Thursday, September 5, 2013

Breaking The Rules...

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Rules?  What rules?

This is exactly what John Stoffa and Ross Marcus continuously do. The rules, supposed to apply to all. And which we all play by, are not applicable to them.

Yup, it say's right here...
...he must wait a year!

It turns out folks, according to County Council Solicitor Phil Lauer. Under county code, vendors working with the county must wait a year before hiring a former county employee (like Ross Marcus will be on Sept  6, or 16, 2013). Marcus award contracts to the organization doing the hiring. In this case, that would be the Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley (CACLV).

The Express Times has reported that Solicitor Lauer has: 

"advised County Council it would be improper to provided Marcus an exemption". 

And "We The People" agree. We have to ask: How can anyone see this action as anything less than what it is - A conflict of interest?

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Are the rules really for all?
The ET also reports: "County Council President John Cusick expressed concern that by allowing Marcus to take the position with CACLV without reprimand, the county would be opening itself up to litigation. While He expressed no interest in filing a lawsuit himself, county contracts specifically forbid this situation from moving forward." According to ET, Cusick also said: "these rules are in place for a reason."

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Forget the rules, I want profits!
As clear-cut as this violation of the rules is. We have to ask: Why would any member of council agree to allow it? Is Ross Marcus above the rules? If the rules are in place for a reason, as Cusick stated. Then reason dictates that County Council must deny Marcus the privileged of an illicit opportunity elsewhere. One which is clearly a conflict of interest, and well within the reach of his office.

The answer may be that Macus, denied an employment oppertunity in Luzerne County last October, is now trying to secure for himself another position elsewhere. The position is certainly within the reach of his current position. This is clearly corruption if it happens!

C'mon John - Give me a break!
We wouldn't want to see Marcus unemployed after Stoffa leaves office in January either. However, we don't want to see him in a position where he can hurt the very people he is to help. We hear McDonald's  right down the street from the courthouse, is hiring. We're sure he can impress them highly with his resume.

I can't give him a Break?
Why Not?
Unfortunately for Northampton County, County Executive John Stoffa and Ross Marcus always believe they are above the rules, and the law. Surely, they are not! Now, Morning Call reporter Samantha Marcus reports that Marcus's departure is dependent on getting a pass from County Council. Getting a pass?

This is certainly a tangled web being weaved. Ross Marcuss should be asked: When it's all said and done Ross, how much pension are you going to receive from the county? Just don't expect an answer!

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  1. Is Samantha Marcus related to Ross Marcus???

    Anyone know?

  2. Stoffa, Marcus and the entire Stoffa gang feel they are above the laws. This is Karma. Stoffa and his political pals have stuck it to some really good people and now it is coming back at them.

    Shameful, Stoffa takes everyone down yet he always ends up sitting pretty.

  3. What is The Hairball saying about Marcus? Doubt it will be much because there's no point in sucking up to Marcus only Stoffa.

  4. O'Hare has not even mentioned the entire law breaking incident. He hides the facts when it has to do with Stoffa and his cohorts.

  5. Hopefully county Council does not participate in this blatant abuse of the county law!

  6. They already did. Last thursday they turned a blind eye just like stoffa did.

  7. It is now the job of county council to be informed of any county money going to CACLV.

  8. Well if county council allows one nickel to go to CACLV after they hire Marcus. County Council is participating in breaking county law. Just that simple.

  9. "The night is far spent; the day draws near. Let us cast off deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light."

    Ross Marcus and John Stoffa knew about immeasurable abuse by Human Services employees but did nothing. Instead they protected abusers like Kathleen Kelly, Ann Kline, Ilisa Sacknoff, and others.

    There are hundreds of abused Families isolated, broken and bankrupt because of Marcus and Stoffa’s blush at real corruption under their noses. Consider multi-decade County employee Elizabeth Everett Miller, who gets promoted from CYS Caseworker, to Developmental Programs Supervisor, then becomes in line for a County Directorship: all while running a real estate operation in her County Office, brokering homes for her new husband to employees, renting employees their summer seashore property, and housing clients and provider agency employees in the place where she grew up, for ill-gotten gain.

    Consider Ilisa Sacknoff's abuse of Families and Patients at Gracedale. Consider her double-dipping at Developmental Programs, against Stoffa's Ethics Policy. What happened? Marcus rewarded her with a promotion.

    There are dozens of former and current employees WHO ARE ALL AFRAID of losing their pensions or jobs, because of the FEAR INSTILLED by people like Kathleen Kelly and presided over by Ross Marcus and John Stoffa.

    How do Stoffa and Marcus respond? By getting Marcus an illegal job, at least against the Administrative Code, according to Council Solicitor Phil Lauer. “Under County Code, vendors working with the county must wait a year before hiring a former county employee . . . advised County Council it would be improper to provide Marcus an exemption.”

    This illegality is also against the $800,000/year contract with CACLV, Mr. Jennings.

    The People of Northampton County do not want to deny Mr. Marcus a livelihood. The People of Northampton County would like to see our elected Councilors make a Resolution about Justice—one of our County’s pillars. We ask that Council introduce and adopt a Resolution affirming Solicitor Lauer’s opinion: that the Marcus job transfer is a violation of the Administrative Code (and a violation of the CACLV contract).

    This would not place Council as opposing Ross Marcus’ new job. It would tell the People of the County that Council has taken a stand. There should be no embarrassment that a previous vote of acquiescence was made. There are now more facts for consideration and more time has passed for proper reflection. This Resolution would simply say that that the job appointment, including Stoffa’s employee as Chair of the CACLV for orchestrating it, will go through but is not right, not just.

    Ron Shegda, Northampton County Citizen for real Justice, real Mercy

  10. Ross Marcus is now working for a county vendor. Under State and County law, the county should not be paying any money top CACLV for the period of one year.
    That is the LAW, so will either John
    Stoffa or our elected County Council obey the law they swore to uphold?

    We should ask them. The law is the law, unless you are a person of privilege.

  11. If it is true that Alicia Karner orchestrated this illegal job grab, she should be held accountable.

  12. Would someone just ask if the county is still sending CACLV money n violation of the law? If they are, why?