Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Controller At Work

Finally, someone in our Northampton County government is doing their job.

County Controller Stephen Barron has apparently discovered yet another issue overlooked by our County Executive John Stoffa.

Barron discovered that there were 17 former employees filing claims after they were no longer eligible to do so, because of termination or benefit expiration. Consider that one former employee was bouncing premium checks, but still collecting benefits.

In Barron's report released Monday - $100,000.00 is the cost of fraudulent claims made by these less than honest employees.

Barrons report also discloses that in addition, there was also another 19 retired employees who had not filed claims in 2010, but were still on the eligibility list from several months, to longer than two years.

Disgraceful...YES, but at least the controller doing his job discovered it, and will implement a plan to collect the funds or put the culprits where they belong...in JAIL!

Barron promises to continue his investigation into 2011.


    1. Word on the street is where is the Express times on this one? Owens does not want to make the biggest disgrace of Northampton County look bad.

    2. Yeah the Express Times and Morning Call missed this. WFMZ had a story. Wonder why $100,000 being wasted was not a big deal to them. I posted it on my blog as well. O'Hare will be silent on this point. As is to be expected.

    3. Eric, bo at a counsel mee saying that Stoffa was an honorable man along with Mark Steward. Stewards law firm is the one that wrote the second brieff for bo. The law suit that is commming up bo wrote a one line brief. It might have been longer than the brief or no brief in west easton?

    4. Hopefully, the new County Council will follow up on these kinds of things. The former council ruled by Angle, protected Stoffa and ignored some things just like the press does now.

      This new council better get on this stuff. No more excuses from the Stoffa crew. Time for truth and action. They should also be checking on Human Services more often, Mr. Marcus has hid some big goofs in his budget. Won't read about that in the paper.

      the Express and the Morning Call should be ashamed of themselves. They got the guy elected and have been protecting him ever since. It is a damn shame the taxpayers have such crappy news coverage.

      These guys use to write a story when Reibman farted now nothing.

    5. The ET is non-responsive. At West Easton's last council meeting, channel 69, morning call, and patch were there. No one from ET. The brief / no brief in West Easton was the most vulgar display of human waste I have seen in my life.

    6. Did a post this AM about corruption and Eckert Seamans. Makes ya wonder about Gracedale doesn't it? Check it out. BTW... Mark Stewart is up to his old tricks too.

    7. The COAF has all the bills from Eckerd Seamon, along with a lot of the E Mails GREAT READING. If we knew how to get them to you we would.

    8. Eric, what happened to the post about Mark Steward?