Monday, August 5, 2013

Why Was O'Hare Disbarred?

That's a one penny question.

A recent comment asked: "Does anyone know why O'Hare wasn't prosecuted for forgery when he signed his client's name to a contract without his knowledge or consent ?"

We cannot explain why he was not incarcerated. However, he was prosecuted and found guilty of a multitude of charges outlined below.

We can only suggest that perhaps his fathers influence as a Northampton County District Attorney may have been the reason. To understand the type of influence his father had (whom we believe, unlike Bernie, was an honorable man). You can read the Morning Call article linked below. It outlines O'Hare seniors life accomplishment, as a tribute to him after his passing.

READ: Who Was O'Hare Sr.

What we can tell you with confidence is that Bernard V. O'Hare III is a mentally deranged individual. He, like John Stoffa and Ron Angle, is a liar. Now, we're not saying that to call him names, we don't believe such behavior. We're saying so, first, because he continues to lie on his blog about us, and others as well. And secondly (most importantly), because he has been labeled:

"dishonesty, fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, unauthorized activity, forgery, cover-up, conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice, illegal conduct, and moral turpitude."

That was the conclusions of the PA Supreme Court.

Must prove he is no longer emotionally disturbed.
As we understand it, Bernie's Attorney, in a report to the PA Supreme Court, reported that O'Hare was suffering from "Serious Emotional Problems". Hence, the reason Bernie was purposefully sabotaging civil litigation involving grieving, tragedy-stricken families.

Bernie could request reinstatement. However, reinstatement was conditional. He would have to submit medical reports as evidence he no longer suffers emotional dysfunction. Thus, he would have to prove that he is no longer emotionally unstable.

The reality that Bernie has never sought reinstatement is evidence that he still is emotionally unstable. His behavior, as seen by all of us in Northampton County. Proves that he does have a problem distinguishing between reality and the fiction that goes on continuously in his deranged mind.

Bernie, like John Stoffa and Ron Angle, is EVIL. He seeks to hurt and defame good citizens with his lies and innuendo. Most people go away because they don't want to be victims at the end of Bernie's pen.

We promised Bernie long ago, that as long as he continues to tell lies about us (COAF), we will continue to exposed the truth about him! And again we say:
We're not going away!!!


  1. I realize you probably won't publish this but I will try anyway. Bernie O'Hare is a pillar of the community providing the area's citizens with free news articles and reports that the ET and MCall don't necessarily cover or with the same lens.
    RMM I don't agree with O'Hare's practice of branding you a "fake Rev", you don't need to be ordained to spread the word of God. People can have disagreements about very serious matters and still manage to maintain a degree of civility, it may be time to offer an olive branch to BO and stop suggesting boxing matches, or "loing him to death".

    Vaya con dios.

  2. Thank you for your comment Hector. Although COAF (and I) disagree with you that O'Hare is a pillar in the community, we will post your comment because it is not vulgar or directly hateful.

    I don't quite see how Bernie is presenting free news when he is personally attacking folks on his blog who disagree with him. However, your entitled to your opinion.

    I also appreciate your response relating to O'Hare's despicable name calling, but please note that I am an ordained minister (Evangelist). You are also correct that to share the Gospel all you need is knowledge of the Word of God.

    In so far as offering an olive branch is concerned, I have, on more than one occasion. Only to have him spit profanity at me. Just this morning he called me bigoted name that I will not repeat hear. So, I presented him the opportunity to legally do what he continues to insinuate he wants to do...beat me up. Certainly you would agree with me that anyone who enters a boxing ring must be prepared to defend himself - and all that I have ever done is defend the widows and orphans of Gracedale, COAF, and myself!

    Have a great day Hector, and may God bless you too.


  3. Just a comment to clear up O'Hare's incessant lies and half truths. Today, I had to face O'Hare, a dangerous predator , who should be removed from the free world, in Zito's courtroom. The purpose of the hearing was to determine if my "relationship" with O'Hare could fall into the PFA statute.

    Zito said it did, but declined to grant it, because he said I should appeal Morganelli, who disapproved 4 criminal complaints I filed in the last year.

    Of course the O'Hare spin is that it got tossed for having no merit, when in fact , the judge did recognize that O'Hares behavior is escalating in the wrong direction, and he should be PROSECUTED for the crimes he commits.

    Hector, O'Hare is no better than Chrales Manson, just has people in high places enabling his sick criminal behavior. I hear skeletons shaking loudly.


  4. Again Bernie O'Hare is running a story on Gracedale. He loves to speak of the other county homes that have been sold. He and his followers continue to talk about how Gracedale will fail and will need to be sold.

    He even goes on to claim that one day we will all say, "We should have listened to John Stoffa".

    He deletes evidence to the contrary. Please stay involved to ensure we have good people in county government that can be trusted to know the truth from the fiction O'Hare and his poison posse spouts.

  5. The Hairball is the biggest joke in the LV. We all read him just to laugh at his claims about his own importance and his claims that anybody ever takes him seriously.

    You can relax, Rev Mario, you will never have to climb in a ring with Bernie The Hairball. He's a physical coward who sneakily kicks the chairs of people when he walks past them. No chance he'd ever do anything out in the open.

  6. Thank you for your observation.

    Please note that I am never worried about climbing into a ring with Bernie...I walk with Jesus, He is my protector and my Savior. With God on your side - who can stand against you?

    I was only hopeful that Bernie would bite so that I could help Frank Pintabone sustain his worthy effort.

    Frank, I'm sorry, but I promise to catch up with you hopefully this week. I will personally tithe $100.00 to your cause. Please count on it.