Sunday, December 29, 2013

The John Stoffa Legacy...

...Or better said - DECEPTION!
As we near the end of 2013, we look back with humble pride at the history making event - "The Gracedale Initiative".

Regardless what any one person may say, the Gracedale saga unified the community and the county in a manner never witnessed or experienced before. Not in Northampton County. And, in all probability...not in the state or the nation.

Recently, an outsider asked: "What was the Gracedale initiative really about?" Our response: The Gracedale Initiative was about helping each other, with special consideration for our elders. Whom, in their day molded our great nation into what it is today. We went on to explain that while we continue to be  proud Americans who love our country dearly, these days we're not always so proud of some of our Government officials.

A miserable liar - John Stoffa
Elected government officials like outgoing County Executive John Stoffa pollute the existence of any office they hold. In retrospect, it certainly appears that Stoffa's main concern was putting his name on a building. And, hanging a self-portrait on a be worshipped like God. But, God he is not.

He has been portrayed as "pulling his last weed". We suggest that he has pulled his last hairs while cursing COAF for exposing him. His portrait was painted using a hypocritical brush. His legacy will be remembered forever, but not for anything positive. Stoffa himself would like us to believe that except for a half mil tax hike he had promised during his campaign, he never raised taxes beyond that. We agree, he did not! However, lets explore why not...At one point, we had as much as a sixty-two million dollar surplus. So the real question is: Why would he raise taxes?

While Stoffa was being lifted, it was stated that his one regret is the Swaption. Of course, it was quickly noted that he inherited the swaption. We agree! He did. We would also note however, that he could have come out smelling like a financial genius if he pulled the trigger on the swaption gun when it was well under ten million. Instead, his failure to act in the best interest of the tax payers (in a reasonable time and manner) cost the tax payers in the area of twenty-seven million dollars, with absolutely nothing to show for it. So financially astute is he? And, did he fail to act out of ignorance, stupidity, or vindictiveness? In any case - it cost the taxpayers millions that could have been better used to do good for our community. For example: It could have helped sustain Gracedale for the next fifteen years. The Millions carelessly wasted exposed Stoffa's financial incompetence. 

On the subject of the Human Services building, Stoffa pushed, and pushed some more for it without any hesitation. Why??? Well, in our opinion, because he thought County Council would dedicate the building to his failed eight years legacy. They, of course, did not! Great decision by County Council.

Now, before he leaves office, he wants to waste more of our hard earned money. On what you ask? On an issue that has been decided several times. The issue? The Gracedale ambulance service. On December 21, 2013, as we prepared to celebrate Christmas, Stoffa was preparing to appeal a ruling by the Honorable Judge Leonard Zito. Judge Zito ruled against Stoffa. Stoffa's legal council argued that County Council overstepped their authority by not accepting Stoffas recommendation. Really??? That's just as ridiculous as it sounds. A recommendation by definition is a suggestion, which means that County Council was well within their right to reject the recommendation. Not only did they reject it once, but several times. So why can't Stoffa just accept the decisions? Because Stoffa want's to continue to drain what's left of our once healthy surplus.

John Stoffa's legacy is nothing more than what he practices - deception! In our opinion:

He lied to us to get elected.

He lied to us regarding his Gracedale intentions.

He lied to us about "not appealing" his failed court case against "We The People".

He lied to us about not using tax dollars to sue "We The People".

His entire eight year term was a web of lies.

We don't take pride in making these statements, but they are true! That's how we will remember John nothing more than a liar. Your time has come John. Good bye, good riddance...and know that you will not be missed!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Happened???

Simple...The Nor-Co voters desired change!

Hmmm...yes, I have raised taxes!
While we are somewhat surprised that Gerry Seyfried and Ron Heckmen lost their attempt to be seated on Northampton County Council, we're not surprised that John Callahan and his dream team lost. We can explain it this way - Nor-Co electors don't want or need additional taxes!

Unlike what some out there are saying regarding what has taken place in Nor-Co politics. The simple truth is that John Callahan is known for raising taxes! His record is clear in that regard.

It really does!
And while some believe that it was voter turn out that hurt the Democratic party during yesterdays election, we feel differently. Remember, we (COAF) do one thing very well...WE LISTEN to our neighbors. What we heard throughout the days leading up to the election were comments like "if Callahan gets in - taxes will surely go up." The kicker is, these comments were coming from Democrats. As we understand it, it wasn't low voter turnout, or lack of Democrat voter turn out - but Democrats VOTING Republican in order to keep their money in their pockets, which otherwise would go to higher taxes. That was the difference.

