Sunday, December 29, 2013

The John Stoffa Legacy...

...Or better said - DECEPTION!
As we near the end of 2013, we look back with humble pride at the history making event - "The Gracedale Initiative".

Regardless what any one person may say, the Gracedale saga unified the community and the county in a manner never witnessed or experienced before. Not in Northampton County. And, in all probability...not in the state or the nation.

Recently, an outsider asked: "What was the Gracedale initiative really about?" Our response: The Gracedale Initiative was about helping each other, with special consideration for our elders. Whom, in their day molded our great nation into what it is today. We went on to explain that while we continue to be  proud Americans who love our country dearly, these days we're not always so proud of some of our Government officials.

A miserable liar - John Stoffa
Elected government officials like outgoing County Executive John Stoffa pollute the existence of any office they hold. In retrospect, it certainly appears that Stoffa's main concern was putting his name on a building. And, hanging a self-portrait on a be worshipped like God. But, God he is not.

He has been portrayed as "pulling his last weed". We suggest that he has pulled his last hairs while cursing COAF for exposing him. His portrait was painted using a hypocritical brush. His legacy will be remembered forever, but not for anything positive. Stoffa himself would like us to believe that except for a half mil tax hike he had promised during his campaign, he never raised taxes beyond that. We agree, he did not! However, lets explore why not...At one point, we had as much as a sixty-two million dollar surplus. So the real question is: Why would he raise taxes?

While Stoffa was being lifted, it was stated that his one regret is the Swaption. Of course, it was quickly noted that he inherited the swaption. We agree! He did. We would also note however, that he could have come out smelling like a financial genius if he pulled the trigger on the swaption gun when it was well under ten million. Instead, his failure to act in the best interest of the tax payers (in a reasonable time and manner) cost the tax payers in the area of twenty-seven million dollars, with absolutely nothing to show for it. So financially astute is he? And, did he fail to act out of ignorance, stupidity, or vindictiveness? In any case - it cost the taxpayers millions that could have been better used to do good for our community. For example: It could have helped sustain Gracedale for the next fifteen years. The Millions carelessly wasted exposed Stoffa's financial incompetence. 

On the subject of the Human Services building, Stoffa pushed, and pushed some more for it without any hesitation. Why??? Well, in our opinion, because he thought County Council would dedicate the building to his failed eight years legacy. They, of course, did not! Great decision by County Council.

Now, before he leaves office, he wants to waste more of our hard earned money. On what you ask? On an issue that has been decided several times. The issue? The Gracedale ambulance service. On December 21, 2013, as we prepared to celebrate Christmas, Stoffa was preparing to appeal a ruling by the Honorable Judge Leonard Zito. Judge Zito ruled against Stoffa. Stoffa's legal council argued that County Council overstepped their authority by not accepting Stoffas recommendation. Really??? That's just as ridiculous as it sounds. A recommendation by definition is a suggestion, which means that County Council was well within their right to reject the recommendation. Not only did they reject it once, but several times. So why can't Stoffa just accept the decisions? Because Stoffa want's to continue to drain what's left of our once healthy surplus.

John Stoffa's legacy is nothing more than what he practices - deception! In our opinion:

He lied to us to get elected.

He lied to us regarding his Gracedale intentions.

He lied to us about "not appealing" his failed court case against "We The People".

He lied to us about not using tax dollars to sue "We The People".

His entire eight year term was a web of lies.

We don't take pride in making these statements, but they are true! That's how we will remember John nothing more than a liar. Your time has come John. Good bye, good riddance...and know that you will not be missed!


  1. Perhaps at the start of his career he had good intentions but somewhere along the way he lost them. Or is that saying true that your rise to the highest level of your incompetence? In either case, when you have lost the ability to differentiate the difference between county money and tax money you have a serious judgement problem --Mr. Stoffa on several occasions made that statement.. Having Mr. Stoffa as our County's leader has proven to be an expensive hardship for the taxpayers. Buildings left to become subject to neglect, unnecessary lawsuits, lie after lie to the public, unions, Gracedale residents, Council..the list is endless. The irresponsible failure to act in a timely cost effective redemption of the swamption is just one example of his poor financial management and lack of concern for our tax dollars. Even as he prepares for his final exit, he has to once again cost the county more money by another demanding another lawsuit...Goddbye Mr. Stoffa,may hat you have done to our County haunt you forever. t

  2. Ur 2 kind. Stoffa deserves no kindness because he showed no kindness for the residents of Gracedale or the tax paying citizens. But u make some very good points.


