Thursday, October 29, 2015

What About the Council Seat Seekers?

Considering the County Council seat seekers is not difficult at all for us. In fact, it's a no brainer.

District 1 - Ken Kraft was our choice during the Gracedale Initiative, and continues to be our choice today.

District 2 - Robert F. Werner was our choice during the Gracedale Initiative, and continues to be our choice today.

Both are running unopposed, however, we want to be clear that if they were running against an opponent, we would support their re-election because these two Statesmen have served us well during their 1st term in office.

John Cusick
Supports 501(c)3 for Gacedale
District 3 - Democrat Lori Vargo Heffner is running against Republican John Cusick. With regard to these two candidates, we know John Cusick, he sat on County Council during the Gracedale Initiative years. He supported the sale of Gracedale then, and we suspect that if it came down to selling Gracedale again today, he would support the sale again. Ms. Heffner has been clear throughout her campaign that protecting Gracedale is a primary concern for her. During the debate, both behaved as we expected them to - cordial and respectful. Mr. Cusick was clear that he supports transforming Gracedale into a 501(c)3. He feels confident that pursuing that avenue, county contributions to Gracedales, as well as any shortfalls that exist can be eliminated. Ms. Heffner on the other side, tackled many topics, when it came to Gracedale however, she made herself crystal clear - Gracedale should remain intact, meaning in County hands. She also expressed that transparency in government is essential, or in her words "Paramount for government to run effectively." She believes in seeking solutions that do not require tax increases. And, she had jokes, which was amusing. While at times she was comical, we don't think she is a joke. On the contrary, it was quite apparent that she understands the value of sound human interaction and relationship building.

Lori V. Heffner
Keep Gracedale Intact!
Let us say that we have always considered Mr. Cusick a Gentleman, and we do wish him well. Having said that however, unless he changes his view on Gracedale, we cannot support his effort. Ms. Heffner is our choice for the D-3 CC seat, not because she said what we want to hear, but because she presented many qualities that we feel will help further the cause of the County.
On November 3, 2015 Please vote for:
Lori V. Heffner
for County Council

Matthew Dietz
Also supports 501(c)3
District 4 - Democrat Scott Parsons (incumbent) faces Republican Matthew Dietz. We'll start with Mr. Dietz. By the way, both he and Mr. Parson were also very cordial and respectful to each other.  Mr. Dietz however, (in our opinion) did not illuminate the chapel with confidence, perhaps that's because he is a newcomer to politics. He also favors a 501(c)3 status for Gracedale. He talked about working his way up to Chief Pilot from a baggage handler, and being a small business owner. He projected those qualities qualify him for a seat on CC. We respectfully and humbly suggest to Mr. Dietz that he doesn't have a clue what he is getting himself into. We have learned by experience over the last ten years or so, that you can't just push a button to correct the direction the county is headed in as you would an airliner. Running a small business is not the same as running Northampton County. In a small business at most you have a small partnership, with little if any resistance. And in many cases you don' have partners at all. The owner is the sole decision maker. Hence he/she can make changes at will, and as they please. County government encompasses much more then one decision-maker. And is much more complex in its decision-making processes. Mr. Parsons on the other side (like Mr. Dietz, had a long way to the mike each time it was his turn to speak), also had humor working for him. However, when it comes to Northampton County politics, he's no joke either. And to his credit, he has learned the ropes well. He highlighted the fact that R's and D's don't matter, meaning he believes in working together reasonably and responsibly in the interest of the taxpaying residents of the county. Mr. Parsons was our hope for a new beginning in Northampton County. He ran against the tyrant Ron Angle, and We, The People made sure he won. We really didn't know Mr. Parsons then, and we certainly didn't know what he would or would not do for the County. What we did know was - anyone had to be better then a tyrant. We endorsed and supported him to a win then. And he went to work for us immediately. No, not all COAF members agree with everything he says and does, but then again, we have not always agreed with each other. We all do agree however, that he is honest and transparent in all his efforts. It is very visible to us that he has the interest of the county at heart, and has served us greater than we ever imagined.

Scott Parsons
Always supports Gracedale
Let us humbly say that we wish Mr. Dietz the very best too! However, hands down, our candidate for D-4 seat is Scott Parsons. He has served D-4 and the County well. And most importantly, he has served We, The People better than expected. Thank you Scott for all your hard work!

On November 3, 2015 Please vote for:
Scott Parsons
for County Council

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Barron Debated - Phillips Debacled!

It's been a while since we posted anything on this blog, but that does not mean that we have gone away...we have not!

Much to the surprise of some, the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families was present at the political debate held at Gracedale's Chapel last night. We were there to listen and observe the County Controller hopefuls debate each other, as well as the County Council seat seekers.

