Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hats Off To Frank Addessi

Frank Addessi has hit the nail on the head relating to calls that Angle claims he received complaining about Bangor superintendent Dr. Patricia Mulroy. Addessi says that Angle spoke for a long time but said very little, that's Angles MO, he likes to baffle you with his nonsense, and then tells you what a genius he is.

All of us involved in the Gracedale Initiative recall the surveys Angle said he conducted but could not, or would not produce.

Well, Mr. Addessi was not fooled - "Addessi questioned the phone calls Angle said he received, asking for those taking issue with the school district to speak up."
"If any member of our community, our staff, anyone, has issues with any district personnel up to and including the superintendent, then they need to express what those complaints are and not relay them through third parties in the form of rumors and innuendo," Addessi said.
Angle is truly hypocritical saying "You can't be superintendent by dictatorship" seemingly forgetting that he was a dictator Councilman.


How Did It Get There?

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Bernie Ohare for posting excerpts from Rev. Martinez email to MS. Kubik, (which take note - he also sent to Ms. Starace) on his recent post of 02/29/12 0033. He won't allow us to post - and we were not aware that if we wanted to post on Ohares blog all we had to do was send it to NCC, and they would see to it for us. Thank you too.

That's correct - Ohare will not allow members of the Coalition to post on his blog, and for that reason, we won't allow him, or any of his fictitious mental characters to post comments on our blog.

Interestingly enough - the email below was sent to the NCC staff named above - who failed to respond to the email, however, it appears they shot off a copy to Bernie so that he would be aware.

WOW -They refuse (due to privacy acts) to share how Ohare portrayed his betrayals of the peoples trust with us...but it's okay to share our thoughts with him...hmmm - how ethical is that?

It's becoming easier to understand why they put the event back on...perhaps it was never canceled, maybe they wanted this commotion to generate interest in their event. Well Ms. Kubik/Starace, you don't have to worry about a band of citizens picketing outside your facility with signs...we will be too busy enjoying a peaceful CIVIL Council meeting watching TRUE government at work.


From: Mario []
Sent: Tuesday, February 28, 2012 1:32 PM
To: ''
Subject: Insider look at how governments work

Good Day Ms. Kubik,

I am writing you this email to express my disappointment, and to echo the sentiments that so many others in the county share relating to your plans of allowing two very disgraceful men – Bernard Ohare and Ron Angle the opportunity to speak at your upcoming event “Insider look at how government works”.

Please note that our concerns are not founded on a personal basis, but on fact. Mr. Angle was removed this past November from office because the people of the county are sickened by his self-serving political style, so please explain - how exactly can Mr. Angle educate anyone in the county about the intended People Serving Constitutional political system, and it’s workings?

We The People of Northampton County are aware and understand clearly that there is good sound Constitutional politics, and then there is – I can do whatever I please Ron Angle politics. If not, then please explain how we managed to implement a referendum question which was the first to succeed in the entire State of Pennsylvania? And how did we organize Constitutionally to remove a civil servant that we consider a tyrant? Come to think of it - we can actually shed more light on how honest government works that he can.

Furthermore, Bernard Ohare has committed  terrible and despicable acts as an attorney which resulted in his disbarment – he has been expelled from the legal profession, deprived of his legal status and privileges because of his horrendous behavior as a trusted officer of the court. So what exactly can he share with the county about JUSTICE?

Both of these misfits are not worthy of such an opportunity, unless of course the institution granting the opportunity is desperate and unable to find suitable speakers of honorable character. Is NCC desperate? I certainly hope not.

I humbly ask that you, and NCC reconsider your position on this matter – Your goal as a reputable educational institution in this matter should be to teach politics, rather than indoctrinate students in a narrow set of political beliefs, stressing to the highest levels that good ethics and honesty are the most vital keys to successful government. Consider for a moment the message you are sending to all of your alumnus and the masses by allowing this disgraceful occurrence to take place. By granting Angle and Ohare this opportunity you are also condoning and validating their reckless actions.