  4. Stoffa is so dishonest that when he passes they will screw him in the ground. t

  5. Thank you for this honest appraisal of the dismal record of john Stoffa. he is a fraud and even worse he has basically destroyed Human Services so he could have a new building.

    The man was in league with the other evil clowns Ron Angle and
    Bernie O'Hare. they really made a mess of the county. I wish Mr. Brown good luck but since he has been advised by John Stoffa I am not optimistic.

  6. Is BO source of information drying up, no comments from the court house makes one wonder? t

  7. Off topic however....did you notice Angle...Angled his way to get free UMBT....he threatened to spew crap on his land and now they are considering paying him to use conventional fertilizer.....he is a fox...I can't wait to support anyone he may choose to run against in the future.....I hope it is an at large position or seat he it will be the most rewarding of defeats.....when the County tells him to shove it.....

  8. A very Happy New Year to all!!!

    I hope that 20145 is great and that we prosper. The past few years have been difficult but we all have persevered. Now we must move forward.
    A special thank you to Ron Heckman and Jerry Seyfried who when others were absent or silent , came forward to clear the air with facts about Gracedale. they should be remembered.

    Also if any of you know anyone at the "Bethlehem Press" please contact them and complain about todays article about the John Stoffa legacy. It is the same story Bernie O'Hare wrote on his hater blog. They let him publish it as a front page news story. There are lies aplenty in that story. It is sad that the Bethlehem Press would allow O'Hare to write any stories especially about Stoffa. The article is riddled with lies an distortions.

    A few letters to the editor with some truth would be good.
    So let us proceed and hopefully get out form under the rock that the "Stoffa legacy" has left the citizens of Northampton County.

  9. We received a comment that will will not post due to profanity. Pls re-write without the profanity and we will post.


  10. Move forward and never look back at Stoffa, or you'll turn into a Pillar of Horse Manure.

  11. Thank God you folks ar4e here. Once again the O'Hare has put up a post about how bad county council is and how wonderful Stoffa, Marcus and Jennings are because they only "technically" broke county law.

    The following was posted to the blog and quickly deleted by O'Hare. when you get a chance check it out. This is another reason why Bernie O'Hare should not be a reporter for a newspaper. He defends lawlessness if its" his" guys being lawless.

    "Stoffa and Jennings can call a whore an escort, that doesn't change the facts.

    They wanted to take care of someone with donor clout so they broke county law. Very simple.

    Both Stoffa and Jennings are cut from the same cloth. They are "entitled" to twist and turn the law any way they want since they "know" better than mortals as to what is right. It has been a flaw in both of them their entire careers.

    Old Marcus, who was not qualified for his county gig needed a job. Jennings and Stoffa as well as Marcus go back so they cut a deal.

    Two county employees on the CACLV Board, now one with Donchez, helped engineer it.

    So yes, Jennings should bid on the contracts and then be denied because the agency he represents is in violation of county law that he ignored to give his pal a job. Then he has the gall to use poor people as a shield to scare officials and get his way.

    The entire episode was and is shameful but not on county councils part!

    Larry O."

    Only the truth and we all know it. Sorry BO you don't control this blog!!!

  12. Thank you for printing the facts. O'Hare is attacking Lamont McClure and county council for following the law and praising Stoffa, Jennings and Marcus for breaking the law.

    It is a good thing Stoffa and his gang of hacks are out!! Mr. Brown please do not keep any of the Stoffa hacks they will only make you look bad!!

