Friday, November 30, 2012

The Express Times...

...Also gets a failing grade from us "D".

We are of the opinion that during the Gracedale saga, ET failed miserably to report unbiasedly, or to fairly qualify the history making event known as: "The Gracedale Initiative".

And they were never fair to the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families, who faced the greatest of political GIANTS...and won.

One battle after another they prevailed. This small band of TRUE Americans gave all their patriotic supporters a reason to BELIEVE.

To this day, ET has neglected to recognize the Herculean effort put forth by a small band of brothers and sister - protecting their mothers and fathers.

Consider the front page event it would have been if the Coalition had failed. But because they WON. Nothing...bury the story.

Recently (11/15/12), our spokesperson received a call from ET reporter Tom Shortell, requesting an interview to discuss the Coalitions view on the positive direction Gracedale is headed in, as well as our vision as to it's future. However, the promise of a call back the following day to meet or conduct a telephone interview never came. We have to ask: why was that Mr. Shortell?

Folks, please understand that we're not looking for recognition, we never cared about that, and never will! We only care about the cause, and the TRUTH. Which we felt in our hearts then, as we do today, The Gracedale Initiative was a righteous and worthy cause, and the TRUTH can never be turned into a lie!

So what is the TRUTH? The TRUTH is that COAF only forever wanted to protect those who could not protect or speak for themselves...and that they have done!

So why this post you ask? Well, the express times was in bed with Ron Angle, John Stoffa and the nonsensical ignoramus then. The question now is: are they still? And by the looks of it...
...YES - they are!

All We Have Ever Asked For...

...From our local government is:
Justice, Peace, Protection, Compassion, Liberty, and of course - Fairness.

The question is:  Have they delivered?

Well, truth be told - if we had not fought for our rights...The answer is NO!

That's not to say that some, rather than fighting us, chose  instead to fight alongside of us...For what we all understood was right. We must say that our current County Council is certainly performing better. However, there are definitely two that MUST go. Here's why we feel that way (short versions).

Let us look at who's potentially leaving OUR government (not necessarily by choice):
  • Barbara Thierry. Well, we must always speak the truth, and in so doing we must say that in Mrs. Thierry's case, she never ever represented We The People. Always, to this day, she took Ron Angle's side. The fact that she never voted against Angle says it all. And if we recall back to Thursday, September 02, 2010 when she chose to call for Stephen Barrons resignation, not because she really cared about what occurred relating to a past issue. But because Angle wanted Barron gone! It turns out that Mr. Barron was correct about Gracedale. History has the the proof of that. Ron Angle is gone, and the respectable County Controller Stephen Barron is still with us (By We The People's choice). So yes, her bosses will be firing her...If she chooses to run of course. She receives a failing grade from us "D".

  • Bruce Gilbert. (Another Angle supporter). We feel it is safe to say that Mr. Gilbert was a MAJOR disappointment to the entire community. His overall responsibility was great - being that he was the first Afro American ever on County Council...Did he do his job well, and perform as expected? Of course not! We feel he never ever took a stand for We The People - at all! Instead, he tried with every ounce of sweat (that was often visible) to fulfill Ron Angle's and John stoffa's desires (so that he could get a job). There were times we heard him expressing a different direction of service, but even then it was self serving. For example, when he said something to the effect that he did want "his children and grandchildren" to have to pay...It does not matter what comes after "pay" because the words before "to" clearly tells the story of who Mr. Gillbert was worried about...Surely not We The People. And then, to further illustrate his self service, he and County Executive John Stofffa were the proud recipients of the Express Times TURKEY award...For what you ask? For getting exposed serving themselves. We were recently asked if it was true that we (COAF) supported Mr. Gilbert during his campaign...The answer is YES we did (and that will never happen again). It is true, but ask why? Because during a meeting with him relating to Gracedale prior to his election, he made promises to us that he never even attempted to keep when in office. So he too will be fired should he choose to run. And he too receives a failing grade from us "D".
Please note that we're not picking on these two, all who are involved know that we are speaking TRUTH!

