Saturday, June 22, 2013

The New Bond...

...Which less than desirable County Executive John Stoffa presented during last Thursday's County Council meeting as if it was a bond for Gracedale, turns out to be a bond costing 11.4 million, of which, $7.1 million will be applied to repair 18 "Priority 1" bridges. And that still leaves approximately 36 bridges in disrepair. The bond will also include previous bond refinancing.

Gracedale, which seemingly is to blame for all of Mr. Stoffa's other failures, will receive 4.3 million to repair generators which failed during "Super Storm Sandy" (because John Stoffa decided to neglect them). But, wait a minute, didn't Stoffa say just last Thursday that HE spent almost 28 million dollars at Gracedale? Well, his failing mind must have overlooked the generators - And so much more!

In speaking to a source a Gracedale, we were informed that Gracedale did not receive any priority treatment after the storm because the electric company was informed by Stoffa's administration that all was okay at Gracedale. In fact, the conditions were deplorable. There was no power at Gracedale from October 30th, 2012 until November 2nd, 2012. That was four days ladies and gents of Nor-Co...four days!

GACEDALE POWEROur source also tells us that there were extension cords all over the building...which Stoffa failed to tell us. Residents couldn't be bathed because there was no hot water...which Stoffa failed to tell us. The generators, which should have worked flawlessly, did not because they were who? By the person we trusted to serve us - the man who instead sued us...Yes, by County Executive John Stoffa...Who really should resign.

You need to do it!
If Stoffa wants to know who our source is, all he has to do is ask. We'll certainly be more than happy to disclose that information to him in court...Sue us again buddy. There is a list of people who have much to say about their Gracedale experience after Sandy hit. But they would like you to misuse tax-resources against us again. And possibly more importantly, many before Sandy hit as well. We wait patiently for our day with you in court sir! Yes...patiently.

Your "Resignation" will be accepted!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Stoffa Has Done Nothing...

...But continue to hate Gracedale.

NO...He does not live here - keep going...far, far away.
What planet does the nonsensical ignoramus live in? Not ours! He says:

"Stoffa himself acted honestly and with integrity. He engaged in no pay to play. But for his entire first term, he was hampered by a Council unwilling to work with him."

REALLY??? How STUPID do you think the taxpayers of Nor-Co are Bernie?

In our opinion, John Stoffa does not have an honest bone in his dishonest body.

And how dare you, a court established evil-doing about integrity?

Well the manure is surly flowing now ladies and gents of Nor-Co, so please pick up your feet.

Bernie you can read our lips, "Integrity" requires "honesty", and everyone knows John Stoffa is a dishonest liar, period. can't chime in - we said PERIOD!

And you of all people Bernie should be the last to try and lift Stoffa up. Is he paying you to say these wonderful things about him? If so, it better be worth it, because no one is buying it!

Ron Angle - I tried to hurt Gracedale...
...but, she slapped me down, and the flames burn.
Folks...doesn't Bernie sound like a "rocket scientist"?

Listen to what else he says: "The Gracedale question undeniably hurt Angle" kidding Sherlock!!!

We The People kick him to the curb, just like we would have done to Stoffa if he would have demonstrated your level of stupid by attempting to run again...not running Bernie demonstrates Stoffa has a half once more intelligence than you do. DHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

The brilliance continues when Bernie says: "But once the people did speak, and voted to retain the nursing facility, Stoffa has done everything he can to turn things around".

What??? REALLY?

You must be drinking kamikazes again, or was it straight-up vodka? Or maybe Your now smoking crack!

John Stoffa has done NOTHING to help Gracedale Bernie...ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Folks, do you really want to laugh? Get a load of this crock..."He (Stoffa) has invested money in the facility". John Stoffa has not invested a "nickel" as Ron Angle would say...not a nickel!

We The People invested our hard earned tax dollars - freely given (in most cases) to the government to invest in Gracedale. And then we gave our greatest commodity "time", which cemented the reality that John Stoffa, Ron Angel, and the brutish Bernard O'Hare III could not do what they wanted to do...Sell our pride and joy - Gracedale.

We can go on, but, stupid is stupid...
...Do we really have to?

COAF: We Don't Need No Stinking Stoffa!

During last night's County Council meeting - County Executive John Stoffa decided to present a CE report (which he doesn't always present these days). So what did he have to say? His second remark was:

"Since I began my term of office in January of 2006 up until today, not counting the proposed bond that you will vote on today for Gracedale, this administration with County Councils approval has spent $27,970,378.00 on capital expenditures at Gracedale. People say we haven't done anything up there, that's not true. We spent nearly 28 million dollars."

