Saturday, March 28, 2015

Just Blame Gracedale!

Sadly - a Germanwings plane crashed into the French Alps this past week, not because an unfit co-pilot flew it into the Alps, but because Gracedale had something to do with it. You's Gracedale's fault.

Also this past week, a person was killed in Oklahoma, not because Mother Nature sent them a tornado, but, because Gracedale had something to do with it too - it was Gracedale's fault.

On March 13, Cyclone Pam, a powerful cat-5 storm, devastated Vanuatu. Again, not an act of God, no...let us blame Gracedale!

If you notice folks, Northampton County has, from year to year, a budget ranging from 133 million dollars to 155 million dollars. While it was reported that Gracedale was under budget for 2014, some are now pretending that Gracedale will cost 12 million dollars by 2018. While we don't believe that information is true or accurate (as in the past, we believe it is misinformation intended to deceive), lets assume, for the sake of making our point, however, that it is true. On the low end, if Gracedale did cost 12 million dollars in 2018, that would represent about 8 percent of the budget.  On the high end, if the budget was 155 million dollars,  it would represent about 6 percent of the budget.

Our question of course, has to be: where is the other 92-94 percent of the budget going?

County Executive John Brown, his administration, as well as some others who were defeated by the Gracedale Referendum, would like us all to believe that Gracedale is at fault for all of Northampton County's problems. The bridges need repairs - Gracedale's fault. Human Services cost too much - Gracedale's fault. Employee positions aren't being filled - Gracedale's fault. John Brown is spending too much on consultants - Gracedale's Fault.

Mr. Brown stated during his so called - State of the County Address "their are no sacred cows, although a lot of departments believe they are." We feel he made a good point. We follow up that point with our own: There are no sacred politicians, although a lot believe they are.

We elected, and will continue to do so, a balanced County Council, with the intent that they will balance the powers to be.

Make no mistake about it Mr. Brown. The same taxpaying/voting train that hit and then ran over Ron Angle and his crew of deceivers, will run over you too.

We warned Mr. Angle then, however, in his overflowing arrogance he failed to pay attention. The result? It cost him his presidency, and his Council seat. We are now warning you too sir. Don't make the same mistake Ron did, or you are destined to suffer the same fate he did. Trust us - we keep our promises. Just ask Mr. Angle.




  1. Excellent post! You have a unique way of illustrating the truth. Well said.

  2. Has anyone noticed that DON BIDEN sounds like bo? I called out duch 8 and now he is gone. We know he postes under his name only? Great reply to the ills of northampton county.

  3. it is so good and refreshing to see that you are still around. I thought 4 sure you had 4goten GD

  4. Folks, keep your eyes on the ball. A reliable source just told me that on Thursday , March 27, 2015, the Northampton County Republican Committee voted , through its Exec. Committee , to pose Mr. Ron Angle as the Write in candidate for the Republican slot in the race for controller. Make sure no one writes him in, because if he gets the required 250 write -ins, he is on the November Ballot

  5. Ron told my friend that he did a survey to see how well he would do if he ran agasint the proven controller. The survey did not come back good. I doubt he will run.

  6. If the workers in Northampton County cant get a pay raise, How did Cathy Allen get a temporary Raise and how mutch was it?

  7. Ron Angle as a write in vote? Well is he and Berrnie going to pay the county back for the money they got in the fight for Gracedale about 64,000 .

  8. Angle that is like letting the fox in the chicken coop.God help us.