  13. This is all he has. Maybe his sources at the county courthouse have dried up? He has to print something right or wrong. His days may be numbered. His free run at the courthouse may be comming to an end. No new information coming from him or to him. t

  14. I have a question that does not pertain to this topic. There has been a story in the paper about a Bethlehem Police Officer that has been in trouble for various things. He faces getting fired. Most of these problems have had a common denominator, excessive consumption of alcohol. It has been alledged in the Easton Express, that the BPD up to and including Mayor Callahan have known of these problems since 2005. With that information I began to wonder if this officer was on duty the night that one of Mayor Callahans relatives was involved in the accident with a police car. During the election it was made known that there was speculation as to a cover-up by Mayor Callahans' administration and the BPD. With that brought light and the fact that this officer was permitted to stay on the force after all of his misdeeds I can't help but wonder was there a reason? A high level reason, not to fire him? Maybe someone with time on their hands could look into this. Thank you for letting me post this as I don't think the comment would permitted elsewhere.

  15. O'Hare is pissed that people are calling him to task for attacking county council. he is defending Ross Marcus and not wanting people to know he was terrible at his job and that Stoffa asked Alan Jennings to hire him as a favor.

  16. I could not be more delighted to see Stoffa out and Brown in, as well as a new County Council. It would be nice if that negative moron Bernie O’Hare finds nothing to write about and closes his blog for good. All his perks and illegally found information are days of the past. Thank God his little fifedom of friendly courthouse hacks will have a new boss now. I see really good things in the future for Northampton County. And hopefully, the bad Stoffa stench will follow him on his final trip out the rotunda door. Dont let it hit you on the way out.


  17. The funny article in the express claims Stoffa wants to stay involved and have a good government group to meet.

    He should get his good pal Ron Angle and form their good government group somewhere in Monroe county in the mountains.

  18. On another blog, it seems there is a question of consistency. When Parsons was sworn in the author of the other blog did not cover the swearing in ceremony and went on and on in numerous comments stating how he never attends these things. Except not today. It seems by the pictures he was there. I wonder why the change of policy. Actually, no, I don't. Judge Judy always says; if you don't lie, you don't have to have a good memory.

  19. Happy New Year!! And a happy one it sure happy to see another blogger being cut off at every corner of courthouse communication. No one is returning his “calls”.....this filthy piece of vermin has had an inflated ego for way too long. His cronies are being cut as we speak. His ability to mass info illegally and “non-transparently” is dying, dying, gone. Sanity has returned and O’Hate is sinking like a lead balloon. Cheers!

  20. Another blog reports Lisa Scheller in Lehigh County is waiving her salary. In essence returning it to county coffers. Remember when another blog reported Ron Angle said he was going to donate his council pension to UMBT? I wonder what they ended up doing with the money? LOL

  21. My take on John Stoffa: He is a life-long, entrenched mediocrity who never grew into anything more than a mechanical zombie functionary. The reason: His real energy ultimately always went into servicing his own vanity and not even partially into the work of combating his own deficits. He was never a leader, but a follower--of his own small needs.

    We all have our deficits, and sometimes they are crippling. But through the process of the "politics of inclusion" or even something so simple as reaching out to other people HONESTLY AND NOT MANIPULATIVELY we are forced to stay honest. John Stoffa failed to do that, because ultimately what mattered was that he get himself recognized as the one supreme authority about what was right.

    Now he wants to start some "breakfast club" where he will be listened to and taken seriously. I hope he realizes that the people he invites will expect him to pick up the tab. You could almost feel sorry for Stoffa. Almost.

    As for O'Hare--ya'll miss the point. He's our Buffoon in Chief! Enjoy the spectacle.

  22. Stoffa is a fraud. He pretends to be humble while constantly sticking his nose into everything. The guy is typical of the "do as I say not as I do" person.

    Glad he is out of government. My fear is he somehow gets back in. he and Ron Angle were made for each other. Both are their own biggest fans.

  23. Did anyone notice that during the Stoffa administration, clearly confidential county personnel matters were blown all over the vortex of hate lies and defamation? ....As were all kinds of other non-public info? Now that Stoffa is out and Brown is in, I am hoping this stops instantly. The county blabber face needs to get kicked to the curb....he even wrote about someone’s medical condition after the paramedics we have HIPPA violations going on as well......