The first problem with that statement is...he did not specify where that money went. You see, he did not outline specifically what items of necessity at Gracedale required 28 million dollars. He also failed to indicate what years he spent how much so that we could verify it. We the People don't arbitrarily say: "they haven't done anything at Gracedale". No...we have witnessed the neglect first-hand. Just like we have seen many other county owned buildings under his administrations watch neglected as well. The second problem is, he made it sound like the bond vote was for Gracedale specifically, but as usual, he was not clear where the additional 4.3 million that he spoke about would be going.

The best part of his report  however, was his opening remark: "In case anyone is interested, I'm down to 140 days, but who's counting?".

"Your wife" said Mr. Cusick.

This comment of course brought some laughter. What we found interesting about the comment was that it appeared to be mocking the taxpayers of the County. From our perspective, he seemed to be implying that he shafted the taxpayers by using tax-resources (Stoffa-Gift) to sue the taxpayers on a partisan issue, and there is nothing we can do about it. What a despicable view. But, we're sure that in the end - JUSTICE will prevail...And patiently we wait!

Nor-Co, between John Stoffa and Ron Angle our County has suffered so much corruption.

Mr. Stoffa, you sir are a disgraceful man.

And while your trying to get up on a high horse to showcase yourself as such a wonderful administrator (so that when your 140 days are up you will be praised for all your misdeeds), we know the TRUTH. The TRUTH sir is: your a deceiver...a liar!

And We Don't Need...
...No Stinking LIAR!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Another Defeat...

...For John Stoffa!

The Honorable Judge Leonard Zito issued a preliminary injunction which precludes John Stoffa from entering into a contract with Lifestar Response until the judge makes his final determination in the case against Stoffa.

In his arrogance County Executive John Stoffa  has lost one legal battle after another...after another.

We look for the story in the Express Times, but as usual, it seems they didn't think it was a worthy story.

The Morning Call however, did run a story - see: Council Granted Injunction Against Stoffa

Stoffa really needs to resign! Resign!! Resign!!! No...its not an echo John. Stop pounding your head, it won't help!

Judge Zito stated: "This matter implicates a substantial question concerning the scope of executive authority under the Home Rule Charter that must be promptly resolved to prevent potentially irreparable damage to our county system of government."

We agree! This type of shenanigans cannot be allowed to occur ever again. There has to be checks and balances in place to prevent future attempts to circumvent the authority of County Council.

By the way really should resign.

Why? Because no one has any confidence in you anymore. Your incompetence is visible for miles buddy.

And You have become quite the derision in Nor-Co.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stoffa Is Trying To do The Right Thing...

REALLY??? Says who?

On May 22nd, 2013 John Stoffa was quoted in the Express Times by the "Opinion Staff" as saying: “I’m not usurping anybody, I’m trying to do the right thing.”

John Stoffa is an outright LIAR, and we have no problem saying that.

We said it to his face before the County, and we will say it again today. 

What do we base that statement on?

He told us in the 911 building during a meeting that if we really wanted to save Gracedale we had to get the names. And when we got the names what did he do? HE SUED US!!! HE OUTRIGHT LIED TO US, period.

Now he wants us to believe that he is once again "trying to do the right thing"...Yeah right - while all along we can crystal clearly see he is doing the wrong thing.

How so? Well, forcing County Council to sue him is NOT THE RIGHT THING!!! It's a waste of tax resources. In fact, because he is forcing it, it's MISUSE of tax resources. And it's JOHN STOFFA doing it - not County Council as portrayed by ET.

When is someone in authority going to do something about this reckless maniac? He does and says things that are beyond anyone's comprehension, yet he does and says, and it is accepted.

The Express Times "Opinion Staff" seems to suggest that one person (Stoffa) is better qualified than SIX, YES, we said SIX members of Council to make a decision that even the taxpayers feel comfortable with. The "Opinion Staff" also suggest that: "Council could still call off the lawsuit, and it should" - Really??? WHY?????

Since your so smart "OPINION STAFF", tell us WHY! And then tell us exactly who you "THE OPINION STAFF" are...because you never tell us that! Oh...that's right - your ANONYMOUS.

Hey ET...Please tell us - what happened to "majority rule"? Are you suggesting that the majority should be at the mercy of the few...or worst yet - the ONE!

In our opinion, the newspapers aren't worth the paper they are written on. Who exactly is the ET to tell County Council what they should do? When in fact, We The People have already spoken.

SIX - YES, count them - SIX Council members representing their constituents made a decision, not once, but TWICE.
The second time...well, it really doesn't matter because ET thinks Stoffa is the only one that counts...they appear to think he's GOD!

Well, we have NEWS for them...
...HE'S NOT!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


...What exactly does that mean?