The debate was presented by "The League of Women Voters", whom opened the debate saying that they present and sponsor these debate events so that the county constituents can have their questions answered. The only problem with that was, none of the questions we asked - were asked of, nor addressed to, the candidates at the debate. For example, when Mr. Phillips, behaving in less than an honorable manner spewed flaming arrows at Mr. Barron, a member of COAF presented a question to Mr. Phillips through the moderator. The question was simple and humble, however, the moderator chose not to ask it. So we will ask it here. The question was: Mr. Phillips...where were you when Mr. Barron was fighting to help save Gracedale? Where exactly were you sir? that what a 501(c)3 is? Barron knows his stuff!
In our opinion, Mr. Phillips fell flat on his face when, while attempting to belittle the sitting Controller, could not himself explain or define what a 501(c)3 is. That was, at least to us, a blunder of colonel proportion. Ohps!!! We meant major proportion. Mr. Barron on the other hand explained it effortlessly. For those of you like Mr. Phillips who don't know what a 501(c)3 is, Mr. Barron's educated answer was: it is a not-for-profit company/organization.

Image result for I don't like you pics
The message delivered to Mr. Barron
Mr. Phillips wants to be our next County Controller, we understand that. However, if he doesn't know what a not-for-profit is, how can he reasonably expect our support? In our opinion, his lack of simple financial intelligence speaks volumes to the fact that he is not qualified nor knowledgeable enough to be Controller.

So, why exactly does he want to be the Controller? Well, that's an easy question. According to Mr. Phillips own response in the "LOWV Voters Guide",  the major issue he has with the sitting controller is "the pattern of behavior displayed by the current sitting controller". It's anyone's good guess that if Mr. Phillips could see his own behavior last night, he would like himself less than he likes Barron. He had the audacity to speak about ethics and integrity while hypocritically firing bullets and lobbing grenades at Mr. Barron. In the mean time, Mr. Barron sat there exemplifying what the words ethics and integrity actually mean.

Image result for save tax dollars picsMr. Phillips didn't seem to mind that the sitting controller has saved the county tax payers multi-millions of dollars over the last eight years of his service. How do we know that? Because there were no attacks on the sitting controller regarding that issue when it was presented by Mr. Barron.

Let us (We The People) tell Mr. Phillips and all other political wanna-be's in NorcCo what we approve and disapprove of.
  1. First, we don't like robots! Why not? because robots don't think for themselves, they are programed by someone else. Mr. Phillips impressed upon us that he will be a robot if elected. How so? Well, throughout his debacle he read from a script, which implies to us that he can't think for himself or work with out a scripted program. Folks, keep in mind that the script programmer pulling the strings could be someone like the ousted Ron Angle. Whom coincidently, was the person running against the incumbent controller from the start.
  2. We approve of owners. What does that mean? It means that we like leaders who (like all humans) may err. However, when they fumble the ball, they don't make excuses. Instead they take ownership of the miscalculation and then get back in the game. Reasonable folks understand that anyone can err. In fact, history teaches us that when a good leader takes ownership of their err, they (generally speaking) go on to become great leaders. How so? Simple - they learn from their mistake. Mr. Barron clearly demonstrated he has learned from his mistakes.
  3. We approve of transparency. We simply love leaders who tell us the truth! When Mr. Barron told us there was no need to raise taxes if Gracedale was kept in County hands during the Gracedale initiative, he was being as clear and transparent as he could be, and as fresh air is. History tells us today that Mr. Barron could not have been more transparent then. The present however, makes us feel very skeptical about Mr. Phillips, who didn't throw his hat into the arena until Ron backed out. 
  4. We disapprove of schemers. Wanna-be leaders who present us with one hand in front of our face while sucker-punching us behind the head with their other hand. You know, like the angle of all angles use to do. From our viewpoint, it appears  that behind the scenes there may be a scheme in the works to put Ron Angle back into a council seat. How so? Well, consider that Mr. Angle was the one who was supposed to run against the incumbent Barron. He drops out of the race for so called personal reasons (he knew he couldn't win), then Hayden Phillips, who to that point showed no interest in running against Barron, decides to throw his hat into the arena. The possible scheme goes as follows: considering Phillips defeats Barron, his seat is left open for appointment by Council. Assuming the Republicans gain control of Council by way of a majority, they can then appoint the out of control Angle to Phillips seat, and then Ron goes on a rampage to sell Gracedale again, only this time - he may succeed. Who really wants Ron Angle back in office? Certainly not "We The People".
On November 3, 2015
Vote for
Stephen Barron
Northampton County Controller