More to come on the other three...stay tuned!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Listen UP!

COAF Announcement!!!

COAF has been informed that there will not be a Gracedale Advisory Board meeting in December.
A County Council meeting will be held instead on the date reserved for the GAB meeting.
Time: 4 P.M.
Have a great DAY ;-)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Who Does The Power Truthfully Belong To?...

...To The People!      

Our Founding Fathers had amazing foresight. Yes, indeed they did. They envisioned that at various points in time it would all come down to their cunningly designed Constitution. And how correct they were.

Within recent times we witnessed great history take place here in Northampton County, PA. Yes...the tremendous and arduous effort of We The People while enduring much hardship and strife, brought on by none other than the very people we elected to serve us, has demonstrated to the other counties of the state, as well as to the state itself, and to the entire nation, that the true power of the government belongs verily to - We The People.

The message We The People want to disseminate to all politicians today is this: under no uncertain terms ever believe that We The People...will at any given point in time - relinquish that which is rightfully ours.

To relinquish our God given authority to our government would mean our great Nation has fallen to the depth of Socialism/Communism, where the People are oppressed. Told when to eat, sleep, or go to the bathroom...We The People will revolt before we ever allow that scenario to occur. You can bank on it!

In America the Beautiful - we consider ourselves a FREE people because our birth came by way of the ultimate sacrifice, the shedding of blood...and so many willingly did just that to secure our freedoms. We The People will continue that tradition...should it ever come to that.

Today we can look at Allentown (allentown petitions), and see the effects of our labor. With all due respect to the Honorable Mayor Powlowski (whom we are not attacking - simply expressing a voice), when We The People decide that an issue is that important to us that we request to vote on the issue - That request should be honored without question...why? - Because We The People are the BOSS!

We're not suggesting that a group of four or five, or even ten, should dictate the direction of our government...No, we don't believe that at all! We are saying that whenever two or more begin the collection of signatures for the purpose of allowing a vote on a matter considered extremely important to the People, and they collect into the thousands of signatures - no further resistance should exist on the part of the government...Why not? - Because We The People are the BOSS!

And we can look at Bethlehem - when We The People of the City of Bethlehem request a vote on our current matter of concern, with all due respect to the Honorable Mayor Callahan (who we are not attacking either), the request should be honored without question...why? Again, because We The People are the BOSS!

Please understand that for too long we allowed ruthless vermin like Ron Angle to RULE over us. But his downfall illustrates the resolve of a civil group organized to take back our government from tyrants the likes of John Stoffa. COAF as they are known today, executed the processes established for such purposes in a correct and chivalrous manner. Resulting not in civil unrest, but in civil action! Civil action that had not been witnessed in America for a long long time.

The initiative We The People took was for the people, and by the people. And, along with the Blessings from our Creator, the initiatives inspiration has resonated throughout the nation, giving birth to a new America, which ironically was birthed right here in Pennsylvania - Where there is so much Patriotic and historic value.

The Preamble of our Constitution:
We The People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

So...which one of you politicians believe it is better to rule the people, rather then serve the People? What!!! You won't stand up?

Not to worry...
...Your actions, or lack of such - will tell us the TRUTH!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Callahan Says - No Voice For We The People!

During a meeting on November 26, 2012, scheduled for the purpose of discussing the possibility of a single trash hauler in Bethlehem, Mayor John Callahan seemed unwilling to allow the question to go on the ballot, where We The People could express our true desires by way of our vote.
Let us be clear! We (COAF) are not in favor of, or against the issue...but we are very concerned about the control that Mayor Callahan seems to be seeking.

In NorCo, after the Gracedale saga, we vowed to bring light to all things hidden in darkness...and so we will!!!

If the taxpaying residents of the City Of Bethlehem (who fall under the jurisdiction of NorCo) want to have some input by way of a vote - they should be afforded that right…after all – it is their right. And this is where our concerns collide with Callahan's view that We The People should just submit to his will, instead of representing us, and doing our will.

