Monday, November 2, 2015

Election Day 2015...

...Is a very important day!

Image result for time passes us by picsIt's hard to believe that eight years or so have passed since the birth of COAF. It's hard to believe that almost five years have gone by since the referendum question was forced onto the ballot by We, The People. Time does have a way of passing us by.

Image result for America the great picsTomorrow is election day, a day when every privileged American - Republican, Democrat or Independent has the right, and the opportunity to make a difference. But, will we? Will we make a difference by the power of our vote, or will we make no difference by the power of our excuses?

Image result for democrats republicans and independents picsSome say: we have to get all the D's out to vote, other's will say: the R's. We say: let's get all the reasonable voters out! All those who are awake and understand right from wrong. All those who are smart enough to want to make a difference because they have a properly functioning compass.
Image result for fallen marine picsSome will say: America was once a great nation. Others will say: America is falling apart. We say: Get out and America regain her focus, or the blood of so many will have spilled in vain.

Image result for Broken America picsYes - our "Founding Fathers" had a very vivid dream. A clear dream that produced transparent results. In their dream they imagined a posterity that would complete their dream...but, have we?

Image result for america strong's really not about Black, White, Hispanic or other. It's ALL about RED-WHITE-BLUE. We, "American individuals" are the difference that will help keep America strong! Your party affiliation can't do it! Your excuses can't do it...Only your VOTE can.

Tomorrow - exercise your right.
Get out and VOTE.
Be the difference.

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