Thursday, October 24, 2013

Who Do We Pick?

As we near the 2013 general election, we have to carefully evaluate the candidates for County Executive, as well as for County Council.

As a bipartisan activist group seeking the well being of a very necessary core function in our local government "Gracedale", the Coalition of Alzheimer's Families desires and seeks to balance the political scale in a manner which fulfills the needs of ALL taxpayers, electors and residents of Northampton County...that we all may have a voice in office.

Sadly, in America today the task of selecting honest and trustworthy statesmen is difficult to say the least. Why so? Because the political waters are murky with deception. Also, like sharks, there are more politicians than statesmen in the waters these days. And yes, there is a difference in the two. Horribly, the difference between the two usually leads to corruption. 

For example, we recently experienced corruption in Nor-Co with the "Ross Marcus and Alan Jennings scandal". Mr. Jennings, quoted by the Express Times on October 23, 2013 says: " I think it's important that we all remain vigilant to make sure that our business is done with honesty and integrity". Yet, he openly acknowledged that he intentionally violated the rules to hire county employee Ross Marcus, who granted Jennings organization (CACLV) at least seven contracts amounting to the sum of $889,000.00. Clearly this is a conflict of interest. So, a good question for Mr. Jennings is: where exactly is the honesty and integrity in your unethical behavior? There is no doubt that CACLV is a worthy organization doing wonderful acts of kindness for the community. However, doing so does not grant them the right to break the rules.

We then have to ask: why did County Executive John Stoffa allow the breach to take place? Well, consider that Mr. Stoffa decided to veto an amendment co-sponsored by Lamont McClure and Ken Kraft, designed specifically to prevent such conflicts of interest from occurring again in the future. What does that tell you? It tells us...he is at the head of the corruption. And in our opinion, you really can't call it anything else. When the servants decide to benefit themselves instead of those they have sworn to serve, you can only call it corruption.

COAF has been carefully considering the candidates. Hence, one of the reasons for our recent silence. No, we're not perfect, and most importantly, we don't pretend to be. What we are is engaged and informed. we are working hard to change the culture of corruption which does exist today in Nor-Co. We can only do so through the power of our votes. So please get out and VOTE.

We will announce our choices tomorrow. Our selections will hopefully bear the county good fruit, as we continue on our journey forward. If for any reason you don't appreciate our choices, then make your own decision. Just please make sure you get out and vote... 

...Be part of the solution!


  1. Attention Whistleblowers employed by Northampton County: Who will be the first to publicly reveal, under federal protection, the corruption of CYS over the years, of Kathleen Kelly, Ann Kline, Ilisa Sacknoff, Elizabeth Miller, Donna Reeck, and the corrupt people they buy off at provider agencies--all allowed by Marcus and Stoffa??

    Listen especially to the end of this clear whistle! . . . The blog here would improve immensely if more people signed their names instead of posting as 'anonymous.'

  2. Thank the COAF for all your efforts. I await your endorsements as we need good people we can trust.

  3. I suggest everyone who resides in the city of Bethlehem to write in Jim Gregory for Mayor, pretty clear he was railroaded by the O'Hare/Stoffa/Kelly connection and has become a political prisoner.

  4. I hope you are supporting people who have not only given nice speeches but have ben willing to stand up to thugs like Stoffa and Angle and fight this scam with their actions not just words.

    I have great respect for the people who stood up on their own and took on a very angry and disrespectful Executive and council. Great people to have in government!