Yes, we understand fully that in our democracy we vote elected officials into office to handle business for us, we truly do! However, there are occasions like this, and matters like this issue, that We The People want to weigh in on. So why precisely would an elected official deny We The People the right to chime in? And why would an elected official like Callahan respond to an audience member who asked: “the public will have no input is what you are saying?”, with a ridicules statement like: “Well, you will at the next election”.

Now, how belligerent does that sound? And exactly how stupid does Callahan perceives We The People to be?
We all know he can’t run for Mayor of the COB next year! So why would he present such nonsense? - perhaps because much like John Stoffa, John Callahan doesn't care what We The People think. And ask yourselves this folks...why would he call a meeting of the public if he is not genuinely interested in their opinion, nor intends on listening to it? Perhaps, just to say that he did? Sounds so much like his friend Stoffa.
Ladies and Gentlemen of the City of Bethlehem, and all of NorCo - take note: you may not be able to vote for Callahan in the upcoming COB mayoral election because he is out of time in that neck of the woods, but, he is said to be planning a run for Northampton County Executive...and you have the right and the duty to vote for, or against Callahan in that election. Consider and remember this...if Callahan before getting into the County Executive seat (seeking power and control above all) is behaving like Stoffa did during his terms in office, what makes us think he will perform differently when he's sitting in the CE seat? Just some food for thought.

We The People must continue to be vigilant! And we must watch this matter closely, with the understanding that NO...we DO NOT have to trade in one John for another! We must simply discern the truth, and then make the right choice.

Is He Gone Yet???

No...Ross Marcus is still on NorCo's payroll, and will continue collecting our tax dollars until Stoffa is gone, or LuzCo hires him...whichever comes first.

ross marcusWhile we would like to see Mr. Marcus move on, we really don't want to see him in government (at any level).

He should seek employment in the private sector, where he won't be paid with tax dollars to be a puppet. The problem for Mr. Marcus in that arena is that in today's private employment community, those hiring are seeking real workers. You know, managers that know how to manage things, and leaders that know how to lead people. Unfortunately, Mr. Marcus has failed to display either quality while employed under puppet master back to government employment he must go, where he knows how to manipulate and skate!

According to the ET, County Executive John Stoffa announced last week that Marcus is a finalist for the similar created position in Luzerne County after the "Cash for Kids" judicial scandal.

Why is Marcus considering jumping ship? Because he knows very well that Stoffa won't be in office too much longer. And he also knows too well that the his services will (in all probability) be terminated by the incoming County Executive (whomever that may be). He knows that what he should have done to Ilisa Sacknoff for her poor performance, will surely be done to him. So, jump ship he will - presented with the right opportunity of course.

Sadly, the reality is that he is jumping from one mess (which he helped create), into another mess (which he will most likely make worst). And much sadder is the fact the LuzCo is poised to employ him after enduring the "Cash for Kids" scandal (Luzerne County recovers after juvenile jail scandal).

We can verily say based on our experience and dealings with Marcus, that in our opinion he is mendacious. We can envision him abetting in another scandal for them (LuzCo)...but so be it - let them once again endure the bed they make...and then explain to their tax payers, and their constituency, why they would hire such a duplicitous person.

Stoffa is quoted by ET to have said: "but I'm sorry to see him go, I have the greatest admiration for him."

And sorry should anyone be who has lost one cabinet member after another. We all remember John Conklin and Vic Mazziotti, just to mention two members of his fading cabinet. It seems Stoffa has been left wondering: where did everybody go? More interesting is the fact that his once solid promoter Bernard O'Hare III, is now writing about John Stoffa, the same things we have been saying for years. In BO's post "County Appeals Naughty Email Ruling", he says: "Instead of hammering single mothers with the ultimate sanction for an admitted mistake, Executive John Stoffa should be looking a little more closely at his own cabinet. And the jail."