Lastly, if you feel it necessary to go on with the show anyway, then perhaps you would consider also providing a “peoples perspective” of how politics work, and how we believe it should work. I, or any member of our coalition would gladly speak at your event free of charge. Please note that we have been involved in Northampton local and state politics for well over six years now, and some of us have actually worked as educators at you facility.


Reverend Mario Martinez
Spokesperson – Coalition of Alzheimer’s Families

To this moment, they have not responded.

Handle The Truth

The nonsensical ignoramus is such a deceiver.

Here is the sequence of TRUTH:
02/27/12 - A member of the coalition received the news directly from Ms. Kubik of NCC that the event was not worth discussing further because it was canceled due to a lack of interest. (no one interested in paying $29 to hear the same old rhetoric)

02/28/12 0931 - We posted the news that NCC had decided to cancel due to a lack of interest as informed by Ms. Kubik.

02/28/12 Approx 1100 - A member of the coalition received a call from Ms. Starace informing us that after reconsideration, the event would go on as scheduled. (No doubt that there was outside influence in the decision).

02/28/12 1107 - the NI post his nonsense.

02/28/12 1341 - We posted that the event was on in accordance to the information provided to us by Ms. Starace.

02/29/12 0033 - NI post more nonsense.

02/29/12 1250 - we posted a followup

02/29/12 1140 - this post to inform The People that we never stated any mistruths - we leave that up to the masters at large...and we all know who they are.

A Liar Calls The Kettle Black

We The People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

Yes indeed, the Preamble of our great Constitution holds among the most powerful words ever penned "We The People". Three simple words that carry so much weight, and mean so much to so many. Yet there are a handful of miscreants that intentionally corrupt and pervert the intention of the most meaningful words our great nation has ever known.

Why? Well, in simple terms because they are EVIL. They want to do what they want to do, and they don't want anyone telling them different. They fabricate lies to discredit anyone who voices an opinion contrary to theirs. And some intellectuals with all their academic education seem to be among the easiest to fool. If life has taught us nothing else, it has made it clear to us that above academic education is common sense. And common sense specifies that where there is smoke, there is fire. On Thursday March 1st, 2012 NCC will play with fire, common sense insist that they will get burned.

The ousted Ron Angle was evicted from his position on County Council by the legal action of We The People because he refused to abide by the same rules and laws that everyone else must conform to.

And no matter how you spin the top, eventually it will fall over, just like the drunk who falls over his stool. Bernard Ohare can blame his troubles on anything he wants to, but the truth is he continues to "perpetuate dishonesty, fraud, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude".

They hypocritically call We The People liars, yet they can't spell the word truth, let alone comprehend the meaning. Ironically, when the going gets tough - Ron Angle will campaign to sell Northampton Community College, and his wanna-be Ohare will be behind him cheering him on. And what of Ms. Kubik and Ms Starace? Hmmm.

The more we have considered this matter, the more our common sense leads us to realize that there are only a handful of fools in Northampton County that are willing to pay $29.00 to hear the rhetoric of two complete failures...and that includes the two failures themselves. The probability is that the honorable speakers will be presenting to empty chairs because of the two self proclaimed professors, so who really cares?

NCC, your reputation as a decent CC is now in question, good luck with your future.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It seems that even with the "lack of  interest" expressed yesterday by Ms. Susan K. Kubik, Vice President, Institutional Advancement, Northampton Community College - The program is back on. We received word at 11:00 am this morning that the event is back on. Word came directly from Melissa Starace, Director of Alumni Affairs.

Because we know the ousted pesonality so well, we have to  wonder how much this is costing him.

We certainly had higher expectations of NCC - Perhaps next they will put on a program called something like - keeping your children safe - then go out and gather speakers from the sex offenders list. Where are your scruples Ms. Kubic, Ms. Starace.

