Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Happened???

Simple...The Nor-Co voters desired change!

Hmmm...yes, I have raised taxes!
While we are somewhat surprised that Gerry Seyfried and Ron Heckmen lost their attempt to be seated on Northampton County Council, we're not surprised that John Callahan and his dream team lost. We can explain it this way - Nor-Co electors don't want or need additional taxes!

Unlike what some out there are saying regarding what has taken place in Nor-Co politics. The simple truth is that John Callahan is known for raising taxes! His record is clear in that regard.

It really does!
And while some believe that it was voter turn out that hurt the Democratic party during yesterdays election, we feel differently. Remember, we (COAF) do one thing very well...WE LISTEN to our neighbors. What we heard throughout the days leading up to the election were comments like "if Callahan gets in - taxes will surely go up." The kicker is, these comments were coming from Democrats. As we understand it, it wasn't low voter turnout, or lack of Democrat voter turn out - but Democrats VOTING Republican in order to keep their money in their pockets, which otherwise would go to higher taxes. That was the difference.

Walt Garvin and the Democratic Party awoke this morning believing they had a real bad dream. Only to realize that what they perceived as a bad dream was actually a nightmare. And worst yet...REALITY.

The Democratic Party must now accept this wake up call! They must first open their eyes so they can see their way to the kitchen, and then open their nostrils and smell the coffee. The folks of Nor-Co don't need or want higher taxes, nor bigger (needless) government. No! They want lean necessary government which operates like a well tuned business machine. And apparently, that is what they saw in John Brown and the republican Party. Even the Democratic vote!

While we did not envision a Republican sweep, the voters have made their decision. They have spoken loudly so that there is no mistake about what they want, and what they don't want. They want Gracedale safe, and they don't want more taxes - and they trust the Republican party will deliver that.

A bipartisan effort - D', R's and I's.
We feel it is safe to say: the Nor-Co voters (both parties) felt fooled by John Stoffa, and refused to be fooled again by John Callahan. Regardless of what politicians believe, electors are not fools. They're actually very smart. They proved that during the Gracedale Referendum Initiative when Republicans voted with Democrats to save Gracedale by a three to one margin.

My name is not "Stoffa."

We feel that the days of "jumping off a ledge simply because our party tells us to do so" are over. What we have witnessed in recent Nor-CO history is D's and R's unifying their vote to accomplish what they want.

Yes, it true - only time will tell. But, knowing the voters as well as we do, we (COAF) have our money on the voters.

Now, it is time to extend our congratulations to John Brown and the Republican Party for the miracle they just lived, and delivered. We hope you never stop listening to "We The People". And we pray for your success.


  1. Gracedale is toast under these people. Get ready for another petition. Although this one I predict won't work.
    The first thing Brown said he was going to do is meet with all the county employees to see where they can save money. Is that all or just the Gracedale people. I guess we could ask the Gracedale employees to take additional paycuts. You know that won't happen hence if you remember Peg said she would change her vote to sell if the employees didn't give enough back. Hayden wants to immediately privatize 3 of the services. Look for the sale sign to go up at the end of the 5 years.

  2. Congratulations to all the winners in the Northampton County race.
    In the coming year my you all work together for the good of the county.
    The people are counting on you, and all the council.


  3. 3:02

    Gracedale will never be toast! If another petition would be necessary I'm sure the folks who spearheaded the last historical referendum would probably suit-up for the fight. However, I don't think that will happen. First, John Brown never said he wants to sell Gracedale, he just didn't want to make a promise that future circumstances could force him to break. In my opinion, that's the sign of good judgement. Rather than tell the people what they want to hear, he told the truth. Peg Ferraro and Seth Vaughn, both of whom the coaf endorsed will fight to do right by Gracedale. John Brown unlike Ron Angle will give Gracedale a fair shake. If it does well on its own, he won't bother it. If it steers of course, he is likely to correct the direction, and then leave her be. To say that John Brown is against Gracedale is unfair and outright wrong! You need to give all of these new government officials a chance before you condem them.

  4. I think the one thing that must happen, is to hold Premier responsible for the promise it made, when it accepted the contract, in which was a provision for a give-back penalty (fine) it would pay, if Gracedale did not break even. Premier has been holding the reins for over a year, and Gracedale is nowhere near break even. Where is the fine?