  24. Stoffa was a disaster that has and will continue to cost the county millions of dollars. I am gratified to see O'Hare attacking Mr. Brown. That means Mr., Brown is treating O'Hare as he should be treated, as a disbarred crooked former attorney. Good for you Mr. Brown.

    Apparently Mr. Brown doesn't need some evil PR person like Stoffa did..
    That is a refreshing change. already O'Hare is attacking Mr. Brown on his hate blog.

    Three cheers for Mr. Brown. I hope Mr. Brown is willing to discuss county issues with our friends Ron Heckman and Jerry Seyfried they are smart, wonderful people and would be honest and open with the new county executive as they are "real good government" people.

    Keep on the job and the good work you folks are doing for the county.

  25. Just watching the few decisions made by Mr. Brown, I can';t help but wonder how we will survive the next four years. Northampton County will be subject to the strange ideas of this wanna be leader who wrecked havoc on the small town of Bangor as a one term Mayor. He raised many questions there and left them still unanswered. He seems to trive in leaving confusion and problems in his path. Were the voters of Northampton County not paying attention????
    Wondering who is more delusional? Brown or the voters? t

  26. I don;t know if any of your remember the late Al Diemedo. he was onec the Northampton County Sheriff. He was the made the scapegoat for an incident in his office years ago. It was a very sad affair and hurt a lot of people. However, Al was as much a victim as anyone and eventually shown to be truthful.

    Well Al was not one of O'Hare's mancrushs so he is attacking a dead man. He also allows one of his haters the Peter Cochran fake name guy to really attack the late Al Diemedo. This Peter guy claims to always be some kind of military and gun expert, yet like O'Hare he doesn't seem to do anything expect talk.
    People have tried to defend the late Sheriff n O'Hares blog but of course he claims the people are fake and has deleted all defense of the Sheriff.
    I am posting this here as at least those who read the hate blog may hear about this post and realize that what O'Hare and his pals are doing is once again maligning someone and this time a dead man who can't defend himself.

    There is some evidence form the time that there was anti-Italian
    American terms used by some. O'Hare apparently is OK with that.

    Thank you people for always allowing both sides of a story unlike he slimeball O'Hare.

  27. Although I voted for Callahan, it is really funny reading another blog. The author is at wits end trying to cover stories without information that once flowed not unlike the Amazon from the previous administration. Insert belly laugh.

  28. Ok, its a good sign. Only one week into the Brown Administration and Ohare is writing hit piece after hit piece ......poor little 5 year old in Mary Janes throwing a tantrum because his contacts have been shut down. This is a great breath of fresh air, and I hope Brown continues to clog the filter....Ohare’s newest victim John Brown, O’Hare hates rejection, O’Hares rolls on the floor and foams at the mouth, O’Hare hates anyone who makes money.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Brown

  29. You are so right, little Bernie boy is having a real hissy fit. It is obvious he misses his Stoffa and all the confidential county information Stoffa fed him. He is now attacking Brown and all his actions non-stop. I hope Mr., Brown realizes that is a wonderful thing. Being attacked by O'Hare means you must be doing something right.

    He still allows his crazy anonymous friend Peter cockran to attack people like the deceased former sheriff. This peter guy is now wanting to have officeholders hung by he neck. He sounds like a nut, like O'Hare. The guy claims he is a military hero with numerous medals and the best gun shooter in the nation. However, like O'Hare he cant get a job and blame everyone else.

    O'Hare is deleting any comments because in the loser club one sticks up for the other.

    You guys sure have O'Hare and his poison posse pegged. They are a bunch of lying losers.

  30. RMM can you upload the Original Business Matters episode you appeared on with O'Hare and his ridiculous aqua cowboy suit? Never got to see it and have heard so much. It would be a good way to close out the Stoffa angle/Ohare era, displaying them at the height of arrogance

  31. O’Hare has his feathers all in a tither about the Bob Slevtold appointment. I think his real problem is that he wants someone installed with a -500 rating on the scale of integrity, who is willing to put his career on the line, to filter confidential info, so he can spin and lie, and hoot about it on his blog.

