Friday, February 6, 2015

The Truth Is Once Again Truth!

We knew it was possible!

Today, Ron Angle and John Stoffa, as well as others who desired to destroy Gracedale know, not only that it is possible for Gracedale to sustain herself, but before their very eyes it materialized. It is not magic folks, and it's not a miracle! It is simple evidence of what humanity can do when it puts it's best foot forward.

Today, a reality that no one can deny is, Gracedale can, and Gracedale will continue to sustain herself, as long as she is allowed to run the way she was intended to run. And, she will continue to serve all those she was designed and intended to serve, and to care for.

It can be said that John Brown has taken a beating in his first year as County Executive. For what, some ask? For various reasons. The verbal punishment he has endured has come from other blogs and the one-sided media in Northampton County. We're not saying it's wrong or right. We will say however, we told Mr. Brown that if Gracedale was given the opportunity, and is operated professionally and properly, she would prevail against all odds. She has done just that! As some would say: the proof is in the pudding. On this blog however, we decided to sit back and watch. Make no noise, just watch vigilantly. We can tell you from our observation, with a high degree of certainty, that Executive Brown did what he told us he would do. He gave Gracedale the opportunity to prove herself. On February 3, 2015, Mr. Brown reportedly said he was proud of Gracedale's accomplishments. In his words: "The administration has been committed to stabilizing Gracedale's operations while continuing to provide the highest levels of quality care." The previous administration (Stoffa) did not want Gracedale stable. They could not justify the sale of a stable Gracedale. Instead they did all they could to destabilize her. Mr. Brown went on to say, "We are proud with the results."

According to other blogs and the media, Mr. Brown may be doing many things wrong. According to this blog, Mr. Brown is certainly doing one thing right...Gracedale!

To the electors, the taxpayers, and all residents of Northampton County we say: Don't ever again let anyone tell you Gracedale can't, because today, without a doubt you know she can! We said the tax increase threats going back to 2010 were nothing more than scare tactics. Today, you know that's just what they were, tactics of deception intended to steer us like cattle in the direction they wanted us to go. However, for five years since, there have been no tax increases. Why not? Because they were not necessary then. Yes, a tax increase is looming in 2015, but today Mr. Brown will be the first to tell you - it's not because of Gracedale. And while it is true that the reserve funds have dwindled, as a community we can thank Mr. Stoffa for that. If you recall, he refused to pull the Swap-option trigger when it was under 10 million dollars. His failure cost the taxpayers 27+ million dollars. Had he done his job professionally and properly, we would possibly have an additional 17 million dollars in our reserves today.  Gracedale didn't make that mistake, John Stoffa did. We hope he is enjoying his retirement mandated by the electors.

 In loving memory of our friend Peggy, who is rejoicing with our loved ones in heaven over this great and exciting news.

Lastly, we extend a warm congratulation to D. Freeman, Gracedale Administrator, for helping us prove our case, and for providing an honest effort to turn things around. Job well done! Thank you. 


  1. Why haven't the local newspapers printed this good and accurate news?
    Previously, they printed all of the misrepresentations of the former administration. Thanks for the up-date.

  2. Job well done by all gracedale staff . And thanks to the COAF for being vigilant. I know Peg would be proud of us. chris dawson

  3. I would like to thank all the hard working employees that made this happen.

  4. You prevailed against the combined forces of Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare. Congratulations. You are right, never let your guard down as these are men not to be trusted and will do anything to satisfy their vindictive ways.

  5. I want to thank the staff for a great job,well done. I want to thank the COAF for all the hard work they did to save gracedale. Thank you all, great job

  6. Be careful my friends. O'Hare has reported on Gracedale and of course has skewed the news to make the home look bad. All his ugly and mean readers are once again spewing hate.

    One of them is John Stofffa who posts very early in the am and pretends to be anonymous. He is still trying to sell the lies he and Angle perpetrated. Stay vigilant.