Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hollowed Amusement...

We received this halloween link, rather amusing!



  1. Our "Treat" as a county is that John Stoffa and his cohorts on county council are leaving at the end of the year. The four year "Trick" is coming to an end.

    Thank the Lord!

  2. January 1 2014 cant get here fast enough. Stoffa, the worst county executive in the history of northampton county will finally be gone, gone, gone. His excessive lying, ignoring the law, acting like a Dictator , and innapropriately using county taxes to fund personal lawsuits should earn him a giant TURKEY. Thank god we are almost there. the man has no scruples at ALL

  3. Remember to vote on Tuesday. Our old friends Ron Heckman and Jerry Seyfried need our help. also our newer friends Hunter and Vaughn and Ferraro.

  4. Please vote and call your friend sand neighbors!