    Clearly Bob Slevtold doesnt fit that characterization, and unlike so many in the Stoffa Administration, wont cave to cronyism , and spit out private data, that was done on a daily basis prior to Brown.

    I see that O’Hare will now attack anyone who ignores him , as the useless, misarable and disgraced ex-attorney that he is....and one with nothing impressive below the belt either, to take up his down time in further self amusement.

    With all of his free time , since he has been cut off belly level by all courthouse cronies, maybe he will see a psychiatrist and get the help he has needed for decades. Or perhaps he’ll just self destruct, and we will all be the beneficiaries.

  32. Folks be ready. The new HS Director is an insider deal with Stoffa connections form Lehigh County. More of the same. I fear that once again the tail will be wagging the dog.

    Also they made sure there was no experience with nursing homes and elderly programming. Sound familiar?

    No real leadership and hilkding the Dvidion people acpointuable. Just a nece go along with the program person.

    Why must we alwsy b efoighting for what is right?

  33. Once again Stoffa and some of his Lehigh County friends had a hand in this. God help us!

  34. Sadly there is a history of power abuse again. Please Mr. Brown don't put us all through this nonsense any more. Stop taking advice from Sotffa front man Tom Harp. There are more honest and knowledgeable people in the county to talk to.

    We have put our confidence in you, please do not just redo the Stoffa years.

  35. O’Hare not dealing too well with being a pin head atop an elephants arse...he’s used to being the elephants arse.....gut wrenching laughs to seeing him spit out so much vitrol, repetitively, cause he’s gettin’ ignored.

    He’ll harass John Brown under the flawed theory that John Brown is akin to the brainless and spineless Stoffa sofa, and that Brown will give him a special spot in his underwear, getting the first and last sniff , every day.

    So glad thats not going to happen

  36. Dateline 2\23\14
    It has been reported that there was no Tea and Kumpets or secret information shared with any former insiders after the council meeting . Que the violins. LOL

  37. O'Hare is spitting blood because his boy Callahan lost. Now Mr. Brown is not passing on all the government business to O'Hare and O'Hare is a sad little boy.

  38. O'Hare continues to attack Mr. Brown by lying about his buddy John Stoffa. O'Hare pretends Stoffa was the gold standard of good government. We all know Sotffa was not only incompetent but also a liar.

  39. If you go to the bathroom supply aisle at Lowes you will find that the "Gold Standard" is actually a top of the line toilet. Perhaps that is what he was referring to.

  40. MaryAnn, thinking of you and hope all is well...Diane

  41. Have a heart. Bernie is praising Stoffa because that is the only person he can still suck up to! Now you wouldn't want Bernie to be left totally alone would you?

  42. Bernie O'Hare: Gentleman Parasite.

  43. arnie matos said,” I cant comment on personnel matters.” ROFLMAO, that the former administration used to leak this stuff out on a daily basis.

    A disgruntled former insider with illegal access to info, must now follow the law and make a RTK request.


  44. O'Hare continues to censor.

    "O'Hare has routinely gotten rid of people talking about the consultant goldmine Ken Mohr had when John Stoffa was executive. Even though he made thousands of dollars over the eight years, O'Hare would rather ensure people don't know about it and only go after his targets.

    What a smuck."

  45. Once again the O'Haare is censoring so another rpost to the "freedom blog". This regards one of his cronies.,

    You old dog Peter, enough with the Marine crap. There are a lot of marines around and that does not guarantee anything.

    The nut in the U of Texas bellower and Oswald were both marines. Please, Phillips is put there but a harmless paper pusher unless he votes to implement some of the crazy teabagger crap you guys love. I am not surprised you are a teanagger P. You make all the right sounds. You are a legend in your own mind.

    George M."

  46. Thank you for providing this service. Please do not stop as long as the evil O'Hare is distorting the truth. thank you form many.

