Friday, August 2, 2013

The Manipulator...

...John Stoffa was exposed once again during last nights County Council meeting as a liar.

What amazes us is that the media, we're talking the Express Times and WFMZ69, with full knowledge that Stoffa has been caught in several lies already. Takes his word as truth, and feeds it to the taxpayers as such.

Stoffa is simply manipulating the media to serve his own purposes. He wants to make it appear as if he cares about the County. But does he? Of course not!

When he sat with COAF at the 911 building, and made us believe that he was a good guy and Ron Angle was a very bad man, actually telling us some interesting stories about Ron. We too believed him! But we haven't believed him since we discovered he is a liar then, and thereafter.

So why is it the media simply takes his word at face value? His word isn't worth a nickel!

With the knowledge that Stoffa has been exposed in his lies more than once, you would think the media would verify what he says before they run the story, but they don't. Why not? Well, perhaps they're in bed him?

The media in America really isn't worth the paper they write anymore. Especially the Express Times. John Stoffa says it so...Jim Deegan feels it must be so! Otherwise, why Would Stoffa say it so, Right?

Hey Jim - Maybe because Stoffa is a liar. Do you get that!!!

He's lied to COAF, Council, Taxpayers, and you too. You're just to smart too understand that. You can't see beyond your nose, or beyond Stoffa. What does that say about your reporting?

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