...Does not exist in John Stoffa!
Transparency in government means HONESTY. Honesty is essential in all aspects of life to build and maintain TRUST! In light of some of the recent Federal Government scandals (IRS and NSA, to mention two) it is difficult these days to TRUST anything the federal, state, or local government tells us.

We have plenty of tax money!
In Northampton County local government we have Stoffa-Gift.
What exactly is Stoffa-Gift you ask? Well, Stoffa-Gift goes back to early 2011 when our County Executive John Stoffa revealed his true colors and sued the taxpayers misusing taxpayer resources (funds), not once, but twice.

The initial accounts, reports, and calculations, indicated that the amount of tax resources misused to litigate against the taxpayers was in the area of $11,000.00. All three involved in the scheme, Ron Angle, John Stoffa, and Bernard O'Hare the III denied ever being involved in a plot to misuse tax dollars to sue the tax payers. Their problem was that everyone in court witnessed Mark Steward of Eckerd Seaman's (the firm hired to assist in the sale of Gracedale should it occur) coaching Angle and Ohare. Of course, they both denied being coached. What about Stoffa? Good question...He authorized it!
I took an oath to serve,
and serve I will!
On December 6, 2012, our trusted County Controller Stephen Barron revealed that an investigation his office conducted could prove that there were at least two hours of tax resources misused to assist Angle and O'Hare with their "personal and private" litigation against the "Gracedale Initiative drive", which was spearheaded by the taxpayers, and admitted by Mark Stewart.
You can't hide forever!
In early 2013, when confronted with the facts and presented with the amount of $700.00 relating to the misused tax resources, John Stoffa agreed to pay back the misused tax money.
We, of course, were exultant...Not because we were going to get back misused tax resources, but, because we finally received what we were seeking all along, an admission of "WRONG DOING". In our eyes an admission of guilt.
The whole TRUTH, and nothing but the TRUTH!
We published the information in a post "Guilty...Guilty...Guilty". By the following meeting Stoffa had been enlighten by his solicitor we're sure. Who probably made it clear to Stoffa that we were correct - his repayment of misused tax funds could be viewed as an admission of guilt. Hence, Mr. Stoffa sent an email to County Council describing his return of the misused tax dollars as a gift to the County. Stoffa asked Council to vote on "receiving the money as a gift" which for various reasons, Council voted against the gift idea (and did not accept it as such). Those monies are still uncollected!
Someday soon we hope.
 Today, "We The People" continue to wait patiently for JUSTICE to visit our County! When will Lady-Justice come?

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

He's Too Dense...

...To understand!

The best the nonsensical ignoramus can do is call people names. And that is certainly an indicator that he is sinking in quick-sand fast.

"We The People" are the greatest three words ever penned together! They are (at least in our nation) the most meaningful string of words ever written.

When O'Hare mocks these words he makes it crystal clear that he believes in TYRANNY. He enjoys working for a know - like John Stoffa, who just so happens to do as he pleases without regard or concern for "The Home Rule Charter", or the Constitution of our "Great Nation", which by the way starts out by saying...

Why does O'Hare want to work for a tyrant like John Stoffa? Because Stoffa makes him feel important...something that O'Hare has lost, his sense of self worth. O'Hare will never amount to more than what he is today, an antagonist seeking attention. He will never be recognized at any level of importance especially because of his persecution of "We The People".

Politicians like Ron Angle and John Stoffa, to mention two, believe that the only way to control their bosses - you know "We The People", is to rule over them with an iron fist.

They use dense nonsensical individuals like O'Hare as their fist to control the masses. What they fail to realize is that the "Iron Fist" approach has failed time and time again throughout the world, as it will fail in Nor-Co also.

"We The People", are the backbone that holds the body together. "We The People" are the head, not the tail. "We The People" will work together as we always have to resist tyranny. We will NOT allow tyrants like Stoffa to do as they please. No... "We The People" will not submit to tyrants.

Bernie - Our inalienable rights may be trampled by politicians like John Stoffa, but they will never be taken from us, NEVER!!!

Why not?

Because "We The People" will not surrender them. We will fight for them as our forefathers did, to the last breath if necessary. We will never surrender them! - If you get nothing else from this post... better get that!!!

Monday, June 10, 2013

How Did The Court Established Liar...

....Bernard O'Hare III benefit from the "misuse of tax dollars" by County Executive John Stoffa?

I love spending endless hours doing this...just for fun!
If you ask him he will say he did not benefit in any way. But, if not - then why would he spend endless hours at the election office  (carrying a John Stoffa "football") sifting through our petitions. Really folks, why?

Why would he do that?