Stoffa is left with two legitimate questions - where did everybody go? And why did they go?  Well,  in our observation - County Executive John Stoffa made a bed with a bunch of harlots, and for that he must pay the price! And endure any illnesses and complications that come with his poor decision.

Hopefully, in the best interest of the Luzerne County taxpayers - Manager Robert Lawton makes a better which excludes Ross Marcus.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Let Us Forget...

...Just for the day - the troubles of our County.

 Thanksgiving is America’s harvest festival - a special day dedicated to giving thanks...a time to acknowledge the help of family and friends, and a reminder of what a gift it is to be alive.
In NorCo we have much to be thankful for...
Happy Thanks Givings Day
From your friends - The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

People Want To Know...

...Did John Stoffa really LIE to us. Yes he did!

Unfortunately, he chose to go down DECEPTION street fully aware he was headed in the wrong direction, apparently his moral compass is broken.

We believe it is safe to say that Northampton County Executive John Stoffa was already near the sale of Gracedale when he sat with us in the 911 Building, where he ate Maryann's home made goodies and told us straight out "The only way to save Gracedale is to get the names".

We have to ask: how exactly did he know that was the only way? Well, the only answer that makes sense to us is that his decision was already made... got it! Do you see how looking back in time allows all the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place?

In our opinion, it is very possible that he already had a deal worked out. We suspect that he met with us to stay on our good side, deviously believing he could dupe us because never and a day did he envision our resolve. We all know today that was a BIG MISTAKE for John. It open more than a can of worms - it opened a can of truth which exposed him for all of the duplicitous works he had done, and was planning to do.

He chose to lie because in his mind he had it all figured out, and there was no possible way we would ever get the necessary 19,600+ names necessary for the referendum question to be placed on the ballot. Instead we mobilized to win, and collected the welcomed signatures of 23,000+.

The beauty of it was that John thought it was all over in late November into December, because the nonsensical ignoramus came back to his benefactor time and time again with supposedly good news (so he thought it was), that we had stagnated - stuck they are at 10,000. With the thanksgiving holiday, and the Christmas and new year festivities coming up - no one was working (again - so they thought).

spinning human head spinninghumanhead.gif photoBut COAF (who John thought were not so smart)  had a different plan. We decided to hold all the incoming petitions until January, and in that month we came in with 13,000+ signatures...Bernie's head began to spin, and spin.

Stoffa's unbelief can still be seen in his face.

The irony is that if John would have done the right thing, he would have been re-elected without effort. Instead, he's forced to step down because a monkey in a suit will beat him in the upcoming election - hands down!

If Stoffa could do it all over again, there are many things he would do differently we're - not underestimating the intelligence and resolve of the PEOPLE. Those two are really important John. You can trust us on that, we never lied to you!!! But lying? he would probably make that mistake again...
...cause history tells us - he's not so smart!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kathleen Kelly...

...Was, during the November 15th County Council meeting, given some high praise by a well intended John Pierce. A renewed member of the Mental Health Early Intervention & Developmental Programs Advisory Board. An honorable person whom we consider may not be fully informed on the realities of the person (Kathleen Kelly) he spoke about.

Ms. Kelly, Administrator NC MH/EI/DP, should (in our opinion) explain why she hired Ilisa Sacknoff.

Ilisa Sacknoff was known to be a very poor employee at Gracedale by most of, if not all of the resident family members who had the misfortune to have her as their social worker. As well as many of the Gracedale employees who could not stand the sound of her heels coming down the hall.

Ilisa may believe that we have forgotten about her, but if so...only for a second - meaning we have not.

We will never dis-remember the sheer hell she put us through. What we're not certain of, is why Ms. Kelly, if she really is so sharp...would hire someone like Ilisa?

Why she (understanding and knowing the particulars) would provide employment to a well known undesirable employee?

Ross Marcus, who was also praised, was very well aware of the Gracedale situation...

...As was his boss, County Executive John Stoffa.

Can you please email us at with an explanation to this legitimate question? Or better yet, post it right here under our comments for all to read.