It seems that everytime someone wants to allow moral curruption they hide behind "Freedom of Speech". Yes, it's okay to say anything we want to, even if we know it's wrong. What a world!!!

NCC Cancels Workshop

Citizens Academy - An Inside Look At How Government Works...CANCELED!!!

Yes ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, the planned course scheduled for March 1st, 2012 has officially been canceled, and while a lack of interest has been deemed the reason for the cancelation, the full truth may be that NCC received much negative feedback regarding two presenters 1) the ousted - Ron Angle, and 2) the disbarred Bernard Ohare.

The three week course was designed to assist We The People understand better our local, state and federal government, as if we don't understand government well enough already.

The issue with this course was not the intent, but the two well known corrupt speakers. WeThe People had to ask - how can a reputable educational institution like NCC, not conduct due diligence on any speaker/presenter they plan on having as part of such a program?

If the course was - "How to cheat, lie and steal", then the two culprits in question would be suitable as speakers. Shame on NCC for their negligence, however, We The People forgive you because in the end you heard our concerns and did the right thing...and for that We The People thank you.

Below is the response received by We The People:

"We appreciate you contacting us with your concerns about the upcoming Citizens' Academy.  I'm glad your Northampton education has served you well and that you follow public affairs closely.  That is something we encourage in all of our students and alumni.  Fostering civic awareness and engagement is one of the goals of the Academy.  We recognize that the speakers will not all agree with each other, and the members of the audience will not agree with everything the speakers have to say.  Freedom to hold differing points of view is central to our democracy.  Seeing public officials in action and hearing what they have to say encourages critical thinking and enables students and the public to make informed decisions and about individuals' suitability for office.  We do value your feedback.  Thank you for taking the time to write to us.  I hope to see you on campus soon at an event more to your liking!


Melissa Starace
Director, Alumni Affairs
Northampton Community College
3835 Green Pond Road
Bethlehem PA 18020
610-861-4589 (phone)"

It appears that the Director of Alumni Affairs was not up to date with current affairs in Norco. It seems she was not aware that We The People could speak with experience relating to "fostering civic awareness and government engagement" much better then the two misfits can...because we are aware, and we did engage - and we WON.

We sincerely hope that in any future planned programs NCC promotes...they complete their homework - and perhaps then they will foster and generate the interest to follow through with any such course.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Swaption That Ate Stoffa

Bill White of the Morning Call wrote an article on February 22, that highlights Ron Angle as a really good guy, comparing him to none other than the late great screen actor Steve McQueen. We don't see the resemblance - however, if you want to align the ousted councilman to a good guy, McQueen would most certainly be a good subject because he almost always played a good guy in his 30 or so movies.

In our opinion, the problem with Whites artcle is that Angle has absolutely nothing to do with anything today...he was properly ousted last november by the God given Constitutional Authority of  We The People - simply because he is considered by those of us that matter to be an intelligent but immoral man with absolutely no tact or scruples.

The person the reporter should have spot-lighted is the County Executive John Stoffa who had his opportunity to act on this daily growing swap-issue, killing it without remorse when it was at minus 10 million in 09. No - that would have made too much sense. Instead Executive Stoffa chose to play the "wait and see" game, and anyone who’s watched McQueen’s "The Towering Inferno" knows that due to shady dealings, and a wait and see attitude, the high-rise burned out of control, much like the swaption is burning out of control today.

It's easy for Bill to look back to the Reibman administration and point his finger, but seriously folks - what good does that do today? We can do nothing about the occurrences of a decade ago, but there is so much we can do about today, and more importantly about tomorrow. The executive needs to do the right thing today...ON HIS OWN - and worry about tomorrow when tomorrow comes, with the understanding of course that tomorrow will bring troubles of its own.