Walt Garvin and the Democratic Party awoke this morning believing they had a real bad dream. Only to realize that what they perceived as a bad dream was actually a nightmare. And worst yet...REALITY.

The Democratic Party must now accept this wake up call! They must first open their eyes so they can see their way to the kitchen, and then open their nostrils and smell the coffee. The folks of Nor-Co don't need or want higher taxes, nor bigger (needless) government. No! They want lean necessary government which operates like a well tuned business machine. And apparently, that is what they saw in John Brown and the republican Party. Even the Democratic vote!

While we did not envision a Republican sweep, the voters have made their decision. They have spoken loudly so that there is no mistake about what they want, and what they don't want. They want Gracedale safe, and they don't want more taxes - and they trust the Republican party will deliver that.

A bipartisan effort - D', R's and I's.
We feel it is safe to say: the Nor-Co voters (both parties) felt fooled by John Stoffa, and refused to be fooled again by John Callahan. Regardless of what politicians believe, electors are not fools. They're actually very smart. They proved that during the Gracedale Referendum Initiative when Republicans voted with Democrats to save Gracedale by a three to one margin.

My name is not "Stoffa."

We feel that the days of "jumping off a ledge simply because our party tells us to do so" are over. What we have witnessed in recent Nor-CO history is D's and R's unifying their vote to accomplish what they want.

Yes, it true - only time will tell. But, knowing the voters as well as we do, we (COAF) have our money on the voters.

Now, it is time to extend our congratulations to John Brown and the Republican Party for the miracle they just lived, and delivered. We hope you never stop listening to "We The People". And we pray for your success.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Our Choices - And Why...

After much consideration the following candidates receive COAF's endorsement:
County  Executive:
John Callahan

County Council:
Ron Heckman - D
Gerry Seyfried - D
Deb Hunter - D
Peg Ferraro - R
Seth Vaughn - R

Our deliberations over these candidates were extensive. The number one item of concern for us of course was Gracedale. However, we did consider each candidate on the basis of their character and integrity.

We feel consistency in these matters is vital. And while we did not support John Callahan in the primary, we explained during a meeting with him that Lamont McClure deserved our loyalty because he was instrumental in the effort to save Gracedale. Had Mr. McClure not thrown his hat into the ring, perhaps we would have supported Callahan early on. That's the past however, this is now. We collectively decided on Mayor Callahan over Mayor Brown because during our meeting with Mr. Brown, while he seemed competent and qualified, he also seemed reluctant to sign a pledge that he would not consider selling Gracedale. As the entire county is aware, Gracedale is our mission. We harbor no ill feelings for Mr. Brown. We respect his position, however, we require the assurance that Gracedale will not be set up for failure again! We received that assurance from John Callahan.

Our county Council choices were somewhat more involved. However, because we are engaged and informed it was not difficult. We first looked at the ten candidates to identify who actually supported Gracedale during the battle to keep her in our hands. Of the five selected, only one did not - Seth Vaughn. So why would we endorse him? Simple, he met with us prior to the primary seeking our support. This young hopeful said something that we have rarely heard from any sitting servant. He said "I'm sorry I did not support Gracedale during my first run for Council." And then he said something even more meaningful. "I didn't know enough about Gracedale." To us, this young man demonstrated humility on a level not often seen in our local government. He realized he made a mistake, he owned it, and he pledged to work as hard as necessary to keep Gracedale right where she is because now he understands how important Gracedale is to the county residents she serves. And, how equally important Gracedale is to the taxpayers who foot the bill, as well as the electors who hire and fire our public officials through the power of their vote.

On the Democratic side, we extend best wishes to Christen Borso and Tom O'Donnell. They both pledged to do right by Gracedale too. Unfortunately there are only five seats available. If you don't make it this time around, don't hang your heads - persevere.

On the Republican side, we can't say much about Hayden Phillips, Glenn Geissinger, or Mathew Benol because none of them considered us worthy of a meeting. Geissinger did schedule a meeting with us, however, he did not attend. We will certainly wish them all well, but that's it! If we're not worthy of thier consideration now, logic tells us we won't be later. And if we're not worthy of their time now, they're not worthy of our support or vote.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Who Do We Pick?

As we near the 2013 general election, we have to carefully evaluate the candidates for County Executive, as well as for County Council.