Thank you in advance Ms. Kelly. We appreciate your response. (Although truthfully, we don't anticipate it)

The Worst Thing To Happen To NorCo?

Ron Angle!!!
Ron does not speak very well, or even intelligently. But yet he is lifted up as NorCo's bulldog by none other than his crony Bernard O'Hare III.

We have to ask: why? And, is he really? Or, is he just full of bull?

We The People believe that his buttocks have finally become jealous of all the bull that comes out of his mouth.

We have discerned that Angle is really just a slimy little bullfrog who has been carried by a slimy bigger bullfrog for the sake of self benefit and monetary gain at the expense of those he was supposed to serve - We The People.

But we are not concerned because Ron is just a has-been who will never be matter what he attempts.

Ron is so arrogant that he continues to tell himself (in an effort to convince himself) that he was always doing what was right. The problem he fails to recognize is that he belligerently refused to hear the people who sought his support. He slapped aside the very people who lent him their support. Well, the time is long past due, move on Ron...go and take care of your house, and take care of Ron Jr., he really needs you now.

There is nothing left for you in politics, it no longer spares time or room for you. You had your opportunity and you blew it! Your unhealthy interpersonal behavior destroyed it. So be a man if you can...and walk away. It's all that's left for you to do.

Just keep in mind Ronnie boy, that it is all your own did it by aligning your self with John and Bernie to ravish the county...and in that, all three of you have failed! However, one by one We The People say - your all done.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Cry Baby Angle Lies Again!

Angle really does live in LALA know, the world he always talks about.

He was told (very politely) during last nights meeting by President Cusick that he had about a minute left, and he responds saying:

"Yeah I know Mr. Cusick, you don't like when I talk to you about these things, you sit there and smirk."

Bob Werner chimed in saying: "No, Mr. Cusick is correct, one minute is what you have"

Angle responds by asking:  "What was that?"

Mr. Werner returns the answer: "Mr. Cusick is correct! One minute is what you have, he's on time!"

Angle: "He's on time? You know what? It's amazing in the world of government - never once in my thirty eight years did I ever once tell anyone -you have one minute, if you don't like what I have to say, you know - maybe you shouldn't be in office!"

WOW - this is where the spit hits the fan...and we can say with conviction that Ron "The Slumlord" Angle is a liar. During the Gracedale saga when Angle was President of Council, he told our Spokesperson to sit down and be quite - because he did not like what our spokesperson had to say in defense of Gracedale being called a RAT HOLE. He stated to our spokesperson "you speak at my pleasure, so sit down and be quite! Do you remember that Ron? WE DO!!!

We also remember you cutting many people down at the podium because you did not like what they had to say, so stop lying.

Angle appeared concerned that John Callahan would be the next County Executive and was already asking for a pay raise. We The People feel he has no reason for concern, because Callahan's association with Bernard O'Hare III will lose Callahan his attempt at the County Executive seat.

Angle, who also tried to deceive his constituents relating Gracedale should read:,0,3553884.story

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


...A good choice of words to describe Bernard O'Hare III. And take note: he was seen in the courthouse corridor, walking up and down the corridor saying: rats, raTS, RATS. It seems that it really takes one to know one.

It is very visible that his hate blog has taken a hit. Consider that no one cares what he has to say anymore. He has been exposed as the liar that the Supreme Court of PA said he is.

This past weekend O'Hare disappeared for a while, and the interesting thing is that during his absence there were no comments on his blog. So it is now quite evident that Trish Mezzacappa was right about O'Hare, he writes almost all of the comments on his blog himself. 
Is that not CREEPY? Just think how demented that sounds. He talks to himself...and then answers himself - YEAH...CREEPY! 
We all know that he is a two faced blogger with a history of doing evil deeds. But can anyone imagine the agony he is suffering trying to keep up with all of the characters he has created in his mind?

The misfit we know as the nonsensical ignoramus is attempting to bring life back into his dying blog. His ratings evidently have fallen to record lows, and he knows that because he can see the stats...but what to do? WHAT SHALL I DO??? NOTHING IS WORKING ANYMORE!