    Another post you will appreciate that was made to disappear.

    ""Had this blog been active during other administrations ,some of the mistakes we know now and exposed may not have ever occurred.OLD PETER"

    Good Lord Peter, this blog existed for the entire Stoffa Admisntration and never did anything but sugarcoat those eight years. It will take Brwon years to clean up that mess. You really are naïve. O'Hare is even deleting any comments that hint at fair and balanced dialogue."

  47. I need to take issue with the last comment. O'Hare exposed a potential cacophony by the new C.E. . Comparing past dalliances of the past administration is a fools errand. This money could be better used at ....hmmm....Gracedale ?...I agree with his assessment...why would you run if you need a consultant on these matters....An over paid one at that!!!

  48. It's not surpising to see Brown begin his slimy tactics. HE WANTS TO PRIVATIZE .He doesn't discuss his plans he just tries to implement them. He tried this in Bangor and he is now doing it in the County. He ran as an expert so why does he need to hire experts? Thought he could do it all as he claimed. It would be different if he at least recommended people who had the needed background. Afterall., this is not a place to learn as you go. And Council is just as bad for agreeing to hire someone to a position to oversee more than 900 people when the most she was responsible for in the past was 8...Let's see if they have wised up since that fiasco. If not we are in for a very long four years.

  49. another deleted post by O'Hater that tells the truth about the county and John Stoffa,

    "It is illegal and I am glad county council is working to end this crap. Stoffa played this game with his Imperial Excutiveness and John Brown thinks that is the way it is done.

    Stand up for the people county council. Make the county executive follow the law."

  50. Interesting reading on another blog. Not happy unless airing others dirty laundry. Except this time a suprise awaits. Everyone, prepare to break out the "Bubbly". Dig deeper. Dig deeper. LOL

  51. A bit of a teaser. Albeit minutiae in the larger picture. When crafting the narrative to fit the agenda, the omission of the fact that testimony was by subpoena. Lawyer up, big guns a comin'. Check your mailbox.

  52. Is this new court house number ? 1-900-76-INDA

  53. post the last comment I made please ....I have inside info

  54. Yes you can recall any counsel man or county executive. You can not do it in the first or last year of his term. t

  55. another Stoffa post deleted by the evil O'Hare,

    "Sure attack John Brown but what about the democrats? Did they attack John Stoffa when he gave numerous just under $25,000 contracts to his pal Ken Mohr? where was the righteous indignation then?

    The Dem's and O'Hare want to crucify John Brown but their golden old man Stoffa was hand feeding county tax dollars to his buddy for eight years.

    No wonder Mohr was smiling for the newspapers photos at the Bethlehem Twp. white elephant building county taxpayers will be overpaying on for the next thirty years.

    What about the hypocrisy democrats?

    Strike two, strike three, strike four!"

  56. another O'Hare butcher job. Please keep up the good work. only you are allowing free speech!

    "Back by popular demand!

    Anon 9:30 is a post, just a fact. It is an attack on a former elected official no longer in office. Yet it [..redacted...]. O'Hare will claim it is a fair claim as it is factual. Not entirely but it is [...redacted...]. Somehow the rest of the story [..redacted...] allowed.
    For the past eight years the Northampton County Economic Development Department was left to wither and languish as it was ignored by john Stoffa, as was most economic development. He also allowed Mr. Cunningham then Lehigh County executive to draft a proposal that gave half the revenue of the casino due Northampton County to Lehigh County and Allentown.

    All this has been [...redacted....] it is the rest of the story. While factual, you are not allowed to know the entire past twenty years of economic history in Northampton County only the parts that [...redacted....] to be mentioned. You won't get to hear how Pawlowski and Cunningham worked together to help elect John Brown and got a job for the county's economic development director. You may not know that either. Knowledge is bad. And Mr. O'Hare [...redacted...] like a little demi-god.

    It is sad that such a great discussion piece is nothing but another fluff piece due to ]..redacted..].
    Anonymous attacks?[..redacted...]. Inconvenient truths? You bet. In fact allegedly I [....redacted...]. Sad!