As a bipartisan activist group seeking the well being of a very necessary core function in our local government "Gracedale", the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families desires and seeks to balance the political scale in a manner which fulfills the needs of ALL taxpayers, electors and residents of Northampton County...that we all may have a voice in office.

Sadly, in America today the task of selecting honest and trustworthy statesmen is difficult to say the least. Why so? Because the political waters are murky with deception. Also, like sharks, there are more politicians than statesmen in the waters these days. And yes, there is a difference in the two. Horribly, the difference between the two usually leads to corruption. 

For example, we recently experienced corruption in Nor-Co with the "Ross Marcus and Alan Jennings scandal". Mr. Jennings, quoted by the Express Times on October 23, 2013 says: " I think it's important that we all remain vigilant to make sure that our business is done with honesty and integrity". Yet, he openly acknowledged that he intentionally violated the rules to hire county employee Ross Marcus, who granted Jennings organization (CACLV) at least seven contracts amounting to the sum of $889,000.00. Clearly this is a conflict of interest. So, a good question for Mr. Jennings is: where exactly is the honesty and integrity in your unethical behavior? There is no doubt that CACLV is a worthy organization doing wonderful acts of kindness for the community. However, doing so does not grant them the right to break the rules.

We then have to ask: why did County Executive John Stoffa allow the breach to take place? Well, consider that Mr. Stoffa decided to veto an amendment co-sponsored by Lamont McClure and Ken Kraft, designed specifically to prevent such conflicts of interest from occurring again in the future. What does that tell you? It tells us...he is at the head of the corruption. And in our opinion, you really can't call it anything else. When the servants decide to benefit themselves instead of those they have sworn to serve, you can only call it corruption.

COAF has been carefully considering the candidates. Hence, one of the reasons for our recent silence. No, we're not perfect, and most importantly, we don't pretend to be. What we are is engaged and informed. we are working hard to change the culture of corruption which does exist today in Nor-Co. We can only do so through the power of our votes. So please get out and VOTE.

We will announce our choices tomorrow. Our selections will hopefully bear the county good fruit, as we continue on our journey forward. If for any reason you don't appreciate our choices, then make your own decision. Just please make sure you get out and vote... 

...Be part of the solution!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poor Performance...

...County Executive John Stoffa is on his way out, for many of us, not soon enough. 

Why would we make such a statement you ask? Because Stoffa turned out to be a big disappointment to the elector's of the county. He decided not to run for re-election when he realized We The People had exposed him to be a self-serving liar. And as such, a snowball would stand a better chance in a furnace than Stoffa has at the polls.

Four out of five County Council members whose seats are up for grab this coming November, also did not serve the county well. John Cusick and Tom Dietrich for example, lost their appeal to their party when they orchestrated the coup that overthrew the renegade Ron Angle. For that we thank them. However, they performed poorly there after, especially dealing with the recent Ross Marcus "conflict of interest" scandal. And so did Bruce Gilbert and Barbara Thierry, who performed poorly their entire terms.

Excluding Peg Ferraro (at one point or another), they all stood with Ron Angle and John Stoffa in their movement to sell Gracedale. They all failed in that endeavor. Excluding Peg Farraro, they must all go!

The Ross Marcus issue sadly highlighted the incompetence of the sitting Council. From our prospective, an honest council would have stood up as our representatives and clearly stated that what Stoffa and Marcus decided to do is simply WRONG! Instead, the majority praised him on his way out, even as he continued to violated the County Constitution (AKA The Home Rule Charter).

Recently, there was a question regarding County Controller Stephen Barron relating to part-time employment. While we support Mr. Barron, we would be the first to say: if he is doing something wrong, it must be corrected. Needless to say, Mr. Baron corrected the matter by resigning his part-time employment. In so doing, he better serves the county. 

John Cusick went on record (according to the express times)  and suggested that: Baron's second job warrants a close examination". Also suggesting (according to ET) that "the potential violation could warrant a forfeiture hearing, a county process similar to impeachment". The question is: why didn't Mr. Cusick say the same thing about John Stoffa and Ross Marcus? Mr. Baron made a correction, while Mr. Marcus did not. And Mr. Marcus was allowed to violate the HRC, while Mr. Baron was not. We advocate following the rules, and that means everyone!

Council needs to do something to correct this misguided direction, which in effect will set a precedence for future corruption. 

This sitting Council still has time to demonstrate (by their actions), that perhaps we're wrong about them. To make no correction is in this matter however, simply confirms our opinion.

Thursday, September 19, 2013


What agenda???

