Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lower Mount Bethel Wants Ron Gone!

The ousted/kick out councilman is looking for another playground to destroy.

Please read...then read the comments:

He also threw a tantrum tonight at the first Council meeting of the year, begging council to give Chrin an apology...why exactly would they want to do that? Because he said so.


  1. Please tell me the door didn't hit him hard enough to keep him away from the Council meeting?!!!
    What a tool.
    I watched from about 8 PM on as I was working.
    Any developements on real matters?
    Like a Gracedale committee?

  2. Are you serious? Did Angle really show up at the meeting? what a egomaniac.

    O'Hara deletes any reference or mention of Angle to protect the poor private citizen. Funny, he never worried about private citizens in the past when he savaged them and their families.

    I hope at least one council member had the guts to start laughing in the middle of Angle's rant.

  3. This egomaniac has no shame. As long as he can grab attention he will. A pathetic excuse for a so called "leader". Can't believe he held office for as long as he did. His rants don't even make sense anymore. Maybe he needs some professional help.