It seems that everything was so easy for him before COAF existed. The coalition...the COALITION... THE COALITION!!! I can't get the voices out of my head.

It seems he is hearing voices that tell him he's a loser. They sound so real - seem like real life vivid, so real. A voice that says something like: "SINCE YOU ARE DISBARRED, I guess you are not an attorney" and "I also suppose you are still smarting from the Gracedale referendum and Mr. Angle's defeat at the polls last year." Ending something like this - "In the meantime, please go directly to [redacted] where you belong you creepy loser."

Oh...that's just an Otter directing him to his possible final destination.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We Predicted It...

...And once again our prediction materialized to the letter.

Bernie O'Hare, after being MIA for a short period, is on the prowl and attacking his long time friend and confidant County Executive John Stoffa.

Snakes with Two Heads (28 pics)
WHAT!!! Yes, this just in: O'Hare questions his now former benefactor - "Where has County Executive John Stoffa been during this nonsense?" We said this would eventually happen because that's who O'Hare is...he is an opportunist who takes advantage of situations to support his depraved mental state, as well as evil friends like Ron Angle and John Stoffa. But, here he is attacking Stoffa when in the past he would lift him up for the very same thing he is now attacking him for.

NorCo residents who once may have doubted - are now presented with pure evidence that O'Hare is nothing more than a two faced snake willing to attack with one face or the other, or both - depending of course on what's in it for him. 

The art of betrayal is witnessed here when O'Hare goes on to say: "while acquiescing in a cabinet-level official who is involved with a subordinate, is simply unconscionable."

He must have really been scorned by John because he also says: "He knows this.  he's getting bad advice from people who know nothing about County government or, more importantly, people."

We find this remark hilarious at most, and amusing at least, because of all people who know nothing about people, and of all people who have given Stoffa bad advice - the winner is Bernie O'Hare!

O'Hare promised Stoffa that he would handle COAF for Stoffa...not to worry John, I will take them down!!! (-:we all know how that worked out for him:-) But what John didn't know was that behind his back O'hare was planning his betrayal...and betray him he has.
John Callahan and every politician out there better be watching this. Our prediction is that if Callahan does run for CE he will lose because of his association with Bernard (the disbarred attorney) O'Hare. We certainly will NOT support Callahan because we feel that any politician attack by O'Hare, who then aligns himself with O'Hare can't be too smart, no matter their academic education.

Once upon a time, they were the best of friends. Thay had but one purpose in life, to hurt the very people they were supposed to be serving. They recruited the despicable, wretched and evil methods of destruction practiced by the notorious and disgraced Bernard O'Hare III...But then COAF happened! And one by one they have fallen. And all the kings soldiers, and all the kings men could not...ahh - forget all that! Turn them over because they'er done!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's Over!!!

flagatsunrise.jpgLove him, or hate him...President Barack Obama is in for another four years.

We as Americans must come together, we must set an example to our government just like COAF did. This is not to lift up COAF, but to speak the truth.

COAF was, and still is, a group of bi-partisan Americans who saw a wrong and decided to make it right. They did not do it bickering. In fact, they often put their political (or otherwise) differences aside because the reason for their unity was so critical.  COAF understood the threats and faced them without fear.

Today is just another day with the same president...but is it just another day with the same People? As true Americans we must put our political differences aside - and ask our representatives to stop bickering, and to start working for We The People!

Positive change will not come just because we hope that it does. No, we must stand up as one heart, one mind, and one voice - and demand from our rep's that they work together to serve the best interest of We The People. We must continue to hold them responsible and accountable for their actions, or lack of actions. We must make sure they understand exactly who they work for, and that their boss will always be watching. And we must continue to organize our efforts to dispel the deceptions that have led to our division.

Are we really all just a bunch of Democrats, Republicans and Independents? Or are we AMERICANS seeking the promises of our forefathers?
Stand United America!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Who Does That Sound Like?