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families shares no agenda, vendetta, or anything else the disbarred attorney may want to call it. Against anyone, for any reason.

Consider that when Bernie decided to break the rules. The rules took away his privileges to practice his trade. 

He received (although lenient) just punishment! That's exactly what should happen whenever anyone mounts themselves above the rules.

Stop signs mean STOP! Then proceed with caution. And everyone
who wants to keep their drivers licence must obey, or risk losing  their driving privileges, period.

Bernie would probably present the argument that exceptions are obvious all the time for emergency authorities, such as for police, fire, or ambulance. We, on the other hand would defend the rules. 

We would argue that the rules are clear. Only authorized emergency vehicles may go through stop signs or red lights. And only during emergencies can they do so. However, we would also point out, that is a rule, not an exception.

Ross Marcus understood very well we're sure. That his time with John Stoffa, and the rest of Stoffa's cronies would eventually run out. Well, the time is almost here. Earlier this year he tried to lure a position in Luzerne County, and failed because they discovered he came with baggage. Baggage they didn't need or want. So they rejected him. Now we understand that McDonald's won't hire him either. So, out of desperation he breaks the rules. And sadly, and regrettably, both Stoffa and Council condoned it.

Yes, a Lame-Duck is a lame duck!

Once Again...

...County Council disappoints the county taxpayers.

And yes, it appears that John Stoffa and Ross Marcus are above the rules and the law.

I don't see anything...
when I look the other way!
During the September 5, 2013 County Council meeting, Ross Marcus was given a pass to take an employment position with CACLV. The rules say he can't, but his actions (condoned) say he could. Ross Marcus asked John Stoffa to turn his head, and he did. John stoffa asked County Council to turn their heads, and they did. 

Quite clearly, the "Administrative Code" is in place to control the actions of some, not all. If that's so, then we must ask: does the administrative code serve an honest purpose? In our opinion, the answer of course, is NO!

Rules, by whatever name, are to apply to all under the umbrella. That's not so in Nor-Co. In Northampton County, the law of the land applies only to those John Stoffa wants them to apply to. The rest, he turns a blind eye. So who exactly is the rest? Well, Ross Marcus is one of Stoffa's rest for sure. Kathleen Kelly is another. Ilisa Sacknoff (we know from experience) is yet another.

Yes...I can!
Under Ross Marcus, the Department of Human services falls short of serving the very people it is designed and intended to serve. We would say: ask the employees of the Human Services Department. However, the question is: will they talk? We don't believe they will publicly. And we understand why not. Some would say they are in fear of retribution from their supervisors. Hence, they are better off remaining silent. And their despair is not only about losing their jobs. They also fear the brutal attacks made to sully their reputations, should they decide to talk. In addition, they fear the manipulation that may cast them over the edge, as has happen to some in recent history. So they regrettably remain silent!

So, what about County Council? 

We know it's wrong...but we wish you well.
Well, if you watch the meeting (2 hrs 15 min and 30 secs in). You will see and hear firsthand that they chose to turn a blind eye too. They chose to (once again) disappoint the electors who trusted them to do right.

Mr. Parson spoke with some regret in his voice about the situation. And Mr. McClure expressed that this specific matter should not be seen as setting a precedence. However, that's just what they did! From that point on. Any county employee desiring to violate, or better said: break the rules, will simply take council to task, citing this Marcus-action.

Council should have understood that exceptions in these types of matters usually lead to unnecessary litigation. Especially when your own solicitor tells you it is wrong. They all danced around in turn to say good-by to the less than honorable (in the peoples eyes) Ross Marcus. They just had to extend their best-wishes. Yet, no one stood up and said what solicitor Lauer advised them...IT IS WRONG!

Well, it's clear now that a Lame-Duck is always lame.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breaking The Rules...

picture of violating  - Illustration depicting a green chalk board with the words  - JPG
Rules?  What rules?

This is exactly what John Stoffa and Ross Marcus continuously do. The rules, supposed to apply to all. And which we all play by, are not applicable to them.

Yup, it say's right here...
...he must wait a year!

It turns out folks, according to County Council Solicitor Phil Lauer. Under county code, vendors working with the county must wait a year before hiring a former county employee (like Ross Marcus will be on Sept  6, or 16, 2013). Marcus award contracts to the organization doing the hiring. In this case, that would be the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley (CACLV).

The Express Times has reported that Solicitor Lauer has: 

"advised County Council it would be improper to provided Marcus an exemption". 

