Monday, April 13, 2015

Brick & Mortar...

...Is all that the physical exterior structure of Gracedale consist of. The interior however, well, that's another story.

On the inside, Gracedale consist of many meaningful components. There are two however, which give Gracedale it's true purpose. The heart of Gracedale of course, are the residents who give the facility its life. The employees on the other hand, are the ones who help sustain the life gifted to Gracedale.

On Saturday, April 11, 2015, I was privileged to attend a small rally at Gracedale, intended to honor our veterans, as well as bring awareness to the employees of Gracedale, just how important their vote is.

Most of the speakers, which included: County Council President Margaret (Peg) Ferraro, who voiced the importance of a vote, regardless of which side receives it. And Councilman Lamont McClure, who called Gracedale "sacred ground". In addition, Controller Stephen Barron, who urged the small crowd to get everyone they know registered. And Councilman Mat Benol, who expounded on the significance a vote has. And, he also made the crowd aware that he doesn't know a council person currently serving the County, who is in favor of selling Gracedale.

Councilman Hayden Phillips was also in attendance. When respectfully asked by union representative Justus James (who hosted the rally), if he wanted to say a few words, Mr. Phillips interestingly said, "no, that's okay. I didn't come to speak, I came to listen."

Also in attendance was Abe Kassis, who is running for Judge. I was really pleased to meet him formally for the first time. Mr. Kassis expressed to me just how important all the Gracedale's of the state are. His voice did not tremble, it was sincere, so I promised him my vote. He will get it!

In contrast to previous governing bodies in NorCo, all on this day seemed to speak with one unified voice. It was very refreshing to hear the voice say: whatever you do, get out and vote. The integrated voice clearly highlighted the importance of every single vote. The voice also spoke to all of our "Honored Veterans," whom, in many cases paid the ultimate price to give us the rights we enjoy in America today.

As a Marine myself, I echo their sentiments, while going a step further and saying: don't let their sacrifice be in vain. No, I was not asked to speak, but, like Mr. Phillips, I didn't go there to speak either. I also attended to listen. And, while I understand and believe Mr. Benol, I also understand the world of NorCo politics. It can at times be very deceitful and dirty.

What I would say to all the residents and employees of Gracedale, I will say here on this blog today. You are very meaningful and indispensable to the County. So please, pay close attention to what our servants are saying. And perhaps more importantly, pay closer attention what they are doing. And then, go out on election day and be the VOTING BLOCK that you are!

Mr. Brown was given a trusted privilege to serve the interest of his Masters. His actions however, clearly demonstrate he has elected instead to serve his own interest. Mr. Angle, if you remember him, was hired by our votes. And then, when he chose to go against the will of his constituents, he was fired by the mighty power of our too may be the fate of Mr. Browns, should he continue to threaten Gracedale.

Where's the fake bone?
Lastly, I was not surprised to see my Brother in Christ in attendance, or, depending on your point of view, my arch-enemy. I considered going over as I have done in the past and extending my hand to him. However, I really didn't want to hear despicable words come out of his mouth again, so I decided not to. Nor was I surprised that he would take a stab at me on his blog, once again calling me a Fake Rev. How childish?

Jesus commands me to love him - even as my enemy. And so, I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell him...I prevailed - you failed. If you really want to talk about fake...just take a look in the mirror buddy! ;)

Rev. Mario Martinez

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