It's always amazing to see the deception presented by O'Hare on his mis-information blog.

Talking about the swaption he says: "Financial Advisors recommended rolling the dice, and kept the campaign coffers flowing for Reibman.  Five Council members decided to gamble with your money."

The interesting thing with this statement is that he blames Reibman for the swaption, but does not name the five Council members. Why not? Isn't it so that without the five council votes, Reibmen's recommendation would have failed? Well, yes.

His math is also wrong because if we recall correctly, the final swaption cost was 27.5 million. He says "It only ended up costing us around $25 million." We suspect he's using the lower number to try and protect his benefactor - County Executive John Stoffa.

Then he puts out: "That's just one of many reasons why he's former Executive Glenn Reibman. Others include, depleting County reserves to irresponsible levels"

Well doesn't that sound like what Stoffa is doing? Yes it does...depleting our reserves with foolish expenditures. And he also forgets to mention that while Reibman may be tied to the commencement of he swaption - approved by five council members, John Stoffa is the one responsible for allowing the swaption to swell to 27.5 million. We have said it before, and we'll say it again, if Stoffa had paid off the swaption when it was well under 10 million, say about 8 mil...we would be able to blame the five council members and Glen Reibman for that amount. However, by doing nothing on purpose, Stoffa actually cost us 19.5 million more. 

Sandy III - The Real Mission

Un-be-knownst to our team (and we all agree this was the primary goal) our real mission was beyond providing food, clothing, or gasoline to those in need. It was to lift up, or pick up, or help heal a fallen brother in Christ.

Nearing the end of our experience, we met the assistant pastor of Grace Bible Church - Pastor Joseph P. Morrissey. Visibly a humble man, as well as tired and broken. He asked us into his devastated place of worship, asking us to pray with him. We agreed.

We entered the church building, which visually was ravaged...but up the steps we go, where there is more a sense of normalcy. He asked us to sit in a small conference room, where we thought we were going to commence a prayer meeting, instead it turn into a testimonial. Pastor Joseph, began telling us his situation, taking us back to his days at Time Square Church, his love for the late Pastor David Wilkinson. He spoke about how he met his wife, and his love for her and their children...we listened. He spoke about the lack of desire for the Lord by so many on Staten Island...we listened.

He shared with us that four hours or so before Sandy destroyed his house, the bank had agreed to a refinance which removed his home from the foreclosure list...we listened.

He looked at us with such pain and so much sorrow - such agony. We began to personally realize that we were not there to pray with Pastor Joseph - but for him. we carefully looked at each other as if to receive confirmation from each others eyes that Pastor Joseph was our true mission. Jesus put into our hearts that he we comforted him, and asked him if he would like us to lay hands on him, and pray for him. He said: "Yes, I know that God has sent you to help heal me, and to restore my faith which is wavering."

We asked him to raise his hands to the Lord. I brought out my bible from my case and laid my hand on him. The entire team surrounded him laying their hands on him too. And Armando began to pray for him. And then I prayed for him. And then Louie, and then Iris. He broke down, got to his knees in tears. I knelt beside him to comfort him. I then read from my Bible (Matt 6:25) a verse that Jesus gave us to help us understand why we should not worry. We took some time to compose ourselves (because we were all sharing in his pain). Today we look forward to his promised visit to the Lehigh Valley, where perhaps he can share more of his trial with our community.

We exited the building where Armando helped with a generator (Electrician by trade) while we engaged with more of the Sandy's survivors - rejoicing in the moment that we all have the hope of Jesus...all we have to do is receive Him...His gift of Salvation is free!

If I may, I would like to close this series with one final thought. We were punch in the nose by Sandy, knocking us down to the floor...but we for the most part were able to get up quickly.

So many others like Tracy, and Pastor Joseph, were totally knocked out!!! And can only get up by the Grace of God.

Witnessing what I have reminded me of the old saying: a man stopped complaining about having no shoes when he saw the man with no feet!

May God bless us ALL.