    Chuck M.


  58. Does anyone see the hypocrisy displayed at the other blog about appropriate use of taxpayer money? The sacred cows had no problem getting some from the county coffers in the gracedale petition lawsuit that they lost.

    But now, nonsensical ignoramus wants to be the poster child for appropriate use of taxpayer money. Vomit.

  59. Who is Cathy Allen? t

  60. Another post not allowed by the evil O'Hare on is hate blog. He is gloating over the The Stoffa palace to himself. he will only allow more praise and not some truth. The following was deleted,

    "Love how all the little piggy's got their names on that plaque. Could it be any bigger?

    It is truly inspiring to see how your public servants will rob you blind to see their names enshrined on a plaque.

    They even made sure old Ross Marcus and the uber consultant Ken Mohr got on there.

    A true dedication to self-promotion.

    Thanks to the new conservative son county council. Who need convictions when you have your name on a building."

    All true!

  61. He let Clem postulate. I actually find most of Clem's comments revolting, however, he is spot on with his critique of this . I mean in reality if you kept up with the maintenance and due diligence there would be no bat crap and other issues. All of that was present and ignored by Stoffa.... building birdhouses while Wolf and Bechtel burned.

  62. Some people are again blaming Gracedale for frozen caseworker positions in Human Services. O'Hare is posting about this on his hate blog. You should do a follow up piece. They use this as an excuse to defend the new Stoffa palace with the huge plaque with his cronies names on it. You should do a piece on the reality of this fraud on the people and the willingness of the newly elected to play along as long as their names got on the plaque. Stoffa even had consultant Ken Mohr's name put on the thing. When does anyone put a private consultants name on a public building?

    O'Hare has done another fluff piece on this and is deleting attempts to dispel the truth. The following is another entry responding to a Gracedale basher that will no doubt be deleted. Thank you for your help.

    "What about all the Human Service program cuts and jobs being frozen?"

    In the past the county would make up for inevitable cuts with county money, not blame it on Gracedale. It is truly sad that some would trade one vulnerable group for another to further a political agenda.

    No real social workers advocate throwing Gracedale out to used the blood money to fund other services. that was a game played by Stoffa and Angle;.

    The sad fact that some ignorant people have bought into that false argument is sad. Almost as sad as the fact that programs will suffer due to the 30year ever escalating cost of this pyramid to ego. What is Human Services anyway, in comparison to your name on a really big plaque.

    The loss of revenue from the sate will grow but any extra money will have to go into the ever increasing cost of this sweetheart deal lease."

  63. It is important you keep this site up and running. The following is a response to the continuing lies that O'Hare and his poison posse claim about Gracedale. In order to defend Stoffa/Angle and their hacks they continually delete and censor anything but the lies. the following was a response to one of the poison posse's remarks about Gracedale.

    "Besides, Northampton County is putting an extra $5 million into a non-mandated human service called Gracedale."

    There have been many well written rebuttals to this fiction created by the Stoffa/Angle scam of the decade. Unfortunately Mr. O'Hare makes them go away.

    The fact is a mandated service is about anything the county wants it to be. The fact is the county spends more than $5 million on other Human Services outside of Gracedale that the state does not force them to. Do you feel that should stop as well? Do you even know what they are?

    The people of the county have made the nursing home a wanted, as well as needed service. They heard the disproved ranting's of Stoffa and Angle, who wanted it sold form day one, and the people said no this is necessary for the good of all the people.

    Now if you are concerned about waste, how about the multi-million dollar palace of waste in Bethlehem Twp.? Where is your outrage? A lease that has the county responsible for all maintenance and even taxes. On top of that a million a year lease increasing 2.5% a year every year for thirty years. The buyouts are silly due to the huge expense.

    So we have Gracedale that serves the needs of the old and disabled and a building that has a nice big plaque with a bunch of public officials names and egos on it. Also a very, very happy contractor and consultant.

    Any outrage on that? I didn't think so. If you even get to read this. But that is how the entire discussion has been handled for the past eight years. A true lack of transparency.

    The Insider!