treats the wounds of Gracedale residents (4 FT 2 PT employees).

The conversation appeared to go in the direction that County Council was micro-managing premier by passing a resolution preventing Premier from disbanding the WCTT, on this point, and in fairness to County Council, we would like to publicly applaud their action.

In our opinion, it is not micro-managing when proper steps are taken by any governing body to prevent something from happening that may not be in the best interest of the parties it is serving. 

It was pointed out during the discussion that a break down of communications always presents opportunities to those who thrive on pushing mis-information, thereby creating crisis which usually lead to hostile environments.

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families made it clear that they do stand behind Premier, as well as our new County Council, with a desire for their success, which in turn means the success of Gracedale.

They were also clear on the fact that there are still evil forces within our local government like County Executive John Stoffa who want to see Premier and County Council fail for various reasons, most importantly to prepare the way for a future sale of our beloved Gracedale - We The People will not allow the sale without proper justification. Note that proper justification does not mean making the facility fail for the purpose of selling it.

It was agreed that we must all work together with the primary goal of success for Gracedale, and that can only occur through unity in our relationships, with the understanding of course, that if we sincerely do so, the wrong doers will fail instead...as ironically has been the case to this point in time.

All points of view were expressed and digested in a civil manner for two reasons 1) all present are sincere in their efforts relating to the success of Gracedale 2) because of the great examples we have leading us today.

Great job GAB, County Council, and Premier.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Incompetency Continues

dejected looking young men and crowd in front of a section of the collapsed bridgeWho can forget the scenes from the I-35W Mississippi River bridge (officially known as Bridge 9340) which on August 1, 2007, suddenly collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring 145.

Well, our incompetent County Executive John Stoffa apparently has. And now we get to run around like chickens without heads trying to figure out what we're going to do with the many bridges that we have in disarray.

We really made a tremendous mistake electing Mr. Stoffa. He has truly turned out to be inapt, inept, unqualified, and less than fit to handle his position as County Executive. He will definitely go down in NorCo's history as the worst CE the county has elected. What a legacy to leave behind.

Emergency personnel running on the collapsed bridge and two Minneapolis Fire Department boats in the water with dozens of observers on the bank of the MississippiCould we have imagined that John Stoffa would take a position to sue the taxpayers with their own money, dig his heels in, and then pull the trigger? No we could not.

Could we imagine that in the mean time Stoffa would forget about all his other responsibilities like the bridges which he is now so concerned about. You know...the ones that would have made more sense to tend to than suing the taxpayers over the Gracedale Petition Initiative? No we could not.

The county believed then that he could handle the responsibilities, because he painted a pretty picture...but evidently, he could not - because as of today, he has not.

He was quoted in the Express Times on July 8th, 2012 saying: "My biggest fear is that one will collapse with a school bus," speaking about the 119 bridges NorCo is responsible for, in whole or in part, forcing the questions - why was he not concerned before? And, why was it so much more important to sue the taxpayers? Who will again be placed behind the eight ball with another $20 million dollar ticket!

It wasn't bad enough that he threw away $27.275 Million dollars on the SWAPTION...Now he wants $20 million to commence urgently needed bridge repairs, the paper reports that he requires "$14.8 million to replace 20 bridges and $3.4 million to repair 22 more,"...wait a minute - that translates to $18.2 million, so why exactly is he seeking $20 million?

Well, surely he built in a cushion that he can use for some other pet project, as he continues to plot the destruction of our County.