And "We The People" agree. We have to ask: How can anyone see this action as anything less than what it is - A conflict of interest?

foto of judge  - Gavel  - JPG
Are the rules really for all?
The ET also reports: "County Council President John Cusick expressed concern that by allowing Marcus to take the position with CACLV without reprimand, the county would be opening itself up to litigation. While He expressed no interest in filing a lawsuit himself, county contracts specifically forbid this situation from moving forward." According to ET, Cusick also said: "these rules are in place for a reason."

image of violating  - The words Profits and Compliance on a gold balance weighing the value of earning money and following rules and regulations governing commerce and sales - JPG
Forget the rules, I want profits!
As clear-cut as this violation of the rules is. We have to ask: Why would any member of council agree to allow it? Is Ross Marcus above the rules? If the rules are in place for a reason, as Cusick stated. Then reason dictates that County Council must deny Marcus the privileged of an illicit opportunity elsewhere. One which is clearly a conflict of interest, and well within the reach of his office.

The answer may be that Macus, denied an employment oppertunity in Luzerne County last October, is now trying to secure for himself another position elsewhere. The position is certainly within the reach of his current position. This is clearly corruption if it happens!

C'mon John - Give me a break!
We wouldn't want to see Marcus unemployed after Stoffa leaves office in January either. However, we don't want to see him in a position where he can hurt the very people he is to help. We hear McDonald's  right down the street from the courthouse, is hiring. We're sure he can impress them highly with his resume.

I can't give him a Break?
Why Not?
Unfortunately for Northampton County, County Executive John Stoffa and Ross Marcus always believe they are above the rules, and the law. Surely, they are not! Now, Morning Call reporter Samantha Marcus reports that Marcus's departure is dependent on getting a pass from County Council. Getting a pass?

This is certainly a tangled web being weaved. Ross Marcuss should be asked: When it's all said and done Ross, how much pension are you going to receive from the county? Just don't expect an answer!

Read Articles:
ET - Breach of Contract
MCall - Getting a Pass

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Finally Going...

I did it all for John!
...We certainly were pleased to hear the great news that Director of Human services, Ross Marcus is finally leaving Northampton County employment, where he earned almost one hundred thousand dollars annually. The news brought joy to the hearts of those directly affected by his poor decisions, as well as his indecision's.

John Stoffa is quoted in the Express Times: "Ross had one of the most difficult Jobs, if not the most difficult in the County". Really? 

Well, if that statement is accurate, then we must ask: Why was it so difficult? Is it possible the job was difficult for Mr. Marcus because he did nothing more than please John Stoffa for seven years? Stoffa also stated: "He (Marcus) has worked hard, has been very loyal to me".

I did it all for John too!
We The People would remind the County that Ross Marcus did not serve "in the best interest" of Northampton County taxpayers (who paid him more than $97,000.00 per year), as Stoffa would lead us to believe. Marcus, rather than dismiss Social Worker Ilisa Sacknoff, who is known by Gracedale residents, and family members alike (under her care). For abusing Alzheimer's afflicted residents at Gracedale. Gave her a promotion with more money instead.

Ms. Sacknoff's title today, according to the County website is: NC C.A.S.S.P Coordinator for Mental Health. She now works under Anne Kline. Who works under Kathleen Kelly. Who works under Ross Marcus. Who works under "Chief Deceiver" John Stoffa.

As we understand it, Ross can't get out fast enough. WND Faith reporter, Michael Volpe, on Augst 24th, 2013 wrote the following story: Kids Snatched "without warrants - without evidence". His story clearly outlines the horrific behavior of all the existing Ilisa Sacknoff's of the nation of America.

Must view the video at the end of the story, to fully understand just how out of control these tax-paid employees are.

Folks of Nor-Co, as most of you know, Ilisa Sacknoff is the reason COAF was born. Because of her we have discovered exactly who County Executive John Stoffa is. By Mr. Stoffa's authority,  Ms. Sacknoff continues her reign of terror within the Human Services Department. Causing insult and injury to the innocent. Throwing the words "Mercy and Justice" (on our county seal) out the window. 

As long as administrators like Ross Marcus, Kathleen Kelly, and Anne Kline remain employed by the county, the corruption that exist will continue, only getting worst over time.