    I applaud Glen Geissinger for suggesting that Gracedale change from cash basis to the accrual basis of accounting. The real numbers about Gracedale must be clear. I know that no one will agree to a sale, because the voters already spoke on that issue, and overwhelmingly wanted to keep it in County hands.

    I also think John Stoffa went on a liberal spending spree in his last year as Executive to purposely bankrupt the County coffers, to make the Gracedale deficit even more pronounced. The swaption should have been bonded, as I suggested. Instead, council wiped out the surplus, and opted, irresponsibly for a small bong to handle infrastructure problems. If the swap disaster was included in the bond, the surplus would still be intact.

  5. People get the government they deserve. This is the government you voted and didn't vote for. In private meetings most of the Republican winners said that Gracedale was a weight around the county's neck. They said the best way to deal with it was to starve it form the inside.

    Gracedale won't be sold, it will be starved to death.

  6. Callahan ran a terrible campaign. I think we would have been better off with Reibman or Lamont

  7. It looks like the O'Hare Kiss of Death curse continues in Norco. If he's for ya, your in trouble, if he's agin ya, you have a chance to win !

  8. Heard a rumor about Mr. Heckman and the Brown Admisntration, is there any truth to that? I would love to hear more.

  9. Heckman and Seyfried never should have lost that election. They were and still are on our side when it comes to service to the Community and saving Gracedale. We, the Unions, the employees, and the Retirees, are going to pay a price for electing five Republicans and a Republican Executive for the first time in this County. Remember, it was the Republican majority of Council that voted to sell Gracedale. How smart are we when we turn away those who promised openly to help us in our cause and vote in those who want to find ways to destroy our cause. We will pay the price.

  10. Mr. O'Hare has written his summary of the Stoffa years. As you can imagine it is filled with love and inaccuracy. I sent this to him but I doubt it will stay. I think you guys should write up your own summary of the Stoffa years after you read O'Hare's.

    ""Build programs, not cells," said Stoffa"

    Except for the Wolf and Bechtel building which he let rot and fall apart so he could force county council to build his palace.

    How many of these mancrush fluff pieces are you going to do Bernie. He is leaving(we hope)". Thank God.

    I hope he doesn't embarrass himself like the other old guy executive and try to run for office again. The people are glad he is going.

    His legacy will be huge tax hikes and yearly expenses for decades to come.

    That is the "real" part you forgot to write."

  11. Next comment we want to [preserve.

    "Ah, just testing. You are right it is your blog and you get to police what is allowed. Just wondered how little editing of your living work of fiction you would allow before making it "go away".

    You are the best Bernie. It is unfortunate you have had a hug blind spot with this clown but he is leaving and now the rest of us must get to work cleaning up the mess. Maybe one thing you would help with is now that Stoffa has a portrait, albeit one of him in his fifties lol, please get all the Executive portraits out ion the courthouse hall somewhere were people can see them. For some odd reason Stoffa has kept them in his office for the past eight years. Most figured he was pulling a Stalin and didn't want anyone to think there was ever nay executive but him. Whatever, it would be nice to share the work of so many artists with the citizens of the county, not in a private office.

    Merry Christmas old salt, Merry Christmas".

  12. The O'Hater love poem to Stoffa is just nonsense. If you read it you may vomit. he gives him credit for thing she had nothing to do with and in some cases just makes things up.

    he also neglects to mention any of the numerous lies and vindictive actions undertaken by Stoffa over the past eight years. he being a Democrat may have helped to defeat the Democrats running this cycle, even though much like his buddy Ron Angle, Stoffa was in no real Party he was about himself and his ego.

    O'Hare has deleted most comments than he has allowed. This is a lovers poem and no one dare comment on the facts.

  13. After so many comments telling the truth about O'Hare's lies about Stoffa. O'Hare has shut sown comments again. He never changes.

  14. Stoffa's portrait on the county taxpayers dime.....I guess they all get them....alas, it will be hung in his mausoleum in the new human services building

  15. It is hard to imagine someone could write all the nonsense O;Hare wrote about Stoffa. there is O'Hare's Stoffa and then there is the real Stoffa. He has bankrupted the county. he has lied and deceived people. He has wasted money on needless buildings and almost destroyed the county with his messing up the swaption debt.

