Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

How many of us can believe this clown anymore?

What is surprising is that he has been representing the people of his district for so long.

Township Inspector Tells Judge He Gave Money To Angle

March 10, 1989|by GAY ELWELL, The Morning Call
An Upper Mount Bethel Township road employee yesterday explained that he gave Supervisor Ron Angle $345 of the $870 he received from the township for inspecting driveways in 1987.
William H. Godschalk said he made the payments because Angle told him other supervisors knew of the arrangement, but later found out they did not.

Vote for Parsons... he's humble and for real!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

So It iI Said - So It Is Done

Stoffa No Longer Manages Gracedale - Really...who does Ross Marcus answer to?

Stoffa - know that we are watching and we will stand up again should you interfere or try to set up the new management team at Gracedale to fail...Trust us, you will fail.

Your legacy has already been established and if you were to run again - defeat will be your reality.

His Foundation Is Crumbling Beneath Him...

And he knows it!,0,2308775.story

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Do "We The People" Want to Recall Stoffa?

Absolutely not!

However, we did not want to petition for a referendum question either...we simply did what we were challenged to do. We accepted the challenge and succeeded, not because we understood what we were doing, but because we were doing what we understood was the morally right thing to do.

No - we don't want to recall Mr. Stoffa, but make no mistake about it...we will do what we have to do if Mr. Stoffa does not comprehend our mandate.

We The People  are beyond requesting, we are now demanding that he fall in line with CC and set Gracedale up to succeed, not to fail.

Should Mr. Stoffa be incapable of understanding our demand...WE WILL NOT FAIL GRACEDALE, WE WILL RECALL HIM! Please challenge us again John so that your ignorance can be displayed to all of NorCo, the state , and the world as simple stupidity...because the People are now awake, we're smarter, more efficient, and understand the processes better.

Oh, and by the way - should you decide to push the issue again, we all promise to carry a measuring tape to measure the size of the tables we rest our petitions on - Just kidding John, we really don't want you to challenge us, we just want you to do what We The People have instructed you and your office to do by way of our vote...just do it. 

We understand that a management team has been selected, so from this point on do the right thing Mr. Stoffa, doing so is not a sign of weakness but a sign of wisdom. If you have anything to prove...let it be that you will carry out the marching orders mandated by your boss (We The People) or prepare to suffer the consequence...and there will be a price to pay should you ignore us again.

If your worried about Angle, DON'T BE...his foundation has crumbled beneath him and even he knows it. Come November people will say - what Angle are you talking about, or Angle Who?

Do the right thing Mr. Stoffa and the People will support the wrong thing, well, just do the right thing.