Human Services:  Pennsylvania families demand that Human Services, under the Department of Public Welfare, be totally reformed so that family members are not wrongfully taken away from their loved ones by overly-aggressive and often vindictive County Agencies – Children and Youth, Developmental Programs, Aging, and every set of non-elected government employees who wrongfully assume the power of law enforcement and destroy innocent families.  We are citing the Danieal Kelly case, where 16 people were convicted of charges related to the death of this 14 year-old child with cerebral palsy.  She was starved to death in squalid conditions.  Those convicted included DHS caseworkers and contractors from provider agencies.  A former DHS caseworker was sentenced to up to 15 years in jail.


Across the nation and around the world, we receive reports that elected and hired bureaucrats, like John Stoffa, Ross Marcus, Kathleen Kelly, Ann Kline, Ilisa Sacknoff, Elizabeth Miller, and Donna Reeck are leaving wounded bodies along the roadside."

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Truth About Gracedale...

...According to the 2012 budget, Gracedale is but a drop in the bucket. Meaning, it is a small percent (less than 2%) of a huge three hundred and fifty million dollar budget.

What we find interesting (which no one would know unless you examine the budget) is: there was a 5.2% increase in the budget from 2011 to 2012. The monetary difference was $17,523,300.00. That's seventeen million plus!

Even if the "Three Amigos" want to blame the difference on Gracedale, they can't! Using John Stoffa's approved numbers in the budget (we have recently seen his numbers don't add up). The Gracedale contribution was a few beans above 7 million (because of a $3,683,671.00 increase). Well, wait a minute! What caused such a extreme increase from one year to the next? Hmmm! Poor leadership starting at  the top? Yes, of course!

That's not all folks. The shocker is: that still leaves a difference of a few beans over 10 million unaccounted for. The ten million dollar question is: What cost 10 million over the budget? They can't blame an additional ten million on Gracedale! Show us the money trail John!

I want my cut!
Now let's consider that Gracedale serving humanity, is but a small amount in a 350 million dollar budget. Yes folks, $351,907,200.00 to be exact! Why does John Stoffa continue to pursue the sale of Gracedale? We don't know. However,  it leads us to ask: What's in it for Stoffa?

If you listen to the three amigos, Gracedale, a taxpayer desired service, is blamed as a grand culprit in a $350 million budget. However, at 2% of the budget it is but a drop in the bucket.

And folks, if we listen to Chris Miller (forth amigo); we would dump (his words, not ours) Gracedale. So we can spend hundreds of millions on some project he endorses. Really!!! We The People, you remember us Chris, the taxpayers. We don't think so!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Why Was O'Hare Disbarred?

That's a one penny question.

A recent comment asked: "Does anyone know why O'Hare wasn't prosecuted for forgery when he signed his client's name to a contract without his knowledge or consent ?"

We cannot explain why he was not incarcerated. However, he was prosecuted and found guilty of a multitude of charges outlined below.

We can only suggest that perhaps his fathers influence as a Northampton County District Attorney may have been the reason. To understand the type of influence his father had (whom we believe, unlike Bernie, was an honorable man). You can read the Morning Call article linked below. It outlines O'Hare seniors life accomplishment, as a tribute to him after his passing.

READ: Who Was O'Hare Sr.

What we can tell you with confidence is that Bernard V. O'Hare III is a mentally deranged individual. He, like John Stoffa and Ron Angle, is a liar. Now, we're not saying that to call him names, we don't believe such behavior. We're saying so, first, because he continues to lie on his blog about us, and others as well. And secondly (most importantly), because he has been labeled:

"dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude."

That was the conclusions of the PA Supreme Court.

Must prove he is no longer emotionally disturbed.
As we understand it, Bernie's Attorney, in a report to the PA Supreme Court, reported that O'Hare was suffering from "Serious Emotional Problems". Hence, the reason Bernie was purposefully sabotaging civil litigation involving grieving, tragedy-stricken families.

Bernie could request reinstatement. However, reinstatement was conditional. He would have to submit medical reports as evidence he no longer suffers emotional dysfunction. Thus, he would have to prove that he is no longer emotionally unstable.

The reality that Bernie has never sought reinstatement is evidence that he still is emotionally unstable. His behavior, as seen by all of us in Northampton County. Proves that he does have a problem distinguishing between reality and the fiction that goes on continuously in his deranged mind.

Bernie, like John Stoffa and Ron Angle, is EVIL. He seeks to hurt and defame good citizens with his lies and innuendo. Most people go away because they don't want to be victims at the end of Bernie's pen.

We promised Bernie long ago, that as long as he continues to tell lies about us (COAF), we will continue to exposed the truth about him! And again we say:
We're not going away!!!