Thursday, September 19, 2013


What agenda???

The Coalition of Alzheimer's Families shares no agenda, vendetta, or anything else the disbarred attorney may want to call it. Against anyone, for any reason.

Consider that when Bernie decided to break the rules. The rules took away his privileges to practice his trade. 

He received (although lenient) just punishment! That's exactly what should happen whenever anyone mounts themselves above the rules.

Stop signs mean STOP! Then proceed with caution. And everyone
who wants to keep their drivers licence must obey, or risk losing  their driving privileges, period.

Bernie would probably present the argument that exceptions are obvious all the time for emergency authorities, such as for police, fire, or ambulance. We, on the other hand would defend the rules. 

We would argue that the rules are clear. Only authorized emergency vehicles may go through stop signs or red lights. And only during emergencies can they do so. However, we would also point out, that is a rule, not an exception.

Ross Marcus understood very well we're sure. That his time with John Stoffa, and the rest of Stoffa's cronies would eventually run out. Well, the time is almost here. Earlier this year he tried to lure a position in Luzerne County, and failed because they discovered he came with baggage. Baggage they didn't need or want. So they rejected him. Now we understand that McDonald's won't hire him either. So, out of desperation he breaks the rules. And sadly, and regrettably, both Stoffa and Council condoned it.

Yes, a Lame-Duck is a lame duck!


  1. The guy is inept, yet the CACLV "must" have him. How blatant can job buying get? This is just amazing.

  2. What does lame duck have to do with anything?

  3. News from nearby Lackawana County---Beware Northampton

    Lackawana County Commissioners in prison for corruption:

    Mr. Smith also said the current form of government lacks adequate requirements for independent audits of contracts or ways for people who discover fraud or corruption to report it to law enforcement agencies.

  4. Mr. O'Hare Is once again trying to destroy Steve Barron. However, he and John Sto0ffa and county council are ok with the Ross Marcus affair.

  5. Funny did Stuffa forward Marcus's resignation letter for him to take a county contractor's job to the DA?

  6. Stoffa is again lying and blaming President Obama for his lying aobut the ACA and wanting to stick to employees again Stoffa is a disgusting human being.

  7. Anyone else creeped out by Bernie openly defending an adult having 'romantic' relations with a minor?