Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Poor Performance...

...County Executive John Stoffa is on his way out, for many of us, not soon enough. 

Why would we make such a statement you ask? Because Stoffa turned out to be a big disappointment to the elector's of the county. He decided not to run for re-election when he realized We The People had exposed him to be a self-serving liar. And as such, a snowball would stand a better chance in a furnace than Stoffa has at the polls.

Four out of five County Council members whose seats are up for grab this coming November, also did not serve the county well. John Cusick and Tom Dietrich for example, lost their appeal to their party when they orchestrated the coup that overthrew the renegade Ron Angle. For that we thank them. However, they performed poorly there after, especially dealing with the recent Ross Marcus "conflict of interest" scandal. And so did Bruce Gilbert and Barbara Thierry, who performed poorly their entire terms.

Excluding Peg Ferraro (at one point or another), they all stood with Ron Angle and John Stoffa in their movement to sell Gracedale. They all failed in that endeavor. Excluding Peg Farraro, they must all go!

The Ross Marcus issue sadly highlighted the incompetence of the sitting Council. From our prospective, an honest council would have stood up as our representatives and clearly stated that what Stoffa and Marcus decided to do is simply WRONG! Instead, the majority praised him on his way out, even as he continued to violated the County Constitution (AKA The Home Rule Charter).

Recently, there was a question regarding County Controller Stephen Barron relating to part-time employment. While we support Mr. Barron, we would be the first to say: if he is doing something wrong, it must be corrected. Needless to say, Mr. Baron corrected the matter by resigning his part-time employment. In so doing, he better serves the county. 

John Cusick went on record (according to the express times)  and suggested that: Baron's second job warrants a close examination". Also suggesting (according to ET) that "the potential violation could warrant a forfeiture hearing, a county process similar to impeachment". The question is: why didn't Mr. Cusick say the same thing about John Stoffa and Ross Marcus? Mr. Baron made a correction, while Mr. Marcus did not. And Mr. Marcus was allowed to violate the HRC, while Mr. Baron was not. We advocate following the rules, and that means everyone!

Council needs to do something to correct this misguided direction, which in effect will set a precedence for future corruption. 

This sitting Council still has time to demonstrate (by their actions), that perhaps we're wrong about them. To make no correction is in this matter however, simply confirms our opinion.


  1. I hope the Coalition will still be out there this November election to ensure that good people are elected to County council. People who have already stood up against pressure and attacks to defend Gracedale.

    Jerry Seyfried and Ron Heckman have done that. They stood up as private citizens and told county council and the Executive it was wrong to sell Gracedale, even when Angle attacked them.. Peg Ferraro was weak at times but didn't join her Republican friends in trying to sell it.

    Please help these good people get elected. You are a strong group that can help save the future for our disabled and elderly.

  2. Is the county going to sell the courthouse? Well another one no Manitance let it fall apart.

  3. After going nuts on Steve Baron for teaching, now O'Hare is mad at Lamont McClure for wanting the county to obey the law. O'Hare says Baron should resign but claims it is fine that Ross Marcus was hired illegally by Alan Jennings.

    Lamont is trying hard to get the Stoffa Admisntration to obey county law and O'Hare is attacking for it.

    I can't wait until we have better people in government than Stoffa and his band of hacks. the worst thing to happen to Northampton County was the election of John Stoffa. nothing but eight years of, lies, incompetence and misery.

    Thank God it is almost over!

  4. Who went to NCCA disrupted a class tried to take a picture of instructor, was blocked by students ? When students called security he left? Guess who?

  5. Ross Marcus, and the corruption of Stoffa's Administration, exposed on the airwaves!

    Gunther exposes a severe violation of ethics, if not legality, when former Northampton County Human Services Director, Ross Marcus, just took a job with a provider agency in violation of the County’s Administrative Code.

    County Executive John Stoffa wanted Marcus to get this job with the CACLV, where the County provides $800,000+ in funding.
    Conveniently, Stoffa’s employee, Alicia Miller Karner, is also President of CACLV.

    There’s only one way to spell corruption.

    Shame. Northampton County supposedly stands for Justice in our County Seal. How shameful! Ron Shegda

  6. Ron, you are right on the mark. This is just the tip of the unethical Stoffa iceberg of the last eight years. Unfortunately, the local press helped elect the guy twice and only print his press releases.

    The Marcus job was against the law and a disgrace for the county and the CACLV Board of Directors.

  7. How many more bang aids will Stoffa need to get throught the next 2 months. The county is falling apart thanks to him. This is not a way to run an airline. What did he do that no one know about yet? GOD HELP US ALL