Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Public Enemy #1

It is important to keep an eye on the happenings of Wisconsin, just as they kept an eye on what was happening in Northampton, PA last year. The folks there are tired of the political tyranny, just as we were tired of the ousted councilman's tyranny.

United Wisconsin, the coalition that spearheaded the effort along with Wisconsin Democrats, delivered to the Government Accountability Board this week petitions containing more than 1 million signatures aimed at recalling Gov. Walker, far more then 540,000 signatures needed.

Today in NorCo we have a new Public Enemy #1 - who is said to be going after employee(s) for blowing the whistle on asbestos issues that plague our County government buildings simply for speaking the TRUTH.

This action is confusing because we were under the impression that speaking the TRUTH is a moral obligation that we are all to follow...isn't it?

Didn't we advise every employee that they MUST tell the TRUTH when they filled out their applications for employment? Isn't there a risk of penalties under law for lying on employment applications? Then why is PE#1 telling these employees to SHUT UP? What else is PE#1 hiding? What else doesn't he want NorCo residents who enter these facilities to know?

A few more questions relating to PE#1s "get-em" policy. Why should any employee be fearful of retribution for telling the TRUTH? And don't we want them to tell the truth?

Also this week, flying around are welcomed rumors that PE#1 will resign due to health issues, however, he has not made a public announcement making the rumor fact, so we must continue to consider and weigh our options.

We believe that Wisconsin United was able to collect 1M+ signatures because they were...UNITED, just as We The People were UNITED when we exercised our rights last year and saved Gracedale from the grip of evildoers.

We The People were effective, and we prevailed because were UNITED, and we went a step further and removed the thorn from our side because we were UNITED...perhaps it's time to again UNITE and RECALL PE#1.

If Wisconsin United can get 1M+ signatures, We The People can surely UNITE and get 100k...EASY.

Play by the rules PE#1, or We The People may come for YOU soon.


  1. Are there still people in NORCO who believe that this PE#1 tells the truth?
    He really should stop disgracing himself and his family name by resigning.
    One only has to ask what has he done for us during his first two years in office except connive, lie, and spend all those legal fees{taxpayer money} to cover his rear end during the GrACEDALE REFERENDUM.
    He still doesn't know the meaning of the word,referendum.
    He should start doing what the public elected him to do!

  2. Some public officials lie so often they believe their own lies. But the truth will prevail!

  3. Hey folks...

    I posted about the final Gracedale Myth being debunked today at the County Finance Committee Meeting. You gotta check out the video when it is online.

    Here is the link to my post:


  4. I support a recall effort on John Stoffa. He is unable to run the county.