Every time we entered the election office to turn in more petitions, there was the nonsensical ignoramus, pen in hand looking for a way to stop the: "We The People Express". But he couldn't stop us, not even with his deceptions. You all remember what the conclusions of the PA Supreme Court were relating to Bernard O'Hare III:

"dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude."

Besides being a dishonest fraud, he's not the sharpest troll in the shed (oops, we meant tool!). He saw the "We The People Express" coming at him with a light of truth, traveling over one hundred miles an hour, he froze like a deer in headlights - and everything he tried to do to stop our train of truth...FAILED.

Former Justice Joan Orie Melvin
Displaying her new bracelets!
Some people (like Bernard O'Hare III) believe they are above the law, but eventually the law catches up to them. He knows that. He just doesn't think it will catch up to him again - He's will! Only this time he may end up doing time...Food for thought!

Take Justice Joan Orie Melvin for example, she too shared the same thought process that John Stoffa, Ron Angle, and Bernard O'Hare III share, and look at her now!

We believe that the deceptive trio deserve identical know, like the pair the corrupt judge received!

We take no pride or pleasure in any of this, but corruption is so disgraceful that we feel compelled to expose it, every where it lurks...using the greatest weapon known to man - the light of TRUTH.

The light of truth is so revealing that even the greatest of deceivers, lurking in the darkest of holes - cannot hide from it.

Eventually the exposure will be made...We The People continue to wait patiently for the day to come!


Friday, June 7, 2013

Hey John (Stoffa)...

We're BACK! And really John - You should RESIGN!

County Executive John Stoffa by way of his arrogance has attempted to defy even the County Courts.

His latest thumb-of-the-nose defiance has the Honorable District Attorney John Morganelli back in court again fighting for what has already been ruled the DA's favor we might add - And guess who is defying the court? You guessed it - John Stoffa.

I, John Stoffa, promise to bankrupt Nor-Co
if it's the last thing I do - before I'm removed.
Misusing tax resources again John? YES!!! You see, Mr. Stoffa knows and understands very well that as the County Executive he is provided (using tax funds) a solicitor. He seems to feel that he can use the solicitor as he pleases...WRONG John!!!

What he doesn't seem to comprehend is that the County Administration Solicitor is to be used for "COUNTY BUSINESS" only...not his personal vendetta's. Whatever personal issues he has with the Honorable District Attorney, he should resolved on a personal level - using his own currency to secure his own "personal attorney". Perhaps he can hire Mr. McClure - No! Wait a minute - Mr. McClure is honest...he won't work for Stoffa - Why not? because Mr. Stoffa is a dishonest liar.

Please John - sue us for making that statement...We made that same statement publically before you and County Council with no denial from you.

We really welcome the opportunity to tell the court what we know about your deceptive ways.

We also patiently await the opportunity to tell the court what you, Ron Angle and Bernie O'Hare did in collusion to further your cause, while putting Gracedale at risk. And yes, we welcome the opportunity to present the court with the evidence of how you out-right lied to us. Perhaps that by itself will encourage our County Council to collectively and "finally" call for your removal.

No, we won't sue you because if we do John, we will have to use our own personal money to fight you in court, as we did to defend against your court attacks against us...Remember - the ones you LOST! But if you sue us sir, well, that's quite another story. "YOU" will once again use tax dollars to sue the taxpayers, and then, we the taxpayers can blow you out of the water in court, using our tax dollars by way of your suit...Make sense John? It does to us...So what you have to do John, we welcome it, and we await it.

Good folks of Nor-Co get this: Because of Stoffa, we (Nor-Co) currently have one branch of government (DA's office) fighting an other branch of government (County Admin) in court using tax resources. But who cares? Right? WE THE PEOPLE CARE!!! That's who!

Why??? Because it's our money he's MISUSING! That's why!

Mr. Stoffa, you are misusing our hard earned tax dollars to play games with the District Attorney. You know it, he knows it, and most importantly - WE THE PEOPLE know it!

John Morganelli defeated you in court because he was right! You lost because you were wrong!!! Don't you get that?

Now get this folks - Mr. Stoffa, in his demented state of mind seems to believe that there is a problem with the oath he took when elected as County Executive. Apparently, he doesn't feel that his oath had anything to do with the Home Rule Charter, or something to that effect. The HRC by the way, is our Constitution.

This thought process alone may be an indicator which clearly demonstrates that Mr. Stoffa is at some stage of dementia himself, almost ready to be placed at Gracedale.

His argument appears to be that he took an oath that he did not understand but, swore to it any way. Who would do that?

Well, a very Honorable Judge had to explain it to him.

By the way -- Congratulations to the new "President Judge" Stephen Baratta who took over his new post today. May God bless you sir in all your decisions.