    The man is a disaster. O'Hare wrote fiction and he has deleted about fifty posts that tried to set the record straight.


  17. Does it seem like his obsession with Lamont goes on - unabated ?

  18. I don't know about you but I am very fearful of who John Brown picks to run Human Services. We all know how important that position is and the rally bad people that are still in that Department.

    I hope he gets someone knowledgeable and with the ability to manage the place. Unlike Marcus who was a complete disaster and not very honest.

  19. In the Easton Express it said that John Brown is conferring with John Stoffa on Gracedale policy among other things. I know the coalition was not to thrilled with John Callahan but this is serious. If anyone in the coalition has contact with Mr. Brown, please tell him not to base any decisions on what Stoffa and his cabinet say. They did so much damage in eight years, it is sad to think that John Brown would listen or ask for any advice from Stoffa or his crew.

    Have heard that he has asked Stoffa for advice on who to appoint to important positions like Director of Human Services. God we cannot have another Ross Marcus. If anyone can please contact Mr. Brown. This is so important. We cannot relax or let down our guard now.

  20. another tidbit form O'Hares' blog that he deleted. He is praising people who are bigots if they attack president Obama. One fellow makes the following type of comment. This was the reply that O'Hare won't let stand. Read and learn about Bernie O'Hare and his mancrushes.

    "My wannabe black, family member who loves Obama"

    Merry Christmas to all! Merry Christmas to even the racist types who put hate for Obama and African-Americans at the top of their list.

    My Christmas prayer is that people with the aid of our Lord see through the nonsense and realize that insuring 2.8 million children is actually better tan insuring only 186,000."

    Amazing isn't it. Ignorant people abound!

  21. We received another comment filled with profanity. We will not post comments with profanity. Please rewrite.

  22. The following are the bigoted comments that O'Hare allows on his love Dent post but deletes those calling this person out as a racist bigot. He has once again shut down comments. Is it any wonder Mr. Brown won't play with O'Hare. he has been told and has learned what O'Hare is really all about.
    pay attention to the line, "my wannabe black relatives".

    The bigotry is endorsed by Bernie O'Hare. of course eh e learned form the best Ron Angle.

    "How does it make sense to take away insurance from people who once could afford it and now can not? So we just switch who the uninsured will be. And you think people won't be upset?? Romneycare should have been used or something streamlined, but similar. All that state did was to give insurance to the few who needed it. I am sure it was done in a small portion of the Obamacare pages.
    My wannabe black, family member who loves Obama just found out he can not afford insurance and his girlfriend's son who is 10 lost CHipS. Yes I am gloating. He now believes me.
    Now these people live on a lot of cash and show about half of their income. They are recovering addicts and many of their associates follow this path. It is alarming to me when I speak to these people. Many who can afford more then some of us but work for cash get the goodies from this broken system. There are so many like this but it's impossible to find them so no one bothers.
    Doctors are leaving and the new doctors coming up will be inferior government workers. For me I can leave this country for better care but I can't afford to help the many I care for if they need to. My fight is mainly for others and this Obamacare seems to be imploding. Let's hope something worse doesn't take its place.
    We need the democrats out of there. They have no clue except to redistribute what little wealth some have to make more poor people. Not one job did they create except for government workers, but they sure know how to lose money on failing companies. Think some of the millions wasted here isn't filtered back to the president and the democrats? Right. They play dirty...
    Other countries mock us and hate us. It's worse then ever. What this president has spent on vacations could have help all of these moms who want a baby and the government, us to help her. They don't want to be dependent on the father or a ,husband but the government will do just fine. As a woman this I detest....woman have made it too easy for men in some cases. This is the worse one. Dent is right."

    Sad, hateful and not true.

  23. John Brown at his worst will be better executive than Stoffa ever could be.

  24. The scary thing is that John Brown has been taking advice form John Stoffa. I voted for John Brown but I would never vote for Stoffa. I am concerned that Sto9ffa and his sneaky lying ways may have got to John Brown.