Again, in our opinions - Stoffa's tricky politics is what has him in this lose-lose situation. If he stops playing political games, (and that should be an easy task since he supposedly will not be seeking re-election) he can at the very least resolve this nightmare which he is in fact and deed directly a part of, in a manner which will serve the greater good of The People he took an oath to serve.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Poor Boy

The ousted councilman has to be feeling sorry for himself right about now - truth be told...he brought it all upon himself. Sadly he is still campaigning trying to convince anyone that will listen (not many these days) that Gracedale must be sold.

One can picture him in a state of confusion today, baffled and uncertain of just how his world has collapsed around him as it has. Well, perhaps he should have listened to the cry of We The People, speaking for those that cannot speak for themselves.

Greed is an ugly sin, and it's path leads only to destruction. His rapacious, esurient, and covetous lust for paper that has no intrinsic value has left him wondering what will be of his life without his worldly wealth and possesions...close is he to the discovery that there is more to life than mammon.

The way, the truth, and the life is what he should be seeking - then and only then will his eyes be opened to the reality that he is where he is because of the evil choices he has made against mankind. There is still time Ron...make the right choice now, and get on the right path before it's too late.

Must Read:,0,7590650.story
Also Read:

Monday, February 20, 2012

Where He Belongs

There are times in our lives that we wonder why certain things happen to us...usually believing that we don't deserve what we receive, but almost always we do - by way of our mostly stupid actions. We have to be careful with what we believe we deserve Stoffa's case - if he gets what he really deserves, it may mean some jail time, where he just may get up-close and personal with a guy named BUB-BA.

          ALL ALONE   )-:  I don't deserve this!  :-(  WUZUP BUB-BA

We know that there are many people out there that kind of like John, but perhaps that's because they don't really know him anymore. The County Executive has become what maybe he once despised - a conniving liar, seeking to benefit himself above all others, seemingly worst than the ousted councilman.

Well, what can you expect - when you hang out with manure like the ousted councilman, you start to smell like manure, and at some point you become manure. Sadly Mr. Stoffa has become his own worst nightmare.

Arrogance in elected office usually leads to corruption of some sort. What we are witnessing at this point in NorCo history is the beginning of the end of a person who was once considered kind, gentle, and caring - become a monster that intends on destroying all who get in his way...sadly, his destructive behavior will consume him, eventually causing him to self-destruct.

John, before you self-destruct...just step down. It will be easier than being recalled, or worst yet being fired for conduct unbecoming your position. You know that the emails that "We The People" are in control of will tell an ugly story about you. A story that not even your better half may be aware of. Ultimately you may be removed from office in total disgrace and shame.

We The People do not want to pursue a course of action that will humiliate you, shame the County, and disgrace your family. Be smarter than the pathetic ousted councilman. Step down, allow someone else to dock the ship before it sinks. We are imploring you John because the vessel has taken on too much water, and it will not stay afloat with you at the helm. 

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Swap Are You Talking About

John Stoffa will go down in the history of NorCo as the worst County Executive to ever serve in office.

Why - well, he did not care about the swaption when he came into office, and worst yet, he does not care now that the rate has taken it to greater than 25M.

Stoffa could have done so much more about many issues of the county, he just doesn't care so why would he do more. He just shows up to his office to play with email all day, and collects a very nice paycheck, laughs at the taxpayers .

On February 16, 2012, after the CC meeting Stoffa told the ET that "Shearer was a knowledgeable person but that he is uninterested in the hybrid option. Stoffa said he has no intention of allowing the swaption to linger into his successor's term and that it has cost the residents of Northampton County enough already. He threw his support behind paying off the debt in its entirety as soon as possible."
"I don't think you correct a bad decision by making a decision that's half right and half wrong," Stoffa said.
WHAT!!! John - your problem is that you're not capable of making any half right/wrong decisions. You rather pass the buck so that you always have someone else to blame when things don't work out. A little bit of information for you Johnny boy, with the exception of the two soon-to-be-gone council members, the new body is watching you closely, and they will expose you for the ignorant that you are.

