Thursday, September 19, 2013

Once Again...

...County Council disappoints the county taxpayers.

And yes, it appears that John Stoffa and Ross Marcus are above the rules and the law.

I don't see anything...
when I look the other way!
During the September 5, 2013 County Council meeting, Ross Marcus was given a pass to take an employment position with CACLV. The rules say he can't, but his actions (condoned) say he could. Ross Marcus asked John Stoffa to turn his head, and he did. John stoffa asked County Council to turn their heads, and they did. 

Quite clearly, the "Administrative Code" is in place to control the actions of some, not all. If that's so, then we must ask: does the administrative code serve an honest purpose? In our opinion, the answer of course, is NO!

Rules, by whatever name, are to apply to all under the umbrella. That's not so in Nor-Co. In Northampton County, the law of the land applies only to those John Stoffa wants them to apply to. The rest, he turns a blind eye. So who exactly is the rest? Well, Ross Marcus is one of Stoffa's rest for sure. Kathleen Kelly is another. Ilisa Sacknoff (we know from experience) is yet another.

Yes...I can!
Under Ross Marcus, the Department of Human services falls short of serving the very people it is designed and intended to serve. We would say: ask the employees of the Human Services Department. However, the question is: will they talk? We don't believe they will publicly. And we understand why not. Some would say they are in fear of retribution from their supervisors. Hence, they are better off remaining silent. And their despair is not only about losing their jobs. They also fear the brutal attacks made to sully their reputations, should they decide to talk. In addition, they fear the manipulation that may cast them over the edge, as has happen to some in recent history. So they regrettably remain silent!

So, what about County Council? 

We know it's wrong...but we wish you well.
Well, if you watch the meeting (2 hrs 15 min and 30 secs in). You will see and hear firsthand that they chose to turn a blind eye too. They chose to (once again) disappoint the electors who trusted them to do right.

Mr. Parson spoke with some regret in his voice about the situation. And Mr. McClure expressed that this specific matter should not be seen as setting a precedence. However, that's just what they did! From that point on. Any county employee desiring to violate, or better said: break the rules, will simply take council to task, citing this Marcus-action.

Council should have understood that exceptions in these types of matters usually lead to unnecessary litigation. Especially when your own solicitor tells you it is wrong. They all danced around in turn to say good-by to the less than honorable (in the peoples eyes) Ross Marcus. They just had to extend their best-wishes. Yet, no one stood up and said what solicitor Lauer advised them...IT IS WRONG!

Well, it's clear now that a Lame-Duck is always lame.


  1. I suspect some real dirt is going on. Why would Jennings want Marcus over countless other people? It's time to go to the DA and ask him to do the investigating.

    No responsible public servant would want even the APPEARANCE of impropriety. But these dudes are flagrant. I'm sick to my stomach.

  2. Ross Marcus was a terrible Human Services Director. From misleading the public on Gracedale to his not even understanding what his Department's responsibilities were. This was indeed a sad situation.

    No one is surprised that Stoff and his loyal yes man, Ross Marcus would disregard the law, it isn't the first time. What is disappointing is that county council, even with its new members, goes along with it.

    This is just another case of not what you know but who you kno0w, Jennings and Marcus are old Allentown chums, so Jennings gives him a job in spite of the law. They both put services for the poor in jeopardy out of their own greed.,

    Both of these men should be ashamed of themselves. However, the biggest shame is on county council for allowing this willful and deliberate breaking of the law.

    Not one of the people on county council will ever get my vote again. Even the new people have disappointed me once too often in their turning their collective heads to the law-breaking and that includes Lamont McClure!

  3. They are not getting my vote either.

  4. all the hard work many of us did to get kraft parsons n werner elected!!! what a joke. not my vote nor help in future.

  5. all the hard work many of us did to get kraft parsons n werner elected!!! what a joke. not my vote nor help in future.

  6. Parson and Werner have been a total let down. Why do they continue to side with the executive? Do they want to fit in with the cool crowd? They ran on bringing back integrity what a joke. If they act like this with stoffa just wait till the next executive gets into office. As for Kraft and McClure I don't agree with Marcus and Stoffa breaking the law but keep up the good work. They are clearly better than the other two and will always have my support.