NorCo - if all Stoffa wants to do is play with his warped emails, then he should have the decency to do that from everybody including yourself a favor John, step down - stay home and play with your emails, yourself, or whatever turns your nut. Allow someone who  truly cares the opportunity to take over and clean up the mess you have created.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Stoffa Has None!

The size of peas, if any at all.

What do we know about true leaders in our American history...well let's see - sometimes they stand alone allowing the future to described them as pure genius, or as incompetent turkeys.

I eat turkeys for breakfast...where's that fool at?

Lets dissect this - if Stoffa would have stood alone as the County Executive and made an executive decision to pay-off the swaption when it was under 10 million, today he would be viewed by all, including the ousted councilman, as a true leader and a financial genius. Instead he chose to pawn it off on CC, so he is better known today as an incompetent fool without a pair.

Consider that he was so occupied resisting the will of "We The People" relating to the sale of Gracedale that he missed his opportunity to be a true hero to The People. He just had to be the fool he has proven himself to be...Thanks a lot John.

Another matter of concern is his perverted emails...conduct unbecoming for sure.  We The People pay you to perform meaningful county business, not spend endless hours discussing shoes with your demented friends on our fact - you shouldn't wait to be recalled, you should just resign now. Nothampton County deserves better than the shame and disgrace you have bestowed upon us. Please do the right thing for once in your term John - step down!

And by the way - we would like to extend a warm thank you to Scott Parsons for saying out loud "we should not be gambling with tax payer monies".

Missing In Action

It seems even BO wants absolutely nothing to do with poor broken Angle. While BO sat through the HS meeting, he left rather abruptly when Angle arrived, we have to wonder why. Perhaps BO is aware that Angle is about to lose his house, and that his funds may be running out. BO may be thinking - NO PAY, ABSOLUTELY NO PLAY.

What an Angle!

Angle now knows who his true friends are, certainly not BO, and Sadly...Angle may be coming to the realization that he has no friends at all. As we understand it...even the cows are shunning him.

The Council that the ousted councilman once sat with will no longer entertain his antics. It's pitiful to watch Angle kissing up to Bill White who couldn't escape Angle cries quick enough. Then he went over to try and impress the other two newbie reporters, trying to explain to them how he is the only genius in town. Pathetic, hopefully he does not play lollipop with one of his hunting toys.

Our brother Eric has a very interesting article on his blog:

Enjoy the reading.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Is It True?

It is being reported that "Worker Comp Claims at Gracedale Under Scrutiny" and shouldn't it be? ALWAYS - not just at Gracedale, but every department of the county should always be scrutinized for fraud...however, if it's not fraud, then the county needs to act responsibly to correct the issues that lead to these claims...shouldn't they?

It's funny how all of a sudden we have this problem at Gracedale...perhaps it's not all of a sudden, it has been brewing there...allowed by Stoffa, until he needs another issue to bash Gracedale.

Well here we go again. Stoffa must have known about the problem, if not...he should have known - it's his watch. These are problems that are allowed to get out of control due to negligence and incompetence on his part. We have to ask - why was this not noticed before?

Stoffa was elected by many Gracedale employees whom he led to believe that he would always protect Gracedale, just like he led the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families believe that he wanted to save Gracedale. Stoffa literally lied to COAF - telling them at a meeting in the 911 building "if you want to save Gracedale, you have to get the signatures" (and then he went on to tell the Coalition some interesting things about Angle and some others). Why wasn't Stoffa honest? And why didn't he just say what he was thinking - I won't do anything to help you protect Gracedale because I want to sell it.

It looks like the inflatable RAT was right on the money.

Stoffa - RAT...hmmm.

Is Obama Crazy?

Every one must views and listen to this video:

Obama must go - and Stoffa must to go...time to get back to business - Agreed?

Stoffa does not seem to get what the people have mandated...leave Gracedale alone. We The People will NOT sit idle, we will do whatever is necessary to put an end to his madness.

Our County Executive must be incompetent...lets see - what can we do about that?

...Food for thought